Youth team champions 2013A call-up to the senior team is usually a special occasion for any youngster, but you have to wonder what Chris Dawson was thinking as he warmed the bench at Ipswich Town yesterday.

Dawson has been inspirational throughout an impressive campaign for Leeds United’s U18’s, but while his fellow youngsters secured the championship title in style with a resounding 7-2 victory away to second placed Nottingham Forest, Dawson was on benchwarming duties at Portman Road where the senior side crashed to another away defeat.

As unfair as it seemed, seeing young Dawson sitting behind Neil Warnock yesterday provided a glimmer of hope to the 2,000 travelling Whites fans and the perfect metaphor for what we now need – an ‘out with the old, in with the new’ overhaul of the entire club.

Out with the 1980’s tactical approach, Michael Brown and press conferences containing more references to a manager’s retirement plans than they do actual news. Replace that with a 21st century approach to tactics, a sprinkling of homegrown youth talent and an inspirational leader, and who knows, maybe we won’t be facing a relegation battle next season.

Quite how Neil Warnock can claim to be leaving behind a better team than he started with is beyond me, the levels of delusion he’s reached this season are staggering. Sure, the team is certainly more balanced, but only because Warnock has managed to make the attack as bad as the defence.

Never mind though, at least we can take comfort in the fact Neil Warnock and his prehistoric approach to football management won’t be with us much longer. And while you enjoy that thought, check out the U18’s celebrating their championship title;

Congratulations to Richard Naylor and his U18’s side!

NSFW: Video contains A LOT of foul language. 

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  1. OxfordWhite

    Why has Warnock appointed himself head advisor for who we get to succeed him. Perhaps he should have focused on winning football games. His record at Leeds is appalling….. and how many points have we got since he outed Bechio?

  2. OxfordWhite

    Why has Warnock appointed himself head advisor for who we get to succeed him. Perhaps he should have focused on winning football games. His record at Leeds is appalling….. and how many points have we got since he outed Becchio?

  3. OxfordWhite

    Why has Warnock appointed himself head advisor for who we get to succeed him. Perhaps he should have focused on winning football games. His record at Leeds is appalling….. and how many points have we got since he outed Becchio?

  4. Old Goat

    Good stuff. Hope we do better at converting this promising young team into at least a few first team regulars. Our recent record hasn’t been great. Remember the youth squad of the mid 90’s – Ford, Tinkler, Couzens, Whelan, Bowman, Blunt, Forrester all looked good as kids but wound up playing non-league football.
    Why in God’s name wasn’t young Dawson given a fifteen or twenty minute run-out yesterday once the game was lost. He knows how to sit down – what he needs is first team experience.
    As for Warnock publicly bollocking Lees on national media it’s beneath contempt. First rule of management in any sector – not just football – Praise in Public and Bollock in Private. This neanderthal has to be fast losing the dressing room.

  5. yorxman

    ER will be bouncing tomorrow as a full house sees an enthralling Leeds performance, reminiscent of the 7-0 v Saints in the 70s, with goals fired in from all angles re-igniting the play-off push (Shit sorry I just realised its only the 31st March!!)

  6. JDC

    Neil Warnock’s departure is now long overdue, I didn’t want him when he was appointed, and openly posted to that effect but I was prepared to support him for the good of LUFC. His tenure has been a complete disaster from start to finish and his outburst at Tom Lees yesterday was absolutely disgusting … OK, Tom made a mistake and perhaps his tackle deserved some punishment, but not in public and not from his own manager. Warnock needs to take a look at how Roberto Martinez dealt, in public, with the outcry surrounding the tackle by young McManaman on Newcastle’s Haidara … in his interview he said that his player, “McManaman was not that kind of player and was not a dirty player and it was an unfortunate incident”. Tom Lees is a young player who goes about his job and is not agressive or dirty in his style of play … perhaps Warnock should be more prepared to defend his players rather than “hanging them out to dry”, usually to cover up his own inadequacies and tactics, or lack of.
    Time to give the rest of the season to Neil Redfearn and Richard Naylor and surely the club have enough money to pay for Warnock’s taxi to Cornwall, if not, I’m quite prepared to drive him there myself.

  7. Tare

    Chris is a spearhead but there are other prospects as well. I dare to compare these boys to DOL’s babies and rightly so. Next manager is crucial how to install these players in the team in a way that they can develop and become a key members in the 1st team.

    For a manager post then in my books Richard Naylor has done enough and I would give him at least “rest of the season” -manager post.


  8. Exiled White

    Congratulations to the young guns. At last we have something to cheer.

    Warnock needs to engage brain before gob in public. Public bollockings will do nothing for team morale. He needs to be out on his arse now, not the end of the season.

  9. Northumberland LUFC

    Please if there is a God, spare us anymore of Neil Warnock, he is responsible for this seasons league standing. After his ranting yesterday about our lad Tom Lees, he truely has lost any small believe I held remaining in him as our manager. How misguided I have been, Warnock OUT
    Hopefully we can use TV tomorrow to let the world know we want you gone!

  10. Tim

    Having given up my Season Ticket for this season I had an act of faith last week and re-purchased for next term. However, I have just read an article putting Mark Hughes in the frame for manager. I have a few days left on ‘your right to cancel’ and will watch this carefully. I will never enter ER if that nasty scummer comes to Leeds as Manager. Lets just hope he gets an emergency job at Sunderland and is out of the picture.

    Please Warnock just go now and give Richard Naylor a chance until the end of the season and see how it goes. These Indian and Arab owners are all the same, just wanting a ‘so called’ big name manager to satisfy their ego’s. I agree, yet another complete clear out required at the club. Will Byron be here next July??

    • Tare

      Yep Mark Hughes one of those scum ex-players I really hate and despise. Arrogant and self satisfied person and I wouldn’t hire hime for a grave digger job.


  11. Koh Samui Whites

    I take my seven year old son to watch the U18,s games regularly and it,s an absolute pleasure to watch an honest game of football without the diving,swearing and general nonsense that senior players indulge in. The sooner Chris Dawson,Simon Lenighen,Ross Killock,Dominic Poleon to mention but a few get what their outstanding performances deserve the better. These lads are more than ready to shake up the Championship and bring a bit of pride back to our great club.

  12. Thommo Hawk

    I was one of the ones who thought Warnock would be our best hope for promotion and it’s all if’s but’s and maybe’s – what if NW had the funds, what if the original takeover had gone through….but that’s all water under the bridge….. the fact is Warnock has added some physicality to our team but he’s traded it for speed and flair. The team does have a better defense than we had under SG but the attack is worse. As is the brand of football.

    The 1 shining light this season is indicative of where the club needs to look next season and that’s Sam Byram! I’m not liking the idea of Bates and Warnock leaving their posts yet still having some say in the direction of our club…..but our next manager should look to the kids especially if there’s no real money around to buy players with. But our new manager should be good with them, be someone they’ll want to play for and be loyal to.

  13. Graham Byrnes

    I hope that gfh get reading these comments from all if us, plus the interview with sky of warnock bollocking lees in public.
    The time is now to act give naylor and redfern the job and start talking to McDermott about next season, but put in a claws of he must bring the youth through as well as buying and selling please act on this as u will hear 2moro the views of the majority of the fans. You could really piss warnock off by getting fry to let us know u have sacked him while in the dug out lol!!!


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