Cagliari vs. JuventusAs Massimo Cellino closes in on his takeover of Leeds United, the Italian has started to outline his plans for the club.

In an interview with The Financial Times, Cellino confidently predicts he’ll pass the Football League Owners & Directors test and says he’ll be having a meeting with the Football League next Wednesday.

An English company will be set-up which Cellino will control 9.5% of, while his family control the majority stake. Once the takeover completes, Cellino says he plans to move to Yorkshire and take on the role of club president.

Cellino insists he has the funds to take Leeds United forwards and plans to demonstrate his seriousness next Thursday when he’ll visit the bank to repurchase Elland Road.

“On Thursday I am going to the bank and I will buy our stadium. I have the funds to buy Leeds and to run Leeds.”

Along with a promise to restore Leeds United to the Premier League, Cellino also says he’ll invest in Leeds’ Academy and scour the globe in search of new players, an area where he’ll maintain the same “hands-on approach” he had at Cagliari.

The full story can be read in The Financial Times, though this does require a subscription since the site is behind a pay-wall.