Ross McCormackA story on the Blackpool Gazette website claims Blackpool have made a £1,000,000 bid for Ross McCormack.

The popular Leeds United striker has shown no interest in leaving the club since his arrival from Cardiff City in 2010, this despite the continued sale of key players and several spells played out-of-position or left on the bench.

The 26 year-old Scottish international has been a big hit with Leeds fans. His Twitter account is a far cry from that of most professional footballers, used not to tweet about an obsession with Nando’s or who he’s just played on FIFA, but often to communicate directly with fans about matters of concern, such as this tweet from the 25th of June where he addresses the hysteria caused by a lack of transfer activity. Alongside that, Ross has also used Twitter to apologise for poor performances, promising to improve.

This is one of the reasons McCormack has such an affinity with the fans. He doesn’t shy away from the big issues or criticisms of the team and really seems to understand the concerns of the Leeds United fanbase. Clearly, he has great respect for the club and its fans and has shown nothing but commitment to the cause.

That’s what makes any transfer rumour concerning Ross McCormack so difficult to believe, but the Blackpool Gazette seem to think the speculation is noteworthy and the local press (much like the Yorkshire Evening Post here in Leeds) are usually quite reliable in these matters;

Three or four players are expected at Bloomfield Road in the next 24 hours for talks with the manager.

Pool are reported to have bid for Leeds midfielder Ross McCormack, a deal worth as much as £1m.

What does make the report somewhat more questionable however, is that the Blackpool Gazette aren’t making this claim themselves, instead passing it off as reports from elsewhere.

The only other mention of Blackpool’s interest in Ross McCormack comes from the Daily Mail (the same paper who has spent years trying to convince us that the UK will sink under the weight of Eastern European immigrants).

Ince Snr has yet to make inroads into a wish list containing the likes of Leeds striker Ross McCormack, after finding it increasingly difficult matching the players he wants to the strict wage policy many saw as a handicap when Blackpool were promoted to the Barclays Premier League under Ian Holloway.

Gut feeling is that other teams probably are interested in Ross McCormack, but I find it difficult to believe an offer from Blackpool would tempt him.

McCormack seems to be happy enough at Elland Road and I strongly expect him to be a key-player under McDermott who has promised to deliver a more attractive style of football than his predecessor, one which should suit McCormack’s style more than the direct, long-ball approach Neil Warnock favoured.


Staying true to form, McCormack was quick to address concerns about his future. While Blackpool may indeed be interested, it doesn’t sound like they’ll have much success luring Ross away from Elland Road.

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    • TSS

      I said the same thing this morning on Twitter. He’s the obvious choice for me.

      • Irving08

        Nothing obvious about it at all. Pearce, who has captained a team, has good claims, provided he is a regular first teamer. He would be my choice – confident, strong and aggressive.

  1. NottsWhite

    Ross is one of the most influential players for Leeds when on form and must be an integral part of BMcD plans. Blackpool obviously have some money to burn following the Ince transfer but £1m for Ross is a bit of an insult, also a serious step down for the player – I fancy Blackpool to go down this year

  2. Marc Butterworth

    £1m for Ross, when we have just paid £1m for a League one player ? Are they avin a larf ? I wouldnt even waste the money on a phone call to respond to them until they tabled a bid of £3m…..
    On yer bikes….

  3. andyb1974

    my fucking arse they wouldnt even get his toe for 1 million plus it sounds like theyre are barking up the wrong tree i just hope its not the case that the board are pressuring brian mac into selling him especially after the good news yesterday and that we have finally got rid of the beardy cunt MOT

    • TSS

      That’s the only thing that makes me wonder – if McD does have to sell to buy, then we don’t have many players who could command such a fee.

      • Irving08

        McCormack for us may be important at the moment than Lees.

  4. Matt K

    Not going to happen. Surely….

    At the Charlton game (possibly the nadir of Leed’s recent history? Hopefully!) he was just about the only player to visibly care and he tried to actually win the match. Don’t want to lose him.

    Just hope to God we get at least one nippy winger in before long, plus a new CB and perhaps another Striker beyond Hunt (though very keen to see Poleon get a good crack).

    Would love to also see Dawson and Thompson get properly inducted into the first team but i feel it might take a while- for me it remains to be seen whether Thompson is ready yet for this level but would rather him on the bench than Browneh, and probably Tonge and Norris too for that matter!

    Also interested to see how Hall gets on as he’s pretty handy in FM13 ;-)

  5. Tyler75

    If Warnock was stil around he might want to go but for significantly more than £1m and to a bigger club than Blackpool – Ross could play in the Premier League no problem – he and Brian Mac obviously rate each other highly plus he obviously thinks a lot of the club and is adored by the fans. I wouldn’t bet against him being named club Captain for 2013-14.

    • mrbigwheels

      “Ross could play in the Premier League no problem” …..

      There lies the potential problem, imo.
      I share your view on the latter points and Captain

      • Irving08

        But not pace, aggression or (possibly) directness – if he had these qualities to go with his skill, he would have been already picked up by a Premiership team. The big question about RM remains: what is his position ? If BM can answer that question, then RM will be the first to thank him. Personally I would not make RM captain. If he’s playing regularly, I’d go for Pearce.

    • Irving08

      Hmm I don’t think he could command a regualr place in a Premiership team. I think he is upper level Championship, which is good enough for us. (Excuse me if I don’t analyse his game, but it is my conclusion after watching him over the past two seasons.)

  6. craig

    Got to keep Rossco, i think the little swetty sock will really shine this year surrounded by other quality players, playing really attractive football under Uncle Fester. He scored a beauty against spurs. All of you lot are bloody lucky i wish i was home and going to watch the lads every home game with a few away days in their, Home sick now.

  7. henrymouni

    Ross is class, and can play in a number of positions.

    He will sacrifice his own game for the team.

    We don’t know who else BW has lined up, but just now, goalscoring would be a problem for us without him.

    I hoped that this year he would play a striking oral with ‘the big fellow’ &/or Dominic.
    Ross loves the team and the area. That is worth a lot.

    Time will tell.

  8. mrbigwheels

    Who the hell do Blackpool think they are?.
    Obviously someone needs to tell them!.
    They can’t even get the f””’g pitch in any sort of form to play Championship football.

    Jog on!.

  9. bd

    Every player has their price. If we were offered 2 million for him id pack his bags. (1 million not bad, for a player who played poor last season)

    • TSS

      By, “played poor last season” you mean he had the ball hoofed over his head constantly, was played in the wrong position most of the time and yet still looked better than everyone else on the pitch? (Byram the exception)

      If so, I agree.

      • henrymouni

        I thought Ross showed what an excellent all-round footballer he is, last season.
        He created some important goals, and gave 100%, wherever NW played him.
        It was no fun trying to score goals, in our team, last season.

      • bd

        True but i think BM could buy a much better striker for 2 million which is my point,but its all breeze,never going to happen

      • TSS

        That’s the trouble with Ross (and our latest signing Hunt), people compare them to out-and-out strikers, which neither of them are. They’re both attacking players for whom no one has thought-up a better name to describe their role, so they get bundled in with strikers.

        Becchio was an out-and-out striker, that’s why he used to drive me mental when he was back on the halfway line scrapping it out like a central midfielder. Ross will – and is supposed to – head back to that area to try and create something (which he does very effectively) and as an outlet for the defence, but Becchio just gave away free-kicks and was then out-of-position when ball got fired into box. Becchio did improve in that sense before anyone throws a tantrum, he held his position much better once Beckford left.

        McCormack is the most important player in our team when played correctly, as McDermott did. He was just wasted on Neil Warnock.

      • gistheman

        I think Ross is more of cf than out right striker which played more just behind the front one or two similar to a Beardsley role with cole at Newcastle.
        If bm will have there next season hopoe this story has no truth in it.

      • Nick

        I can remember a few years back a system Aston Villa had in place with Ashley Young, Stewart Downing and Marc Albrighton. The three of them played behind the striker, constantly interchanged and were an absolute nuisance for defenders. I imagine Ross McCormack and Noel Hunt doing something similar this year, they’re players who play in the final third but aren’t pigeonholed as one type. They’re skilful, versatile players who play exciting attacking football.

      • Pete Sasqwax

        Like Chelsea do with Mata, Oscar & Hazard, you mean? Or perhaps I should amend that to “did last season” as who knows how Mourinho will crowbar all his signings into the side next term?

        Like many supporters, I’m a massive fan of Ross and firmly believe he should wear the captain’s armband. He’s a hell of player and a very genuine guy.

        In terms of how I would like to see him employed – him and Hunt behind a central striker would be great, with a central midfield trio behind them (box to box types). If we were going out at present, that would be Murphy, Austin and Green, for me, but I imagine that will change before pre-season is over

      • TSS

        You’d think that would work, wouldn’t you?

        But both Ross and Hunt are judged based on their records as strikers, which is harsh considering they both play in various attacking roles. I remember people questioning McCormack’s goalscoring record when we signed him, in much the same way they’re questioning Hunts now because people expect strikers to score 1 in 2 (or at least something close to that ratio) and both of them are classed as strikers.

        I think the trouble with Leeds at the minute is we have no number 9, so we’re all looking/waiting/hoping for that 20+ a season signing. That’s not what Hunt was signed for in my opinion.

  10. JDC

    I think the one and only way Ross McCormack will be allowed to leave is if BMcD doesn’t include him in his plans and has someone he believes to be even better lined up, though where he finds that someone is anybody’s guess.
    Ross McCormack, Paul Green or Matt Mills (if he signs) for captain for me.

  11. Colin Carmichael

    Why the fook would Ross leave us for that crock of shit? Well written piece and you’ve answered the question. He’s going nowhere…MOT

  12. Andy Lad

    Blackpool fan here – you are correct! Blackpool couldn’t hold a candle to McCormack. Wish we could. Chairman Oyston lives in cloud cuckoo land – thinking his fiscal policies will win the day ultimately – and yes I think we will go down this year because of him. I suspect Paul Ince will resign soon. Shame cos Blackpool were the Premier League sweethearts a couple of years ago, being relegated because Oyston couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery. Good luck Leeds this year. You are my favourites to go up automatically.

    • TSS

      Yeah, I think we all had a bit of a soft-spot for Premier League Blackpool.

      Do you not expect to see the Ince money reinvested? That, to me, is the only way this story would make much sense. Though I still can’t imagine that McCormack would be tempted to leave Elland Road.

      • Andy Lad

        I don’t see Oyston investing any meaningful money into the football side of the club, other the whats necessary to pay young trialists, loanees and what other refugees he can get his hands on cheaply. The Ince money will go back into his family’s pocket. He is a disgrace. He has no idea about prudent investment, preferring complete parsimony. We presently have 13 players, one of them being Ince!! The season starts in 5 weeks time. Such is his commitment to Blackpool Football Club. Leeds are definitely on the up and it will be interesting to see how they do this year.

      • TSS

        Sounds like this Oyston character has been taking lessons from Ken Bates. You have my sympathies.

        Too early to call with Leeds, still too many unknowns with regards to new owners, but they’re certainly an improvement on Bates, that’s for sure.

    • RustyB

      Yes definitely loved Blackpool in the PL and with Ollie. Seems you have your own version of Papa Smurf. Doesn’t know when to stick or twist. Good luck to Blackpool and hopefully it isn’t as dire as it seems.

    • spellz

      Ross McCormack is one of the most committed players I have seen in a long time which is unusual in the current climate of football betrayals, he is a first class act and I hope he will remain with us until he is rightfully playing in the premiership.

      • spellz

        Sorry Andy was not meant to be a reply to you and thanks for entering our forum modestly fans of rival teams usually come on here as jerks, you my man are quite the opposite and good luck to Blackpool next season hope you get promoted with us as I would love to see the tangerines back in the premiership attacking teams relentlessly.

  13. mrsensible

    Can’t see Ross leaving for Blackpool. Got a feeling he will be our 20+ goalscorer this season. With a few more players around him who can use the ball well he will shine under McDermott.

  14. Hogman

    Ross will never go Tangerine, and certainly not now we have the kernel of a truly competitive side being formed under the management of Mr McDermott

  15. caseyrybac

    Thats the boy ross, and ur worth more then 1 million anyhow, we would be mad to sell,, goin to be a leeds legend with a great club, M.O.T

  16. mylifeinleeds

    I doubt he would leave us this season. From reading his Twitter feed he seems very motivated to do well this season, and that is very good to see. Money talks though and if a good offer from a Premiership side came in then who knows what would happen. Personally, I cannot wait to see him play this season.

  17. Bluesman

    Super Ross is staying put. Why would he leave the mighty Whites? He has been loyal all of this time and now that we are starting to get a decent side together and hanging on to our better players, he will stay to see the job through! Leeds United in the Premiership where they belong. Ross McCormack for Leeds United football club, yea!!!!

  18. NotTheStig

    It says “The only other mention of Blackpool’s interest in Ross McCormack comes from the Daily Mail”. I first found out about this from the Blackpool Gazette. It also says Ross is a midfielder. I’m pretty sure he’s a striker.

  19. NotTheStig

    Blackpool Fan – When I see Ince bidding for players like Mccormack that to me shows that he has ambition. Even if we don’t get him (which we won’t) I’m still glad he tried. Good Luck Leeds. See you on Boxing Day.

  20. proud of leeds utd.

    cheers andy ( from blackpool ) hope and pray your right.


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