Feel The PainIt’s funny how quickly the mood changes at Elland Road. Only a couple of weeks back, Leeds were on the brink of completing a takeover that fans were led to believe was a mere formality. The club had just brought in the two wingers we’ve desperately lacked since Gradel and Snoddy were sold and Brian McDermott was convinced more signings would follow quickly.

Our form was a bit of a concern, but aside from that, everything was just peachy. Which is odd for Leeds United.

It never lasts long though. Fast forward through the collapse of a transfer for Ashley Barnes, a convicted Italian fraudster link, talk of power-struggles and a takeover impasse, then throw in news of a £3.5m bid from West Ham United for newly appointed captain and key player Ross McCormack and the contrast in mood is absolute.

It’s all so familiar too. Another transfer window lost to takeover chaos, another key player and captain tempted by the exit as deadline day approaches, more shady characters lurking in the shadows, more hopes dashed… Why always Leeds?

There is a slight reprieve from the doom and gloom today as Sam Allardyce appears to rule out a follow-up bid for Ross McCormack following two loan signings which take West Ham to their 25 man squad limit, but there appears to be no end in sight for the ongoing takeover drama which continues to prevent Brian McDermott from strengthening his squad.

With the transfer window set to close on Friday, Brian McDermott’s attention must already be turning towards the emergency loan window for the additions he still needs if this season is to be any improvement on last.

All the while, David Haigh and Sports Captial continue to negotiate terms with GFH for a takeover which was meant to be completed weeks ago, but as that deal continues to drag on, a consortium which includes Mike Farnan (ex-Manchester United employee), Adam Pearson (Hull City chairman) and Gary Verity (Welcome To Yorkshire CEO) prepare to make another bid.

Farnan hasn’t commented much on a new bid, tweeting on Friday that “radio silence” is sometimes required for progress to take place, but the good faith GFH and Sports Capital built amongst the Elland Road faithful has long-since dissipated, leaving behind a sour taste following a January which promised so much, yet delivered so little.

Delays, set-backs and power-struggles which have detrimentally effected the Leeds United manager’s ability to do his job will leave many questioning the suitability of the two parties involved in Leeds United’s ongoing power struggle, and while Sports Capital and GFH continue to anger the Elland Road faithful, the prospect of a local consortium featuring a football man like Adam Pearson starts to sound much more appealing.

I do have some sympathy for Sports Capital. They’d expected to complete this transaction without issue and even provided funds for Brian McDermott to strengthen his squad while the final details were ironed out. But somewhere along the lines, it’s all gone very wrong. No one knows the full details of what brought the takeover to a halt, but when these things start to have a negative effect on the football, the competency of those involved has to be questioned.

All too often at Elland Road, football is an afterthought to those running the club. Bates’ megalomania, vanity projects and asset-stripping antics held us back for the best part of eight years and while the initial signs from both GFH and Sports Capital seemed to suggest things had changed, we’re back on familiar ground, lamenting the powers-that-be for creating a situation in which the football is playing second fiddle to the owners.

If Leeds United are to progress, this can’t continue. For want of a better term, the club needs a “football man,” someone who can handle the business side of things without upsetting the football. For two successive transfer windows Brian McDermott has been hampered by power-struggles at boardroom level, losing an entire season to takeovers and boardroom politics. This can’t continue.

It shouldn’t be like this. We’re a club in absolute disarray because those at the very top are failing us. Leeds United need stability, we need owners with a footballing background who can successfully manage the business side of things without impacting on the product we (the fans) are paying thousands of pounds per year to watch. GFH and Sports Capital have already failed in that respect, it’s time for them to move aside and let Leeds United progress.