red-bull-3BBC Radio Leeds’ Adam Pope is tonight reporting news that Leeds United are closing in on “multi-million pound investment” which includes the repurchase of the club’s Elland Road stadium.

There are no further details as to who the investors are, but recent speculation from the Yorkshire Evening Post has linked the club with soft drinks manufacturer Red Bull.

If the Austrian company are planning to invest in Leeds United, there’ll be some fears that a rebranding of the club may follow. Red Bull have controversially taken over several teams, including Austria Salzburg.

Salzburg were subsequently rebranded as Red Bull Salzburg, while their badge was replaced with the Red Bull logo and their team colours scrapped for those of the soft drinks giant.

Angry Salzburg fans protested the changes to no avail, ultimately breaking free to start their own club after a bitter fall-out with their club’s new owners.

While there’s nothing to say Red Bull will strip Leeds United of our identity and history, like they did at Salzburg, it’s worth considering a statement they made to Salzburg’s fans (more on which you read here).

“[Our football] concept was based on Red Bull’s overall approach to sport: Red Bull is not a sponsor in the traditional sense; it never was and never will be. Red Bull contributes its own ideas and concepts to all projects to which it is committed.

“Traditions are part of sport. But every tradition needs to grow. This takes time. Nobody can, nobody should buy themselves a tradition … Since the start of this season we have been working at creating a new tradition. This tradition cannot and will not be separated from the history of football in Salzburg. But this new tradition is not purple, because purple is not the colour of Red Bull.”

White, blue and yellow aren’t the colours of Red Bull either, will they still be Leeds’ colours if Red Bull do get involved with the club?

The statement continues in a tone so familiar, it could have been lifted from one of Ken Bates’ weekly rants;

“[Fans] are not owners; they do not carry any responsibility for the future. Therefore they have the right to be consulted, but not to make decisions. Some fans have trouble understanding this.

“99% of the fans of the ‘old’ club are also fans of Red Bull Salzburg … They realise that Red Bull has its own tradition, its own history and its own approach to football.”

That “99%” line really sticks in the throat because of how easy it is to compare to Ken Bates’ “dissident minority” rant. It all seems such a far cry from the statement our new chairman made yesterday when he said “fans are the de facto owners” of Leeds United Football Club.

We could be panicking over nothing of course. Red Bull might not be the interested party (in fact, the YEP seem to think it isn’t them), but the timing seems a little too coincidental, so for now at least, let’s assume they are.

Maybe they’re just interested in a minority ownership position and a stadium rename, neither of which I’d be the least bit averse to. You can call Elland Road the ‘Stupendous Raging Red Bull Superdome’ for all I care, it’ll still be Elland Road to me. So long as the club’s identity renames intact (name, badge, colours), I can cope with the rest. After all, the rest is part and parcel of the modern game, football clubs need big sponsorship deals to compete.

All I’m really saying is that we should heed caution so that we’re not blind-sighted if the worst case scenario (Red Bull Leeds) becomes a possibility. Celebrate, yes, but let’s make clear from the off how far we’re willing to let this Red Bull involvement go. I don’t want to support a team whose existence is less credible than MK Dons.

  • Emmo

    What about Prince Abdullah bin Musaad could be him that’s coming In with a % purchase and stadium

  • Brendan Staunton

    Totally agree. I’ve supported Leeds United for 43 years. I won’t support Red Bull Leeds for four seconds.

    • Matthew

      Leeds United will always be Leeds United regardless of what happens.

      • Irving08

        Mathew, the point is, it won’t. It will be a different animal.

  • je

    I’ll just go ahead and say I called it on the Noel hunt article! truly an itk ;)

  • Marty

    YEP understand that the investor is not Red Bull.

    • TSS

      Yeah, I mentioned that above. We’ll have to await further details, but the timing seems a little too coincidental to me. The form of investment does too – makes perfect sense for Red Bull to invest via ground purchase, rebranding stadium as they do so.

  • Murph

    Only bright point is if you close your eyes so as not to see the red kit and chant ‘Red Bull Leeds’ quite quickly then it sounds like ‘Rebel Leeds’…could be worse, I guess!

  • Sam Billington

    I’ve got a feeling the investor might be Marwan Koukash sure I read an article about him getting involved with a football club a while ago and I haven’t heard anything since

  • macleeds

    No-one complained when Don Revie changed our home shirts to all white…..

    • TSS

      White was always a Leeds United colour, our first strip was blue and white. The Yorkshire rose is white. It wasn’t a seismic shift. He didn’t rename the club and replace our badge with a soft drinks logo either.

      But that’s all besides the point, Don Revie created the history of this club. For a sponsor to come in and trample all over it would be the ultimate insult to those of us who value that history.

  • Johny

    Like you said in the article whatever they rename the stadium (assuming it happens that is) could be sh1tehouse land of the pixies arena.
    The address will still be

    Elland road

  • Scott Clarke

    YEP said they understood that it WASN’T RedBull

    • TSS

      And I responded to the same comment below, AFTER mentioning it in the article! ;-)

      • JDC

        You’re correct you did … however, you had already sown the seeds in the minds of so many on a speculative article when the source had already they didn’t believe it was Red Bull.

        • TSS

          Of course it’s speculative. Unless someone can name the actual party interested, its all speculative – including what the YEP say, because they clearly don’t know otherwise.

          • JDC

            My point TSS was that there is enough negativity out there without you becoming one of the doom and gloom merchants … I expect better. It has however, provoked debate and unleashed a lot of passion … not a bad thing, but by the time the Chinese whispers it will create have finished, there will be someone promoting a boycott or something similarly stupid before we all know the facts … a bad thing in light of some of the positive things going on in, and around the club at the moment.

          • TSS

            While I don’t wish to disrupt the positivity surrounding LUFC at the moment, we need to be careful of walking into any deal with our eyes closed just because everything seems to be going OK.

            We’ve all been Leeds fans long enough to know the next kick in the balls is never far away.

          • JDC


  • Ady

    Not sure I would even be that bothered if they changed the team name either, would always be Leeds to me , your not going to call ELLAND road the red bull arena are you? So you would not call the team Leeds red bull united are you? Just hopefully good solid investment buy the ground back and give mcd 4 million to spend, what’s not to like?

  • djedjedje

    Maybe they could redevelop the West Stand in the shape of a giant Red Bull can? I’m not sure I’d pay to sit in it, but I’d pay to see it.

  • djedjedje

    What makes me suspicious of it being Red Bull is the fact that whatever sport’s team or stunt they back they back to win – Red Bull formula 1 team, Red Bull Salzburg (great in Austria, do OK in Europe for their size/pulling power), that guy who threw himself out of a spaceship…

    Is English football really going to offer them that kind of success? I mean, you are looking at £100m+ needing to be invested into Leeds United in order for them to compete at the top of the Premiership. That’s a lot of dolly when, say, Red Bull Rangers could be so much cheaper to be top billing again in the SPL within a couple of seasons.

    • TSS

      But you’ll never get the same kind of coverage with other teams. The English league is the most watched in the world, Leeds is the biggest club available at a reasonable cost. Makes sense to me.

      • djedjedje

        Oh, I agree, but as Leicester show each season, lots of cash can still make you an embarrassingly average and unspectacular team. Red Bull would look awfully foolish to back a team and then languish for years in the second division when you could so readily buy into a Southampton or Fulham. Not the tradition or fanbase of Leeds, true, but they are already in with a shout of the PL headlines.

        A wiser Red Bull might look to the rising German league for a cheaper publicity stunt/team purchase.

        This is not to say that they won’t look at Leeds United or the English leagues, but it is going to take some major backing to justify their name (form their point of view, that is!).

        • weathep

          They already have bought into the German league – RB Leipzig

          • djedjedje

            That’s actually really interesting, weathep. I didn’t realise this as I’ve never heard of RB Leipzig – probably because they are such a low league German team. It’s interesting that they have bought into it with a ten year goal of raising it to the Bundesliga. It makes the prospect of them buying a low level English team and walking it through the leagues far more likely in my eyes.

        • TNH

          Red Bull spend over £200m a year running one Formula 1 team… they then spend probably abother £70m on the Torro Rosso junior team. I dont think they are bothered about it costing £100m to be honest…

          • djedjedje

            Good point. Although, they ‘only’ made £300m net profit last year, so shelling out £100m is still a hell of a commitment and risk.

  • Northumberland LUFC

    Investment is much needed, we all know by now GFH do not have finance to push Leeds United forward as quickly as some would like. I agree with GFH approach of living within financial means.
    Having the ground & TA back and not paying rent, bringing in two or three quality signings who have a price tag that is befitting of their quality sounds great!
    GFH have been sorting out Bates’ mess in a sensible fashion so far and I feel they do have the best interest of club at heart.

    Northumberland LUFC

  • By the beard of Bates

    If its only a sponsorship and not an all out takeover wouldnt we control what they can and cant sponsor/change and would we only be “Red Bull Leeds” for say 5 years?

    • djedjedje

      That’s why they’d buy the ground. Pay £10-20m for it and you can call it what you want forever. If you agree a sponsorship for the team so that you can re-name the ground, for say five years, it could well cost the same and you’d have no control over Leeds United dropping the name of the stadium or even team once five years were up and the club were high and flying in the Premiership again.

      Besides, own the ground outright and you can put formidable pressure on how the club operates and what it calls itself; where would Leeds United be if they were evicted from their stadium?

  • seanh1988

    I know im going to sound really negative but just hope this is not a marketing scheme for more season ticket sales

  • Nick

    I know it’s probably far too soon to even think this, however, if Red Bull does to Leeds what it has done to Salzburg, there is no chance of me having anything to do with ‘Red Bull Leeds’. The status of football owes itself to its fans, and then the history a football club creates in turn, therefore, it’s unthinkable that any supporter would buy into this idea. Especially Leeds, our history is far to big. Cardiff might now enjoy being red, but in comparison their history is insignificant. The Mighty Whites is the DNA of our history, change that and our history is dead. I’d prefer to be in administration in the conference then be rebranded by Red Bull.

    • Tyler75

      Fair point and I also wouldn’t follow a team re-branded ‘Red Bull Leeds’ but its investment that’s been mooted not a buy out and with all respect Leeds Utd Fc are not a Salzburg !

      • Nick

        I read the city talking article and got a wee bit panicky, just me working on assumptions, hopefully it’s some good investment where we can progress! MOT

  • BringBackYushki

    Compulsary Reading here Leeds fans !!

  • Dr Zen

    New investment: hard on
    Red Bull: cob off
    Not Red Bull: stiffy back on again

  • chrislufc

    An article constructed from old news, based on a paranoid hunch. GFH have, despite lack of investment in the squad during pre-season, done everything right in trying to, not only rekindle the fans with the club, but to get everyone move in in the right direction. The attendance is set to be the biggest on an opening day in ten years, Ken Bates has gone, and some fans are still not happy; some fans still feel the need to pour negativity down the throats of their fellow fans. Let’s cross the Red Bull bridge if and when we get there, and in the mean time stop being paranoid and support the team!

    • Tony

      My thoughts exactly. For once lets start a season with a positive attitude rather than the usual doom and gloom

    • lee yu nike

      Spot on kid, as cynical as I,ve been the last 8yrs,I now believe our owners ( we,re skint) and leaving aside the reasons for them acquiring the club (we put ourselves back in the Bates mindset) at least it in their interests most to move forward. Regarding sponsorship. FACT, the FA,FL. would not let us be called a brand name.

      • TSS

        I’ve tried finding a rule with prohibits such a thing, but as far as I can see, none exists. I don’t think the FA or FL ever considered such a possibility.

        Regardless, there’s ways round that. Red Bull just do what they did at Leipzig and change our name to something with the initials of RB, making us RB Leeds. Since there’s no rule which stops them changing the badge, they can use the same one they use for Leipzig, Salzburg and New York and it’ll still look like Red Bull Leeds.

    • TSS

      Firstly, nobody ever stopped supporting the team because they hated Ken Bates and the rest of the problems we’ve had at this club. I really wish people would stop throwing that accusation around, it’s a petty, thoughtless insult to fans like myself who endured 8 years of Ken Bates home and away, and went to great lengths to ensure the team knew it was never about them.

      I think you’ll find I was supportive of GFH from day one (while most sites and fans were on a bit of a witch hunt calling them potless chancers). I have no issue with their policy of clearing players out to buy new ones either, it makes absolute sense.

      But on the Red Bull thing – it might not be them, but they’re the company who make the most sense for this kind of deal as it allows them to rebrand the stadium in their name (which I have no problem with). I state all this above. But while ever Red Bull are being linked, it’s worth considering the implications and making clear what we will and won’t accept before a deal is completed and it’s too late.

      Or fans could sit around, pretend everything is OK and accuse everyone else of pointlessly moaning while the club suffers for 8 years (again). I’d rather we be hyper-cautious personally.

      • chrislufc

        I never said that anybody ever stopped supporting Leeds, but there has been a clear divide between fans during the Bates era which has not helped to settle the team, especially in recent seasons. I understand your point of view that caution needs to be thrown at the wind regarding the future of our club, but until there is concrete evidence and not just a rumour floating about (with regards to Red Bull), I think we all need to stand together and get behind the team from the word go.

        I seem to remember us not having a brilliant pre-season before our first season in league 1, but we all got behind our team and look what happened from there. If we win tomorrow, the mood will be high; if we can snowball that into two or three early wins who knows what could happen.

        We have a reason to be happy again, and it’s time to move forward.

        • TSS

          The trouble is, how long do we wait to consider such possibilities? Such deals won’t be confirmed until it’s too late – that’s what happened with Salzburg. By the time the fans got to grips with what had happened, the club was unrecognisable. Just a corporate gimmick the rest of world football laughs at.

          I’m by no means suggesting we all start marching on ER protests banners in hand, I just don’t want us to sleep-walk into worst case scenario. Too many people were blind to how bad Bates was for this club when he first took over, most reasoned that he was the right man for the job when a quick look at his history showed how corrupt and bad for football he is. Worse still, people stubbornly stuck to their initial beliefs for years – to this day, I still hear people describe him as a saviour despite all evidence to the contrary and the damage he did. How fucked up is that?

          I’m pro-positivity. It’s great being a Leeds United fan at the moment and we should all enjoy it, but we can’t allow positive vibes to taint our every thought. We have to be cautious and look at things from all angles.

          IF Red Bull are planning to get involved with Leeds, it’s better we lay out what we’re willing to accept now instead of when it’s too late.

          • chrislufc

            You’re right, football fans are treated like mushrooms and only when it’s too late will we actually know what is going off. For all we know, this rumour could have been deliberately leaked to the fans with a motive of testing the water and seeing how we’d react. From what I can gather, it’s fair to say that the majority are not opposed to the ground changing name, or even the colour of the kit, for the benefit of the clubs future. I myself would like to see the colours remain and am against the name Leeds United being infringed upon, especially when our 100 year anniversary is only round the corner. I don’t want to get too strung out on my views of Red Bull because for one, it’s only a rumour, and two, as you said there are a lot of angles to look from.

          • TSS

            Majority aren’t against ground sponsorship, but I’ll bet you every penny you’re worth that the vast majority are opposed to changing the clubs colours.

    • spellz

      Not to forget Bates did not just go but he was slang out on his arse by GFH,
      I really think they have done a great job so far and long may it continue, all thats left now is Bates to start his law suit against them and lose.

  • JDC

    Perhaps the FA and Football League would consider it a step too far to have a club named after a sponsor … I am certainly not aware of any Premiership, Football League or Conference team that bears the name of it’s sponsor / sponsors in the club name.
    Maybe it would be prudent to, first of all wait to see who the proposed sponsor is and secondly to see what type of sponsorship they have in mind before we all start becoming too hot under the collar.

    • TSS

      There’s ways by that though. Germany don’t allow clubs to be named after sponsors so Red Bull changed Leipzigs name to something beginning with R and B, so they could call them RB Leipzig. They then changed the badge to the Red Bull logo so it looks like them regardless.

  • Chareose

    This is not supposed to be Red Bull……..end of discussion

  • Mythic

    I understand your concerns but it is worth remembering the colour white was a “new tradition” brought about by Don Revie and look what that heralded in. I would suggest a change of colour is not necessarily a bad thing.

    • Wakey White

      This. Enough said.

      • TSS

        Its not enough said. We’d be an absolute laughing stock, and rightly so. They’d come in and piss all over our history, destroy our identity and turn the club into an advert. You’d be in a VERY small minority of fans who think that’s OK.

    • TSS

      Answered this below already, but it’s totally different.

      “White was always a Leeds United colour, our first strip was blue and white. The Yorkshire rose is white. It wasn’t a seismic shift. He didn’t rename the club and replace our badge with a soft drinks logo either.

      “But that’s all besides the point, Don Revie created the history of this club. For a sponsor to come in and trample all over it would be the ultimate insult to those of us who value that history.”

    • Irving08

      Don Revie (it was not actually his idea by the way) sought to emulate a football team; not a drink.

      • TSS

        And as I pointed out below – white was always a Leeds colour anyway. The Yorkshire rose is white, our first strip was blue and white.

  • Bluesman

    GFH are moving things forward very quickly into the modern world! Who knows what is round the corner, but these people are not clock watching. There are things happening behind the scenes that we don’t know about. We have to trust GFH that they will do the best for the club and be sympathetic towards the feelings of the fans. We have to remember, however, that we prayed for Bates to be ousted, we longed for investment in the club and that is what is happening. GFH have, according to reports, invested millions so far, sorting out the finances. We had Bates on his knees. He has gone and we have a brighter future. I am not concerned about the name of the stadium, just about the famous white shirts! We are the Whites, but maybe a touch of red here and there, lets see!

    • BringBackYushki

      a touch of red brother?

    • Irving08

      What is this ‘modern world’ you talk about that requires us to abdicate both reason and conscience and to bow and scrape before a group of people we know next to nothing about ?

  • Bluesman

    I do think that there is a lesson for GFH though and that is not to piss the fans off too much with inappropriate rebranding. Bates lost to the fans!

  • whiteblob

    i reckon its going to be red bull stadium because a change in strip and name means 100%- 80% owner ship and GFH are pretty set on keeping a tidy slice for them selves and I do believe 20% is else where. plus we have a shirt sponsor!

    so lets just call it the bull ring or something with out the red involved, in fact lets just take their money and call it elland road and let them know like bates we won’t take shit especially bull.

  • LUFC-Srbski

    Anyone listened to this bull crap interview by our former President. All I care about is Papa Smurf has been served his leaving papers. Thank god!

    I’m sick of the negativity from certain fans, the biggest problem that has been holding Leeds back for nearly 10 years is now gone. We should be dancing in the streets!

  • Gary White

    Why the problem with the badge? We have changed the badge at least 4 times in my lifetime!
    GFH have done everything correctly without putting the club at risk. They may not be billionaires, but the plan is obviously to attract investment. This cannot be done while Bates is there so they are gradually getting to a point where Leeds is an attractive proposition.
    The bottom line is they have done to Bates what he has prided himself in doing for years!

    • Ben

      Not to the logo of a pop company we havent! Cant believe I actually have to explain that, whats wrong with you people? This would make us the most tinpot team in the country. i wouldnt go to elland road again.

      • Irving08

        You know Ben neither would I.

  • Let’s Moan United

    Cardiff changed their colours last season – didn’t seem to hold them back. I think we Leeds fans have just got so used to moaning we look to do it whenever possible – half empty syndrome. Who cares what the shirt colour is or what our name is – the soul of the club is the fans and they can’t change that. Stop moaning and let’s focus on supporting the team back to where we all want to be! MOT

    • djedjedje

      ‘Who cares what the shirt colour is or what our name is’.

      Fine. Let’s change our strip to red and black; call ourselves Man United. Then count how many ‘souls’ would bother turning out to the ‘New Old Trafford’.

      A cornerstone of the ‘soul’ of the club, any club, although you might just call it ‘pride’, is not begging to get shafted for a few million by any chancer who comes offering it. What happened to us?

      • TSS

        Exactly. Can’t believe there’s a few people actually OK with renaming the club after a soft drink, destroying all the history and stripping us of our identity. No wonder Bates lasted so long, some fans are way too apathetic.

        • djedjedje

          I could partially understand fans being so open to abandon everything if this was on the cards back in 2006 or whenever it was that we were facing the risk of liquidation: desperate days call for desperate measures and all that. But considering we are barely a month free of Ken Bates and the club finally seems to be edging forwards for once, why sell ourselves so cheap and without question?

          • TSS

            Most wouldn’t. I’d walk away personally and I wouldn’t be alone.

            Even in 2006 the worst we faced was administration, a club of Leeds’ size was never going to go under. This is never an acceptable answer no matter how bad things get.

        • spellz

          “You can call Elland Road the ‘Stupendous Raging Red Bull Superdome’ for all I care, it’ll still be Elland Road to me”

          I know you said as long as the kits were in tact but since when has the name of Elland Road not been in our history little contradictory this post I feel.

          • TSS

            Doesn’t matter what they call the stadium, it’d still be Elland Road. It’s on Elland Road. Why do we have such an attachment to a street name? I’ve never understood that one. I remember people objecting to the Nike Bowl move and I was baffled as to why anyone cared.

            Nothing about the identity of the club changes, we’d still be in Leeds, we’d still be on Elland Road, we’d still be Leeds United, we’d still have the same badge and play in the same colours. We didn’t become Macron FC because they started making bad kits for us.

            Huge difference between temporarily renaming the stadium for a sponsorship deal and permanently scrapping the clubs colours, name and badge to mimic a soft drinks manufacturer.

          • spellz

            It really is a matter of principals and keeping the history intact even though it remains on the street Elland Road it just gives the neutrals more reasons to mock our club just like jjb sports stadium when that was changed (kind of), Newcastle were laughed at mainly because it was a hight street sports shop, red bulls brand an energy drink just as silly really.

            In all honesty if that was the only thing that was changed and we was largely invested in and gained a promotion It would be the last thing on my mind and maybe one day I would be able to get over it but I just believe in the tradition of a club and when stadiums like st james park, maine Road, The Baseball Ground, Highbury, Roker park the list goes on gets changed it just does not feel right almost like a sacred bond with the club has been broken.

            Listen maybe it is just me I just don’t like the idea of it but I would definitely trade a stadium name for a return to the premier League so if it did happen and we made it in the Prem I would just about get over it .

          • Irving08

            Ends and wedges come to mind TSS.

          • Grumpy

            Do the wedges come with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream? ;-)

        • Nick

          Also, why is moaning synonymous with being sceptical? there is nothing wrong with questioning the motivations of club owners. It isn’t a reflection of being against the owners rather it’s just being wise as to what their intentions are.

  • markman

    The trouble is the word red and its awful connection.

    maybe they can launch an new drink and call it WHITE BULL. problem solved.

    • djedjedje

      Either that or they just go and buy Oxford United or Hereford United? They can hardly quibble about the bull connection!

    • spellz

      Ha Ha very true.

    • Grumpy

      …and we could change the club song to ‘Little White Bull’ as sung by Tommy Steele in about 1960

  • spellz

    WTF is wrong with our fans? if, which it certainty has not been clarified yet Red Bull was to be the major investor and even if they was if it actually all went through smoothly lots of ifs and buts why the fcuk would you be happy to be re-branded by them?

    change the colour of the strip – I ‘m alright with that (a few of you)

    Change the name of Elland Road – yeah that is fine lets call it ‘Stupendous Raging Red Bull Superdome’ (TSS)

    Change the name of Leeds United (Ady)

    Is that how easy people would bow down to the demands of a new investor, don’t get me wrong I would love us to get a huge cash injection I have always had dreams of it since a decade ago like any other fans presumably but let us have our club changed “if” they planned to do such a thing would not go down well and we will just become a joke to the neutrals.

    A bit like when Mike Ashley took over Newcastle under his ownership they were relegated he caused turmoil by renaming St James’s Park and they were just a bunch of unsettled fans that felt like their club had been swept from beneath their feet, fuck that WE ARE LEEDS!! not red bull leeds or RB leeds just Leeds United plain and simple, some of you might not care because we will always be that to you anyway but I can assure you we will be a laughing stock if they did that to us and I for one, would not enjoy hearing anything else mentioned but Leeds United and would never accept such dramatic changes.

    • leeds

      we’re already the laughing stock, if red bull can help us get back to where we belong then so be it

  • spellz

    Does anyone have any ideas on who else could potentially be the investor atm?

    • TSS

      Nothing beyond theory.

      Pretty sure that it must be a naming rights deal though, because little else makes sense. The fee we’re talking about here is £15m. For that amount, the would-be investor could buy a majority stake in the club, so we wouldn’t be talking about a stadium repurchase, it’d be a takeover instead. And if someone buys £15m worth of shares in Leeds, the money doesn’t go to club, it goes to the party they bought shares from (ie. GFH).

      So this pretty much has to be a long-term naming rights deal. If we posit a 10 year deal for naming rights to Elland Road, that works out at a quite reasonable £1.5m per year.

      Alternatively, this could come down to percentages. It could be that the sponsor pays LUFC £7.5m for shares and £7.5m for a naming rights deal, the first £7.5m going to GFH so they can fund their half of the stadium repurchase giving the would-be investor a stake in the club (around 25-30%) while leaving GFH as majority shareholders. The other £7.5m pays for the sponsorship agreement and provides rest of funds to repurchase Elland Road.

      Either way, this all adds up to Red Buil to me, despite what the YEP are saying. Not that I have any reason to doubt the YEP, I just can’t see an obvious alternative.

      Another possibility is that we’re working on a deal with a property developer. They repurchase ER on our behalf and we give them the surrounding land to do whatever they like with. £15m seems a little overpriced for land in Beeston, but you never know.

      All other options come down to takeover, not a stadium repurchase deal. Anyone spending £15m on the club would expect a majority stake, making them the new owners. No one is going to spend £15m buying LUFC a stadium unless there’s something in it for them – that something has to be sponsorship, land or a majority stake in the club. I’m only ruling out the latter because no one is suggesting takeover, which is what it would be.

      • spellz

        I like your breakdown TSS thorough analysis and yeah I agree that figure would suggest it could be a naming rights deal or also a takeover could be on the cards.
        Most of the news out there in the past 24 hours believes there to be a huge investment and the repurchase of Elland Road either way I would rather it be someone else than Red Bull at this point as I worry what changes they will implement but I must admit the start to this season has got alot more exciting.

  • spellz

    For all the fans that don’t mind the kit change.

    • Barneywhite

      looks good to me if it means we are mighty leeds again

      • spellz

        I understand where you are coming from but even where we are now we are mighty Leeds and being where we are just makes my ambitions and support for our mighty Leeds even stronger, I would not welcome any drastic changes to our kit or club name from an energy drink giant, only unless they originated from Beeston or the Chairman of it was related to Bremner.

        M.O.T AA.

  • Killinghall1

    I, for one would be very disappointed if Red Bull were to have anything to do with Leeds United. Football has become a money game, but without continuity as well as change clubs will just become billboards for giant businesses (some already have). Personally I feel that there should be some sort of FA or Govt. legislation protecting the identity of clubs, and recognizing the rights an interests of the community of fans who support them.

  • MattK

    In the unlikely event that it is in fact Red Bull looking to invest, I really can’t imagine that between Red Bull and GFH they would allow the idea of a major kit / logo / team name change to get very far. They would have to be totally nuts to think that they could get that past the Leeds fanbase, no matter the money involved, especially seeing as they are making efforts to engage with fans much more now. We would probably stomach a stadium name change but not much more than that.

    Cardiff changing their kit to red was one thing but a) I think Leeds are a different proposition with a larger, more vociferous fanbase and b) I think Red Bull and GFH, round a table, will have more sensitivity than Cardiff’s Malaysian owners who did it expressly because, for them, red is seen as a lucky colour and it could help with marketing in SE Asia. Maybe that’s being too trusting but surely they’ll have enough nous to know what limits not to push, even in this era of unashamed commercialisation.

    At any rate it seems Red Bull aren’t involved in this particular story, but it’ll be amazing to have the stadium ownership back- hopefully it will immediately release some funds for players that were otherwise allocated to interest payments…

  • spellz

    New look Leeds United homepage is up now.

  • Mark

    No to Red Bull, no to franchising.

  • Ted

    Is it just me- or other than the text in their logo- their colors include white (silverish) blue and yellow. In fact if they do sponsor our kit I bet the players would look like red bulls cans on the pitch…

    • BringBackYushki

      its actually part of the plan

  • preddo

    I’ll tell you what, if Mr Kipling takes over man u and they rename them Old Trafford Tarts, then I’ll accept red bull stadium, can’r be fairer than that, do we all agree. It’s not gonna happen so leave ER as it is, and the shirt, and the name, and everything else

  • lord wyleus fortissimo maximus

    Well, we are seriously short on the wings and red bull gives you…
    a huge dental bill.
    Couldn’t care less about a stadium name change if the club owns the stadium again.
    Would hate a shirt colour/ badge change but let’s not forget we changed our colours when it suited us and to emulate another team at that.

    I am still just happy we have a club to support that thankfully looks as if it might be going in the right direction however slowly, so come what may I look forward to the season with hope and optimism

  • Matthew

    If Red Bull gives you wings, can they give you Max Gradel?

    • Matthew

      I guess I was just overthinking it considering people say the Red Bull gives you Wingers joke lol.
      Just I can’t think of a single Winger we’ve had that’s been better than Max, besides say Snoddy(More opinion there) in years.

  • Barneywhite

    go for it – the white shirt with the red bull logo would look good (if we are rid of that macron crap) also Leeds red bulls has a ring to it – history is nice but gone – The future is everything

    • BringBackYushki

      oh dear oh dear

  • dave221982

    The trouble is Leeds are now owned by a bank, a bank needs investment to survive so it doesn’t matter how much fuss we kick up if Red Bull did come in because a bank will never turn investment down!.

    Lets be fair Red Bull are massive so if you were running the club would you turn them down? Yes YOU would because your a fan and you wouldn’t want the name changing. You also wouldn’t want a kit colour change etc but unfortunately they didn’t buy us because they were fans did they.