Following an initial approach last month, Leeds United have made no further contact with Peterborough United regarding their highly-rated winger, Tommy Rowe.

Local press in both Peterborough and Leeds have spoken with Posh’s Director of Football following speculation that Tommy Rowe is the transfer Brian McDermott said he’s closing in on.

Speaking to the Peterborough Telegraph, Barry Fry said;

tommy rowe“[Leeds United] enquired about Tommy a while back when I said they couldn’t afford him.

“I was told to expect another enquiry, but I have since been away at the Football League chairman’s meeting when Leeds were also represented and no-one from there tried to negotiate with me about Tommy.

“A move to Leeds would suit Tommy, but we don’t want him to go and now that we have sold Dwight Gayle, we really don’t need to sell anyone else.”

Fry’s comments leave no obvious name as the “key target” McDermott spoke about on Saturday. There’s been speculation surrounding a few players, but none of it is backed up by any real evidence.

Mackay-Steven is one name that has sent social networks into a frenzy, but the entire rumour seems to be based upon a YouTube compilation that makes him look like Lionel Messi. There’s been absolutely nothing from any reputable news organisation linking him with a move to Elland Road, or anywhere else for that matter.

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  1. Chareose

    Maybe its Tamas hes on a bout then?? But that would be odd because we are absolutely screaming out for a winger…… surely that has to be our number one priority ?

    • Chareose

      Saying that it could be that we spent all our money on Murphy

      • TSS

        But McDermott sounded so confident of pushing this deal through. He also said the club were ready to complete an “astronomical” deal a few days ago, but he cancelled it. No evidence to suggest the pot is empty, but still no clearer as to how much the pot contained to begin with (not that I’d expect that to be made public of course, it’d be stupid to do so)

      • PAUL W

        It’s a huge shame that the key signings, such as a new central defender and 2 new wingers have not been signed in time for the Slovenia trip. The only thing that Brian McDermott will find out about his squad in Slovenia, is the fact that his team are desperate for 2 wingers and a powerful central defender. With Leeds away for over a week, it could be a frustrating time over the next week and also a waste of time, with a squad that is not completed yet.

      • TSS

        Nothing to stop McDermott finalising deals from Slovenia, he can agree terms over the phone, he could even speak face-to-face with the player using something like Skype. Multi-billion pound deals are completed from different sides of the planet, it’s a small world now. The player could even fly out if McDermott asks him to, a few hundred quid for a plane ticket is pennies when you’re working on deals worth potentially millions of pounds.

        There’ll be enough staff at Thorp Arch to complete a medical and David Haigh et al will deal with the paperwork and iron out details whether McDermott is in Leeds or not.

        I don’t know that things will get done while McDermott is in Slovenia, but he certainly isn’t prevented from doing so.

      • henrymouni

        BM indicated that a further two players were close to signing, but probably not before they left for Slovenia.
        That would suggest that they were 90% there.
        I would think BM has done his work with these two, and final details can be sorted by Mr Haigh.

      • mrbigwheels

        Would think the whole thing will follow through without Mr Harvey being involved.

        Just feels like McD and Haigh are in control of the entire show.

        Tommy Rowe was in Ireland all last week but I’m following my nose,(seeing Fergie jr lives close by), that TR is restless and one of the P’boro players Barry has on the transfer list with the Club… whatever Barry says P’boro are looking for money for various reasons and Barry gets his big commission on the deals.

      • Irving08

        We don’t need two wingers ! At best, just one…fro goddness sake, let’s get the best out of our own young players before compelling them to go elsewhere. Have you seen Charlie Taylor play ? – the boy is class with the sweetest left foot since Edwin Gray.

      • markman

        If Hall is not up to the job,why keep him?

      • Irving08

        It depends how BM wants to play. Wingers, as I have aleady suggested, are a luxuty unless thye are very good, and this lad isn’t that. In White or Charlie Taylor we have 2 perfectly capable left sided wide players; while Byram can do the right – but as I say it depends on how BN wants to play. Goalscoring will be our biggest problem (as well as keeping out high balls) and addressing these issues should be the priority.

  2. Jleedz

    Do we think Wabara?

    However with 3 other teams interested, I wouldn’t have thought Big Mac would be as confident as it appears.

    I Personally think there’s still money in the pot and hopefully more good dosh will be spent. Cards close to the chest is an understatement for the new Leeds, but I think I like it.

    Other teams enjoy predictability, something BM and GFH have not been so far (except Hunt).

  3. Shaun

    Kinda hope it aint Rowe we’re after. We’ve signed two lower league players so we don’t really want anymore, after all, the premier league is up not down. I hope we sign a couple of young prem players on loan, Suso, Albrington, Delfourneso etc.

    • Chareose

      A/ I can think of dozens of examples where weve signed players from the prem only to find them a complete dissapointment…….perhaps there egos and inflated wages

      B/ Tommy Rowe is a leeds fan and a good player

      C/ Lower league players are more hungry to prove themselves and often cheaper

      • henrymouni

        They should have the money to buy him!!

      • Irving08

        He gives us nothing we don’t have on our books already. We have lots of hungry, good young players – we need to give them extended runs before bringing in players, who could clog up the books – and we have enough of those already.

      • Chareose

        I agree Irving but look at it from BMC view point….. Dawson doesnt look ready yet and if we just go with our kids then promotion this year is unlikely…in which case you have to assume Byram will be gone next year so it becomes a juggling act, try to bring through the kids but at the same time try to give the team a fighting chance to get promoted……….Remember that GFH want bums on seats and the fans wont come back without transfers in and a sign of commitment from the board….

        The Wabara link confuses me….I dont get it ? Left full back when we have Warnock ?? Why is that a priority ? Is he moving Warnock into central defence because of his passing ability ?? I think Warnocks one of the few players who would do a job for us in the Premiership…..

      • Irving08

        Poleon, White and Taylor are not kids – you may be right about Dawson, but you may have said the same about Byram, say, 15 months ago. I agree about commitment and its effects on waverers, but how much commitment do some so-called fans want ? Besides BM must surely have made some impression on such people. If we are in around the top 6 by September end – and we could be even with the imperfect squad we have – then gates will rise and….whoosh, who knows. In any event, Leeds United has always had faithful suporters, not enough perhaps, but enough to be going on with.

      • Chareose

        yes Ive assumed the three you mentioned will get first team action…. I hope especially that Taylor is given a chance, he looks quality…imagine two home grown full backs….heaven !

  4. Jordan

    I personally don’t think we have no money left in the pot just maybe a wage thing with having to ship players out that is normal for most clubs that’s why Morison went they we spent a mil because he is no longer on the wage bill.

  5. JDC

    As with other posters, the idea of signing Tommy Rowe looked good … but could it be that BMcD has moved his target to someone else following Mr Fry’s public revelations, MacKay-Steven for example? BMcD knows the type of players he needs and will do whatever he can to bring them in.

  6. mighty white

    Sounds like fry is worried we WONT buy him now. Looks like he was trying to get more for the player to begin with and BM likely knows it. Leeds may still be interested but aren’t going to pay over his value, so we’ll wait and fry will settle for a lower transfer value at the close of the window.

    • henrymouni

      I suspect Brian M has moved on and is not the type of man to be messed about.
      Brian M did mention on LUTV last week that there was an un-named player who he had dropped from his ‘list’ because of a totally unreasonable asking price.
      It may not have been Tommy Rowe, of course, but it is more than possible?

      • Mighty White

        I agree Brian M does seem the ‘no nonsense’ type which is great for Leeds. I do sympathise with the managers of the club sometimes because although Leeds is a big attractive club compared with other championship clubs it automatically means players start asking for higher wages when approached by us and managers of other clubs set their price higher.

  7. gistheman

    May be bm is just waiting to see what happens with Rowe and the one he is wanting and waiting for an answer from a club is wabara, he is more of a centre back than a left back so that he could partner lees with Pearce as back to them. Rowe is a left back strock lm of which we have 2 lb 3 if u put white in. I’m wondering where bm is going to put white as since he has been here bm hasn’t put him at lb so does this mean he sees him as a possible winger, but not on the right may be the left. Not sure if he has what it takes to be on the wing but needs to be given a chance on his best side which is left, may be wrong who knows


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