Dexter Blackstock and Lee PeltierThe Sun are this morning claiming that Leeds United have tabled a £750,000 bid for Nottingham Forest striker, Dexter Blackstock.

Neil Warnock has made no secret of his desire to strengthen Leeds United’s strikeforce and is believed to have turned his attention to the 26-year old frontman after Leicester City beat him to the signature of Chris Wood.

Newly appointed Nottingham Forest manager Alex McLeish has stated publicly his desire to keep Blackstock at The City Ground, but with only 6 months remaining on Blackstock’s contract, it may prove difficult for McLeish to refuse a £750,000 bid if the striker wishes to leave.

Blackstock transferred to Nottingham Forest from Queen’s Park Rangers in 2009 for what was believed to be a seven figure fee. Since his arrival at The City Ground, Blackstock has scored 32 goals in 99 league appearances, 5 of which came in his last 4 appearances against Leeds.

Would you like to see Dexter Blackstock sign for Leeds?

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  • I think you mean Chris Wood and not Clint Hill – either that or The Sun did. They’re only parroting the message Sky Sports put out on Friday anyway and they also said we’d agreed terms with Piquionne a few months back.

    • TSS

      Yeah, I don’t know why I wrote Clint Hill. Must have read his name somewhere before writing. Strange error…

  • 2Gcrayz

    Sign him up! We could play a 4-2-1-2-1 with 4 defenders, Brown and Austin as CM/CDM hoofing it forward, Diouf playing behind Blackstock and Becchio getting knock ons that way, McCormack ahead of them getting knock-ons the other way. **** wingers and pace, who needs them when you have hoofball!

    Yes, this is a joke. But seriously, he could do a job, can’t see him playing alongside Becchio so he’s either going straight to the bench or *gasp* we’re selling Luci? :(

    • TSS

      That reminded me of Mike Bassett: England Manager. “Leeds United will play 4, 4, fucking 2!”

      • seanh1988

        i am sick to deaf of long ball football we end up only having an attack and defense no midfield when we lose possession the opposition are able to cut straight through the middle Heinz the goal we conceded, and when we put byram on the right wing we never used him just went down the left wherever diouf was not criticizing diouf but it is too easy for the opposition to suss us out then we brought him to the right for last 10 mins and he was reluctant to pass to byram wanting to do it all his self wouldn’t of minded if the quality of the crosses he put in the box was good they very rarely beat the first man!!!!!!

    • number1inyorkshire

      hoof ball it is your right .there has been no plan b for a while either .we need more than 1 player we need 5 or 6 and good ones at that but ehhh we have all been saying this for 2/3 years

      • TSS

        Setting aside the defence for a second (I’ve given up on that), I think we have some very strong players. Norris, Green, Byram, Austin, Diouf, McCormack, Becchio and Somma would walk into almost any side in the division, the problem is, we’re bypassing 90% of them with this hoofball nonsense.

        Did you go on Saturday? Norris showed he’s exactly the kind of player we’ve needed for years in the centre of the park, while Paul Green has impressed every time I’ve seen him. Why we continue to hit it straight over their heads is baffling.

        • Matthew

          We need Wingers dude. We get ripped apart by teams with pace, and need the Wing play for a proper attacking presence on the pitch.

          • Irving08

            Re: ‘Wingers': Unless they are very skilfull and agressive (Iike Snoddy), wingers as such rarely earn their wages. Someone like Deeney of Watford or the ‘Boro front lad, Waghorn of Leicester (some hope !),or Max Gradel (sic!), who can all run down the channels, and take it wide if needs be….that’s more the kind of player we need, in my book. A good attacking full back – provided the centre field defensive side of things is taken care of – can do anything extra we need. In any case, ‘wingers’ smack of 4-4-2, which hardly any team in the upper levels of this Division, apart from us, appears to aspire to anymore; we didn’t play that way either under Grayson, when at our best. In truth, I don’t have a clear idea of what we aspire to now.

          • Matthew

            I agree, but we are lacking someone to run at and get behind defenses, fling crosses in and generally be a nuisance to the other teams defense/midfield. We lack that attacking spark, if the ball was being played along the floor, with 2 decent wingers we’d have balls flying into the box to Becchio etc and banging in more goals than what we are doing already.

            We have the target men, just we have a problem in that most of the service they get is simply HOOF balls. We need players that can play the ball to the feet of our danger players. And get them into positions to cause problems.

            We had that with Snoddy and Gradel. We had wingers that caused all manners of problems to defenders and scored goals, we were free scoring with 2 quality wingers, and a decent midfield, I see no reason why we cant again.

          • Irving08

            Hmm I honestly don’t recall balls flying into the box from Max G. – he did most of his damage just off centre. Snoddy could cross, but there aren’t many at this level with his dribbling ability (Burke of ‘Brum ?).
            What I am sceptical about is your so-called ‘flying winger’ – the Wright-Phillips ‘ of the football world.

            In our most successful teams, historically, the big crossers have been full backs, or exceptionally in Lorimer’s case, a winger with a remarkably powerful right foot, who anyway, like Snoddy even, did much of his best work inside.

            I would rather Warnock (or his coaches) worked on Aidy White’s crossing, playing from left back (with a team set out as per Grayson after we came up) or if not him then Peltier or Byram on the other side, than spend yet more money in search of that elusive ‘winger’. Aren’t Sam, Rogers and, perhaps now Hall too, warning enough ?

        • Irving08

          Sorry TSS, I beg to differ. I have seen all but one of the home matches this season and of the players you mention I think only Byram and Becchio (on current form) ‘would walk into almost any side in the Division’.

          • Matthew

            Greens a very good player, playing a poor side. I rate him, Austin too when fit. Diouf is also decent enough. Not sold on Norris but he’s mostly right.

            Play the ball on the floor and Paul Green will shine.

          • Irving08

            But would Green, Austin or Norris get into any of the sides above us ?
            Of these, only Green seems to be the kind of player I could envisage in a well set out promotion side, so, yes I could go with him.
            Diouf plays the game at a slower pace than seems now to be norm for the better teams in this Division.

          • TSS

            Green and Norris definitely would in my opinion. Norris is a much better player than we’ve seen so far, we’ve only had brief glimpses of his ability. Green has barely put a foot wrong, he’s the most underrated player in the side – can see him ending up as under-appreciated as Howson was by the masses.

            As for Austin, he needs to be in the right kind of team so some yes, others no. You couldn’t play Austin in a fast pace, short passing side but the dogged yo-yo sides he’d suit perfectly.

          • Irving08

            Now who was it once said the masses are always other people ?
            Howson was a special commodity, who only really found his place, playing just off the striker, in the well tuned formation adopted by SG in his first Championship year. You will notice that Norwich have had difficulty in finding a position for him. Perhaps Green is a similar kind of player to Howson.

            Norris has the attributes of quick feet and a good attitude, but he seems a little lightweight to me; his passing is a bit hit and miss too. I honestly can’t see him in a promotion winning team, whereas Green I can, subject to the above proviso.

          • Matthew

            Green and Austin certainly. Norris would be mid table Championship.

            Diouf has grown on me, would he came on against Derby for example as a late sub, he made an impact instantly and made me wonder why he didn’t start to begin with.

          • Matthew

            *When he came on

            Lol, sorry about not proof reading prior to posting.

        • number1inyorkshire

          we are as good as anyone when we put it on the floor we could do with tonge back too .
          yes did go saturday why are we playing the wimbledon style of footy .
          talking of defenders i see Lees has a link to celtic and others too

          • TSS

            I agree. I don’t know if the hoofball is as instructed or if the players lack the confidence to retain possession by passing it around a bit, but whatever it is, it’s painful viewing.

  • Val

    Something as got to be done Saturday was awful to watch

  • number1inyorkshire

    i can see us bidding for him ,but 750 k for a player who is out of contract in june seems a bit high ,more like 450k .not sure about him for us ,would prefer beckford back

    • LUFC365

      Why wait till the summer? We are already suffering upfront and we desperately need more talent upfront. We need to be in spitting distance of the play off zone all the way to the summer, waiting would be stupid! As for Beckford…£30k/wk, you must be mad!

      • number1inyorkshire

        i didnt say wait til the summer i said 750 k is a high amount for a player who is out of contract in the summer .450k is more of a realistic amount for the player under those circumstances.And leeds recent transfer dealings .
        i wouldn,t pay Beckford that either it would be up to who ever to negotiate he will know that unless someone is desperate for him he aint gonna get that sort of money in the championship and if he wants a future he will have to lower his wages ..
        I recon beckford when he has no contract would come back to leeds for a more realistic 9/10 k .
        who is our top earner and what is he on? ,does anyone know ?
        i guess becchio on ????

        • Matthew

          With no other offers, I would say between 13-20k a week would land Beckford.

          Meaning if he isn’t in high demand, he’l drop down a bit. He’s on loan till the end of the season at Huddersfield, he’l never get the wage hes on at Leicester elsewhere.

  • JT

    Can’t people see what’s happening here…we don’t need Blackstock right now, with Ross, Somma and Diouf…but when Becchio leaves (which is why we are after Blackstock) then the need will arise. Blackstock is average, so is his goal record. It will just encourage more hoof ball from Warnock.

  • HampshireWhite

    Blackstock looks a decent addition. Not keen to see a Beckford return. I always felt he squandered more chances than he scored, and his performances at Everton & Leicester have not exactly set the world on fire. For 30k a week, I think we could do better.

  • Alberto

    There’s a young striker of New Zealand descent blowing the A-League apart named Marcos Rojas that needs to be looked at! The kid would blow Dexter Blackstock apart.

    • TSS

      Easy to look the business in the A League, in terms of quality, it’s lightyears behind the Championship.

      • seanh1988

        yes fair enough but hes young and could be worth a gamble, blackstock isn’t really what we need if we are to bring in marquee signings it needs to be another defender and midfielder who can take control a game look at that hughes at derby only 17 a think and run our midfield ragged

        • Alberto

          There hasn’t been as much excitement about a youngster down under since Mark Viduka…

          • disco

            Reading just signed a young player fro m the a-league named Rogic, some good young players coming through. For a small fee it may be worth a gamble

        • TSS

          Doesn’t matter either way, I think there’d be a visa issue until he’s a regular in international side anyway. It’s one of the requirements for non-EU players from what I remember from when Robbie Rogers signed.

    • seanh1988

      just watched a few clips on you tube of rojas and looks quality commentators were saying hes prospect best A-League have ever had

  • Dave221982

    It’s always been the same at Leeds we sell a highly rated in form player for one that’s kinda ok ish then we drop further down the league. Looking at players like Blackstock doesn’t spell ambition to push for promotion, more like the same old shite Leeds fans have had to put up with for years!

  • DrD

    Has Blackstock scored more than Becchio? The new owners should be backing the club and we should be going after quality players like Cole, Lampard etc i.e. premier league players that would be willing to come and make a difference. Do we have a Bellamy? Nolan type of player. The players coming in have to be better than what we have got, we don’t need any more poor quality squad players. We need to spend £2-3M each on 2-3 players and give them £30+K salaries. Take the risk on and if we fail we sell them (but at least the youth players coming in have quality to learn from). We can’t be in the xxxx division any longer. Bates has slowly killed the club and we need re-suscitation asap by GFH before it is too late.

  • DrD

    I am sure there is GFH backing coming either before Saturday or week after. I don’t care about the hoofball if it takes us up, West ham played in the same manner last year and they are now concentrating on playing football. Problem is if we keep on getting dominated and gaining lucky wins here and there, it is not enough – and gates will keep dropping as no one wants to keep watching the sky for £28! with noy joy at the end. I keep on thinking we had a decent team three years ago which would now be in the premier league if we had the right management in place. I guess you will argue 3/4 of them already are playing top division football.

    • West Ham also had a very expensive team and players who were capable of playing that style of football. We’ve not really got a team that can play long ball for 90 minutes. Warnock doesn’t seem to know any other way of playing though so I expect him to stock up on tall strikers and defenders who can boot it 200 yards.

    • henrymouni

      “I don’t care about the hoofball if it takes us up”.

      It won’t takes us up as we don’t play it very well!
      West Ham had much better players than us, and pressed teams all over the pitch.
      It is vital that you ‘hoof’ the ball to your OWN players.
      If no one is free you ‘hoof’ the ball into touch well up the field, and press.
      You rain balls into the box with long accurate throws.
      You don’t waste free kicks and corners, as these are your main/only scoring opportunities.
      In short, our play gives ‘hoofball’ a worse name than it
      has already.

  • Yorkshirian

    Surely there are some good young players in League’s One and Two which wouldn’t command an exhorbitant wage, and would give us somethign to build on. Not journeymen, off-cuts and has-been’s.

  • Anyone else worried Blackstock may be a replacement for Becchio sale?

  • BelfastWhite

    Cole? Lampard? willing to come to Leeds? il have a few pint of whatever youre having, realistically we should be after Dunne ( who cant get on for Villa) Tim Cahill (american season over) and Billy Sharp. I would be happy to take Blackstock too

    • seanh1988

      totally agree with dunne by far better than tate and cahill could pull the strings from the midfield type of player we have been in dyer need of and don’t think we need a striker to be honest we just have not been giving them the service from the midfield as we dont have a midfield with the long ball style of play being favored by warnock???

    • henrymouni

      Dunne would be a good buy, if we could satisfy his wage demands.

  • CK marsden

    getting fed up with people wanting beckford back. he did well for us in league 1 but thats it. couldnt hack it in the premiership and done nothing at leicester or huddersfield. he is not championship quality and certainly not premiership quality. get some ambition and look at better strikers than a striker who couldnt wait to leave Leeds !!

    • TSS

      Disagree, he’s easily Champ quality. Just needs the right player alongside him. As for “not cutting it in the Prem”, he was in a piss-poor Everton side and ended up their top scorer. I’d have him back.

      • ck marsden

        Beckfords stats in championship – Leeds pld 10 scored 0 Leicester pld 43 scored 9. That is clearly not good scoring form for a class striker as u call him !!

        • TSS

          And how many of those appearances were as substitute? (Most of them)

        • Matthew

          He was playing under a manager that would swap and change when results didn’t go his way. Lose the game? You’re on the bench Son.

          He didn’t have the best of luck at Leicester in my opinion, he was constantly rotated with the other Strikers there.

  • Tumpsy

    Over the last few days I have repeatedly seen fans calling for Lampard, Arshavin, Cahill etc. Lets be realistic here, even if these players are out of contract, not playing etc. they wouldn’t come to us – and we certainly can’t afford their wages (or even a portion of them)!

    I’m all for premier league quality players but we are looking at fringe players – not international stars.

  • igiveup

    I mentioned Stephen McPhail & Simeon Jackson on here yesterday. This weekend was the one to spot players who aren’t appearing regularly for their clubs. Talk of Lees to Celtic & Clint Hill coming in, along with the Becchio/Blackstock rumours, is just down right depressing

  • kp

    I hope not for this sell Bechio 3m Byram 2.5m Lees 2m loan or buy cheap 30+ players to balance Uncle Kens old books Please tell me I am wrong or mad or !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • henrymouni

      Ken is still the Chairman, so who knows?

  • LeedsUtdMOT13

    Dexter Blackstock is a good player and also good in the air. However, I was thinking maybe Cameron Jerome from Stoke City who can play alongside Becchio or Mccormack meaning there will be more pace and strength within the team. He in my opinion would suit Leeds best..It’s just the price tag which could be annoying.

    Regards to Beckford, I don’t think he will come back because I reckon Huddersfield will want to hold him and try to get him at his best.

    Another rumour is about Max Gradel making a shock return from St.Etienne. He is an all round strong and fast player who could play next to Diouf or Green. This would also add a lot more confidence and strenght in the team.

    Lets just hope we get some good players this transfer window!!

  • Peter McGonzie

    Neil Warnock definitely needs to bring in fresh blood during the January trans-window. Leeds problem has been their defence, they concede far too many goals like confetti. Also, they cannot afford to start selling their best players (like Becchio as rumoured) willy-nilly. In doing this, will prolong their stay in the Championship.

    If they want to get back in the Premier League, they must buy players who can defend. They have better players in Leagues One and Two as well as the Non-League.

    Leeds needs hungry players to make a successful team. They also need players with quality as well as a squad with strength and depth. In my opinion, Mr. Warnock needs at least 8 new faces to give Leeds at least a fighting chance of promotion. If not this season but next.

  • Jd

    Wouldn’t it be nice if maybe just maybe for once we could say we’ve gone out and tried to sign a player we actually want, from a direct competitor who wants to keep him – we haven’t done this in ages. Warnocks been very open about the level of intent he expects and made ghis clear in the media. GFH have a golden opportunity here to publicly enforce their backing – for let’s face it a minimal fee. If they can’t pull this off forget about PL.

    • henrymouni

      Bates is still the Chairman.

  • Gibbo-lufc

    We do not need another striker and certainly not blackstock who is very lazy and not even as food as what we already have. We need to strengthen other areas first starting with the defence. If we can do this and get the right balls to our strikers Ross, somma, becchio and duoif will score plenty. MOT

  • Big Ern McCraken

    Whatever happened to nearly getting Mackail-Smith in the summer? Rhodes would’ve been good too. They’d have been great additions. I agree with those who say forget Lampard etc…it’s not 2001 and players of that quality won’t come to Leeds…yet. Let’s get back in the Premier league first. I’d love somebody like Lambert to come, but even thats a stretch.

  • Alex McLeish confirms no interest from Leeds in Blackstock whatsoever. Just more spurious bullshit from media outlets like The Sun, to get more hits on their website, and fill a few inches in their paper.
    Complete guesswork by the media. Again.