billy bremner  statue at Elland Road (Large)Leeds United brought in the post-Bates era with sweeping boardroom changes and big promises for a successful future.

A statement on the official site confirmed Salah Nooruddin as the new Leeds United chairman, while David Haigh becomes Managing Director and Shaun Harvey “steps down” as CEO, but retains a role at the club as director.

Harvey remains a director of the club due to his “considerable footballing experience” Nooruddin told the official site, which is an unusual way to sum up his three administrations, but I suppose he’s better placed than most to spot potential pitfalls – having fallen into the vast majority of them at some point.

Huge potential, great club, excellent fans; all the standard remarks of people joining Leeds United are being thrown around by Nooruddin and Haigh this morning, but they’re coupled with some big promises of investment and plans to make Leeds United a “first class football club”.

Speaking to BBC Radio Leeds’ Adam Pope, Haigh told fans that Leeds United “have a fantastic manager in Brian McDermott, and will be investing in the squad this summer” while Salah Nooruddin added “we will bring in a new era for Leeds United, delivering the first class football club supporters crave and deserve.”

All of this comes amid speculation that Luke Murphy is at Thorp Arch this morning to discuss terms with the club and undergo a medical, with Leeds United now frontrunners in the race to sign Crewe’s highly-rated midfielder.

Bright new era or false dawn? Only time will tell, but the new Chairman and Managing Director are saying all the right things and if Luke Murphy does become Leeds United’s first seven-figure signing in eight years later today, it’ll be quite the statement of intent from Leeds United’s new boardroom.

Good riddance Ken. It’s been emotional.

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  1. Nottswhite

    Great news. How can this Murphy deal be going through if all we can do is wheel and deal? Anybody think it was all a PR stunt. Tell everyone we’re skint and that we’ve got to sell then a week later sign someone for a million!

    • TSS

      No idea, but it’s silly to start bragging about how much cash you have in football, clubs just increase the price of every player the second you announce your interest.

      • Nottswhite

        Thats true. Maybe a bit of positive PR and a sneaky move to get players for less? Exciting times ahead by the looks of things. Especially if we can beat Rovers to Luke Murphy!

    • KarlT

      Unless the Wheel and Deal statment was a refeance to the depature of Morrison. I though there would be more backlash from fans but he hasnt made an impact and hopfulley we can get a good replacment for the cost of his wages.

  2. Craig Sweaton

    I don’t dare to hope……but I do really hope this is true!

  3. Dr Zen

    maybe, just maybe, there was some reason they couldnt’ put money in until Bates was gone? Seems ridiculous but if we could just see two or three decent signings, we could actually start to get excited for next season. Yes, I know you think we should be delighted to cheer on a bottom-half side but a thrilling gallop would be a lot more fun than a weary plod.

    • djedjedje

      That gives a vivid image of Bates, armed with a couple of empty suitcases, hanging around the ATM of the local HSBC branch in Beeston just before midnight last night, and repeatedly checking the Leeds United account to see if there’s anything left or new in it to withdraw.

      Good riddance Bates!!

  4. Tyler75

    We’ve had more false dawns than a blow up doll shop but I’m hopeful, I really am. MOT

  5. markman

    It did not make sense for the new owners to spend all their cash on acquiring the club and have nothing to invest in new players.

    one of their opening statements on arrival,and repeated since,was that they were in leeds for the long haul and it would take time.

    BM obviously liked/believed what he was told.

    going after up and coming players like smith and murphy(if true) backs up their statement.

    All we want is honesty from the new owners, seeing the manager backed and the team making progress on the pich.

  6. JONTY

    How will the usual imbeciles on JA606 cope if we do start signing players & make a huge statement of intent with the acquisition of Luke Murphy for a reported 7 figure fee? My alter ego Stevie Dee (not to be confused with Dustin Gee) will have a fit because he is in the know you know and never predicted any of this other than the usual doom & gloom. Dear old Stevie boy might need cheering up so I might thrash him at tennis with my backhand because he likes Wimbledon and knows that I’m a semi pro. First serve, foot fault and overhead smash as Jonty wins yet again…….YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!

  7. spellz

    New era delivering the first class football we crave, my mouth is watering tell me more.


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