safe standingLeeds United have today added their support to the Football Supporters’ Federation’s ‘Safe Standing’ campaign.

The Scratching Shed ran an article on Safe Standing last month, urging fans to contact their local MP and the club, drawing their attention towards the campaign and asking that they consider supporting it.

With my own local MP already on-board, I – like many other fans who have contacted us – got in touch with Leeds United to ask that they consider throwing their support behind the FSF’s campaign, and today, Shaun Harvey announced the club’s support;

“Leeds United would be happy to support the changes required to Football League regulations to allow safe standing rail seats, in the event that Peterborough United are successful in their lobbying of Government to achieve a change in current legislation.”

We’re pleased to see the club have given this matter the consideration it’s due, Safe Standing not only benefits the thousands of fans who’d like to stand up and enjoy the game in safety, but also those who would like to remain seated but often find their views blocked by the people in front of them.

Below is a video showing a Safe Standing section at Hannover 96’s stadium in Germany. For more information on how you can help support the campaign, please refer to The Football Supporters’ Federation website.

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  1. spellz

    Good luck with this campaign I think it does have its benefits and is a worthy cause, I live in London so I don’t know if I could be of any help but I would be willing to support the cause if there is a way TSS.

  2. Tyler75

    Well done – and yet another subtle change in the culture of our club, can you imagine Bates-owned Leeds getting behind an initiative that offers fans choice and lowers prices ?

  3. yorxman

    Where as English fans used to create an atmosphere now its foreign stadiums that seemed to be filled with supporters bouncing up and down, waving massive flags. Games involving English clubs in Europe usually have the away end creating the atmosphere, EVEN Swiss fans at White Hart Lane last night. Surely safe standing areas can be policed so ER could again become the fortress it once was. Just as long as standing doesn’t bring a return of that warm sensation down the back of your leg cos some pissed-up twat can’t be arsed to get the bogs!

  4. stephen

    Can TSS do a printable proof letter where people can just add their name to it and send to their local MP.

  5. Exiled White

    I would like to see standing at football grounds again. As an example I went to watch Swansea City v Brentford on a playoff at the Liberty Stadium, a few years ago and wasn’t impressed by the muted atmosphere with everyone sat down. Different to the Vetch Field. I had the opportunity to go to Brentford for the second leg and the atmosphere in the away end with everyone standing was fantastic. It was totally bouncing and the contrast between the two venues couldn’t have been more different.


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