Elland RoadJust when you thought it was safe to open the curtains, it’s back, it’s bigger, it’s 110% more speculative. This Winter, Leeds United Football Club in association with GFH Capital and some random Yorkshire consortium bring you;

“TOMA 2 – The Adam Pearson Chronicles!”

Less than two months since the last takeover of Leeds United, the BBC claim that the club could change hands again. This time the bidders are said to be a Yorkshire consortium, probably fronted by former Leeds United director Adam Pearson who recently made public his desire to return to football ownership.

Pearson served as Commercial Director during the Ridsdale era before cutting ties with the club in 2001 to purchase Hull City. During his time as Hull City owner/chairman, Pearson led the Tigers from administration in League Two to a much healthier position in the Championship. He eventually sold the club in 2007.

Another six months of speculation and frustration then? Probably not.

The ownership of the club is much more clear-cut this time, mostly because Ken Bates isn’t involved. That’s not to say there won’t be a lengthy due diligence process if this consortium were to bid, but it’s unlikely to drag on as long as the last one did.

GFH Capital made clear they’d be seeking further investment at their first press conference, and, as an investment company, they’ll be prepared and ready to move when any suitable offer comes in.

Fans shouldn’t be surprised that further interest in the club has followed so quickly. Under Ken Bates, Leeds United’s ownership was tied up in so many offshore companies, investors who weren’t put off by his personality will have been reluctant to try and untangle the devious web of lies and Cayman Island companies he’d weaved.

The club’s ownership is much clearer these days while anyone interested in purchasing a stake will be greeted by the much more likeable David Haigh and Salem Patel. Given a choice between those two and Ken Bates, I know who I’d rather deal with.

UPDATE: GFH responded to the speculation with a statement on the official Leeds United site. GFH say they’ve received several offers since taking over the club and are interested in finding new investors, however, they deny any deal has been accepted at this time.