Neil WarnockA little over a month ago I wrote an article calling for Neil Warnock to be relieved of his duties. On the back of a pathetic display against Barnsley, 86% of fans agreed it was time for him to leave. Despite plentiful evidence to the contrary, Warnock quickly insisted he still had the support of the Leeds United fanbase and since he wasn’t going to resign and GFH seemed to be backing him, I left it at that.

But in the thirty odd days that followed, it’s difficult to see an improvement.

Our biggest problem remains the prehistoric style of football Neil Warnock insists on playing, a style Dean Saunders described as “the easiest type of football to defend against” following our 2-2 draw with relegation-threatened Wolves.

Saunders went on to perfectly describe the Warnock system;

“Leeds play for goal-kicks and free-kicks. They pick out the smallest defender and put the ball in behind you. And if you can’t deal with it you’re not going to get very far in this league.”

He’s right. It’s amateurish football. Any club who can’t defend against a bit of hoofball in this day and age doesn’t deserve to be in the Championship. It just doesn’t work any more.

Following our latest poor showing (a 1-0 defeat to a Middlesbrough side who had lost 5 on the bounce) Warnock made his usual attempts to blame everyone but himself before admitting that he didn’t “know where a win would come from.” A statement which in itself justifies his sacking.

That statement may have been said tongue-in-cheek (he laughed his way through most of the interview), but the worrying thing is, it’s not hard to believe Neil Warnock doesn’t know where our next win will come from. A better manager would switch things up, adopt a new style of play, stop our opposition effortlessly predicting our every move. But not Neil Warnock. No, Neil Warnock has used the same system since the 1980’s and it’s never failed him.

But things have changed since the 1980’s. The game has changed. You can’t hit balls long and expect your strikers to get away with out-muscling defenders to win it, because even when said striker does manage to out-muscle the defender, nine times out of ten, the referee will award a free-kick to the opposition. All the defender has to do is get in front of the striker leaving two possible outcomes – 1) he wins the ball or 2) the striker is penalised for climbing/pushing/any kind of physical contact whatsoever.

Even if the defender can’t get in front of the striker, an experienced defender knows he can pressure from behind, catch a trailing elbow or appeal for obstruction. Referees always favour defenders and Warnock’s system plays into their hands.

This is what Dean Saunders meant by it’s the easiest kind of football to defend against, and it’s also the reason we aren’t scoring goals and dominating matches. When we attempt to play the ball around and retain possession (like we did against Spurs), we look like a pretty good side. It’s less predictable and the impetus is on defenders to challenge us, dragging them out of position which creates pockets of space for us to work with. Space which the likes of Byram, Diouf and McCormack can be deadly in. But it doesn’t seem to be encouraged, especially away from home where we’re far, far worse than at Elland Road.

In hindsight, Neil Warnock was always the wrong choice. Every team has a signature style of play, at Leeds, our fans do expect a certain amount of uncompromising physicality which perhaps made Warnock a candidate. But alongside that, we also expect a team comfortable passing the ball around, we have little tolerance for hoofball because every successful Leeds United side has been built around a strong passing midfield, from Dacourt and Bowyer, McAllister and Strachan to Giles and Bremner.

Augmenting those solid foundations has always been a little bit of flair – Eddie Gray, Gary Speed and (forgive me for using his name in the same sentence) Harry K***ll. And it’s not that we lack the players to create a Leeds United team moulded in the style we all want to see – Paul Green fits the central midfield role perfectly, while Diouf and Byram can provide that little bit of creativity – it’s that Neil Warnock is a stubborn advocate of the direct approach, he’ll always bypass the area which Leeds United fans consider to be most important.

No one can be blamed for thinking Neil Warnock was a good choice 12 months ago, we were desperate for promotion and didn’t care how it was achieved. Warnock’s record dazzled us and we sold our soul to the footballing devil, forgoing any right to be entertained, insisting we could stomach a season or two of hoofball if it delivered the desired results. And the truth is, we probably could have. But when you’re not winning and you’re not being entertained, what remains of the Faustian pact we signed?

We’ve already waited too long to replace Warnock, the defeat against Middlesbrough ended any chance of promotion this season. But the rest of this season doesn’t have to be a total waste, not if GFH act swiftly and start building towards 2013/14. The season is over so there’s no pressure which effectively leaves 15 games for a new boss to assess the players he’s inherited, experiment with a new system and start building towards next season. There are so many benefits to bringing a new manager in now it’d be foolish not to.

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  1. mark Harrogate

    He knows he has failed in the biggest job hes had, but like a vanquished gambler he chases and refuses to walk away. His interviews are now as cringeworthty of his mate Blackwell. Ill take any manager who drills them to pass and move.

  2. David Lockwood

    The comments about the style of football that is expected by Leeds fans is spot on. We need a good mid-field with creativity that can dominate possission and deny other teams the ability to play football. We have to remember though that we asked Warnock to get us promoted and he has not had the resources to do that. We have sold most of our better players, although, we have brought some quality in as well, but the team lacks balance and creativity. Diouf is good and one or two others. Green gives 100%. We do lack that bit of quality though and that is just one area where we have let Warnock down. The other area is in the timing of players coming in. They have all arrived late in the transfer windows and not had the time to gell. Will be sorry to see Warnock go, if he goes. Still think that he is a top man!!

  3. Marc Butterworth

    He’s got to go…… simple as that.

    This season is now just about avoiding relegation…. The palyoffs are gone so our one aim is getting to the 50 point mark….not good

  4. Max

    I feel slightly bad for him, as I think he’s been sold a pup, first by Bates and then by GFH. There’s always been the implication that the board is willing to spend to back the manager. Warnock has made statements along the lines of “I’ve built the squad but am in the process of adding the key players”. Then the key players don’t turn up.

    That’s taking everything at surface value. An alternative interpretation is that he’s inside the discussion; this might be supported by the fact that he and his team seem to have collaborated in trying to nudge the more valuable players (Becchio and Byram) out the door, either because that is the only way he can buy more journeymen or because that’s the current strategy for funding the club, while GFH look to flip their investment. The latest strange decision is that Barkley has been sent back to Everton, having barely (if at all) been played in his best position of central midfield, a position which has been crying out for a bit of class. Again, I’m more inclined to blame GFH and Warnock is once again just guilty of hamfistedly trying to paper over the cracks with lame excuses.

    At any rate, I agree. There’s no point in his staying, other than that it seems the current board doesn’t plan on staying long either, and maybe best to leave the decision on manager to the next set of owners.

    • Rich

      I kind of agree in that Bates/GFH have done him absolutely no favours. Leeds continue to be run shambolically & I still worry we will end up like Portsmouth, flipping between broke owners until we go bankrupt.

      Warnock was never the answer though, he plays awful football and is/always has been an absolute c**k. Some of his selections are questionable at best and his signings have been generally poor (even with little to spend).

      If by some miracle we could convince Adkins to take the job..

  5. wreb15

    Wholeheartedly agree.. I think their is no point left listening to the Warnock JUDGE ME and laugh approach.. Judge me when I have my own squad ? Judge me when we get to Xmas? Judge me at the end of the Transfer window, Judge me at the end of the season….IT IS THE END OF OUR SEASON.. and I for one am sick of the football and the lame commical warnock excuses. Everytime we lose or he misses one of his own stated judge me deadlines.. “I dont know where a win will come from” ????? Time to go

  6. Pete Sasqwax Gleadall

    Couldn’t agree more. When I started watching the might LUFC, Sgt. Wilko had just arrived at the club and I watched him bring in Strachan & McAllister, add to them youngsters, Batty & Speed, and build an entire style of play centred around the midfield. This, as I understood it, was how football was supposed to be played and, in the decades since that time, I’ve yet to see any evidence to convince me otherwise. Messrs Whyte and Fairclough formed a formidable partnership at centre-half; Tony Dorigo brought a sense of real class to the left full back slot (which Mel Sterland somehow managed to provide an inverted version of on the opposite flank); and, Chapman and Wallace did the classic big man/little man routine up front. What’s the point of saying all this? Bear with me…

    Compare that side to this – I’d argue that Byram and White have at least as much to offer at full-back as the balance of Sterland and Dorigo; likewise, Peltier and Lees look more than capable of providing a solid combination at centre-half – much as Whyte and Fairclough did in the Wilko side of old. Up front, McCormack is a far better finisher than either Chapman or Wallace – in fact, he’s better than Chapman AND Wallace put together; which leaves the glaring issue of: midfield. Whilst we don’t have the likes of Strachan, Batty, Speed & Gary Mac, we have far better options than anyone watching us of late would possibly suspect. I can deal with not being the side I grew up watching – I’ve had a lot of years of disappointment to help me adjust my expectations of success – but I simply cannot handle seeing the side I love managed by a man who steadfastly refuses to play any form of football whatsoever. I don’t care if we don’t get into the Premier League for years, as long as we play good, attacking football, allowing players with flair to actually show what they can do with the ball at their feet.

    Surely, this is not too much ask… is it?

  7. John

    A great article and so very true – but a word of caution in that we – i.e. the new owners – need to select the new man very carefully not just jump for the first available out of work manager and if that means waiting a while then so be it – this time we really need to get it right and the investment needs needs to in place before we appoint.

    • Craig Sweaton

      Absolutely. There’s no point sacking Warnock unless there is both a good manager & sufficient funds in place to make a difference.

  8. Rubbers

    Dont all you people get it.

    We are skint and cannot even afford loan players,(Barkley) so the chances of getting a decent manager on decent wages are nil until these clowns called GFH are out.

    They are business people out for a quick profit, and trust me Bates knew it.

    We are in deep trouble, come back in a few weeks and read what I am saying again

    • Pete Sasqwax Gleadall

      I’m not even concerned about the finances – of course, GFHC are skint. The whole deal is as murky as everything else has been during Bates’ tenure, but that has no bearing upon the players we already have and the system and style in which they are employed to perform on the pitch. Making us good to watch has nothing to do with money; it has to do with tactics and team selection. I’m not usually one for internet memes, but I saw one recently which sums up an awful lot and seems particularly applicable to our situation:

      Start where you are – use what you have – do what you can

  9. Ron

    Who wants to manage a team with supposed new owners who a. need money and b. have no track record of investment. Get me a new owner/investors before we worry about the manager. Jose Mourinho would struggle to get us promoted with two-bit dealings and loan moves. Incredibly, we have a potential world-class midfielder on loan in Ross Barkley and when you hear Warnock speak of him, it sounds like we have Robbie Savage on loan. He should be desperate to keep this kid for the season. I agree Warnock is finished here, but Leeds amazingly still have the same problem we had 12 months ago – no investment!

  10. Robert Wells

    Nail on the head here by TSS! Great article…. the thing for me is that I believed in NW when we brought him in, I really thought he could do it and perhaps takeover difficulties aside may he couldve done something for us. But the fact is that its not worked, we know NW wont be here next season so why not change him now. Thank him for his help and move on. We have nothing to lose now this season, a new manager either makes an immediate impact and gets us in the playoffs or at least gives him a running start at next season. I dont blame GFH, afterall they only took over a short while ago, it’s just that they need to make their 1st big decision and they need to make it fast.
    Im looking for followers on twitter who love to chat LUFC, so if you like follow me @robwells1976 and I will follow back!

  11. Always White

    Spot on! I read an interesting article from the Independent saying saying GFH paid 17 million for the Club but have not as yet paid Bates in full. They are just about bust and will sell but want to retain a 20% stake. Can’t come soon enough for me, but it may save Warnock for a while. It seems 25 million might do it. I always knew they were just here for a quick profit and the rest of their rhetoric is just bullshit. Now they want to try and create a bidding war. Don’t go to ER as low home gates will push them along. What have we done to deserve this stuff? I think the end game and some stability may now be close.

    • TSS

      Of course GFH were here to make a profit, I don’t understand why people are surprised and annoyed by that – they’re an investment bank, that’s what they do.

      Leeds United fans have spent 8 years shouting about how much money people could make from the club, and now seem outraged that someone is. It’s strange that modern football frowns upon anyone making money from a club, like every penny should be reinvested (plus 10’s of millions on top).

      Whether you like GFH or not, in just two months they’ve attracted more investors than Ken Bates managed in 8 years. They cleared the biggest stumbling block to a successful future for this club and opened the door to potential investment. For managing to wrestle control from Bates, they deserve every penny they stand to make.

      • Mikelufc

        All business owners want to make a profit otherwise what is the point?

        But nearly all businessmen realise to make a profit you must make an investment to profit on, This GFH bullshit is the shadiest business possible.
        It has been made possible by Dingbats who keep on shovelling money in and getting nothing at all back…
        When will Leeds fans realise there is no gain without pain, cut off the money supply and they will be gone like Flynn.

      • Pharadiddle

        Ok, GFH have changed what exactly? aside from being part of a farcical drawn out over dramatised takeover which has to date resulted in the most underwhelming, ineffective, uninspiring batesesque like tenure to date with the only highlight now being some rumour they may sell and disappear like a fart in the wind with a profit…you serious?…. More to the point they own what exactly and with who?…one of the 20 odd LUFC sister companies according to form. Moreover, Wrestle control from Bates….Says who, there is nothing to suggest offshore el presidente…the Outro king is not still holding some major influence..i mean what the hell has changed really eh? Harvey and that disgraceful fat Lorimer are still in there as is your new president and landlord probably….i mean who buys a house and moves in with the previous owners?..I think this buy out was clear as mud, would not suprise me if this merely returns bates back to the same position he had before he mysteriously became the over night 70% majority share holder…..I for one am not convinced he’s gone anywhere 17 mil or not (and I suspect Very Not)…perhaps he will become food and beverage manager next year.

  12. bd

    Football is a result business and we aint getting the results so i understand this article but you loose your best player (Snodgrass) and you top goal scorer on form (Becchio) and dont replace them the outcome is inevitable. When Warnock took QPR up he bought in quality (Tarrat,Faurlain etc).There is no really quality in our side because there has been little money to spend, so unless that policy changes it doesnt matter who our next manager is.

  13. Old Goat

    The six-points-off-the-playoffs talk was always naive in this year’s championship. Six points off and in seventh place is doable – six points off and mid-table isn’t – it depends on too many other teams slipping up. I said this a month or more ago.
    So now we’re eight points off the playoffs and also eight points off relegation. Historically we need another 8 or 10 points from 15 games to avoid the latter nightmare. So….

    1) Put Warnock on gardening leave or kick him upstairs for the rest of his contract

    2( Give Redfearn a probationary run as acting manager and only pull him out if we look to be in serious relegation trouble. He looked promising before and seemed to have the dressing room with him. The transfer window is shut so the odd loan aside, he goes with what he’s got

    3) Get the kids back from loans and play some of them. It’s a once-in-a-blue-moon chance to practice with live ammo without too much at stake. How many of our past heroes were playing regular first team football at eighteen or nineteen – a few even at seventeen?. Warnock (and Grayson) are still sending older kids out on loan “for experience” when they should be getting that experience playing at ER.

    All the above are low/no cost measures for GFH. Then review in May/June when the pressure is off. We may have found a star manager or star players or we may have found they’re dross. Either way, so long as we can summon up eight or ten points from fifteen games we’re no worse off than we are now.

    We can also then see what GFH are made of – though if I were going into the bookies I’d bet on piss and wind.

  14. leedsunitedmatchworn

    I remember thinking when Warnock joined – “the football is going to be horrible, but he gets teams promoted” – sadly, without the second part of that statement, you are just left with horrible football.

    It hasnt worked for Neil, time for him to go.

  15. Lufc1979ish

    If GFH are looking to offload the club they might decide to stick with warnock as a placeholder until the “new owners” can bring in their own man. Personally I think warnock should walk for his own dignity and we should try and get somebody in on a temporary basis. Or if GFH are intent on running the club through at least next season then they should be looking at somebody like Gus Poyet,

  16. Exiled White

    I agree with what you are saying TSS. Leeds fans have suffered for too long.

  17. nickleeds

    I agree on the playing side of things, but I also think that in our last 3 games we have played better (than before) and have been a bit unlucky not to have come away with 7 points instead of 1.
    I continue to read all the time on various message boards the comments of our fans about staying away from the club to force a change of ownership etc, but then in the next breath the same fans want fresh investment etc, lets face it, we are not going to get a sugar daddy, what we may get is a consortium of people who want the club to do well and therefore make a return on their investment.

    In my opinion this can be done but not if the fans dont turn up. We say one minute that we need investment to get the “flair” player or keep out best players but without the 12k fans that having drifted away in the past 24 months where is the incentive for an investor, those “missing” 12k fans hurt the club, it hurts us on the balance sheet and hurts us in attractiveness.

    We all know the football has not been the best in the past two seasons but we have lost our flair players and not been able to afford to replace them, if those “missing” 12k fans were still attending games then perhaps we would have had the finances to keep those players or pay for new arrivals with flair, how much has the club lost from the stay away fans in the past 2 seasons? Anyone can guess, I would say at least £12 million, what could that have bought the club?

    Yes Ken Bates would have had some of it away maybe even a large chunk of it, the stay away fans have achieved nothing, Ken Bates has still been taking his money, he has just been selling the crown jewels and mortgaging season tickets to pay for it.

    We cannot have it both ways, we cannot expect to have the flaire players without paying for it, we need to start from now, attend the games on masse, back the players we have, make them proud to play at a full”ish” Elland road and make our club attractive, this way we will get the investors, Bates will be gone at the end of this season, I do not believe for one minute that he is still involved on the money side of things other than he may still be owed some money. Come on people, encourage your friends and family to return to Elland Road and lets make us a force.

    • Pedro Goldisco

      The new owners know they have the fan base there, they just need to encourage it by spending. Which they obviously haven’t. So the fans will stay away until something does actually happen. As for Mr Santa Clause himself, i think if you go back not too far back when the apparent sale of the club went through. It was stated he would advise the new owners until the end of the season, and there would be no mad spending in January. So who is in charge………….

  18. ParisBlue75

    Thanks my friend for your eloquent description of the current state of affairs that has befallen our beloved club . I couldn’t agree more with your comments regarding replacing Warnock now , thus giving a new manager a decent chance to bed in with us . Also (within reason) i guess we are quite safe now so we can probably rely on a caretaker manager for the time being , should the process of finding a new mananger take time , enabling the board to think clearly and patiently about who they should choose .

  19. Mark Refardt

    One has to wonder where warnock’s head is at because he really should have started with an attacking team. An early goal would have killed them off mentally. Is he on the take with the bookies? something smells!!

  20. Townjm

    I couldn’t disagree more. The LAST thing we need now is more insecurity at this club. Historically to reach the playoffs you need between 70-75 points, the way this season is looking, 70 could do the job. So that’s between 8 wins, 4 draws, 3 losses. Will it be done? Unlikely, especially considering recent results – but the season is 46 games long and I am fed up with the grass is always greener type of attitude at this club.

    We lack a few key position at this club regardless of who’s in charge – so tell me, how will a new manager get by without tricky wingers or creative playmakers? Frankly, you play to your strenghts, and at the moment that’s probably our best chance. We’ve bought in a couple of players who could make a difference, give them a chance and get behind what we’re doing rather than fight it. All this talk of relegation? Christ. We’re as close to relegation as we are to the playoffs, we need to stop crying about it and give it our best shot.

    And finally, what the f*** does Dean Saunders know about it? The day I use comments from Dean Saunders as a basis for my opinion is the day I pack it all in.

    • Matthew

      More chance of an asteroid striking Ken Bates across the head than there is of us getting anywhere close to the playoffs this season.

      • Townjm

        We’re 4 points of 7th, i’m not saying we’ll get the playoffs but I woudn’t say that we’re much worse than the likes of boro who currently sit in 6!

        Warnock makes a lot of excuses, but he’s also got a point. We shouldn’t have lost to boro and we shouldn’t have drawn to wolves. Turn those two results around and we’d have a whole different outlook going into these last 15 games (almost half a premierleague season).
        It’s a season of small margins and we haven’t been good enough to be on the right side of them. I’m happy enough with what we did in January and for ONCE i’d like Leeds just try and be a stable football club. Just to see what happens.
        Still, fingers crossed for that asteroid

      • Jumblatts

        the thing is though, if boro win all their remaining games they will get a playoff place. If we win all our remaining games we may not. Boros fate is in their own hands, ours is not. we would need the teams above us to slip up while we go on some sort of streak, and whilst the teams above us may and probably will slip up at some point, judging by this seasons form and style of play, i doubt we will go on a favourable streak, especially with warnocks ‘couldnt care less’ attitude

  21. Matthew

    I would like to see the club get Simon Grayson back on a short term contract, if he isn’t happy by the end of the season get rid, if he’s happy and gets funds to build for the following season, back him. He never received backing from Bates and got us to 7th in the league, and when we play crap, we don’t play as crap as Warnocks team does.

    Warnock has had some backing, more than some managers in this league, we shouldn’t be outplayed by teams far below us, the quality of our football under Warnock is predictable and easy to defend against. People are realising that other managers at lesser clubs are getting their sides playing FOOTBALL they may not be winning games but winning isn’t everything, the crowd go to be entertained and if they leave happy, that’s a result.

      • TSS

        The man with the second best win percentage in history of club who got us promoted then guided us to 7th despite having all his key players sold from under him by Bates (to build pointless vanity projects), hasn’t got a clue?

        And instead of the man who worked wonders with no money whatsoever, you want O’Leary? The man who failed to achieve anything with a seemingly endless supply of money?

        I liked O’Leary, but he spent a ludicrous amount of cash and won nothing. Very few of the players he bought improved the squad either.

      • Pete Sasqwax Gleadall

        I’d be interested to see how Naylor and Redfearn would do. Short-term until the end of the season, but they have the other LUFC sides actually playing football and I’d wager they would at least do the same for the first-team

      • Matthew

        Well said TSS, fully agree.
        Grayson + Leeds worked, even when he had all his best players sold from under him. He still worked wonders, more than he did at Huddersfield. I would be genuinely curious how he would do here again with money given to him.
        I think it would be unfair for people to judge him based on his Huddersfield tenure, mostly because they’re not us. The name Leeds United, well the spirit has pushed this team to do the impossible against teams far better than us.

      • Pharadiddle

        We had some of the worst hammerings I can remember under him as well…wasn’t all sunshine and bloody lollipops ffs

      • ellamforengland

        Grayson with Radebe as his defensive coach for next season after Warnock has done what GFH asked him to do in January , which was. If we cannot achieve promotion just play the style of football you think will stave of relegation……… Hoof ball……win as many at home as possible…….sell to buy.

  22. mrbigwheels

    The chances/opportunities to score in the last three games have been there. Last nights game saw chances for Varney, Morrison and Norris in the first half, chances not put in the back of the net and should have been. Why?. What is the reason?….. I don’t get it either.

  23. Ryan Sykes

    Totally agree with the article, although I’ll be absolutely flabbergasted if Warnock gets the boot before the end of the season, unless, of course, we fall into a dreaded relegation battle.

  24. Stephen Roe

    Surely something has to give soonish anyway because ST renewals will be due out and GFH will lose what another two thousand or so if they don’t achieve something this year, I’m surprised they didn’t act in the transfer window that really revealled how potless they are and now the Independant has revealled just how little they paid for the club, plus more is outstanding to Bates (hope they fleece him). So surely they have to make a statement of intent either in the loan market or by sacking NW.

    I want stability at ER so I’m willing to put up with NW till the summer and beyond if a takeover is in the offing and funds are made available as I still think despite how awful the football is he is the best bet to get us up. Plus that’s his team and I sincerely believe that it’s palying at its limit i.e. he’s utilizing them the best they can play. If on the otherhand we are potless then obviously we need a young manager willing to bring through the kids and build from there.

    I like the defence with Pelts at CB, White LB and Kenny and McCormack and Austin are definite plus points but the rest of midfield has no pace and apart from Green and occasionally Tonge no passing ability so all of that can go for me.

  25. igiveup

    He signed Ryan Hall and sent Ross Barkley back to Everton…says it all really, please go Colin NOW. His style of football has seen Leeds lose betweeen 3-5000 regular home suppporters, attendances will stoop even lower now there’s nowt to play for. PLEASE, PLEASE get Adam Pearson on board (at least he has a vision!) and then get Adkins in charge

    • Ron

      It’s incredible right? I’m losing my mind with this bloke. When Barkley is captain of England we’ll all talk about the time we sent him packing.

      • mrbigwheels

        Nothing is going to happen while GFHC are seeking investment for the Club.

        Monies are needed to

        1, To pay off Bates by the end of the season.
        2, To provide Cash Flow, ‘cos there is very little of it.
        3, To Sell on a large chunk of their purchase and make a return/profit on that.

        If NW is told he can’t have him and a loan winger… What the hell is NW supposed to do… do as he’s told and go for the winger… obviously.

        If you think…’hand to mouth’… that’s where we’re at until some money comes in….. This is all really simple stuff to grasp if you don’t lose your mind.

        So…. If Warnock needs sacking now…. whose going to pay him off?. More mind blowing thoughts for you.

        And… here’s another thought… if by some miracle GFHC had given Warnock the transfer funds and wage budget to buy Chris Burke, Chis Wood and the loan of Ross Barkley… (all as Warnock identified and wanted in), then we wouldn’t be scratching about in the final third as we are doing now and possibly six extra points better off.

        Yeah… let’s sack the Manager.

      • Jumblatts

        or his attitude towards a) the fans and b) his performance ‘I think I’m doing a bloody great job’

  26. Ron

    I spoke to David Moyes at Everton,” said United boss Neil Warnock. “He wants him to play and I couldn’t guarantee him that.

    “He’s done well, he’s a smashing player, but he needs to play games and I can’t guarantee that.”

    WTF is going on????????????? He should have been captain coach of this team!!!! Couldn’t guarantee games???? F*ck off Warnock.

  27. Emsley

    Bog of Warnock and take your crappy tactics with you. You have murdered our style. Elland road has never looked so grey ultra depressing tactics with you. You’re not kidding anyone, we know this team can pass it around. We have seen it in the cup games.

  28. ronnie

    32 years of following leeds, i have never felt as low as how i feel at this present time. Ken bates came in when no one else seemed to care , and we should all be grateful for this as we were in freefall, but eight years of torment and ups and downs seemed as if they were coming to an end with the take over. NW seemed a good bet with his previous, but yet again he is in my mind – what do you think – the worst manager leeds have had in 25 years the football is poor to say the least, the signings even worse. GFH Please give us fans the truth, that is all we ask- why no new signings of quality, why sell bechio when all of leeds no he was the only guy in the squad in a rich form of goalscoring, i only hope we are not dragged into a relegation battle , as our away form is pathetic, and if put under pressure for home results the team could buckle under the pressure and blow it.
    We could have had it so good,. a few good signings in january window , keeping bechio
    and a few thousand on the gate… i think the pr has blown it, GFH are worse than KB
    and they do not even realise it. The sending home of Barkley has shown us they have no cash, to say he could not give him a starting place in front of BROWN.. GREEN…TONGE..AUSTIN… I am astounded as must be 20, 0000 fans . Please give us answers., are we looking to sell after 7 weeks ?.. i hope not but the signs are on the wall.
    One unhappy geordie white

  29. Yorkshire Knight

    Warnock is not the problem. He is good at getting sides promoted but given the money he has been given and the players taken off him we are over achieving. Lets be realistic a lot of the first team really aren’t that good and that can only be achieved by having investment in the playing staff. Considering we have sold all our best players to Norwich, Warnock has done well to forge a mid table side together from free transfers like Diouf and the Portsmouth fire sale. I’ve always had non interest in how pretty the football looks as long as we win, I always thought that seperated from the more ignorant fans at Spurs, Newcastle, West Ham etc who insist on passing football over results.

    • Jumblatts

      a win is a win yes, but thats like saying ‘oh you have toothache? here let me punch out all your teeth’ there are much more elegant and efficient ways of going about things. maybe people wouldnt complain if we actually won, but we dont. we throw away seemingly easy points. Im not blaming warnock for all of this, because like so many people say, he has had very little to spend (although he has said many times that he is haooy with the squad), but i am blaming warnock for his lack of interest, his seeming to think that everything is going swimmingly, and his attitude towards the fans

  30. Steve Colbert

    Very good article. I think the game may have passed NW by. Swansea, Norwich, Reading, Southampton were all promoted playing decent enough football. Physical and more direct then the Prem but each of them also included players who could pass to feet. Why can’t Leeds play our way to promotion?

  31. Neil Bell

    You make no comment regarding past successes. Do you think QPR payed this style of football when they got promoted with NW as manager? If so, then it worked for them, so why not us? If not, why not? Maybe the players he had at his disposal were better than ours? Maybe they didn’t sell their best striker at a pivotal point in the season. I can’t help thinking you’re joining the rest of the misguided Leeds “sheep” in forever expecting the world and looking for scapegoats when it’s not handed to us on a platter. Frankly, i expect more and better from TSS than this.

  32. mickeyLynn

    Interesting comments. I was born and raised in Leeds and emmigrated to Australia as a 20 year old (to play football). i return most years and take in games when i can inbetween playing golf usually in Scotland. Seems to me that the Leeds United football club has never really had any leadership with the abilities to invest in the playing side of the club. Going back to the likes of Reynolds, Silver, Coussins it always appeared to me the club was owned to earn for them. As a result the two successful periods for Leeds were when the manager of the time inspired a group of younger players. I was brought up watching the Revie era and i was a regular visitor during the Sgt Wilko era. Inbetween those eras has seen far too many years of non-achievement and litle investment. I will not include comments about the leadership of Risdale as we also know that investmnet by”living the dream” does not work unless of course you actually have the cash to splash rather than to trust a manager to keep the club in the Champions League positions.
    It is much harder these days to rely on a club’s junior football development. When the likes of Bremner Gray Lorimer Hunter Madely Reaney Cooper Yorath magically and sudedenly appeared at a club languishing in the bottom of the second tier there was no rush from the the top clubs to grab the Leeds players. Even when the Sgt had Speed and Batty the club could still hang onto them. Nowadays if an 18 year shows signs of potential he is snapped up and loaned out for development purposes. Clubs are incapable of holding onto these kids because the financial differences now between the established Premier League clubs and the rest is so great that any player will be naturally drawn away. In Revie and the Sgt’s days the financial gap was not anywhere near the magnitude it is today.
    I find it heartbreaking that a club like Leeds United could not hang onto the likes of Howsen and Snodgrass and they chose (rightly i have to say) to follow their dreams and play at the highest level – even if it is at a relatively small club like Norwich. I have no doubt Byram will have his head turned before long as he is without doubt the best prospect to come through since a young and athletic Kewell arrived on the scene.
    It is a very long time since i wrote to a football forum – i was a regular contributor to The Square Ball long before emails and facebook and twitter – the introduction of the fax made my day for sending articles on the Sgt’s team! I write now because i do not recall ever before reading about so much despair and anguish from Leeds United supporters. I would really like to comment that it is not warranted but alas i too am at the stage when you have to state – ENOUGH is ENOUGH!
    I too share your collecftive loathing of Master Bates and if the GFH cannot feel the despair coming from the fans then they too are not capable of taking this club back to where it rightly belongs. It is time for GFH to come clean with a vision of wht they intend and how they are going to get there. if it takes five years then so be it as long as we can see improvement and development i am sure they will get our support. The club needs a new manager – someone with a vision on how the game should be played – not the “get up and get em” formulae of the current man in charge. Getting the righrt manager is the first step. I have my thoughts on this as i am sure we all have but unless the new owners are prepared to spell out their vision for the future i am afraid i can only see more and more and more disenchanted supporters.
    GFH the clock is ticking!

  33. Reiver

    I’m not sure I’ve ever had any faith in Warnock – in fact I know I haven’t. At the time of Grayson’s sacking I was sort of hoping Bates might bring back Poyet to the club.

    Warnock has been hailed as the manager who’s had most teams promoted. That sort of success depends on the squads he’s inherited, and the money made available to him. It took Warnock around eight season to get his Sheffield United, the team he’s always supported, promoted – hardly a resounding success story.

    We don’t know the financial restraints that Warnock has had to operate under; neither Bates nor GFH appear to have been prepared to invest their money in players, in fact GFH do not appear to have a pot to piss in and are looking for investors – and maybe to sell the club and turn a quick profit, but he has claimed to have built a team he’s happy with. If that’s the case then ‘his’ team is no better than Grayson’s was, and he was sacked.

    As I see it, as long as we’re stuck with GFH, and Warnock, our club’s in limbo. I wrote off this season at the end of August. If things don’t change drastically this summer I’ll be writing off next season too.

    Reiver …


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