Luciano BecchioNorwich City’s efforts to recreate Leeds United’s League One promotion winning squad continue with a not at all surprising swoop for Luciano Becchio.

The Canaries are hoping to tempt Leeds with a cash plus player deal which would see Steve Morison – a known target for Neil Warnock – head in the opposite direction.

With the January transfer window due to close at 11pm tomorrow, Leeds United are also expected to complete deals for Aston Villa defender Stephen Warnock and an African striker currently playing in the Belgium top flight, Habib Habibou.

Under-fire Villa manager Paul Lambert said he was unsure what was happening with Stephen Warnock at the minute, but has confirmed an approach from Leeds United.

 “I thought something was going to be done with West Ham and then Leeds came into the equation.”

Habib Habibou meanwhile is the worst kept secret in football. The 6′ 4″ target-man was previously on trial at Queen’s Park Rangers before he caught the attention of Whites manager Neil Warnock. A series of tweets from the African has left little debate over where he’ll be playing football on February 1st.

As deadline day approaches, the biggest worry for Leeds fans is that the club aren’t linked with any wingers – an area which Leeds United fans and Neil Warnock agree needs strengthening.

With Habibou looking almost certain to sign and the possibility of Steve Morison also joining the squad, Neil Warnock is likely to push Ross McCormack back out wide despite strong performances as centre-forward and pleas from the Scottish striker to be played there more often.

  • Pete Sasqwax

    As I’ve mentioned in response to other TSS articles, if S. Warnock plays at LB, I envisage Colin moving Aidy White to move up to LW – which is as much an admission of failure at bringing in a left winger as it is a commendation of Aidy’s pace and ability to in a decent ball. I don’t like how he’s been played in a variety of positions and, despite being involved with the first team for a number of years now, doesn’t seem to be considered as a definite fit for any particular position. Perhaps ultimately Colin sees him as a left winger and views the left back slot as being there for Taylor to claim when he returns to the club from his 6 month apprenticeship under Butcher at Inverness. If this does happen, I would want Habibou tying up and Becchio going out for cash (not some part-ex deal with the budgie smugglers). That said, if they wanted to include Howson in some kind of deal, I might warm to that suggestion. I’d like to hear that we got Barkley signed up for the rest of the season (or even longer? “dare to dream” etc.) but, as you can see, my expectations are realistic (whilst “3 Admins” is still CEO, at least).

  • Can’t wait till tomorrow to find out how very close we were to signing some top top premiership stars and how well Shaun Harvey has done.(Works his socks off y’know) (Apparently we also enquired about Max Gradel!) Does anyone know when the emergency loan window opens?

  • s20White

    I acnnot understand why we arn’t looking at buying Chris Burke from Brum, a gifted and proven winger at Championship level – looks like Forest are leading the chase but surely we must be interested?

    • Pete Sasqwax

      After failing with a second bid of £500k, Notts are not expected to up their offer with a third bid. I’d like to see us in for Burke, too, although I doubt that we are

  • markman

    if we get the 3 above and £3mill for Becchio,plus having moved a few on.we must have a stronget squad.a quality midfielder would be nice.

  • spellz

    I for one am not surprised about the lack of transfers from when I heard Bates will still remain as club president, new board same stitching up.

  • Lu – mot

    Habibou is a winger not a striker

    • wyla

      A 6ft 4 winger who plays up front as a target man is not a winger.

      • Harry Caribou

        He can and does also sometimes play out wide left.

    • Matthew

      Every player has their preferred playing position, just because a manager plays a player in a different position doesn’t mean he is meant for it.

      He’s officially classed as a Striker.

  • Steve

    Same old same old. Sell a player then bring some free ones in

    • JDC

      If the club manage to get £3m+ for Becchio it has to be seen as good business … cost nothing and we’ve had 5 good years from him. He has probably been stung by the public criticism levelled at him by his manager NW, unjustified in my opinion, and then handed in a written transfer request; he should be allowed to leave if he no longer wants to play for the club and should go with the thanks of all fans … if the money is then re-invested in the team. If anyone is “to blame”, it is Mr warnock.

      • mrbigwheels

        Becchios agent has been ‘touting away’ before Mr Jones made any statement.
        The wage demand has led to the overall unrest between Club and Player. We are talking mid December ’12 here and the ongoing is… as we all see it… today.
        There are no second chances with Warnock!. Mr Bs agent has fluffed it with Leeds. Blame him if you wanted to hang onto Becchio. Time for some change.

        • Pete Sasqwax

          Personally, I like and respect that approach (i.e. no second chances). It seems like the Morrison part-ex is on the cards. I’ll reserve judgement until it happens and I see how NW employs him (/what effect that has on Ross McCormack starting at striker) but I’m not convinced he’s what we need.

        • JDC

          Don’t disagree that it’s time for some change, I was making the point that NW seems to have criticising his players in public as part of his armoury … started off with Tom Lees earlier in the season and ended with Becchio. Can’t see managers like SAF resorting to those type of tactics.

          • mrbigwheels

            Warnock is guilty of this, always has been. It’s not good from a lay mans point of view, but it’s his trait. Other than thumping him one, there is very little can be done. What I would say is… he’s the manager, seven promotions to his name, he wants his eighth and he’s a very determined individual that is only going to do ‘it’… his way and gets quite cross if ‘it’ doesn’t happen.. He’s very tactical, a shrewd card player and a bit nasty at times and driven by winning ‘it’.. his way. No excuses from me but I’ve certainly worked with worse successful men. Roll on Friday and Saturday.

      • bd

        good business for GFH they are not going to reinvest it in players to buy.

  • Max

    Either they are going to have to pull a few players from the youth team or there are some transfers we don’t know about. The current number in the official squad, ignoring those out on loan, is 25.

    That includes Barkley (1 month loan, currently), 3 youth players (Poleon, Dawson, Payne), Becchio, Bromby (long term injured, will be transfer listed if he comes back) and Rachubka (long term unwanted). Assuming Becchio out, and Barkley not renewed, that’s an effective list of 19, and you need 18 fit players for a game (including subs). I was surprised to see Dawson on the subs list vs Spurs, maybe less so now.

    GFH seem to be experimenting with how small a Championship squad can be. Consider that one of the issues Bates had with Grayson was that he had let the squad get too big.

  • JJS93

    Honestly think the use of the younger players in the reserves can boost the energy and fight in the squad, byram proved himself, poleon has netted and looks pacey, dawson seems to be banging them in for the reserves so why not stick them on the bench and see what they can do? Used to go to school wiith Si Lenighan and he would be a presence in the side, he is a stack and he is pacey, colin needs to have these lads pushing for first team places to give the first team lads a kick up the arse!

    • Pete Sasqwax

      Dawson was on the bench for the Spurs game, which was encouraging, although I’m not surprised he wasn’t thrown in at any point. Not the ideal game to be brought into for your debut first team appearance

      • JJS93

        Thats good to see, like i said byram has been one of the stand out players of the season so far, i understand the need to strengthen the squad but honestly think with the experience of first team football these players could be pushing for first team places!

        • Pete Sasqwax

          I couldn’t agree more and would look to this strategy (i.e. promoting youth to the first team as soon as they are genuinely ready for it) as being the foundation of our future development. Hopefully, GFHC share that outlook. If NW is tasked with “go for promotion at all costs” then wily old campaigners like Morrison may be the solution we don’t necessarily want but could arguably do with. Warnock is, quite clearly, prepared to “win ugly” and at almost any cost. If that proves to me what we need to get up (even via the hated playoffs) then so be it, I guess. It doesn’t sit well with me, but do the ends justify the means in this scenario?

          • Irving08

            But how do you judge when they are genuinely ready ? Had Warnock persevered with Taylor, I am convinced from what I saw of him last season, that he would be ready by now, playing in front, not behind, Aidy White. The problem is that we are a club in a hurry and Warnock is not the persevering type. If the Villa lad signs, I see it as an indication that the Manager and GFHC are seriously pondering one more season.

          • Pete Sasqwax

            I see it more as Warnock is going to give it all to try to do it this year before walking away in the summer. Maybe that’s wishful thinking on my part, though – only time will tell, I guess

          • Irving08

            I hope you are right !

  • PMH

    Nailing some real talent this time will be a sign of good faith from the owners. What it won’t be is the salvation of the team. New signings need time find a niche and see if they fit in. You can get a quick burst of enthusiasm from change, but team building does not provide instant gratification. A realistic goal is development of team chemistry this season and a big push next. Becchio is gone, and that is the right thing for him. He has to take care of himself, and he will get money at Norwich … and be back in the Championship next season. He is not an essential piece for Leeds, so let’s grab the cash.

  • yan

    what do we want with morison?,lets transfer warnock out of the managers post instead,habibou looks interesting though?…..

  • roughyhead

    David Bentley is available from Spurs, proven winger

    • Pete Sasqwax

      I’d potentially take him on loan until the end of the season, if that were a possibility. Foolishly, I actually thought the story (which surfaced at the start of Jan) about Dani Pacheco might actually have some foundation. I’ve not heard that mentioned since!

    • wyla

      David Bentley is available from Spurs, proven wanker

      • Matthew

        Andros Townsend would be cheaper, and is already beloved by the fans. If you asked anyone to name the biggest wanker in football, his name would be one of them.

        • Pete Sasqwax

          Haha! Townsend is a prize prick. I’m sure l wasn’t the only Leeds fan who chuckled at the news that Spurs were prepared to let him go

  • Arnie

    Almost an entire month of the transfer window gone and where are the signings GFH to show our intent or to help us win promotion? Exactly – there aren’t any. What happened to identifying targets early and going to get them early in the window or Warnock’s £10m transfer warchest?

    Instead with a day or so left we’re left waiting to find out if we are going to swap our 19 goal leading scorer for a Norwich reserve. I also mustn’t forget a striker none of us have previously heard of and whose name sounds like a bag of kids’ sweets, oh and Stephen Warnock. He ain’t going to get us promotion.

    No mention of a quality midfielder who can retain the ball and pass it or a decent wide player or two.

    Nothing changes at Leeds – no ambition, no promotion. Easier to remain in the Championship and keep milking the fans. MOT.

    • disqus_IHX7z50uue

      Shut up whining for god sake its boring you housewifes with nothing better to do than whinge about how crap this is get behind the team and shut up!!!

      • Arnie

        Or in other words accept that we will always be mediocre and quit hoping for better. What a depressing thought.

      • disqus_IHX7z50uue

        Like warnock said,the glass is always half empty! How about waiting till we know who we have and giving them a chance to improve us instead of bleating that theyre not what we need without giving them a chance.

  • Duval77

    Scott Sinclair on loan for rest of season, doesn’t seem to be getting a game at man city? Ha I know I’m dreaming!

  • Dave221982

    Habib hibibuo is a really good player, he’s their version or Thierry Henry yes he’s tall yes he’s lanky but his speed skill and ability to score is fantastic, check him out on you tube! And the fact he wants to play at Leeds is even better he was watching Leeds when we beat Tottenham and what did he tweet? Fu*king lovely goal 44! Ha ha

    • Matthew

      He’s quite well built too. Good bit of muscle on the ball there.

  • paulinblack

    still think warnock is spineless as far as demanding funds from the new owners!grow a spine warnock and also listen to the fans because they have been crying out putting players in the right position that you clearly cant see! thousands of leeds fans see every week where you are going wrong!any chance we can sign players with pace or flair?or without them coming from portsmouth and sheffield united?hoof hoof football is outdated and terrible to watch.

  • Murph

    Let LB move on and test himself at premiership level; Morison, S Warnock and Habibou would be promising and I hope we can retain Barkley until end of season. By my reckoning we have a game in hand on most of the teams immediately above us and if we put a run together we might sneak a play off spot. And then it’s anyone’s guess…

  • Reckon White is better as a winger, so Warnock (S) fits in with that and I’d give him a chance ok not long term future but see what happens. Main worry though is that chairmain all over the country will be seeing what Parky did with £7.5k …and chairman are going to start saying to managers … replicate and duplicate it! I think every year since we went into Bates hands we’ve had an excuse of the largest wage bill in the division. Can’t imagine Warns, will be on a better than Bec contract… but we’ll see what colin does by midnight tomorrow by then we can do what he said and judge him!

  • paulinblack

    we need at least 5 quality players but warnock for me aint the man to bring the best out of the squad we have or will have after the transter window!his tactics and style are outdated and its time for a fresh new manager with the right attitude with around 5 million+ to spend!beat cardiff and theres a chance of the playoffs but cant see it,hope im wrong!!

  • Dicky White

    If we are not careful Mc Cormack will be pushing in a transfer request. He has to be given a chance. Will the signings come in? Mhnnn. Juries out on that one. We will know tomorrow. I don’t just blame GFH if it doesn’t happen though. They have only been here a month and they don’t know much about football, aparently. Warnock won’t pay over the odds for players and then have them on the books sucking out the clubs financial resoureces and limiting his choice of who he wants. It is a club decision and Bates and Harvey are still here, remember! I think that we may have to show a bit more patience and allow the new owners to get to terms of where we are and how good our football directors really are!!!

  • Same old shit

    The new Venky’s . Lufc

    • Matthew

      Venkys of money though, and money for wages. Nothing alike.

      • Matthew

        Damnit, meant to say Venkys HAVE money not of. Blah

  • Stephen Warnock is one of the worst players in the Premiership. Horribly error prone, slow and cumbersome. Maybe a change of scene will improve his confidence and he’ll regain form, but I wouldn’t pay a penny for him.

    I don’t blame Luciano for wanting to move on. Morison is also horrible though, so I’d rather just have the money. Of course it’s unlikely it’ll be spent on players. At this point, given that Warnock is gone at the end of the season, that’s probably a good thing. Hope we somehow replace him with a decent manager who wants to play football, and any money we do have is spent on building his side, not pissed away on cloggers who even if they somehow stumble into the playoffs and by some miracle win them are not realistically going to be part of a Premiership side.

  • Tyler75

    Best of luck to Luciano – he deserves his shot at the Prem.
    However can’t see that he gives Norwich anything they haven’t already got with (the more prolific) Holt, maybe his understanding with Snodgrass ? Whereas Morison gives us pace, strength and movement to complement Ross – plus Morision is a proven goalscorer at Championship level. Combined with the cash balance, this is a good deal for us.

  • lufcboy

    Leeds United Football Club – Official feeder club of Norwich City. GFH where’s the cash???

  • bd

    GFH have clearly shown they are hear to make money not spend it.We are going no where.When was the last time we bought a player for over a million? how many times have we sold a player for over a million?just a joke

  • carl

    stop the negative comments get behind warnock ,morrison will be great addition beccs is too slow mossa stronger quicker and great in the air macca will love playing off him get habba aswell with warnock we sign chris burke winger play offs then prem remember i said it will happen and it will believe it.