Elland RoadIt’s been a busy day of seemingly conflicting news stories for Leeds United.

Firstly there’s Ross McCormack who’s been at the centre of transfer speculation all summer, mostly linking him with a move to Blackpool. While Ross has continued to deny any interest in leaving Elland Road, the speculation has continued and the Scottish striker is now being linked with a move to Middlesbrough.

Brian McDermott has made clear he has no interest in selling Ross McCormack, yet the Evening Gazette claim the Leeds United manager “is prepared to offload the Scottish international for the right price.”

There is undoubtedly pressure on McDermott to reduce Leeds United’s wage bill, but McCormack is considered a key player so a move does seem unlikely. However, the Evening Gazette say Middlesbrough are hoping to complete the signing within 24 hours.

Elsewhere, McDermott started the day by telling press his fourth signing is proving difficult to complete and that he may have to admit defeat.

Most took that as a sign that he didn’t have the money – whether that’s the transfer fee, wages, or a bit of both, Leeds United didn’t appear to have the budget to complete any new signings. No real surprise, that’s been the general understanding of our situation for most of the summer.

However, a few hours later, Salah Nooruddin is being interviewed by Ben Jacobs when he drops this bombshell;

“We have told Brian to get one or two more players before the window shuts and we will support him financially…”

Perhaps then, McDermott has a little more money to play with than we’d realised and the ‘fourth signing’ is just a matter of wage or transfer fee demands Leeds United aren’t prepared to meet. After all, we’re in no position to take the Peter Ridsdale approach to transfer negotiations (ask what they want then offer double…)

It is silly season I remind myself, things rarely make sense at this time of year.

In other news, Nooruddin dismissed reports linking the club with investment/sponsorship from Red Bull, Saudi Princes and the Bahraini royal family.

You can listen to Salah Nooruddin’s full interview with Ben Jacobs below.

  • Liam Moran

    “is prepared to offload the Scottish international for the right price.”

    Any manager will offload any player for “The right price” hence why it’s called “the right price”.

    That price may be way above what anyone is willing to pay however.

    • Lufc1979ish

      More than Gareth Bale and we will consider thinking about it.

  • weareleeds

    Expecting to see a winger and a centre back sign before the window closes. 1 out & out winger would compliment the team well should we carry on with the front 3 formation we played on saturday. Thought it worked really well having Varney, Hunt and McCormack constantly swapping positions as it made us a lot less predictable. Unlike last season with the lump it up in Becchio’s direction and pray for a flick on approach which was useless against any team with half decent centre halfs.

  • Chareose

    The most important news is that they are considering operating on Byram…………..a hip operation……. i really dont want Byram to turn into a Michael bridges, i really hope they make the right call………

    • Matthew

      I would have to ask, why wasn’t this done sooner? The wait and see approach is really killing us. He should of had the operation a lot sooner, but now we’re faced with him being out for a while.

      • TSS

        You don’t do surgery unless absolutely necessary. How many players have we had who’ve gone under the knife and never seemed to recover fully, they’re generally back in 3 weeks later for another op.

        • Matthew

          But we’ve had a few that have been left to wait and see and end up missing large portions of the season because said surgery wasn’t done sooner. Surely an effort should of been made to fully access his injury and if surgery was required, it should of been done.

          We’re now going to be without a vital cog in the team who basically adds so much to the side, it sucks man.

          • TSS

            But there’s a significant risk of complications from surgery, one you don’t take unless absolutely necessary. Especially when it’s someone of Byram’s age who has a good chance of healing naturally.

            When I was a teenager I broke almost every bone in my body at some point or another and always heeled properly, It’s as you get older you stop recovering from things as easily. Slight knocks that wouldn’t bother me at Byram’s age would ache for two weeks now.

            The “wait and see” approach may seem like a bad idea now, but hindsight is 20:20. No 19 year footballer should be going under the knife unless absolutely necessary, it’s last resort stuff.

          • Matthew

            I guess, just very frustrating. Feels like more should of been done for Byram. The fact that one of our MVP players is now going to be out for a while is completely unacceptable to me, though not the lads fault, it falls back on my first point. He’s been let down.

            I hope a lesson is learned from this and no expense spared to help our talent to make a quick but full recovery so they can play ASAP.

          • TSS

            Let down by who? He’s a highly-paid professional athlete, injuries happen. He’s then treated by some of the best medical professionals in the country and continues to be paid while he recovers. Hardly a sob story for the ages.

          • Matthew

            Mistreating no. More a case of a poor decision being made regarding his injury and the best course of action to treat. But I guess it doesn’t matter now, as he’ll be out for a good few months.

          • Matthew

            Withdraws injured June 11th, Club waits to announce he needs an operation when the season starts early August. Says it all really. I wish the lad a speedy and prompt recovery as we need him quite badly but shit, something more should of been done and I stand by that comment.
            I can only hope we have him back in the 2nd half of the season.

          • TSS

            And you’re basing that on what evidence exactly? Medical experts assess such things, not the club.

            I can’t believe you think the club and/or highly-trained specialists are somehow at fault for being cautious. EVERY surgery has an element of risk to it, the worst case scenario could end a players career. With Byram, there was a high probability he wouldn’t need surgery (still a chance now) which would a) keep him out for much longer b) expose him to said risks and c) could lead to further problems at a later date or permanently weaken him.

            Of course they opt to NOT operate when there’s every chance he’ll recover without any need for surgery. You don’t even know what the surgery involves. I had to have an operation on my knee which has weakened it permanently and I still have problems with it now, how do you know Byram’s surgical procedure won’t have similar effects?

            You’re basing all this on the fact that the other options haven’t worked. Confronted with the various possible treatments, pros and cons and probabilities at the very start, you’d see it very differently.

          • Matthew

            In fairness there is a recovery element to every surgery a player has, if required there’s nothing to say he won’t make a full recovery and regain his full fitness in due course and be available for the later stages of the season.
            Of course I’m not trying to pass anything off as fact here and I respect your opinion and in reality you’ve been right on pretty much every point made, so respectfully to avoid repeating myself I’ll conclude this discussion with the points made and humbly concede on your points.
            Just very frustrating to lose such a valuable player for so long.

          • TSS

            It is, but the club aren’t at fault. If they’d gone ahead with surgery straight away – on a problem which can usually be resolved without any need for surgery – and that surgery had gone wrong, we’d be fuming.

          • Matthew

            I agree, and sorry about earlier. Just was a little pissed at the news. At this point we just need to hope he recovers sooner rather than later and if things go well for us, he could be that boost that pushes us over the playoff line.

          • TSS

            My biggest fear is that he’ll return as less of the player he was. Once all the physical side of things has healed, there’s still a psychological aspect to injuries. Now he’s experienced one, there’s a danger he’ll hesitate slightly before throwing himself into tackles and that it’ll effect his movement because he’s now experienced the potential consequences. You become aware that your body can be quite fragile, it’s bound to have an effect.

            Everyone does it. Even though you know an injury has completely healed, that you’re as good as new, you can’t help but be extremely cautious. First time I played tennis after operation on my knee, I was doing it with an almost straight leg… I was afraid to twist and bend it too much, despite having done such exercises in physio, because in my head, my knee now felt extremely fragile.

            That’s why Michael Owen deteriorated so much following his injuries, not because they hadn’t healed, but because he lost the naivety of youth. Every decision he made thereafter was effected by the experience of injury.

            The injury itself has entirely healed, but the experience of it serves as a cautionary tale. Especially to professional footballers who’ll become acutely aware of how easy their careers can come to an end in an instant, all because they made one bad decision.

        • Chareose

          THAT is exactly what worries me………… :o( We got to assume no Byram for a while…..so GFH need to find some transfer cash under the bed because we need a decent right full back, our captain is more suited to central defence

          • jacob burns

            more like gfh should look down the back of their sofa for some shrapnal

  • Matthew

    Can’t really fault the comments saying we need a Winger, we need 2 incase one is injured but yeah.
    Not holding my breath, just hoping for more signings lol

  • Joe

    Good news all round!

  • Tyler75

    Why on earth would Ross even consider taking a step-down to join the smoggies and its not as if they’ve got the resources to make us an offer we can’t refuse. Brian Mac seems to really rate him and on saturday’s evidence knows how to get the best out of him. Non-story. As for recruits I don’t expect us to spend money on anybody as there will be an increasing number of are good quality frees available as we get closer to the transfer window shutting and I trust BMac’s judgement 100%.

  • Kevin

    If it’s wages it’s likely Kevin Doyle.

    • Matthew

      I genuinely hope not. I don’t think he’d add enough to a side looking for the playoffs/promotion. I would hope he looks back into the lower leagues for a few talented individuals, such as where Luke Murphy came from. Not because we can pay them less, but because they’re more hungry for higher league football and would give 110% for the cause.

      • Drogheda White

        Jose Baxter maybe??had a good season at oldham n can play up front or just behind or on the left…..

    • Chareose

      Nah its Mills wages………he will be on high wages……..It could also be Wabara whos at mega bucks man city……..Even the Dinner lady at the Etihad (Doris) gets 60k a week…

      • rick

        Can’t be Wabara, he’s gone to Donny.

    • Gustavo Alvarez

      Tommy Rowe maybe?

  • mick

    RM wont go unless there is something up, which going by his reaction saturday, there isnt. yep centre back needed desperatley. and some pace, sometimes we have to be patient and this is the time. BM will get whom he needs, whether its his 1st choices or someone very close. going by all the news seems like mills and hopefully a young winger

  • Morcar’s Hill

    Talk about conflicting messages. Either Brian has money to buy two extra or he doesn’t (one in for one out). Can’t believe Ross is going anywhere. We simply don’t have enough goals in us without him. As for Sam undergoing the knife; then we might not have him match ready before November now. That would mean him being out for 6 months! Would show he was definitely over used in his first season.

  • Kev Ch

    NO SALE Macca …………… END OF

  • Nic Chilton

    I guess Saturday’s performance got the coffers opened up :D. We have defensive holes and a solid CB would be a good addition, and a priority.

  • Chareose

    saying BMC can buy two players is a bit different to saying hes got REAL money to spend……….”yes Brian needs to sign two players…..for free transfers” Good Luck Brian

    • Matthew

      Best to just wait and see and expect nothing. We haven’t got what I would call hard games till the 31st of this month anyway when we play QPR. Leicester seemed poor tonight, I don’t think we’l have much to worry about there, the Wendies and Ipswich, no problem. Key really is momentum and 2 decent signings for the end of the month to give us a good chance against QPR will help no end.

  • chrislufc

    Unless Middlesbrough were prepared to offer stupid money for McCormack, then we’d be stupid to let him go. He is key to us this season, and someone who we need to build the team around.

  • Ash Ramon

    Here is the direct link to Salah Nooruddin’s 33 minute interview with Ben Jacob of Talksport:


    Very refreshing listening to the chairman’s honesty. Expect a couple more signings before the transfer window closes, hopefully.

    • Ash Ramon

      Woops my bad just realised this is already posted in the main article which didn’t load up my browser at first. Apologies!

      • TSS

        I added it after you posted link. Had been waiting for Ben to post it up. Cheers for the heads up.

  • spellz

    I am sure Mcd knows what he is doing and will fill the relevant gaps (CB and wingers) I feel we are lacking in defence or we are not solid enough as well as needing width up the pitch so I got my fingers crossed he signs two of real quality and looks for two super subs also to give us a bit of depth.
    On a side note I really hope Mc Cormacks stays, he seems like he is dedicated to us and I feel like he is slowly becoming a cult figure at Leeds and who else is gonna give us the twitter updates from the inside?

    M.O.T AA.

    • Matthew

      I think we won’t get beyond the initial 2 signings promised. Reason obviously being wages, we’l have to wait for deadwood to leave at the end of each season to realistically recruit more players. We’ve got Danny Pugh and Michael Brown leaving at the end of season amongst others. With this money if we’re still a Championship outfit he’ll have money for wages.

      • spellz

        I am hoping the deadwood can shift now, especially Pugh and Brown possibly through loans to reduce the wage bill or through swaps.
        We need to get rid of who will definitely not feature in McD’s plans this season, we could be recruiting some young hungry players from our league or lower as replacements for the first team, we need some depth as the first team will not stay fit the whole season you know what footys like they will take knocks and rest a few games and its always possible they pick up a serious injury (fingers crossed they don’t) also we really do need depth in numbers to go up.

  • John Drake

    Perhaps Brian is hiding is light under a bushel. If other clubs know we are flush they will immediately be asking Ridsdale prices for their players – Brian may just be a very canny businessman.

  • J P Brown

    What a change from the sycophantic grovelling of the interviewers on Yorkshire Radio! It was obvious that Ken Bates had told – Ben Fry was it? – what questions to ask. Nothing spoke more eloquesntly of the autocratic and insanely bellicose period of Bates’ Chairmanship than those awful interviews. I started listening to this interview with some scepticism, but was won over by the new Chaiman’s candour – no blustering, just telling the truth, as far as he was able. Very impressed.

  • Ropey Wyla

    Lets hope it’s Rowe and Mills!

  • Jezaldinho

    This is definitely a time for patience. Brian’s always said he knows who he wants, so he needs to let processes happen. Look at Wenger. He’s got £80m in his pocket and still can’t make the signings he wants. Why? Because he will only sign the right players. There’s a few weeks left. Brian will get his men i’m sure.

  • PMH

    There are a lot of insightful comments here, but can we please stick to the English language. “Could of” and “should of” for goodness sake?

    The word is HAVE. You can also do could’ve and should’ve if you really must.