tommy roweLeeds can’t afford Peterborough United winger and captain, Tommy Rowe, according to their Director of Football Barry Fry.

Fry, no stranger to courting the attention of press with headline-making comments, admitted Brian McDermott has enquired about Tommy Rowe’s availability but said the club simply can’t afford him.

During his time as manager and chairman of Peterborough United (roles he filled concurrently), Fry was the subject of a revealing documentary in which his outspoken and erratic management style was revealed to wide audiences.

Considered to be one of the games last remaining characters, Fry never misses an opportunity to make headlines. However, his seemingly madcap antics usually serve a practical purpose. In this instance, I suspect Fry is simply using Leeds United’s interest to increase Rowe’s stock, hoping to draw attention towards the players availability to instigate a bidding war.

Rowe rejected a 3-year contract extension at Peterborough United following their relegation from the Championship last season and is believed to favour a move to Elland Road.

The 24-year old has made 156 appearances for the Posh, most of which were in the Championship, scoring 18 times. Rowe has also won promotion twice, both times via the play-offs at Stockport County in 2008 and Peterborough United in 2011.

  • Kevin Dwyer

    Like to know how Barry fry knows what our spending limits are

    • Exied White

      Maybe that bates and fry have had a pow wow over a burger and fries?

  • Nick

    We should approach them with a player plus cash offer . . Maybe Norris, or even better, Brown!

    • craig

      Give them brown, varney and morrison lol

  • Ron

    I’m sure this kid has some ability, but 150+ games and I’ve never heard of him gets me slightly worried. I have faith in McDermott digging around the lower leagues, but would anyone else like to see one marquee/statement of intent signing this summer? Please God. So far we’re linked with old heads or young outsiders. Perhaps Barry Fry knows we have no real money…..

    • TSS

      He’s played against us, and caused us problems. I rate him highly, would be delighted if he signed.

      • Ron

        It wasn’t hard to be impressive against us.

        • TSS


          • Irving08

            Depends on who was playing at left back.

  • JDC

    Barry Fry falls into the same category as our departing chairman, KB and departed manager, NW … I wouldn’t believe anything any of them said unless there were three reliable witnesses.
    Maybe a ridiculously low offer has been made … more likely to be the truth.



    • Ev

      we need him this season for promotion…

  • NottsWhite

    If the offer has been made by Shaun “The Negotiator” Harvey I would suspect it will be a low offer, then at least he can say he is working “hard” to bring in transfers. GFH need to wake up and realise that Harvey could not negotiate his way out of a paper bag. However I would also take Barry Fry’s comments with a skip full of salt – Glorified second hand car salesman

    • spellz

      That was a funny post, the Barry Fry part I couldn’t of put any better myself. lol

  • Ev

    What Concerns me is that according to Fry Ken Bates was involved in negotiations………..Why is this guy still involved ??? Wont we ever get rid of him ?

    • Matthew

      Isn’t he supposed to be the Chairman till the end of the month or something?

  • henrymouni

    Fry has done us all a favour!!!
    Bullshit time is over already!

  • Jordan

    Why are people still diggin at Morison (Craig) and others think you all need to give the lad a chance because if he starts well he will be the best thing since sliced bread half of us Leeds fans need to have a good look at our selfs give folk a chance when warnock said there is a cancer in the club ye it’s most of us give people a chance where not rich or one of the most powerful clubs in the world anymore get usta it and get behind the lads and the club and try to get back to that point where we are one of the most feared clubs in Europe because us fans elland road we was hated for a reason we was so passionate and elland road was horrible to come to no1 wanted to come here let’s get that back for fuck sake. Rant over. MOT

    • craig

      ok ill give the lad a break i hope he comes good but not before too long. Mot

  • Grenville Hair

    Brown, Reg Varney, Norris, Morison and a quart of Tetleys. Take them all. No please Barry, take them all.

  • spellz

    It worries me a little that we apparently cannot afford a player that resides in league one at the moment, and apparent chairman not club president, Ken Bates as spoken to by Fry himself was part of the negotiations, why? anyhow I will remain positive and hope by August we have a competitive squad but sometimes as a fan of our beloved Leeds I just don’t feel we get a true picture of what is happening with our club.

    • Matthew

      Ken Bates and negotiations should be enough to qwell your concerns. Since when has he been interested in dealing fair?

  • Danny

    Exactly right Jordan. I love Leeds so much and watch some of these sights implode with negativity. Leeds fans should make it awful for other teams coming to elland road. Support the team, have a laugh, make a noise, make it scary. Don’t just bitch and moan at every opportunity otherwise we’ll never get anywhere again!

    • henrymouni

      It is the team that should be ‘making it awful for other teams’ not the fans.
      Team leads and fans follow.
      It is impossible to ‘laugh and make noise’ if the team are playing badly every week.
      After 10 years for absolute shizer from Bates and the team, it is amazing anyone turns up to boo!!

  • Matthew

    Could be the man trying to save face when he overvalued his player, after losing George Boyd. He clearly doesn’t want to lose his best players for realistic prices. To be fair, if the club have stuck an offer in that’s realistic, and Peteboro have said NO, then simply put you walk away from the table till they get desperate enough to call you back.

  • Matthew

    Has anyone seen this?
    Peterborough asking 10 million for Dwilight Gayle. What’s to say they’re not trying to pull this shit with us and asking us for silly money for Rowe?

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