Feel The PainIt’s funny how quickly the mood changes at Elland Road. Only a couple of weeks back, Leeds were on the brink of completing a takeover that fans were led to believe was a mere formality. The club had just brought in the two wingers we’ve desperately lacked since Gradel and Snoddy were sold and Brian McDermott was convinced more signings would follow quickly.

Our form was a bit of a concern, but aside from that, everything was just peachy. Which is odd for Leeds United.

It never lasts long though. Fast forward through the collapse of a transfer for Ashley Barnes, a convicted Italian fraudster link, talk of power-struggles and a takeover impasse, then throw in news of a £3.5m bid from West Ham United for newly appointed captain and key player Ross McCormack and the contrast in mood is absolute.

It’s all so familiar too. Another transfer window lost to takeover chaos, another key player and captain tempted by the exit as deadline day approaches, more shady characters lurking in the shadows, more hopes dashed… Why always Leeds?

There is a slight reprieve from the doom and gloom today as Sam Allardyce appears to rule out a follow-up bid for Ross McCormack following two loan signings which take West Ham to their 25 man squad limit, but there appears to be no end in sight for the ongoing takeover drama which continues to prevent Brian McDermott from strengthening his squad.

With the transfer window set to close on Friday, Brian McDermott’s attention must already be turning towards the emergency loan window for the additions he still needs if this season is to be any improvement on last.

All the while, David Haigh and Sports Captial continue to negotiate terms with GFH for a takeover which was meant to be completed weeks ago, but as that deal continues to drag on, a consortium which includes Mike Farnan (ex-Manchester United employee), Adam Pearson (Hull City chairman) and Gary Verity (Welcome To Yorkshire CEO) prepare to make another bid.

Farnan hasn’t commented much on a new bid, tweeting on Friday that “radio silence” is sometimes required for progress to take place, but the good faith GFH and Sports Capital built amongst the Elland Road faithful has long-since dissipated, leaving behind a sour taste following a January which promised so much, yet delivered so little.

Delays, set-backs and power-struggles which have detrimentally effected the Leeds United manager’s ability to do his job will leave many questioning the suitability of the two parties involved in Leeds United’s ongoing power struggle, and while Sports Capital and GFH continue to anger the Elland Road faithful, the prospect of a local consortium featuring a football man like Adam Pearson starts to sound much more appealing.

I do have some sympathy for Sports Capital. They’d expected to complete this transaction without issue and even provided funds for Brian McDermott to strengthen his squad while the final details were ironed out. But somewhere along the lines, it’s all gone very wrong. No one knows the full details of what brought the takeover to a halt, but when these things start to have a negative effect on the football, the competency of those involved has to be questioned.

All too often at Elland Road, football is an afterthought to those running the club. Bates’ megalomania, vanity projects and asset-stripping antics held us back for the best part of eight years and while the initial signs from both GFH and Sports Capital seemed to suggest things had changed, we’re back on familiar ground, lamenting the powers-that-be for creating a situation in which the football is playing second fiddle to the owners.

If Leeds United are to progress, this can’t continue. For want of a better term, the club needs a “football man,” someone who can handle the business side of things without upsetting the football. For two successive transfer windows Brian McDermott has been hampered by power-struggles at boardroom level, losing an entire season to takeovers and boardroom politics. This can’t continue.

It shouldn’t be like this. We’re a club in absolute disarray because those at the very top are failing us. Leeds United need stability, we need owners with a footballing background who can successfully manage the business side of things without impacting on the product we (the fans) are paying thousands of pounds per year to watch. GFH and Sports Capital have already failed in that respect, it’s time for them to move aside and let Leeds United progress.

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    • WW

      I am beginning to think that the Sport Capital “deal” was cooked up by DH and his mates and was never a reality. Reasons – when they bought from Bates, it was widely known in the Gulf that GFH didn’t have a proverbial pot… – I met the head of one of the “big four” accountants from Bahrain at the time and he just laughed. So it was a leveraged deal involving other people’s money. Current rumours suggest that the club is currently operating at a loss. Thirdly the pressure was mounting as the January transfer window arrived. So their solution was to create the illusion of a “friendly” take over. This sent GHC share price soaring on the UAE bourse (stock exchange) and has flushed out some interested parties. The first being a lunatic Italian with an unsuitable background, and finally they have tempted Farnan to come back for another go. I therefore feel that he is our most likely (and most suitable) option at present. However, if the past is anything to go on, this will not be a quick deal so January transfers (in either direction) seem unlikely.

  1. jd606

    Can anyone confirm if the Farnan, Pearson and Verity consortium involves Lucas Radebe or was that a different group?

    • TSS

      At this stage, I’m not entirely sure which group Lucas was involved in, but they’d be the most likely IMO.

    • LeedsMighty

      The Farnan consortium did have Radebe involved but Radebe hasn’t shown much interest since his initial claims to help out. Farnan is definitely the guy to take us forward, he has a wealth of experience within sports/football and although we all hate Manchester Utd he was pivotal to the success at the Scum during the 90’s and 00’s, he is also a life long Leeds United fan from Dublin. He has all the credentials and knowledge to run our great Club and get us back to the top. Haigh hasn’t been honest with us and GFH have delivered anything that they promised, its time to let a “Football Man” take The Mighty Leeds back to where we belong, top flight football and that man is Mike Farnan. Have done lots of research on Farnan and have found some amazing things he has done for teams across all sports. Needs to happen now though.

  2. mrbigwheels

    Ok TSS… as you suggest, everyone presently involved moves aside and let Leeds United progress… Are you saying the Farnon ‘group’ are the possible progression we need?. I like many fans are at a total loss of why a singular mid-wealth investor doesn’t seem to see the true potential of LUFC… Aka… Notts Forest type of bloke. Just feel only chancers are interested… total self financial interest at that.

    • PMH

      You have answered your own question. We are fans but they are investors. Big difference. They are depending on: 1. A good run of results to 2. Threaten promotion & 3. Attract a big pockets type with Premiership aspirations to 4. Give them lots of money for their shares, and 5. Back out as quickly as they can if it is not a go. We will cycle through this until the money shows up. The Catch 22 here is clearly that we have to threaten promotion without the big money that it really requires. So, there is no great mystery here. A mid-level Championship team is NOT likely to draw in big money, not even at Leeds.

      • Irving08

        Bates, by investing in land and new plant, while being unable or unwilling to purchase back the ground or the training facilities, has made us an expensive club to buy; I don’t think it is because we are a mid-championship team, although Bates may have caused us to be that too.

      • Matthew

        There is no ‘may’ in what caused us to become a mid table quality side. The sale of any player of quality slowly degraded the teams quality. And of course the lack of investment. Do you honestly think it would take 8 years under a chairman with money to get promoted to the Premier League? We had a decent team coming out of league 1, but Bates let the likes of Snoddy, Gradel, Becchio, Beckford, Howson, and countless others go. By not replacing them we’ve been mediocre with a few decent players but not enough.

      • Matthew

        Okay I can’t blame the Becchio thing on Bates though his lack of investment prevented us getting promoted and offering him the money to stay.

    • Ron

      Something is not straightforward with LUFC when looked at from a buyer’s perspective. Otherwise, we’d have been bought by now. Of course it looks like a no-brainer for any man with an interest in acquiring a great football name, but because it has not happened, I am cynical to the bone. Chancers is a great word. To really compete in football now you need billionaire owners, not merely wealthy backers. Without these, life in the Premier League is a struggle. One thing for sure is that Haigh will make a great politician – lots of talk, no delivery. I am hating football right this minute and I do believe McCormack gets sold on deadline day.

  3. markman

    This is the problem when takeovers are conducted in the spotlight of fans forums and social media.

    Fans naturally want to know whats going on,however i suspect that mr bates left a tangled mess that various parties lawyers are sorting out.

    Not sure all goodwill has been dissipated,someone found money to fund the arrival of
    2 wingers,not particularly worried about the loss of Barnes,there are better out there.
    and new owners will put more in the pot.

    I am sure BM will be glad when this window is over and next summer will be better for him shopping wise.several expensive deadwood contracts are up and ticket sale revenue available to the club.

    • Chareose

      I respect Haigh and co for trying to buy the club, its clear that atleast Flowers is a leeds fan but I am critical of the promises made to the fans. After Bates, no promises should be made unless they can met 100 %. This failure has brought back the fans justified bitter cynicism…. Im sure this is a mistake that Haigh is now kicking himself for and is also the reason for the silence. Best to just shut up until its done.
      If they don’t have much money then I would kindly suggest whats the point of a takeover until you get decent backing behind you ?

      • markman

        you are assuming lack of money is the problem
        I doubt it,i am sure GFH would have made sure that any prospective owners had the funds in place before entering into meaningful discussions.

        Delay is much more likely to be either about TA and or ER or what part GFH are going to play with their remaining 25% in the future

      • Chareose

        Im assuming that because Money talks………im pretty confident that a more wealthy individual would have tied all this up ages ago…

      • markman

        you may well be correct,but,i recall how long GFH took to complete.

        I am sure some of the deals that Bates got the club involved with are not straight forward and any sensible businessman would want his lawyers to double check and those boys charge by the hour.

      • Chareose

        GFH took so long to complete because they were penny pinching and trying to agree a deal that didn’t involve Ken Bates staying on at the club which you can guarantee would have been his original proviso….ride the coat tails of another Matthew Harding

      • Matthew

        The people with actual money are only interested in Premier League sides. A premier league club is like a new toy to someone with billions, and if they’re happy with it, they’ll stick around for many years.

      • Chareose

        lol yes he did !! he promised not to sell players countless times and consistently told lies or manipulated the truth for 8 years ! Sorry Irving I completely forgot you were on holiday in Outer Mongolia during the Bates reign….and so would have been completely oblivious to what went on for 8 years

      • TSS

        The day he arrived he promised Leeds would be back in Europe within a couple of years. Ended up in League One instead. Also claimed he’d buyback ER and TA. Bates made a different promise every week he failed to keep.

      • Chareose

        Sorry mate wasn’t meaning to get at you, I enjoy reading your comments, just don’t agree with you about Bates that’s all :o)

      • Irving08

        Thanks – I didn’t think you were. I said ‘may’ because I still think we had at least a play-off team – defensive weaknesses notwithstanding – in our first season back in the Championship. I think the management disrupted the team by bringing in loanees after Xmas and then made it worse by not knowing how to use them. But I accept this is a matter of judgement.

  4. Ross

    I couldn’t stand Bates. This doesn’t feel much different. They did enough to get a few more fans back and build more revenue. Sacking Bates ( probably bullshit but another cleverly planned PR stunt ) another season wasted. We need answers and integrity.

    Yours Sincerely Another totally pissed off fan.

  5. Chareose

    As others have said, it will all come down to money or lack of it… These struggles suggest penny pinching or issues related to proof of funds and that doesn’t bode well for the club.
    Like others I would ask those involved, what’s the point of getting involved if you can’t invest a decent amount into the club. Its obvious to anyone that the club needs a large injection of cash to move forwards. To get fans coming back consistently we need to be signing exciting players and playing better football. To reduce overheads the club needs to buy back its facilities. But all these TO struggles suggest the money isn’t there………. Why get involved then ? To Flip it ?? GFH may make a bit of money on the back of the Ken Bates has gone feel good factor and the Clubs price will have risen on the back of that new dawn. However I cant see how the clubs value can improve any further without significant investment in the facilities or playing staff.
    Also we at a cross roads, if the fans get a whiff of stagnation they will not be buying season tickets for next season so any idea that Haigh and Co can rebuild the squad with ticket money will be quashed. Not that 3 mill will go very far anway. Max Gradel is the standard of player we need to be looking for. Players who could potentially do a job in the premiership…. They tend to be of the level that will get you promoted.
    Any investor needs to be thinking atleast 15 million on transfers (over two windows) and 25 million on facilities. That would give us a fighting chance of promotion.
    Finally as usual many leeds fans are talking glibly about offloading Ross MC………yes this is my pet hate. ” hay we got 3 days left of the transfer window, and we can sign an international class striker who will do better than Ross, attune him to the club and he will be an instant success…no worries mate”……………some fans live in a fantasy world they really do.

  6. Counte Of Monte Fisto

    Personally Iv’e had about all I can take of Leeds for this week. I have a season ticket & go to 5+ away games each season, i’ve been going since I was a tiny nipper with first game in 1975.
    But I am staying at home tomorrow night, a round trip of about 170 miles to watch garbage and be sold short constantly isn’t appealing.
    I will go for Saturdays certain derby defeat (we always turn up for those don’t we!) but something has to change soon and big time.
    Around me in the KOP at least 10 fans I have known since standing was dropped have decided not to renew in the last 2 seasons and a few more are rumbling that they won’t be there next year.
    Its depressing, I will contniue to go and get my season ticket but I am starting not to care, really sad!

    • Chareose

      I don’t think im where you are yet but im close…. I hate the feeling that fans are falling out oflove with the club because its so hard to get them back….. The club could really with some serious ambition from prospective owners and exciting signings

  7. Jason

    Absolutely spot on. The cruellest part is that our expectations were temporarily raised. The slience is also very, very annoying. Some of us are intelligent enough to understand non-disclosure etc, but that doesn’t justify a complete news black out.
    Completely fed up with it. It would even be good to threaten (to myself at least) that I’m walking away and withdrawing support, but I know I’d be lying and that only makes it even more depressing.

  8. PMH

    Stability is the key but I don.’t think you need a “football man” in charge. Probably the best option, if we are dreaming, is a super-wealthy sugar daddy (or momma) who will let the football people do the job without interference. That is simply intelligent management. How hard can that be??

  9. NottsWhite

    The entire group involved in this takeover are a disgrace. On the one hand, GFH have no intention of taking this club any further and are struggling to cover the operating costs however they are stalling the sale, I assume, to extort a bit money by using the January transfer window as leverage. On the other hand is DH’s consortium and whilst I do not doubt his desire to acquire the club I find the way he uses social media to pass half truths as distasteful. Pictures with red bull logos present, coffees with millionaires, the involvement of Cellino as an “advisor”, Cellino’s son having a tour around Elland Road and Thorpe Arch, “good news next week (smily face) creates a circus when time would be better spent thrashing out a deal with GFH. It could be argued that it is the fan’s fault for reading into these media releases and coming to the wrong conclusion, and in the end, these releases may actually lead to a positive conclusion, however I feel that DH is disrespecting the supporters of this club through misrepresentation and is causing as much delay as GFH to avoid the January transfer window without committing quality funds to the playing staff. This is an important week for DH in regards to TO and transfers. If it passes by without the promised investment in the squad then he has not kept his word. Money talks and BS walks!

  10. LeedsMighty

    The Farnan consortium did have Radebe involved but Radebe hasn’t shown much interest since his initial claims to help out. Farnan is definitely the guy to take us forward, he has a wealth of experience within sports/football and although we all hate Manchester Utd he was pivotal to the success at the Scum during the 90’s and 00’s, he is also a life long Leeds United fan from Dublin. He has all the credentials and knowledge to run our great Club and get us back to the top. Haigh hasn’t been honest with us and GFH have delivered anything that they promised, its time to let a “Football Man” take The Mighty Leeds back to where we belong, top flight football and that man is Mike Farnan. Have done lots of research on Farnan and have found some amazing things he has done for teams across all sports.

  11. Matthew

    I strongly feel that we don’t need a lot of money to get promoted but need owners that will back McDermott when a super awesome player is available, If super awesome sounds childish, how about just a decent player that will benefit us? There’s no sense buying for the sake of buying but instead just need for McDermott to sign someone he really thinks will benefit the squad, without much hassle. Sensible additions have got many a side promoted in this league.

  12. Colin

    Before we slate GFH/David Haigh/Nooruddin etc. we need to remember that since the ousting of Bates they have done great work. This includes:

    Re-engaging with the Leeds United Supporters groups, some of which were previously banned from Elland Road, Leeds City Council, they’ve engaged with the local community, in schools, working with the homeless, supporting Leeds United Ladies to try and get them into the Women’s Super League, you can now buy a shirt in the centre of Leeds rather than just the club shop, ticket prices have been reduced, money wasting ventures such as Howards and Yorkshire Radio were shut down. And last but very much not least, Leeds have become a beacon for promoting gay equality by becoming the first British football club to be a Diversity Champion for Stonewall and a supporter of the Beyond IT campaign led by ex Leeds player Robbie Rogers.

    On the pitch, they removed Warnock at the right time, Byram was not sold, McCormack was not sold, players have come in, McDermott has been backed.

    We were in a very dark place when Bates was in charge. I don’t understand ho anybody can say there are similarities as to how Bates ran the club and how the current team run the club.

    • Matthew

      Well said, it’s the level of expectation associated with the club that’s upseting some people I think, some people want everything now, and admittedly considering our clubs size we should be in the Premier League but these things take time. While I’m the first to speak up when we’re playing shit, I’m actually reasonably happy with how things are. GFH are only really guilty of not having the money to fund us, they’ve ticked all the right boxes pretty much in other areas.

    • Irving08

      Football clubs are about football – period. The activities you name, excepting those that are strictly football-related, are of no interest to me. I buy my ticket to watch matches and see our team win games, not to support causes. In fact, I rather object to my support being enlisted for causes I may not support, just as I am opposed to coercive giving generally. As for the rest, it is a shame Yorkshire Radio did not make money because its live commentaries and comment were superior and less depressing than those offered by the BBC channel. Of course, reduced ticket prices are a boon, though we need to see the figures to make a clear judgement on that issue. As for the reduction in the size of the programme, I would have preferred a reduced content (some of which is fanzine stuff anyway), if there were real, as opposed to PR reasons for reducing the price: we are not a small club, not yet anyway.

      • Chareose

        That’s incorrect…re-engaging fans is key to increasing turnover which is in turn key to providing funds for prospective signings…. The problem is of course that a lot of that hard work has now been un done. I also suggest that most of the motivation to re-engage the fans was Haighs and that’s one thing he deserves respect for. He may be skint but I think his heart is in the right place….

    • NottsWhite

      Unfortunately, I see these achievements as inferior to what is happening on the pitch. Corporate social responsibility is important but not to the detriment of winning games and playing good football. It may seem shallow but I pay my season ticket fee on the hope that we achieve these key goals

      • Matthew

        Detriment of winning games? GFH inherited a football club long in decline due to the actions of Ken Bates. The quality of football was dropping with every decent player sold and not replaced. The quality of football on display would of been worse had Bates remained at the helm and GFH weren’t involved. It’s going to take time to rebuild.

      • NotttsWhite

        Understand that but at the moment I just feel we are stagnating. Support for the club cannot be unconditional, only my family get that privledge. The owners need to earn that support by making good their promises.

      • Matthew

        I agree with you, just for the first time in many years we’re moving forward as a club. The issue here is some people want things going quicker, some are happy just to see things improve. Maybe the issue with Haighs group is simply something that can’t be helped? If Haighs group takes us over and the transfer window is closed, yes people will ask questions, but more questions will be asked in the next window when nothing improves. Better to just wait and see what they do in the next window, this one is pretty much done with. It’s unfortunate that nothing has really happened this window, but it’s better than being stripped of quality at any possible chance during the transfer window like what occurred under Bates.

      • NotttdEhite

        Not defending bates – he was a disease to this club, but if you make promises you need to be held to account if you don’t deliver. Both GFH and Haigh are guilty of this. GFH – in it for the long term, achieving sustainable growth – a year later they want out and are trying to scrape as much profit as they can. Haigh – various held truths via social média and takeover will be completed quickly with funds available for transfers this window. Their words and promises, not mine. Should fans be labelled as wanting too much too soon when owners are supporting that view ?

      • Matthew

        Many people, myself included thought GFH weren’t in it for the long term, the lack of money invested in the squad was a clear sign, but surely until the full facts of the Haigh led takeover are made public, we can’t really condemn him? As said, maybe it’s GFH that is causing this takeover to stall? I personally will judge things on how the next transfer window goes(Assuming the takeover is done).

    • TSS

      McDermott has been backed? Seriously? He’s been here for two transfer window and prevented from acting in both of them due to boardroom chaos.

      I’m not saying GFH haven’t done anything right, but managing the business side of things is the absolute minimum requirement of a football club owner. That should be a given. It hasn’t been at Leeds, so we tend to see the most basic of things (like proper customer service and fan engagement) as some kind of luxury, celebrating those who brought it to us. It’s madness, but that’s the kind of club GFH inherited, one where Bates had convinced most of our fanbase customers are supposed to be treat like shit.

      The REAL test of football club owners is the football. NOTHING else matters to the customer. Nothing. This is a football club, that’s our raison d’etre. And while it’s great to see the football club being used as a vehicle to support gay rights, homeless people and women, that doesn’t make it OK for it to fail to function as a football club. And at this moment in time, the chaos of this takeover is doing just that. That’s inexcusable to fans like me who pay thousands of pounds per year for football, not for the sideshow performance of our ownership.

      • Irving08

        Why is it great for a football club to be used as a vehicle for causes that have nothing to do with football ? These are matters for each individual to decide and they will do so as their convictions and possibilities dictate.
        There is no difference in principle between the things you mention and personally support than Bates trying to turn Elland Road into a home of fine dining.

      • Colin

        Yes, McDermott has been backed. In his 9 months here, he’s signed 8 players – Smith, Murphy, Wooton, Zaliukas, Hunt, Blackstock, Kebe, Stewart.

        These are all players that he asked for. These aren’t the gambles or the bargain basement players that Warnock, Grayson, MacAllister, Wise had to deal with.

        Those managers also had players sold against their will. Compare that to GFH’s handling of McCormack, initially when Middlesborough started sniffing around and most recently with West Ham.

        Yes, I’d call backing.

      • Matthew

        3 freebies, 2 paid players, and 4 loans isn’t really backing. He’s only got the loans because he doesn’t have the funds to buy them out right. Granted Stewart will be a perm contract at the end of the season on a free but for now he’s technically a loan. The Blackstock loan didn’t last long either.

      • Leonickroberts

        I’d agree with Colin on a lot of this. GFH may not have thrown money at the club, but they’ve invested small amounts in the right places, and while the transfer budget might not be huge, it’s a sea change from Bates. Regardless of whether we think he’s worth it or not, spending £1m on Luke Murphy was pretty much unheard of for the preceding years.

        As far as I’m concerned, their main flaw is showing itself now, and it’s pretty much the thrust of this article (which is very good). They are an investment bank, not a football-driven philanthropist or emir. On that basis, they turned the business into a going concern following it having been unsaleable under Bates, and are now trying to squeeze as much as they can out of their final transaction; selling the club. It could be delays as a result of due diligence or football league approval of buyers, but I’d wager a few quid it’s down to GFH changing the terms of the sale at the last minute, just as Bates did before then.

        I stand by the view I had when they original bought the club. 1) They’re not Bates; and 2) they’re (relatively) transparent and open with fans, and actually talk to supporters groups. They haven’t done anything awful, and deserve praise for some of the positive things they have done, including, as rightly pointed out by Colin, entrenching diversity and equality in the club.

    • Andy Kaye

      GFH have done everything right , apart from the thing that matters, putting a team on the pitch, which happens to be the thing thats costs money.

  13. Lowfields

    Ralph Ineson – Actor, John Godber – Playwriter, The Pigeon Detectives – group, Kaiser Chiefs – group, Julian Barrat from Mighty Boosh, Katie Taylor – Female world boxing champion , Chris from Kasabian, Mats Wilander – former tennis player, Dave Shackleton – Vice President of International Sony BMG, Russell Crowe – Aussie actor, Tom Palmer – novelist Mel B – singer, ex-member of the Spice Girls, Danny & Richard McNamara – Embrace , Tim Booth – James frontman , Vivian Campbell – Def Leppard , Dave Clark – Sky Sports newsreader, Chumbawumba – group, Stefan Edberg – former Wimbledon tennis champion, Gaynor Faye – Actress, Ken Hom – chef & author, Kelly Jones – Stereophonics frontman, Ron Jones – ex-Radio 5 commentator, Marlon McPhail-Snowboarder, Glenn Lamont – ex-Emmerdale actor, Colin Montgomerie – golfer, Howard Clark – golfer / commentator, Paul Broadhurst – golfer, Chris Moyles – Radio 1 DJ, Ardal O’Hanlon – comedian, actor, Jeremy Paxman – TV presenter, Albert Roux – top chef, Hugo Speers – actor, Terrorvision – group, Brian Turner – TV chef, The Wedding Present – most of group, Grant Nicholas – Feeder frontman, ian Payne – Sky Presenter, Gareth Gates – Former Pop Idol, Mark Lawson – TV Presenter,Per Gessle – Roxette frontman, Padraig Harrington – golfer, Nick Faldo – golfer, Ben Freeman – played ‘Scott’ Windsor in Emmerdale,Frode Estil – Norwegian cross-country skier, Tim Marshall – Sky News foreign correspondent, Simon Grayson, Glen Snodin, Fabian Delf, Jonny Howson, Aaron Lennon, Mick McCarthy, Danny McGuire and many, many more famous LEEDS UTD FANS !!! … plus the thousands of successful businessmen !!!
    WHAT ARE WE DOING ? Why are we sat here waiting for another Investment Bank or fraudulent businessman to milk us ???
    We are big enough and strong enough to buy back OUR great club. I personally do not want a rich Shaikh, Russian oligarch or a British tax exile to own our club.
    This is not a quick fix!!!… The chances of getting promotion this year are very slim… lets start from scratch,,, it might take a few years … BUT IT WILL BE WORTH IT !!!
    First we have to be realistic… lets get of Brian McDermott`s back… Brian McDermott achived promotion with Reading on a tight budget … significantly less than Nigel Adkins at Southampton… who is not doing much better this year with a better squad.
    If Brian McDermott was given 10 million to buy two wingers, a class midfielder and striker i don`t think we would be in the position we are in now .
    If the Flowers/Haigh consortium are TRUE LEEDS FANS and do not have the capital they should ask the fans… If not… It does not matter if you have 100 pounds or 100000 pounds… We ARE big enough and strong enough to buy it ourselves.
    Team for Huddersfield:
    Byram, Lees, Peltier/Pearce, Warnock
    Kebe/Austin, Murphy, Mowat, Stewart
    McCormack, Austin/Hunt


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