Scott WoottonBrian McDermott completed the signing of 21 year old Manchester United defender Scott Wootton this evening, his fourth singing of the summer transfer window.

The young centre-back made only four appearances for Man United, but loan spells at Tranmere Rovers, Peterborough United and Nottingham Forest bring his total appearances up to 40.

Wootton joins a list of players that have crossed the Pennines from Manchester to Leeds which includes title winners Johnny Giles and Gordon Strachan, alongside the not so successful Danny Pugh and Lee Sharpe.

Leeds United manager Brian McDermott has stressed the need to reinforce a defence which previously relied upon Jason Pearce and Tom Lees playing every game. Wootton is seen more as a developing prospect than first team regular, but the youngster will provide some much needed competition to Leeds’ current defensive pairing and shouldn’t be short of chances to prove himself in first team action.

As is the norm these days, the fee paid for Wootton was undisclosed. The Daily Mail claim Leeds paid somewhere in the region of £1m, though that seems somewhat unlikely given Leeds United’s financial situation, even if it does include add-ons and clauses.

Announcing the deal, Brian McDermott thanked the owners for signing someone he feels “will develop with us in the coming years.” Leeds United’s Managing Director David Haigh said Wootton is an “exciting addition” while chairman, Salah Nooruddin described him as a “young player who has played on the biggest stage.”


  • LeedsHipPriest

    Daily Fail way off mark again, no way did we pay £1m for a kid on a week by week contract with Scum

    • Chapel A

      Poor show TSS. This court finds you guilty of trying to ingratiate yourself with a certain element of our fanbase (namely that which engages with the game on this level, and uses this sort of vocabulary). This is, of course, the more vocal element, which is presumably why you have gained the impression that this lairy brigade are representative of the collective. You should be sufficiently confident of (the usually well-judged and informed) content of your site without feeling that you have to pander to the lowest common denominator. Seriously, I was embarrassed for you when I read that headline.

  • markman

    Good to see a proper signing as opposed to a loan deal.and the right age. If he got as far as he did with the scum he must be worth a roll of the dice. Welcome to leeds united the new force in the north

  • Lord Armley

    Imagine our new recruit seeing this headline, “scum defender makes white move”, it reminds me of cringing when racist chants came out of the kop back in the day. I hope he makes a positive impact to our team and I hope you can move up from such embarrassing comments.

    • TSS

      Anyone familiar with English football understands the tribal nature of it, and the rivalry. That’s what makes it all so intriguing.

      I’m certain such a comment won’t effect him in the slightest. After all, he’ll have heard “we all hate Leeds scum” from the ManU fans enough times, it didn’t stop him coming here. Rivalries make the game.

      • Lord Armley

        It won’t affect him, but look at other Leeds Utd posts on NewsNow and you will see your headline is out of kilter, and disappointing.

        • TSS

          We’re not trying to be Sky Sports, the YEP or the Telegraph & Argus, we’re writing AS Leeds United fans. That’s the difference.

          I don’t know a single Leeds fan who refers to them as anything other than “Scum” – it’s part of Leeds United culture. Similarly, I don’t know any Scum fan who refers to us as anything other than Dirty Leeds or Leeds Scum, doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I take great pleasure in it, in fact,

          • Lord Armley

            Please don’t assume you write for every Leeds fan. You have a good site and can usually be relied upon for responsible comment.

          • TSS

            I didn’t say I wrote for EVERY Leeds United fan. I said I wrote AS a Leeds United fan.

          • Lord Armley

            You said, ” I don’t know a single Leeds fan who refers to them as anything other than “Scum”. And I note you have partially changed your headline now, so point made. Change it to something other than “scum” and everyone is happy :)

          • TSS

            Nah, ManU are Scum. Always have, always will be.

            I don’t know a single Leeds fan who refers to them as anything else and I know a lot of Leeds fans from travelling around to watch the club (England and abroad), years as a ST holder and past membership of an SC. It’s a pretty strong sample size, you must admit.

            I added the ‘Ex’ part to make clear ‘Scum’ was in reference to the club, not the player – as it could have been misinterpreted before.

          • Chapel A

            Poor show TSS. This court finds you guilty of trying to ingratiate yourself with a certain element of our fanbase (namely that which engages with the game on this level, and uses this sort of vocabulary). This is, of course, the more vocal element, which is presumably why you have gained the impression that this lairy brigade are representative of the collective. You should be sufficiently confident of (the usually well-judged and informed) content of your site without feeling that you have to pander to the lowest common denominator. Seriously, I was embarrassed for you when I read that headline.

          • Irving08

            TSS just catching up on the discussion. Personally I do not demean myself to even notice another team. The only club for whom I feel any emotion is LUFC. I am indifferent to the rest.

          • Anthony Dickinson

            Whilst this is a Leeds forum, it is our reputation and one we’ve got to better. Just because it is our culture doesn’t make it ok. We should be getting behind players not instantly labelling them as a “scum player” in the main headline.

          • TSS

            Would you prefer “ex-Scum”?

          • Anthony Dickinson

            How about Wotton sees the light and joins the Whites? best way to shut the Mancs up its to just don’t mention them ;)

          • number1inyorkshire

            we would prefer ex manu defender or new leeds signing wootton not scum or ex scum

          • Craig

            No ex – scums great ; )

      • HonestWhite

        No he’s right, very unpleasant title. Friendly competition and rivalry is great but calling other fans scum is just hateful, even if it is Man U.

        • AltrinchamAndrew

          Totally agree
          AltrinchamAndrew( yes part of Manchester!)

    • number1inyorkshire

      i agree with the scum thing WHY ????…
      i would bet also that Mc McDermott sees him going straight into the squad too rather than development aswell …. and i never call Manu scum cant be bothered either way with em unless its the 90 mins we play them .what other people call them is up to them but it aint everyone ….

    • James Ellison

      The headline clearly says “EX-scum defender”. He should be happy he’s not scum any more, given he’s a scouse anyway.

      • Lord Armley

        Read the full post James. TSS changed their headline after I commented.

  • Anthony Dickinson

    He’s made the choice to see the white light and move to the correct side of the pennines. I hope it works for him and he’s the Strachan and Giles side of the balance. Looks promising and one red forum even had him down as one of four to replace Rio. So looks good. Time for him to kick on and show the wrong side what a mistake they’ve made.

  • Carl

    no fucking way the people moanin about manure being called scum are proper leeds fans

    • Anthony Dickinson

      It’s not complaining about the Red Shite being called scum it about a player who wants to play for us being called a scum player. That’s how the headline reads. If it was purely against the other side, I wouldn’t mind the comment.

    • number1inyorkshire

      what is your point armley was it you who likened it to racisim and BTW who decides who is a proper leeds fan

  • Lufc79

    Good news and about time….. Much needed,now for a winger pls…..and if I’m going to be greedy a front man wouldn’t go a miss…..

  • yorxman

    You can’t deny he’s an ex-Scummer but he’s now a White and that’s all that matters, he’s come the right way across the Pennines. Any Leeds fan who doesn’t class Scum as Scum is just a fan and not a true supporter. I support 2 teams…LUFC and whoever’s playing Scum, f**king Scummers!

  • vgh

    Scum? As per your comments about liking being called scum yourself, would you promote this to kids to call each other in the street knowing you have influenced them? You are clearly small minded, but i wouldn’t expect anything less.

    • TSS

      Fuck me, I love how people take this shit to extremes.

      It’s not my job to teach your kids (or any kid for that matter) right from wrong. If you take your kid to a football environment, you can’t expect everyone else inside the stadium to act as role models – that’s your job.

      There’s a culture in this country of parents blaming everything on society, like their kids shouldn’t be exposed to anything untoward. While I respect that parents want to protect their kids for as long as they possibly can, that’s your responsibility, no one elses.

      So to your question, would I promote calling other fans “scum” to kids? No. But then I wasn’t suggesting kids call each other Scum in the first place (it’s a reference to the club, not the fans), that was your completely over the top reaction as part of a society who thinks the rest of us should be setting examples for your kids.

      • RogerTheDodger

        Well said.

        Let’s have the government make the rules about what we can access on the internet too, because we’re all to lazy, idiotic and backward thinking to police our own children on the internet.

        People like vgh are why we’ve gone backwards on the evolutionary scale, rather than becoming interstellar lightbeings on another dimension. Or, why there’s so many, soft arse pussyfooting twats in the world today. Either way, it’s shit.

        Say what you want while you still can, TSS, before vgh and the thought police close you down.

      • Matthew

        TSS, he’s a Scum fan dude. I noticed all his previous posts are all Scum related. Click on his name lol.

      • markman

        when i was a kid,i used to dress the Guy on bonfire night in a scum shirt.

  • MUFC – only one utd.

    Enjoy playing in the championship scott for a small team. Should’ve joined N Forest – at least they have history.

    • mrbigwheels

      Now this is the ‘real scum’… Popping up out of the scum heap!.

    • yorxman

      And you could have gone to watch him play cos probably they’re your local team Scummer

  • yorxman

    I’ve just been to watch Harrogate Town and there were kids in Leeds shirts aged around 7-8 years old singing how much they hate Scum, not only was it funny it made my heart swell with pride. Proper young Yorkshiremen brought up the right way!!

    • markman

      yorkshire Oaks

  • MOT

    How about we talk about a promising signing rather than who is allowed to call who scum?

  • Bluesman

    Can we leave the infant scum stuff behind. He is a young lad with bags of potential – Period!

    • markman

      maybe he should stand in the centre circle at Elland rd on his debut and have a ceremonial burning of his old red rag.

  • ReidLeeds

    I have heard that it will be a nominal fee to be decided at a tribunal because of his age rather than a million? Surely it’s not that kind of figure

    • TSS

      The way I understand it is that we paid a nominal fee. There’s no need for a tribunal if that’s the case.

      There’ll be sell-on clauses and appearance related fees, but it won’t come close to a million in my opinion.

      • markman

        I am sure there was an amount involved to cover the investment the scum put into he would have got a signing on fee probably spead over the length of his contract.

  • RogerTheDodger

    My children, who incidentally, are all nice, well rounded kids, who do really well at school and people are constantly commending them on their impeccable manners, believe that “stupid” and “god” are acts of “swearing”, only refer to the team who play in red and come from Salford as either Scum, the Scum, or Manure.

    I feel all three names are perfectly acceptable, wholly accurate and perfectly astute.

    Stellar article, Mr TSS, don’t let the closet Scum fans who are pretending to be outraged Leeds fans put the mockers on it.

    Just like calling Arsenal “the Gunners”, Liverpool “The Scousers”, or
    Norwich “The Six-Fingered Sister Marrying Inbred Team Stealing
    Bumpkins”, Scum is the only word to describe that shower of contemptible
    cunts and their entire fanbase.

    • TSS

      The Norwich description was incredibly poetic, good work.

      And you’re right. My parents didn’t shield me from anything, nor did they run around blaming the internet, football players, video games or whatever else they could think of when I fucked up – they just taught me right from wrong.

      Didn’t work out too badly either. I went to university, have a job that pays well, go on holiday regularly, live in a nice place, drive a decent car… I’d say they did a pretty good job overall – and I’ve never referred to Manchester United as anything other than Scum.

  • nick

    Brilliant stuff! always nice to see some new blood, not trying to be gloomy but didn’t we say we was going to sell to buy? Shouldn’t we expect someone leaving the club in the near future? Also, any update on Byram’s injury would be well appreciated.

  • henrymouni

    I don’t care where he comes from, as long as he can play.
    He is a scouser!
    He is not Brian’s first or second choice.
    He wanted Greer or Mills, but got no support to buy them.
    He wanted a mature centre-back, to supplement the two ‘young central defenders’ we have now.
    Let us hope he is a good player, who stays injury free!
    He has had problems with injuries before.
    He is 6ft 2ins.
    3 year contract.
    Let’s make him feel at home.


  • Mackerpacker

    Scum are Scum, simple as. No Leeds fan should ever feel bad that Manure are Scum. All hail Bmac. MOT

  • dave221982

    There is a reason why we have pictures everywhere on holiday, internet , cups, peoples shirts, in car logos etc of a Leeds fan pissing on a man united shirt!. Ha ha it’s healthy rivalry it doesn’t show a Leeds fan pouring fine wine into a Man United’s players mouth does it!.

    We call them SCUM and they call us so what’s the problem really?

  • spellz

    I cannot believe how many times on the responses to this article I have read the word scum, all of you that are arguing whether or not the title should have the word in have just contributed immensely to spreading the word all over this article like a bad rash anyway so what is the difference lol.

    Me personally as a leeds fan don’t brandish other teams scum but I am also not bothered when someone does, TSS is right that this is in football culture and they would soon refer to us as it, so what does it matter? fuck you all need to chill out a bit and stop trying to be so politically correct and discuss the most important thing, our new ex- scum defender.

    • TSS

      Yeah… Do you think we should maybe sterilise him first? ;-)

      • Matthew

        Think we need some Star Trek style decon chambers for players in this situation.

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  • Matthew

    I agree with recruiting younger players, though I do believe we need a mix of youth and experience. Just this way we’re not stuck with a whole bunch of 30+ age players. He should bring the average age of the first team squad down a little ;)

  • Steve Lister

    Nice to see young guns been signed, instead of the dross we had under masterbates,

    How any Leeds fan can get upset about referring to that place over the boarder as SCUM is beyond me!! They are SCUM, end of

  • dave221982

    He’s a good player anyway and now owns a nice new white shirt!.

    He will be hungry to impress and will raise the bar of our other defender’s. He’s been trained and gained experience in the big league so for me it seems like a win win and BM knows his player and what he wants so if he has signed him then he’s not going to be a waste of time, although I don’t really trust his decision to sign Matt Smith as other than being tall doesn’t really bring much to the team.

    Hunts got pace heart and determination and has played in the big league and Murphy’s passing ability is fantastic! Just feel Matt Smith is being carried abit
    Good luck Wootton !

  • henrymouni

    A little boy from Leeds had gone to Rome on holiday with his family hoping to see the Pope. Anyway, a couple of days after they’d arrived, the Pope was doing a tour of the city in his Popemobile. The little lad was bit worried that the Pope wouldn’t be able to pick him out in the crowd, so his Mum said “don’t worry, the Pope is a footy fan,so wear your Leeds shirt and he’s bound to pick you out and talk to you”. So, they’re in the crowd, but the Popemobile drives past them, and stops a bit further down the street where John Paul gets out and speaks to a little boy in a Man Utd shirt. The Leeds lad is distraught and starts crying. His Mum says “don’t worry, the Pope’s driving around tomorrow as well, so we’ll get you a Man Utd shirt and then he’s bound to stop to see you”. The next day arrives, and the boy’s got on his new Man Utd shirt. The Popemobilestops right by him, John Paul gets out, bends down and says to the lad “I thought I told you scum to piss off yesterday?”…

  • henrymouni

    I’d be surprised if we see young Wootton starting games, unless we have any injury.
    He is much less experienced than Tom or Pearcy.
    He has not played many senior games.
    While GFH are lauding this as another great/cheap signing, I fear he will be ‘one for the future’ like Smith.
    I hope he is great!!!!

  • Matthew

    I feel sorry for Becchio, sure he left for more money but didn’t get much of a chance at Norwich at all. Sure he’s picking up a nice wage, but at the same time, he must have a sore arse from sitting on the bench for so long every game.

  • milano whites

    Just don’t mention flying!!!!!!!