leeds fansAnother season approaches, another fantasy begins…

It’s back! – The return of the Championship’s official Fantasy Football League; and still FREE to enter!

The rules are pretty much the same as ever. The only differences I can notice are that you get £20m to spend on players (the stuff of Brian McDermott’s dreams!), and you now get five points for a goal, three points for an assist and defenders & keepers get five points for a clean sheet.

Last year there were around 100,000 teams entered nationally, of which about 170 teams were in THE SCRATCHING SHED’s inter-league.* We also ended up in the top 50 inter-leagues in the competition.

Therefore, THE SCRATCHING SHED is once more running its league as part of the Championship Fantasy League competition (and don’t worry, your score in this league is also entered in the main league competition, should you perchance the ultimate top prize).

It really is a case of the more the merrier with no one refused entry (until 1st December). To join the league all you need to do is: go to the Fantasy Football League site; register for free as a game user; choose a terrible pun-heavy team name; pick a team of XI; pick a captain; and then when prompted to set up or join a league add the following PIN no. for The Scratching Shed league: 1029979

If you are not sure of the rules, you can find them on the official site, and I think they have ‘toptips’ and other advice. Or feel free to ask in the thread below.

Anyone who has their own private league running on the site and are looking for more members then feel free to point other TSS readers to them by giving the league’s PIN number.

Let the fantasy begin!


*Many, many apologies for not being able to name last year’s overall winner – I think ‘WeAreLeeds’ was eventual runner-up? – only I wasn’t expecting the website to delete last year’s competition quite so soon as it has. Feel free to come forward to comment on your success below, and to claim your no-prize prize (it’s all about the validation from strangers!).