The Whites travel to Ewood Park this weekend for a Championship clash against Blackburn Rovers. As ever, the guys at Kick-Off have provided us with an exclusive statistical preview ahead of the game.

Blackburn Rovers v Leeds United

  • pete

    not exactly correct!

    • TSS

      What isn’t?

  • Matthew

    Should be a decent game tommorow, hopefully Michael Brown will stay on the bench. We don’t want to concede lol

    A win would be a very positive outcome, though I have a feeling we’l draw.

    • Irving08

      Mathew – here’s a poser for you. Which is the better 26 year old player ? – Brown or Batty ?

      • Matthew

        Which Brown do you mean exactly? Michael Brown? He’s 36. Both players were good in the height of their careers. I would start a 26 year old Michael Brown in this team any day of the week, not sure who I would pick though, I suck with choices.

        Michael Brown has age against him, at least in my opinion. He was always a tough tackling midfielder, but isn’t as quick as he once was. Both were tough players, at least in my opinion.

        • Matthew

          Shit I didn’t read that right, you’re asking what if David Batty and Michael Brown were 26 and I had to choose between them? Is this a trick question? on the one hand you have a guy who played for the club for many years, was a legend pretty much, was tough tackling and was a quality player for us, and on the other you have MIchael Brown who we only saw in the final stages of his career play for us? Of course you’d pick the obvious choice.

          Mentioned Michael Browns qualities above anyway, there isn’t anyone who also hasn’t heard of his antics earlier in his career lol

          • Irving08

            No trick Mathew, just musing. It just occured to me, from watching Brown on his better days recnelty, that he has a better basic repertoire than Batty, whom I personally felt was pretty limited as a player. He’s a legend, I think, for what he represented rather than his actual play.

  • Exiled White

    You never know, there may be another seven goal thriller between Blackburn and Leeds. Strange things happen when least expected. As me old mam (god rest her) used to say, there’s many a true word spoken in jest!

    • Exiled White

      Well, I got that wrong! No goal fest, but 0-0 draw.

  • Matthew

    Not a bad result. Certainly a point gained is better than 3 lost.

    • Irving08

      A point from a game which, by all accounts, we could and should have won, must count as two points dropped, particularly in light of other results.
      My hunch is that, with Becchio, we would have won, the commitment of a ‘60% fit’ Morison notwithstanding.

      • Matthew

        With all due respect, every team has gone through the same thing. It’s just one of those things, at least we didn’t concede in the last minute. I can see why Warnock kept with the same players and didn’t use his subs, why disrupt the flow and potentially have it go against you?

        Becchio won’t win us every game, regardless of if he was here or not. It was just one of those games.

        Besides, I found the result to be positive, it was a clean sheet and a good performance all round, finishing aside. If we start winning games again, all we need is for the teams above us to implode, like Middlesbrough have done, Huddersfield also have(They were in the top 6 for a while now falling fast), Millwall imploded a bit.

        Playoffs were never an option. Don’t hate based on our not winning and getting 3 points on the board for a playoff spot that will never come.

        • Irving08

          The players wouldn’t agree with you that the play-offs ‘were not an option’.
          And why have subs, if you do not use them – intelligently, of course ? What is Diouf for, if not for matches like this ? (We will pass over Hall and the other one.) Warnock says that he wished he had had this team/squad from the beginning of the season (err, thanks Becchio). So, why not show more belief in it by going for the win yesterday – once it became clear that Blackburn did not present a threat.

          • Matthew

            Blackburn had a few decent chances, and if you try and change things when we’re essentially neutralizing Blackburn, you run the risk of conceding a sloppy goal.

            You only really need to use your subs when the game is going against you. Or when a player is struggling in his position and is allowing the opposition too much space and could pose a problem.

            If Blackburn were all over us, then yes, Warnock would need to use his subs to try and salvage something.

          • Irving08

            Mathew: Subs can be used in different situations.
            We need wins, not draws, and on Saturday, against a mediocre team (whatever their individual qualities), we could have brought on a substitute with minimal risk to our much improved defence. Morison, as we know form his MIlwall days, likes to play down the right channel: Diouf could have been brought on to force him to play more in the box.
            In 1956, my first LUFC season, we came from mid-table to snatch promotion by winning 8 of our last 9 games. But, then we did have a Manager with flair, Rach Carter, plus …..well you know who.
            You are raising the white flag too readily, Mathew, my friend.

  • PMH

    Obviously a win is best, but a clean sheet is nice, given the high number of goals conceded away this season. I do not like 3-3 draws when it is my team playing.

  • mrbigwheels

    In the absence of a monday thread TSS, I’m going to ask… In the light of a categorical statement/article in The Times and they are not the only parties referencing the claims…

    ‘What the hell is going on at our club and, where are we marching on together to and with whom?’… It sure is a bag of rusty nails.

    • Irving08

      A set of new majority owners looks to be on the cards MBW.

      Bates has played a blinder; GFHC get some pocket money and LUFC lots of overpaid footballers….
      But what will we get out of it ? What sort of club do we want ?