billy bremner  statue at Elland Road (Large)Despite some confusing reports to the contrary, Ken Bates says he isn’t trying to worm his way back into Elland Road, or at least, not the stadium built on it.

Instead, the ex-Leeds United expense swindler is attempting to set up some kind of media company near the stadium. While he doesn’t give many details, we all know how much Ken Bates loves his radio stations and after he forced half of West Yorkshire to buy digital radios for Leeds United coverage, I’m sure he believes there’s a gap on the airwaves that some Ben Fry-led, awful 80’s music catastrophe can fill.

In an interview with the Yorkshire Post, Bates explains how the only dealings he’s had with the club since he was fired from the President’s position is via his lawyers as he tries to claim compensation for unfair dismissal.

Bates explains how Leeds United’s owners took issue with him charging his Sky Sports bill to the club, offering the quite ridiculous excuse that it was the only way he could keep up with the goings on in football. Apparently, the private jet, full expense package and pointless executive boxes he built himself didn’t cover that. I’m sure you can all relate to his struggles…


In potentially happier news, there may be reason for optimism with the January transfer window just around the corner after David Haigh invested a seven-figure sum into the club to fund Brian McDermott’s plans. With the Whites enjoying a good run of form which has lifted them to sixth in the Championship, a couple of astute signings at the beginning of next year could make for a very exciting end to the season.


Sadly, today marks two years since Leeds United lost one of our greatest ever midfielders. There are very few players from my lifetime whose names belong in an LUFC legends club dominated by Revie’s great team, but the Leeds United midfield of which Gary Speed was a vital part sits comfortably among them.

I consider it a great privilege to have seen Gary play so many times in Leeds United colours. At an impressionable age where the Leeds United team were my heroes, there are few greater role models a young boy could have asked for. Gary was a player whose hard-work, enthusiasm and clear love for the game left a lasting legacy at every club he played for and on every fan who witnessed it, a man who the footballing world misses greatly and who my younger self only wishes he could have better emulated.

“I’m a better human-being for having known Gary Speed” Sam Allardyce remarked after Speed’s passing. Amid all the touching tributes the world of football offered, it’s Allardyce’s that always resonated with me because – despite not knowing Gary Speed personally – he was someone I looked up to and admired, and I feel as though Leeds United are a better club for having featured him.

RIP Speedo. Marching on forever.

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  1. Tare

    What comes to investment from DH well YEP reported that it is in the class of 1M£ bracket. So what can you get with that war chest? A winger is needed who can play left and right if necessary. Tranfer fee? + wages okay maybe the final piece for the promotion push then the financial picture could change completely.

    Sorry to notice that we do not have wingers like Gary Speed (RIP) coming from the Academy ranks. His pace, ball control, athletism and world class left foot is sorely missed in McD squad.


      • Tare

        Thinking that these investments from Noorudding and Haigh are definitely not coincidental but more likely well timed business moves in order to support McD in his promotion push. They smell “blood” as CS has been as unpredictable as ever. Only form teams are the Whites and Bolton.

        We need definitely one well proven winger that because our very own Dark Horse in the shape of Matt Smith needs service in order “to do right (Chappie) thing”.

        Blackstock issue is still open whether he can stay or not but MS is a player I am expecting lower jar dropping performances this season. Even though RM has been in fire but what if he gets injured or lose form.

        Yes it would be nice if our war chest would be in 9M£ but probably the truth lies between 1-9M£ figures.

        Overall our defence and MF are in shape but the final third of the pitch is the place where promotion run-in is decided.


  2. Ron

    I am incredibly dubious about this Haigh investment and it only serves to remind me of the intricate financial web-spinning done by his old mentor Bates. Berrydale Seventh Sports Holding, Sport Capital etc all with Haigh listed as a Director. Seems every so-called investment comes from another new subsidiary connected to GFH. It smells if you ask me.

    As for Speedo, the following tribute is my preferred video. Just the start of it makes me so proud to follow Leeds. Never forgotten.

  3. Matthew

    I’m not too bothered about Ken Bates anymore, he’s not connected to the club, he’s 81, almost 82, he won’t be around forever. When he dies, he’ll be in a nice warm place, with lots of fire and pitchforks, and we’ll be closer to the Premier League, if we’re not there already when his time is up.
    He’ll have his little court case, and he’ll lose, life will go on and this club will see the success it truly deserves. With Brian McDermott also at the helm.

  4. Dr Zen

    RIP Speedo. I know it’s trite to say it puts football in perspective but it does.

  5. mrbigwheels

    This man can be classed as a genius… Only he knows the true torment he suffered. We all wonder and try to understand what that was. And for some…. struggle to believe it.


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