leeds fansNeil Warnock managed to ease some of the pressure on himself by beating Birmingham City in midweek to secure a 4th round date with Tottenham Hotspur in the FA Cup. However, it may well be a date Warnock misses if Leeds United fail to pick up a crucial 3 points against bottom of the table Bristol City.

Whites fans were left seething after a dismal defeat to Barnsley last week (themselves bottom of the table at the time), so much so that Neil Warnock was booed from the pitch as he exited to the side of 5,000 travelling Leeds United fans.

With many fans already considering alternative managers, anything less than a win would undoubtedly see further calls for Neil Warnock’s head and with GFH Capital desperately attempting to lure fans back to Elland Road, they may have little choice but to bow to the demands of their customers.

Bristol City are now under new management meaning the task ahead for Warnock is sure to be more difficult than he’d hoped. Sean O’Driscoll has proven himself to be a very capable manager, working miracles with a Doncaster Rovers side who hugely overachieved under his leadership.

Further compounding the pressure on Neil Warnock, this is Leeds United’s final game before the transfer window closes. Following Simon Grayson’s dismissal after the transfer deadline last season, fans will fear a repeat of the same situation – Warnock sacked after it’s too late for his replacement to make any changes.

It took 45 minutes for Leeds United to kick into gear, but there were some signs of improvement midweek. The second half saw hoofballs kept to a minimum and some more attractive passing play help us to overcome a 1-0 half-time deficit to win the match 1-2. It wasn’t quite olé football, but it was certainly better than what we’ve seen of late.

Our thanks as always to Kick-Off for providing us with this exclusive statistical preview.

Leeds United v Bristol City

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  1. Jumblatts

    I know its only for the home games, but the goal scorers tally is very worrying, bearing in mind warnocks comments on becchio ‘having his head turned’. Maybe if he played Mccormack in his actual position of a striker instead of a winger then he would start to show some of the 19goals he got last season

  2. JDC

    How many “make or break games” will he be given before GFH have the balls to say “enough is enough”. Hopefully they are already working in the background trying to persuade Nigel Adkins to take over from Sir Hoofball following his disgusting dismissal from Southampton … he’d probably be happy to commit himself to more than a single season.

  3. Rudy

    I have had enough of loud mouth Warnock, he has done nothing but disrupt the squad this transfer window and his football is terrible. I am not interested in results now, I just know Leeds will be better off once he has packed his bags or someone else has for him! Should never of sacked Grayson and Bates should of promoted Leeds to investors ages ago and in a positive way. Its been a wasted decade at this club… so much potential and its just been sold off. WARNOCK OUT!

  4. mrbigwheels

    Well I suggest we don’t play Becchio, be a brave man Neil, sell him, re-invest the money in CMS Neil and let some other football team pay his £35+k a week wage demands and then we’ll be able to get on with life. As for Adkins…. no problem he too is a promotion winner just like NW was, but GFHC will have to open the cheque book, bigtime, just like QPR and SOTON did to achieve their promotions. 13 days to go GFHC and you have signed very little off yet. Time for everyone to get real and stop the floaty rot.

      • mrbigwheels

        Matthew. I thought my wording was ok. It’s Becchio that wants that level of wage and Leeds won’t pay that. Ridiculous demands fueled by his agent. Apols for lack of clarity.

      • Matthew

        Your wording was fine lol. It was me being unclear, sorry.

        By the way, where does it say he wants 35k a week?, I haven’t heard of that, and if he did, I would show him the door myself. You could get Gradel back for less, even Snoddy lol

        Strikers come and go, but decent WIngers are a rare thing, we had 2 special ones at the club that easily could be bought back under the right conditions.

        Lets just assume he wants 35k a week, you could bank the money and buy CMS and give him 20k a week and make a million profit that could go on someone like Boyd.

      • spellz

        I totally agree with you Matthew about your striker statement, it annoys me so much that some of the talented wingers that Grayson assembled such as Gradel, Snodgrass just got shipped out under the Bates era.

        I even rated Leeds born Lloyd sam when he came from Charlton he put in some strong performances (a bit injury prone) but never the less talented.

        That is the thing Grayson bought smartly and managed very well considering eboneezer scrooge was who supplied him with funds, yet under scrooges era we sold alot of talent including skipper at the time Howson and all of the above.

        Now you have NW bringing in all of his past rejects to the club and securing the loans to permanent deals I just don’t see with 2 weeks left of the window just how we will be moving forward from here,

        WE NEED RE-ENFORCEMENTS, I do feel we need a new Boss at this club aswell who can organise a team of players to play the beautiful game does Warnock think he is managing the rhinos or what? our style of football right now is rugby.

    • Paddy

      Are u for real? 1st off when has becchio (or any other Leeds player in the last 7years) earned 35 grand + a week? 2nd when has he asked for it? 3rd what good is selling your best player? 4th what good is selling your top scorer? 5th why would we want to replace him with CMS who becchio out scores every season? And finally it’s nothing to do with warnock getting CMS if GFHC were serious surely they’d stump up the £3 million to have them both at the club?

      • mrbigwheels

        Paddy. I’m feeling fine. Thank you.
        2.December ’12
        3. No Hoofball.
        4. Leeds don’t want to sell him.
        5 Buy CMS, play ‘em together.
        Finally =…. No budget. If they have …sure NW would love to know about it.


  5. kev raunds

    Adkins would probably do a job in the championship,dont think ne is quite so good in prem,not a long term solution for me.Need someone with proven record at the prem level.

    • Jumblatts

      but who with a proven record in the prem would ever want to come and manage us with the current state of affairs? (mainly no apparent funding). adkins would be a good bet in my opinion, he plays nice football and he hasnt done badly with southampton, and he would be a long term prospect(if given the time needed to biuld and develop a team), which would give players and fans some security, unlike at the moment when no one knows whats going to happen

  6. Matthew

    This game won’t be Warnocks last, I personally would be looking at Cardiff on Feb 2nd if anything was going to happen. Bristol are pretty crap and hoofball would win against them anyway.

    I’m 100 percent certain we’l get 3 points tommorow.

  7. DrD

    if becchio goes it is because GFH have no cash or ambition and the nightmare continues. Warnock should have been fired after Barnsley, his here until June now unless a miracle happens and we start playing football with 2-3 quality signings, playoffs and promotion….dream on..

  8. mrbigwheels

    Well there you have it. We beat the poorest team in the league very poorly. It’s certainly not a make and the break day will be Cardiff. No doubt a different team will play better at home against Spurs.

    Several things to mind.

    1. I think the coaching team are missing Keith Curle
    2.Warnock needs to take some responsibility and stop bullshitting for his own failings, and I’ve bloody well known him for twenty years.
    3.The Players need to take some responsibility
    4.When Warnock says Shaun H is working hard…. I think he means trying to get some money out of GFHC.
    5. We will be where we are at the end of the season because we can’t play the opposition off the park at Home so there is no chance of winning away. We don’t get behind teams enough to score the goals.
    6. Warnock needs to declare NOW… How long he’s staying. This is VITAL.
    7. If GFHC want to get the fans back… Start playing some football, even if we lose.
    8. Stop boycotting the Club… or there won’t be one.


  9. PMH

    Have to say that I am not jumping on the “Warnock out” bandwagon. This last week has seen managers fired for no good reason. In fact, managers are fired much more often than is reasonable or helpful to teams. Here are my main arguments:

    1. All teams go through ups and downs. It doesn’t matter who the manager is. Panicking when you have a bad run is a big mistake.

    2. Firing a manager can give a quick boost to a team down in the dumps, but it can just as easily disrupt a team. Southampton?

    3. Warnock is a very experienced manager who hasn’t suddenly become a bad manager. Those of who you expect a quick fix, well, you are in the wrong business.

    4. Leeds United 2013 edition is a very new team, The idea that you can put a few new faces in the line-up and get instant results is absurd. Good teams take time to gel. Liverpool are coming on and had a big win today, But haven’t they looked mediocre for a long time.

    5. Great managers can’t be bought in Tesco. If you are going to change personnel you need to be sure there is a better candidate out there. And the candidate has to want to manage your team. My sense is that there are a lot of average to poor managerial candidates potentially available. They would be no better than Warnock, probably worse.

    6. For Leeds, changing managers right now is irrelevant. The next step is to build a Premiership caliber team. That wasn’t ever going to happen in the January transfer window, now was it? The current team might have a long shot at play-offs. But realistically, this is not close to being a premiership team.

    7. If Warnock is preparing for retirement, then some succession planning could be done right now. Leeds will need to find a smart and dynamic manager and make a long term commitment. Developing this team is not a month by month proposition, it is a year by year effort.

    Yeah, I know how frustrating it is to be a Leeds fan and to be always waiting for something that never happens. But, the new investment is not going to yield instant results. To sum up. Firing Warnock would be a panic measure that would not help the long term prospects of Leeds United.


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