Luke MurphyLeeds United are keeping a close eye on Crewe Alexandra midfielder, Luke Murphy, according to Sky Sports.

Murphy has been with Crewe since 1997, graduating from their academy to make his first team début in 2005.

Still only 23 years-old, Murphy has already made 186 appearances for Crewe scoring 25 times. He was a key part of their League Two play-off winning side in 2012 and also helped the club to win the Football League Trophy earlier this year.

The midfielder appears to be the kind of relatively unknown, lower-league hidden gem Brian McDermott is famed for unearthing. If Leeds are to secure his services however, they’ll likely face some stiff competition with Swansea City, Middlesbrough and Blackburn Rovers all believed to be interested.

McDermott also faces competition from Wolverhampton Wanderers who have already had a bid for Murphy accepted. League status alone should be enough to see off Wolves’ advances (relegated to League One last season), but if the other names being linked are indeed interested, Murphy won’t be short of opportunities to advance his career.

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  1. spellz

    He looks like a good buy and has quite a good scoring record for a midfielder, this is the championship though and the opposition will be harder but he is still 23 and has age on his side to develop, he also netted a superb goal to help beat Southend in the Football league trophy final so you might say he rises to the occasion as it is played in wembley I think overall good prospect.

    I do think GFH need to loosen the purse strings a little though and aim to have at least one player of real experience and quality possibly someone who plays at the top level regularly.

    M.O.T AA.

      • spellz

        I’m so glad you didn’t put the full picture up, lol.

      • henrymouni

        No – I did not want to cause them too much embarrassment!

        Our new Chairman is the one in the middle!!

        BM is adjusting his ‘wanted’ list, to meet our director’s limitations!

        “You don’t need to spend big money to get good players”. Thank you Ken!

      • Guest

        I thought I would spare them some dignity, if they fail to loosen the purse strings during pre-season the slacks are off lol.

      • spellz

        I thought I would spare them some dignity, if they fail to loosen the purse strings during pre-season the slacks are off lol.

      • TSS

        He’s right, you don’t. But you can’t expect to find good players when you strip apart the development side, cancel investment in scouting and leave it all to Gwyn Williams.

  2. James

    I was born and grew up in Crewe and have always followed the Alex as my second team. Luke Murphy has been around for a while and is a very good player. Crewe have an excellent record of producing young players that have gone on to perform at the highest level. I think he will be a good buy if we can offer a package that is competitive with the other teams interested.

  3. Matthew

    It kinda does make sense to hunt through the lower leagues for talent, it’s risky but when you consider most players are on under £1000 a week in League 1 and lower. You could offer lower wages than what a proven Championship player would be on really, at least initially.

    While they may not be proven at this level, they will endeavor to become proven at this level.

    Someone on say £900 a week for example, would grasp 4-5k a week with both hands and sign without question.

    • 1Leeds_Lad

      Why oh why are you content with buying players with no “proven” quality at Championship level. …. Yes, he MAY develop into a quality player,but the only sure thing in his favour is his age ! …… Get real, and top providing GFBates with more excuses not to invest !!!!!!!!

      • Matthew

        It’s not excuses. It’s smart investment, depending on the age and length of contract you can send them out on loan and look at them later on. And in the best case scenario you get a quality player the following season.

        Assuming Brian Mc is in this for the long term, building the foundation of a solid side, instead of packing with ‘older’ and more experienced players makes sense.

        Although I’m growing impatient with the lack of news, the transfer window opens on July 1st officially anyway. It’s June 24, not time to panic yet.

        Besides, if we land this guy. Given his experience, I think he should be given a run in the first team.

  4. Matthew

    Snoddy(Livingston), Beckford(Wealdstone F.C), Becchio(Mérida UD), Gradel(Leicester City). Bradley Johnson(Northampton Town).

    Naming these recent examples. Remember these guys? You know, the actual quality players we got rid of. Look at where they came from, they came from nothing and became well respected players here. Before you think about bitching about lower league talent, look at where we got these guys from(Okay, I’m taking the piss with Leicester but lol).

    • TSS

      Leicester’s a fair point. Gradel was an outcast there, they didn’t want him. Imagine the uproar if we signed one of Leicester’s cast-offs nowadays.

      People need to consider McDermott’s background before moaning – his strength is in signing lower league, unknown players and turning them into winners. That’s what he did at Reading and that’s why we signed him.

      Also, almost every time Leeds sign a “proven Championship player” they turn out to be useless. Lad on Twitter has just listed a few examples – Joachim, Ricketts, Cadamateri, Guppy. Any of them turn out to be as good for Leeds as Snoddy and Gradel, or Beckford and Becchio? No.

      It’s the “nobody” signings who usually do well at Leeds.

      • Matthew

        I think in a way some people are expecting players from Premier League/Championship sides to join us, and are getting angry when they see us linked with ‘lesser’ league players.

        I agree with your points entirely TSS. If anything there is a treasure trove of talent in the lower leagues, I named these examples when I saw people complaining.

        I admire the fact that lower league players genuinely appreciate the size of the club, this is their big break and they will do the best they can to make themselves a success here. It worked with Gradel, Snoddy, Johnson etc all playing in a higher division, and earning nice wages to boot.

        I have no doubt Brian Mc will sign a few Championship players in his time here, but some people can’t see that he’s trying to lay the foundations of a quality side here.

  5. maccon

    do we think we are looking at the right calibre of players,whats the problem,?cash,image,ideas.we need quality to get out of this league, the good feeling wont last long if we dont start well.MOT>


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