Barnsley away (1)Once more I embarked on a 400 mile journey to watch Leeds United, this time against our bogey side Barnsley, having seen us lose 4-1 at Oakwell last season, nothing could be worse, right?

Arriving in Barnsley revoked memories of much seen footage of miners strikes from the 70’s and 80’s, Thatcher’s Britain left unchanged, the land that time forgot, an industrial town still tainted with the old industrial way, forgotten by Governments old and new. In basic terms, Barnsley is not the most elegant area of England.

The beers and optimism however were flowing. Drinking in a hangar type building that was reminiscent of the American evacuation centres after the New Orleans floods was a bizarre situation that most Leeds fans discussed over a pint. The Metrodome, as it is called, were surely thankful for a pleasant pre-match drinking atmosphere that the travelling army composed. Chatting to many fans it was clear that only victory would befit this game, Barnsley were rock bottom, managerless, and hadn’t won at home since September 1st 2012. “We will give them a good hiding” spoke one regular traveller.

So onward to Oakwell, walking down past the terraced social housing that Barnsley has in abundance. The line up included Ross Barkley who signed this week, and Micheal Tonge another new addition. The midfield looked quite strong, Tonge back to distribute across the park and Barkley’s pace would add to the holding Austin and playmaker Norris. The game kicked off in the normal manner Leeds are accustom to, the hoofball tactic employed from the off, the midfield that looked so strong played out of the game by their own team mates.

The first half was was largely forgettable for Leeds, Barnsley carved out the only chances, with Marlon Harewood a constant nuisance upfront hitting the post and going close on a few occasions, the ever present Perkins dominated the middle of the park for the Tykes, raising his game once more against Leeds to make a mockery of our central midfield. Barnsley were dominant all half, the Leeds fans were dissident whilst still being as supportive as possible despite the awful performance. Half time approached and Barnsley asserted their domination once more, Kenny making some good saves to keep Leeds in the game. Most would have believed it to be Leeds bottom, not Barnsley. On the half time whistle a rare occurrence erupted, the fans booed the players from the pitch, not half heartedly, but full blooded booing, aimed at Warnock and the players, a first half summed up by the chants of the fans.

Warnock clearly knew his errors, taking off El-Hadji Diouf and David Norris for Ross McCormack and Paul Green. The second half started much better for Leeds, it is worth giving credit to Ross Barkley as his performance was one of the only bright sparks on a dreary day for Leeds, his eccentricity lighting up the Leeds midfield and posing a constant problem for Barnsley to deal with, on 57 minutes he almost gave Leeds an undeserved lead, smashing a shot past Steele only to see it thunder against the underside of the crossbar and away. Leeds were coming back into the game, and it was sods law that on 62 minuted Sam Byram needlessly took down Chris Dagnall in the box. The referee rightly pointed to the spot and Dagnall took his chance to send the Tykes ahead, it was, in fairness deserved.

Much like the games against Forest, Hull and Derby, it was only a matter of time before Leeds conceded again, to concede one for Leeds means almost definitely a second will follow within moments. Panic ensues and Leeds fall apart, it was not a surprise then when Dagnall slotted the ball home two minutes after the penalty to effectively end the game as a contest. The Leeds faithful were furious, and rightly so. Nothing more was created, barely a shot, not one on target. Dismal is an understatement. For the first time ever, the fans chanted ‘Warnock, time to go’ I for one did not participate at first, but the more I think about it, the more I sympathise, and agree with the MAJORITY, not the minority that Colin believes have lost trust, of supporters. The man is deluded, nothing in the game changed, Peltier was once more completely useless at left back, the criticism of him in this position is harsh, even a blind, deaf and dumb chimpanzee could see this.

So the game ended 2-0. Another away defeat at Barnsley. I remember a similar experience last year, the Anti-Grayson movement was in full force then after the horrendous 4-1 loss. But this was worse, Barnsley were 3 points in the bag before kick off. Any team aspiring to promotion cannot afford to lose to these teams, yet we did, and the Leeds fans were venomous in their response. Loud ‘Warnock out’ chants ensued, only Byram, Barkley, McCormack and Becchio cheered off. Peltier received a volley of abuse, and Warnock received a spine tingling amount of insult from a beaten set of fans. The message of the many was simple, a new start is needed.

I never mention managers, and as my co-writer mentioned in his article yesterday, It isn’t a position I take lightly. But I will echo his words, we have played a brand of football that is not fit for the team we have. The midfield would be marvellous, as we have seen against Huddersfield and Crystal Palace, if they got the ball. Neil Warnock is a very successful manager, no one can dispute that, but he has seemingly run out of ideas. He lacks the ability to change a game the majority of time, players are being played out of position at the risk of all the team, Peltier has proved an uninspiring choice of Captain for the fans, and now he seems to be falling out with fans’ favourite Becchio. It is easy to pick faults with managers, much easier than praising them, as my friend said to me yesterday, but the whole situation seems a bit of a joke to the man. He is playing the wrong type of football, we have ridden our luck too often. For me, he needs to change, or we need to change him.

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  1. a tobytyke

    I really do not appreciate your ridiculous, sarcastic, prehistoric and incredibly jaundice view of Barnsley as a town. Such stereo typical views should remain where they belong, in history. It is a pity that you cannot separate your disappointment at being completely outplayed at a football match, from your clear and somewhat stupid social observations of Barnsley as a town.

    Comment on football if you wish. Please keep your ignorance and arrogant views of the town to yourself.

    • TSS

      I thought his description of Barnsley was incredibly accurate myself, it’s like stepping back in time 50 years.

      • Mr A Scab

        “It’s like going back 50 years”. Sounds like you’re describing Warnock’s unique brand of ani-football.

      • Irving08

        If 50 years, then it could not have been as Adam described it. Miners were then the elite of the industrial work force and their money alone made towns like Barnsley good places to live. I cannot comment on today – my last Barnsley match away was in 1985 and my main recollection is of a hammering, tempered by a friendly pint or two in what seemed to be their ‘executive’ bar. Certainly no change there.
        However, I do know that regeneration, whilst uneven, has not left the Barnsley area unchanged since Thatcher’s day. Grimethorpe, which is in the Barnsley local authority is unrecognisable from the place it was after the pit closed down. And one thing the area has retained is wonderful music-making by people of all ages. I refer of course to one of the glories bequeathed us by industrial England, brass bands.
        So, Adam, why not take in a concert with a home match next time you’re up ? Leeds City Council runs a splendid and well supported programme during the season. There could be votes in brass bands.
        Yes, I too found Adam’s reportage, if harmless, a little patronising.

  2. Adam Geary

    I’m sorry you feel this way about my views, but I took a lengthy walk around the center, as I have done in the past, and see no reason to think otherwise. If you leave Barnsley and head to another area of England, you’ll realise electricity is the future.

  3. andy g

    I’m a Leeds supporter and I also found your piece patronizing. Stick to the football mate, we’re not interested in your bigoted Tory social opinions.

    • Adam Geary

      I grew up in Bradford, and moved to London. My opinions are based on fact. the place is awful. I also work for Labour and will be lobbying to get spending in the area. Trust me on that!
      I also note that Barnsley were dominant on numerous occasions.

      • andy g

        Ok I apologize then, I should have said bigoted Blairite social opinions.

      • Matthew

        Hahaha. Getting all bent out of shape for no reason there Andy, I’m wondering if you actually are a Leeds Supporter, I’m guessing a Barnsley one judging by your reaction. You clearly missed the humour in this guys article.

        That said, there’s not many Barnsley fans around online, you number less than the Hull ones, though if anything had this article been about Hull, some of the reactions would of been more hilarious.

        Hope Scratchingshed comes up with a decent Hull article next season, perhaps speaking about the area and club. We’re both are going to be in the Championship for the 2013/2014 season so let’s have something amusing to read prior to the games.

      • Rohipnol Ron

        well that’s a real feather in thi cap init, grew up in a shitoil, moved to a shitoil, support a shitoil. Barnsley is 60% rural, unlike Bratfud or that London.

      • Joe D

        Have you ever been to London mate? Having been to both I can say it’s a bit nicer than barnsley. More restaurants and Museums and that.

  4. Exiled Rover

    Stick to football guys, plenty of grim places in Leeds too including the one I grew up in. Just because they keep playing us off the park doesn’t give you the right to take cheap shots at the area, Are you a southerner by any chance as that would explain it.

    • adam geary

      I also grew up in equally grim surroundings, this is no cheap shot, just a detailed analysis of a neglected corner of south Yorkshire.
      I live in London now and will be telling the truth about most places I visit, if you read other away articles you will note that I describe areas as I find them fit, Millwall = terrible. Hull = woeful. Nottingham = Quite Nice. Huddersfield = average

      No place is singled out for abuse.

      • Irving08

        Sorry Adam, it was the absence of detail that grated a bit. And, son, it’s people, not facilities that make a place. Rise above all this ‘crap town’ stuff.

  5. Old goat

    Yeah well the joys of Barnsley aside, next weekend we’ve got Bristol City – their replacements at the bottom of the league. What’s more they haven’t a manager either, so they’ll probably be playing out of their skins. Fills you with confidence, doesn’t it?
    Mind you we’ve been doing this for some time – bottling it against anybody in the bottom three or four.

    • Irving08

      And they have speed lighting on the right wing. Pelts could do without that, I bet.

    • Mr A. Scab

      Hey, there’s nowt wrong with Costa Del Holbeck. Where else other than Sweet Street can you get a blow job for a fiver?

      • Mr A Scab

        Ps. Don’t forget Holbeck is also to a pub owned by a certain Leeds united director. Anybody who has drank an Lorimer’s dump would admit its a really classy establishment.

  6. Ron

    Bottom line is that a team has to beat bottom half teams at least, let alone the bottom three if they are any chance of going up. This was unacceptable. I still can’t believe Ross McCormack was the form striker of the division and now he’s a bench warmer. A smart club in this division would bid for him as Warnock has spooned it. Very sad day and yet another on the Leeds rollercoaster.

  7. Denbola

    Bigoted, left Bradford to live in London. Do Labour know they have Eric Pickles in their midst?

  8. Sweet Alisha

    This is hilarious! Yay controversial!

    Not sure Barnsley being a slum is relevant to the nature of the match, did it
    depress the Leeds side so much they couldn’t play football? Or are they just not very good at football?

    I’ve got to agree Barnsley is a total dump! We really don’t need telling though! Sadly I do live here guys but it’s the ties that bind. However, you forget that Labour didn’t exactly do anything for Barnsley in their previous term, which was not that long ago! Most notably, and these are just a few, they did manage to exacerbate social inequality, increase unemployment amongst the young and create an underclass of ‘kids’ who spend my income tax on clothes in Primani for themselves and their legion of even younger kids!

  9. Virgil Hilts

    I’m thinking of taking a mini-break in Little London, Chapletown, or Seacroft. Which would you suggest? Belle Isle sounds lovely also, I am really spoilt for choice.

    Your team were appalling by the way, truly shocking.

  10. Andy I

    Barnsley’s a s-hole.. but it’s our home. Stop complaining about these foreigners from Leeds not liking it :)
    Think the writer is correct about those “Dirties” – some good players but some terrible tactics. But what let them down is that they had no fight, no passion, no toughness. Barnsley showed it for once and that is what won the game. Those matches aren’t about skill or long-ball, it’s all about passion and even Harewood showed that.
    Would love to wish Leeds luck, but I’d be lying :) Nice article though.

  11. Matthew

    Anyway purely from a Footballing standpoint, we need like 11-12 more wins to even think about the playoffs, lets just assume we get those, that would have us on 74 points with 39 games played, with 7 more left to go.

    Thing is we’re absolutely awful at the moment and I don’t see where those wins will come from, but purely from a mathematical standpoint, we’re not 100 percent out of the playoff chances, just very very very very very(Emphasis) on very unlikely to make it, unless something changes, or if we get a new manager. We could afford to lose 7 more games if we win 12 games to bring the total up to 74 points.

    If GFH, specifically Haigh and Patel want a shot at the playoffs this season, they should get rid of Warnock this week and install someone new ASAP literally within the week and support them with transfers and give it a go.

  12. Barnsley Lad

    Shame that your artical was spoiled by taking a cheap swipe at the area. I assume this is because you were embarrassed on the pitch. In my job I travel to quite a few places and I can assure the london dwelling artical writer that most places are of a simlair standard with the exception of a few places. Leeds isn’t nice and most of London is a shit hole.


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