David_BentleyLeeds United have again been linked with loan moves for numerous top-flight forwards, after Saturday’s 1-2 defeat to Burnley at Elland Road.

The Yorkshire Evening Press suspects that former fan favourite Luciano Becchio is interested in a move back to Yorkshire, after a swap-deal with Norwich City last January saw Steve Morison and an undisclosed sum paid to the Whites for Becchio’s services. Aside from appearing in eight games at the end of last season, Becchio has failed to make his mark at Carrow Road.

Despite his previous success at Leeds, fans have been quick to dismiss talk of the Argentine’s return to Elland Road as positive, often stating that the club “must move forward” in order to achieve the lucrative return that the Premier League promises. In addition to this, many fans believe Becchio’s style of football isn’t well accustomed to the brand employed under the management of Brian McDermott.

There has been further speculation that Brian McDermott fancies a move for former Reading spearhead Shane Long, who has been pushed to the fringes of the West Bromich Albion side- after a proposed £5 million transfer to Hull City collapsed in the summer. Long was heavily relied upon by McDermott during his time at the Madejski, with the forward netting 44 times in 174 appearances for the Royals between 2005-2011. Fans appear more content at the idea of Shane Long in white, as his pace and creativity in the attacking third are what many consider the side to be lacking.

Furthermore, the Yorkshire Evening Press was last week linking United with a swoop for former England winger David Bentley- despite Brian McDermott moving quickly to deny any link. Bentley, who most recently spent an unsuccessful term on loan with Russian side FC Rostov, was labelled “too similar a player” to current forwards Ross McCormack and El-Hadji Diouf- regardless of the fact that Bentley is commonly known as a right winger, and McCormack and Diouf to be centre forwards.

The club’s owners are understood to have promised McDermott funds to complete a transfer on the back of poor league and cup form, and any move enticing creativity and attacking prowess would be welcome among the United faithful.

by Nick Ansell (@NickAnsell)

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  1. TSS

    Surprised McDermott isn’t willing to take a punt on Bentley, I think he could be just what we need (as I still think wingers are more important than strikers).

    Becchio – I’d have him back, but I can understand why some fans are against it. I’ve always felt that he’s more suited to hoofball than any other player we’ve had, that’s why he was so prolific under Warnock. Still think he could do a better job than anyone else we have with the ball played into his feet (in terms of scoring goals), but he’d be better served by a couple of decent wingers providing chances for him.

    • Ev

      yeah i didnt get his comments about not wanting to stack up the same type of players…. RMC, Diouf and Bentley ???? I would say only Diouf and Bentley are similar to a degree…….RMC plays up front or off the front 2… Bentley is a winger…..a crosser of the ball…. I think it was code for ” i dont think hes worth the risk” Managers discretion so lets trust him and not 2nd guess ??
      I Iike Brian…..I really do…when results go badly hes humble enough to come out and say what we are all thinking ” yes we may need to change the formation” …its obvious we have a guy whos thinking what we are thinking well before we come up with it. We need to control the 8 years worth of impatience and back this guy. But so do GFH so i have little sympathy for the pressure thats placed on them by fans…..

  2. henrymouni

    Something happened to Bentley.
    He was a rising star but I think it went to his head, and he slumped to where he is now.
    I don’t think he would fit in.
    Luciano or Long would be great, with Ross playing off them up front.
    However we may not be so lucky.
    Our track record with ‘luck’ is a bad one!!!!
    Brian did say, this week, that he had already put the feelers out but……….

  3. Matthew

    If Bentley could stay fit, he’d easily be one of the best players in the squad, he’s better than Jerome Thomas, and although Thomas had an impact on the side and kinda fizzled out, someone like Bentley could really boost us. Why on earth can’t GFH give the man some kind of pay as you play, or a reduced deal till seasons end? Offer the man 10-15k a week, or per game he plays and if he keeps fit for the season give him a decent contract(1 year one). If GFH want promotion, he wouldn’t be an MVP player but he’d be pretty damn important.

  4. Barry Hughes

    I thought we had enough chances to have at least draw last week so enough chances created but not put away bechio would have buried at least one of them also there was the penalty to consider that was from a decent run from Aidy

  5. Matty B

    How about long and bentley that would be fantastic in a 4231 with mccormack behind poleon with that sort of pace we should be able to open up defences week in week out leaving austin and murphy to keep midfield tight

  6. Writers Holiday

    We need a winger(s) first – we have enough up front with Ross/Diouf/Smith/Hunt for the time being – to give them a chance of decent service in the place they play best UP FRONT!

    • Matthew

      Not wanting to be negative but we don’t have much in the way of prolific goalscorers. you need goals to win games.

      • Writers Holiday

        Hi Matthew! The point I was trying to make was that Ross is playing a deep midfield roll, often picking up the ball deep in our own half, particularly against Burnley and again at Newcastle. I would prefer to see Diouf in that role in the absence of wingers allowing Ross/Smith/hunt to be UP FRONT where we have a chance of scoring! Prolific goal-scorers are given decent passes in the right position – that’s how they become prolific goal scorers. Give them a chance in the right positions with decent service.

      • Matthew

        Hey, I don’t think it would make much difference how many chances are fed to Hunt, It’s pretty clear for most people to see by this point that he can’t score and probably won’t come close to 10 goals this season, even if we had Snoddy and Gradel on each wing. There’s another one in Smith that has fucked up so many chances I’ve lost count. In all honesty I’m mostly critical of our ineffective strike force(If you can call it that) the rest of the team isn’t perfect but is growing, and that’s good. Losing faith a bit here.

      • Writers Holiday

        Don’t lose faith Matthew – we’ve come so far as a club and a team playing football . I have great faith in McD and what he’s done at Reading and the changes at ER this season are all in the right direction.. The attitude around the club is worlds apart from what we;ve experienced at ER over the last 2 seasons at least. I don’t think Benley’s the answer though – he seems to have lost the will to live – we’ve had enough (Hall) knee-jerk signings. Give him time.
        Let’s start at Millwall today! MOT. Gerry

      • pmh

        I agree. McC cannot be expected to take the ball from the half way line and score. That is way too easy for the defence to pick up on. Diofy has excellent ball control and can make the passes in a crowded midfield. That gives the other forwards more room up front.

      • Tim

        Credit to him, he has picked up the ball from the halfway line and scored this season! I completely agree with this. Snodgrass used to pick the ball up in a similar position with a few to finding the byline and crossing, occasionally cutting in and going for goal. McC is being asked to do the lot, pick it up and finish – not going to happen. I don’t think at this level we should play someone behind the front 2, you don’t get enough quality and I don’t think the diamond is working on that basis. Defensively it works but probably because Rudy is a beast! We need a flat 4 across midfield with people being asked to do a narrower role.

  7. Bornawhite

    I think Bentley would be worth a look on a short term deal. He has been a class act previously, low on confidence no doubt but if he was able to discover his form he could be a creative force particularly from the se piece where we are fecking woeful. For all the defencesive and combative talents of some of our players their distribution can be near pub team level on occasion. I think Smith would benefit from some quality ball especially.

  8. PMH

    Well, adding a good forward would not go amiss, but the priority is getting the system organized. We surely have some talent up front but it just isn’t coming together. I’m not seeing a cohesive plan at the moment: It looks like each man for himself. Maybe pull Diouf back a little to midfield and have him distribute to Ross playing deeper. These are two classy players who must be able to do more. No, I’m not a tactician but somebody has to be.

  9. RoystonLufc

    To be honest I’m not too impressed with Diouf(y) so far; he seemed a good deal when he first arrived but the last few times I can understand why he spends so much time on the bench. Problem is, he’s not even a game-changer, a la Matt Smith.

    As for Bentley, haven’t we had enough bad experience of picking up spent prima donnas on the cheap? OK, maybe BMac could squeeze some good out of him but I’m not too sure. I know that Ryan Hall is not quite in the same league (literally and metaphorically) but there are similarities and do we really want another waster on our payroll? Remember: every duffer that we bring in and loan out reduces our financial ability to get somebody decent.

    OK, that’s a negative comment and I don’t have a more positive suggestion to counter my rant but I still think that employing Bentley is asking for trouble. And we should off-load Diouf.

    As an aside, did anyone notice the Watford-Norwich game last week? Only Johnson from Leeds playing until substituted -by the Murphy the saviour! Ha ha, all the rest of the scummy rats are sitting on the bench – treacherous b******s, do we really want any of them back? I suppose I’m a bit unrealistic here but I’ve been against the return of Beckford and anyone else who thought they were too big for our glorious club. A bit romantic and puerile but that’s how it will always be, so let’s watch Becchio choke on the Cromer sand while we build a new team. The future’s bright, the future’s white. MOT

  10. spellz

    I would take Bentley all day long he is a talent, the kind which we are missing as he is a real creative player and we definitely lack one, well apart from diouf but he never starts.

    • Aplanir

      I agree, to me it makes sense Diouf doesn’t make a full game maybe to old or fitness, but never the less I forgot last full game he played, what will we have if god for bid Ross get injured doesn’t bare thinkin about does it,

  11. Matthew

    So who here saw this coming when we let Becchio go? Where did the GFH braintrust think the goals would come from when we swapped our 20 goal a season Striker for a player who is on a season long loan to a team that beat us today? You couldn’t make this shit up.

    • henrymouni

      Me, Matthew.
      GFH are a waste of time.
      We are crap from back to front, and need a least 4 top class players.
      We may now be worse than we were last year.
      GFH can talk about looking forward, but the team is going backwards. 15th and falling.
      Hardly a surprise, when its more or less the same rubbish team as last year.
      I am glad we are all waking up to it.
      The fans have been betrayed, and attendances will quickly fall away.
      The more things change the more they stay the same.

      • Matthew

        I was more or less willing to give GFH a chance, and give the manager the benefit of the doubt, mostly because of Bates, and of course Warnocks style of football(If you can call it that) pissed me off. I was more or less willing to look past the faults of the team, though I’ve said enough times there’s a lot wrong with us I’ve never once criticised the team beyond the fact we can’t score, but these kind of performances are absurd. I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said and can see attendances drop in time, I was fucking embarrassed with the Newcastle performance, we have one of the best away followings in English football and 6000 fans didn’t deserve that, but hey, its just the cup, problems aside I looked past it and today well. Millwall? Really? 9 games in and to me, unless something changes, the season is pretty much over as far as playoffs go. We don’t deserve this.

      • henrymouni

        No we don’t, my friend.
        I listened to todays’ game on LUTV and the commentary team said is was dreadful.
        They said Millwall were terrible, and yet they beat us 2-0 – could have been 4-0.
        Eddie said hé felt sorry for the ball !!!!
        Someone kicked it out of the ground, and nobody was too bothered whether it was returned or not.
        It is early in the season, but we are already a relegation candidate.
        I felt so sorry for the fans who travelled to Millwall.
        This team does not deserve our support.

      • Matthew

        As I said I was willing to see the team as a work in progress and would look past some dodgy performances, but the lack of a Striker is really killing us. If you remember what I put on the other topic, I said half of this team wouldn’t start in a properly funded Leeds United first team and that was me being generous. I have a different outlook on this side this season, there’s no point in making a few Ramsay style rants(lol) describing this teams performance, it won’t solve anything. I’m not expecting Barcelona perfomances from us, I just want to see some goals, I want to see a team that looks like scoring, win or lose, with no goals we’re pretty pathetic.

      • henrymouni

        I fear for Brian.
        Nigel Clough has been sacked, and Derby are just above us!
        We have been here before with previous managers when the wheels come off.
        Worrying times – again!

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