Elland RoadA heartfelt letter posted on the Leeds United forum WACCOE last night struck so many of the right chords with me, I decided to republish it here. Many thanks to WACCOE user Lebowski for allowing us to do so. 

I have recently reached the age of 51, I have been watching Leeds United for  well over 40 of those years, I am young at heart, fit for my age. However, standing there at Oakwell today with almost 5,000 fellow sufferers watching that pathetic display made me feel every minute of my age.

During the time I have watched Leeds I have been extremely lucky to see them win the FA cup at Wembley, be the Champions of England on more than one occasion and buccaneer their way through numerous European campaigns.

I was there when we lost to Sunderland in ’73 (My home town at the time, hard to survive that as a LUFC fan) I was there when we lost to Valencia to a Mendietta inspired team, there when we were relegated at West Brom, there when we were relegated at Bolton, there when we went down to the third division at home against Ipswich… the point is, I have seen both Great and Dark days as a Leeds fan and learned to live with both, I have learned to roll with the punches.

I have had a season ticket at Elland Road since 1989, before that you just paid your money into the Kop and turned up every week, no season ticket required. I have loved this football club sometimes to the detriment of my career and health. Away game midweek ? **** it I’m going , I’ll catch up on the sleep later. No train back ? **** it I’ll sleep on the station. Whatever it took I would justify it to myself and still go, distance, time, cost, no object.  My childhood memories are of me and my late Father enjoying wonderful times watching a wonderful football team. Billy Bremner my hero.

I don’t regret a minute of it. And you know what ? I am absolutely one of a huge amount of people who could say exactly the same thing. That is what is so great about our club, people love to knock us, but they would love to be like us and have what we have. But they never will.

How many football clubs could command a following like ours ? After so many kicks in the balls ? After so many false dawns ? After so many disappointments ? After so many insults from within and without ? Very, very few.

Leeds United truly are one of the few sleeping giants left in world football, our potential has remained untapped due only to a lack of people with integrity, vision and ambition at the top. Leeds United could be one of the major players in Europe, and no I am not deluded, its a fact.

When Neil Warnock was appointed manager of our club I was convinced that such an appointment was a step in the right direction , if only because I believed that investment in the team must surely follow. My logic being that why on earth was he going to come otherwise ?

Lets face it, it hasn’t worked out, I sympathise with the fact that Neil wasn’t backed like he was led to believe he would be, unfair in anyones book.

I listened when Neil said that, at the back end of last season when we were cannon fodder to the mediocre, we weren’t his side, when we got to next season we would see his side, a team to be proud of, never again would we be there for the taking like that rabble, oh No!

So, once again this summer the venerable Shaun Harvey presided over yet another disastrous transfer window (we have yet to experience any other type with Shaun in the mix. Lets not mention contract renewals either) you had to sympathise with Neil again, it looked like he had been led up the the garden path, only to meet the ghostly apparition of cigar smoking Jimmy Saville brandishing a big jar of Vaseline. Jingle Jangle.

Players like White and McCormack,  who he had publicly deemed surplus to requirements, were suddenly talked up as key players in the Warnock Leeds United.

Sympathy existed in abundance for Neil, until he stated that he was quite happy with what he had… this was his team.

Then we lost 6-1 at home to the mighty Watford and we needed reinforcements, he couldn’t wait for January to arrive, we’d see a new Leeds United, you wait and see.

Neil, its January, You have provided a team lacking in pace, power, youth, vibrance,  determination, ability, charisma or, not to put too fine a point on it, any form of organisation or a plan.

Your selection of Lee Peltier, amongst others, first as a footballer and secondly as a captain has been a cataclysmic error which you have stubbornly compounded by persevering with him.

Mine is no knee jerk reaction, YOUR Leeds United has been routinely outplayed by almost every opponent in a division which is generally accepted to be, a poor level of football.

Whilst your assistant is touting our best players to the highest bidder you are deflecting attention from yourself by blaming referees and telling us that Becchio’s head is being turned. Neil, its supposed to be your job to unturn it, you and your assistants. Instead we get negativity and double talk, Snake Oil !!

The performance today was unacceptable. Just like last season at Barnsley, at least Simon Grayson had the good grace to admit it. When you were walking off the pitch today, no, you didn’t imagine it, those boos were for you.

It takes a spectacular failure to turn these fans against you and you have achieved it.

From this little corner of Garforth the message is… Neil, thanks, but it is time to go.

To Mr Patel and Mr Haigh our club needs a top calibre manager who is capable of a root and branch assessment of our  club, someone with a long term plan, which incorporates a vibrant academy and a strong scouting system , not just relying on Ken Bates mate Mr Williams.

GFHC, forget this season, plan for the future, starting today. MOT.

  • Supertrousers

    This is an excellent open letter – heartfelt and reflects the feeling amongst fans. Messrs Patel and Haigh, you wanted to re-engage with fans. Here’s your opportunity or you’ll be looking at home crowds of 17000 by the end of the season…

    • Alan

      I like your confidence that 17000 will still attend…..I would have thought 10000 would be nearer the mark.

  • Stixofhartlepoolwhites

    what a great letter, hit the nail right on the head on every point made ! M.O.T.

  • mot

    well said ,we need to rip up warnocks blue print, and start again, no more long ball football, ,mot

  • Griff

    Couldn’t agree more with this letter. I’m also 51 and have followed Leeds all my life. The brand of anti-football we are seeing at the moment will not work in this division or, to be honest, in any division. It’s time for a change.

  • musicman

    Agreed, this season is as good as over. I’ve never enjoyed watching Leeds compete in the playoffs, even if we did scrape in I don’t see light at the end of the tunnel.

    I respect Neil Warnock for his track record; sadly this seems to be a track record with a poor final addition – a nothing season at Elland Road. I grew up watching Leeds play under O’leary and then just about every other manager in England. For me, the most exciting thing about being a Leeds fan has been the sort of football we play. Sure, we can sometimes be guilty of niggly passages of play where we’d rather take out the opposition than win the ball, but that has always been countered by a team who have looked like there is some sort of expectancy going forward. That’s just the problem this season and with this team; no expectancy. They don’t look like they think they can score, even against Barnsley.

    Where is the flair? Why are we employing so many journeymen? That being said, Brown has looked one of the most energetic players lately…

    I want to see Leeds play football again, not hoofball. It’s like watching a team with 11 Subbuteo players – stationary and lifeless.

    I’d go as far as fielding Poleon at the moment; at least he can run for more than 10 seconds.

    I’d also like to point out the lack of any closing down in any sector of the pitch. Every other Championship team has closed us down this year, yet we persist with standing-off, to the point at which players like Harewood can make up 40 yards by running in a straight line. It’s not bloody rocket-science is it? Let’s play some positive football, even if we lose I’d be proud to say that I’m a Leeds fan. At the moment I don’t feel proud of the football we play.

    • pebbs320

      Its not over if we get new manager and/or good si gning were like 3-4 points off the play offs..

  • big hoss

    A great letter that sums up the sorry state of affairs that is now leeds united.
    The time for change is now before once sgain its to late .

  • Superb letter. Especially struck me when talking about his father and strong memories with him. What kind of memories do todays sons and daughters get from watching this pile of shit? Our ranks are getting thinner by the day. My worst fears for my beloved club is not where we stand today, but were we are in 10-15 years. If this continues, and the younger generation is not included and entertained with their fathers then we really become our worst fears. A tinpot club, and just an echo of a once great club in Yorkshire.

    • Rha

      Just so true, kids in our Leeds estate hardly wear a Leeds shirt, but yet are not encouraged to go to games. The entire top tier of the east stand should be given to lads/dads, never know they might then buy a shirt, a pie, but more importantly at 16 might want to go buy a season ticket, and then at 30 take their sons. My son I’m embarrassed to say would rather watch man city.

      • WoodyUK

        We live 200 miles away and thankfully both my kids support Leeds but refuse to even watch them on the box let alone travel up with me to watch them at Elland Road. My son who is 18 now said just before Christmas “it’s too painfull to watch Dad, keep your money in your wallet and don;t waste it on a ticket for me I’d rather watch my cousin play Saturday Pub League for free than watch Leeds play the same style football and pay a fortune for it” – strangely only 2 years ago we were in a similar position to now and it was the highlight of his month to travel up North to watch the mighty Leeds with Howson, Snodgrass, Gradel and Johnson in our engine room.

        • bigal

          Funny, my boys feel the same and can’t watch when we’re on tv or listen with me on the internet. I’m 250 miles away!

    • BlameitonVarney

      I hate my dad for getting me addicted to this joke of a football club :-( id be rich happy and would got out on a saturday night whether leeds win or not :-

      • norfolkwhite

        Sadly, this strikes a chord. I have done the same thing to my own son, shackled him to a lifetime of the same heartache I have endured. But at least I like the writer of the article, have seen the glory days. All he has seen is promotion from the third division! It breaks my heart. MOT.

        • Leeds4alongtime

          I am Leeds through and through, I care not that my kids support another ‘united’ that is their problem, not mine…..
          My best memory was watching Vinny Jones score ‘that goal’ and nobody will ever take that away. The Strachan goal that followed was history…
          We are LEEDS and always will be, lets just hope that we can get rid of Bates, and Warnock, and get back where we should be……

        • BlameitonVarney

          Norfolkwhite your son if like me has only seen the poor leeds united i wouldn’t worry that means you brought him up right :) i dont really hate my dad for it i absolutely love it no other football club comes close :)

    • Leeds’s fan boy

      I’m a 14 years old boy from Norway who is a big leeds fan! My dad is a leeds supporter to and he told me all this storys about leeds being in premier league and being the best. so I started cheering for them, but sice everybody in my class cheer for ManU, it has not been easy and I have been teased alot. But I have not given up my hope, and It because of the fantastic fans I am proud to say that Im a leedsfan for my friends. My good memories is when leeds got up to champoionsship and when they had beaten ManU in the FA cup. And of course the maches dad brought me to. So what im trying to sai is that we will have to be optimistic and look forward in a bright way. Yes, we are maybe in the middle of a downhill. yes, maybe Warnock is not perfect. But in the end i bet we will succseed. With fans like us it just can’t fail. I just hope that my kids will have better memories from the club than i have had.


      • Leeds4alongtime

        Hold on to the dream…..

  • tony

    I’m sure most Leeds fans would agree with the sentiments of the letter. I would get our on loan players( Zac Thmpson, Robbie Rogers et al) back to the club and put them in the team. We might not win too many games to the end of the season but we’ll be giving precious experience to those players for playing for Leeds. Lets forget about going up this season and plan for the future. Lets have Warnock out and a new man in with a fresh perspective. Warnock is a dinosaur with prehistoric ideas on playing football.
    Why is it that our best performances are when we play in the Cup competitions against far superior opposition. Even against Chelsea we ended up with a hammering but we were a handful for an hour or so.
    The GFH feel good bubble has burst too soon. Time for someone with balls to make a major decision on on who is going to manage our team

  • Rick

    I believe warnock knows he is retiring at end of the season and from a poor start he now doesn’t give a monkeys testicle about promotion , there are players out there who we can get ( Darren bent) who doesn’t mind running come on warnock grow a pair

    • meadhere

      Darren Bent? why would he come Leeds? who is going to pay his wages? Nut case

  • David Smith

    I too have been down the same path as you and had the same amount of years and ups and downs, I was excited and believed NW when he said how things would be under his guidance. I was so glad when we appointed him but watched with you yesterday in horror when my team failed, for the first time in my 40+ years of watching them, failed to win a single corner kick!

  • ErniW

    Great letter mirroring the feelings of thousands. I have travelled from all parts of the country and even from abroad to watch Leeds United. I am a season tickets holder (as is my son and grandson) and Saturday is my birthday. I am so disillusioned with the standard of football we are playing that I have decided to have a weekend away instead of taking my seat at Elland Road . I cannot remember ever feeling this way before and missing a home game for such a reason. Time for a DRASTIC reappraisal.

  • ErniW

    Great letter mirroring the feelings of thousands. I have travelled from all parts of the country and even from abroad to watch Leeds United. I am a season tickets holder (as is my son and grandson) and Saturday is my birthday. I am so disillusioned with the standard of football we are playing that I have decided to have a weekend away instead of taking my seat at Elland Road . I cannot remember ever feeling this way before and missing a home game for such a reason. Time for a DRASTIC reappraisal.

  • Keith

    Will anyone listen to the comments made in that letter ? Where is there ANY sign of spirit at Leeds nowadays ? Warnock has no substance to him.Where is the challenge and support from the Yorkshire Evening Post ? Is there ANYONE to turn to ?.Where is L.U.S.T NOW ? colin HAS no self esteem otherwise he would walk !


    • mikelufc

      What the writer of the excellent letter forgot to mention is the utterly toothless and pointless supporters organisations including the recently formed LUST which everyone who signed up should demand new management and some ball growing excercises or tell the3m to effoff.

  • Lufc1979ish

    I’m glad the fans have finally woken up and found their voice. Too long has this club made the wrong decisions, and found that time after time that niggling doubt at the back of our minds always seems to come to the fore and the slightest light at the end of the tunnel always gets extinguished. Coming up from league 1 with a good side that needed one or two additions to get us into the premier and then selling off our best players being a prime example of what I am talking about.

    We need a fresh start starting today. A good manager who knows how football is meant to played on the floor and backing from the chairman. Enough is enough. Us Leeds fans are the best in the world, we just want a club to be proud of. We’re not asking for much.

  • Macca in Cornwall

    Top top message to those who seem to be deluded that we,Leeds United are on the up.We have been on a downward spiral since the introduction of Denis Wise. Gus Poyet is the only man who can take this fantastic club forward.Why is it that average teams seem to be able to play us off the park almost every game. why are we buying average players like Ryan Hall and why is it we can’t find anyone with PACE.

  • Mikep

    If we do not make the top 6 this season my season ticket is going in the bin

  • shuz0203

    Well said on behalf of thousands !

  • James

    Is it time to go? I don’t see any other option at moment other than keeping him. Who could take his place? And how much is it going to cost to get shut of him!?
    11th in the leauge, 5 points from the play offs. I just hope we can wing it till the end of the season. let’s face it we’ve maybe had 5 6 good leauge games and are lucky to be where we are. I’m keeping the faith and waiting to the end of the January transfer. MOT MOT MOT

    • Scott

      I like your optimism, I used to have the same. Not any more though, nothing changes. same shit different owners.


    great post, ive followed leeds since 1967 queued to pay at the gate, been a season ticket holder for years , introduced my sons and grandsons to this great club. but ive never felt as low as i did at Oakwell yesterday.We were pathetic ,and given a lesson in pass and move from a team languishing at the foot of the division, even the mascot was taking the piss. something has to change and fast, and the change should start with the manager.

  • Steve H.

    Great letter. I have supported the club for 50 years and I have the same memories with my Dad. I still feel the crushing disappointments and injustices, but that binds us together and makes us unique. We now need to build for the next 10 years so that when (not if) we go up, we can not just survive, but prosper. Our fans will not settle for mid-table mediocrity.

  • steb

    i’m sick of it now..no bleeding transparency at all…………….pure utter shite.

  • Val

    I agree with every word, yesterday I felt everyone of my 65 years stood there watching a side no better a kids football team. Please do something quickly or the away supporters will drop as well as the home support .

  • Exiled White

    Let’s hope that the powers that be take note of the contents in the letter. We need to go forward, not back and under warnock, going forward will not happen.

  • Markovitch

    Great letter – I’m 51 too, it felt like I had written the post, echoes my feelings 100 percent. The silence from GFH is deafening which is very worrying. Mark,Leeds 16

  • leedsnomore

    Yeah.. couldn’t agree more. 40 years following Leeds but I have had enough now, it is just so below average. A real quality manager is needed. We can’t even motivate the players to go and battle a derby. We still have the same problems, can’t beat local opposition, win a few lose a few, can’t win Tuesday nights (one or two exceptions of recent), can’t win when kick offs are moved to different times, every team is now our bogey team! A new manager is needed and it must be a world figure not a ‘turn up and see manager’. Some of the managerial decisions have been nothing short of pathetic!!

  • Speedy

    Totally agree with this. I can accept playing poorly now and again but every week we have either scrapped a win or outplayed.

  • deslondon

    It’s the way we keep getting beat. No passion, no fight, no confidence, no skill.

    A shadow of what we should be.

    The football spoiled what would have been a great day out which started in Never WMC in Hoyland.

    Glad i left those heated up pork pies alone though.

  • WoodyUK

    Sent a very similar letter to this one (but not as beautifully written) to weareleeds@gfh-capital.com just after Christmas though no acknowledgement of receipt or reply from them of course. It’s not the lack of major investment that drives me mad it’s the appalling quality and style of play with the players we have on hand that drives me mad.40 years of supporting this club and seldom have I seen a more Sunday league style of football that should have been disgarded to the compost bin 2 years ago – the players that Warnock can pick from are better than this. Drury is a good quality left back with bags of experience, Peltier is a nightmare at left back but is a decent right back, Byram is a better right back but also can play right flank better than any of our current players (Green turns it on sporadically but not consistantly) – it’s not rocket science what needs to happen and I’ve never managed a club in my life. Lees makes the occassional gaff but he stands head and shoulders over Tate or Pearce. What in God’s name has McCormack done to rile Warnock, for half a season he whined we were missing Mac but now he won;t play one of the few players that can unlock defences in our team. Varney, Hall, Thomas can all play left wing but none are as effective as Diouf. Mix and match centre midfield – in Green, Norris, Austin and Tonge you should be able to perm 2 that work every week. Lastly don’t blame the one player that has shown absolute loyalty to the club and delivered season after season for us for the rest of the team’s woeful performance – if you create chances for him he delivers, if you can;t stick the ball in the box or generate a single corner it’s not his fault so stop expecting him to win every header in your insane game of hoofball and start getting the ball on the floor, down the flanks and into the channels.

  • spellz

    If I could have voted up on this article I would have as I am sure the majority of fans would have too, very detailed and his points all justified, I have been defending NW for some time now as I believe he was the man to take us forward and I don’t jump on no bandwagons I say my opinion always without the influence of any others thoughts, I now know he needs to go immediately, woeful and shocking football is honestly our downfall at the moment you can only look at the manager for his bizarre team selections and his dormant tactic.

    I genuinely feels he dont give 2 shitz about this club and can’t wait to succumb to his retirement, also everyone believes Grayson was the man to take us forward I am not too sure about that either but he would have done alot better than this arrogant mis-managed prick, NW I have given my support to ya but our performance at manager-less bottom of the table Barnsley was a rude awkening, do yourself a favour and hand in your resignation today or listen week in week out to a chorous of boos from very unsettled unimpressed unhappy Leeds fans. MOT.

  • Andy F selby

    Great letter, lets hope GFH read it, …….Poleon, Thompson, Dawson, Tayor twins to mention a few these lad wnt let us down !!!!

    • BlameitonVarney

      Neil told Chris Dawson to stop playing passin football n to just get it in the box can you believe that

      • henrymouni

        To be fair to NW he was referring to ‘one pass too many’ when he had men in the box and an opportunity to cross it in.

  • D.Dean

    I was in the scratching shed from the start, at Wembley in 1965 and I can only blame the owners of the club for not providing the promised tools for Warnock to try and get promotion. We will never know now if he did fail. No point staying on, he doesn’t have a chance and without money neither does anyone else. With the obvious lack of investment we are doomed to being the team we were when I started watching in 1961. We were even down to 11,000 against Birmingham, the norm in the pre-Revie era. TOMA

  • Andy R

    An excellent letter that speaks for the majority of fans I guess. Why are we week in week out always worse than every team we play!! However badly a team has been playing all season or how low they are in the league they usually outplay & often go on to beat Leeds.
    How can Barnsley, without a Manager, having sold their best player, bottom of the league 1 win in 15 games or something completely dominate a game where we can’t even summon up any corners or a shot on target?
    Neil Warnock reckons a couple of signings will sort us out!!!!! I don’t think that will work even if they are Messi & Ronaldo.
    After over 40 years supporting Leeds through thick & increasingly thin it’s a crying shame to think that this team are the heirs to Bremner, Lorimer, Clarke, Grey & the other Legends. I wonder how many of this squad would Don Revie have even let wash the team coach?
    I know we can’t force teams to sell to us & we all want GFH to run the club prudently but I think it’s time to recognise what a mess we are in. Why do we talk of making the playoffs. With this squad I don’t think any of us realistically think we are good enough to go up.

  • Dave Gleeson

    A letter from the top drawer. I have supported Leeds United from the bottom corner of Africa for the last 40 Years. Was priviliged enough to see the 1-0 win v Derby in our first match after being relegated in 2004. I spend every match day religiously checking th einternet for score updates to see how we have done. It’s a rollercoaster of emotion every week, can’t imagine what it would be like for the fans who are able to go and support the team each match. Lets put thi sgreat club back where it belongs……sort out the shit

  • Sy

    Summed up a lot of peoples thoughts, we been given false hope for too long

  • Dean Williams

    Completly agree. For me when Warnock sold Adam Clayton that was a statement of what Warnock wanted, he doesn’t seem to want young, hungry passionate players that’ll play for the club he seems to want veterans that have been successful for him whilst they were in their prime, but now they are past it now, its almost like he’s trying to relive his glory days and not.build for the clubs future. I think the sacking of Simon Grayson when we were only 3 points from the playoffs was the biggest mistake to th managers since the sacking of David O’leary. We need players and a manager that is passionate and wants Leeds back where they belong, not a manager that wants another promotion to his name.

  • liam quantock

    couldnt have said it better myself! i was a very happy man when we appointed warnock but my stepdad told me he was the wrong person for the job! i guess i was just looking on his cv n seeing them promotions but he was right, i think it maybe time for neil to go! the tatics are all wrong for leeds i have always thought when we was pushing for the prem title and champs league and promotion from league 1 n our first season back in championship that free flowing, free scoring attacking football is how leeds should play, (to me it reminded me of the arsenal invincibles team) we need a manager that can install this into our team again as i believe that on our day with this team we can play like that and beat the top teams in this league like cardiff and hull and the likes of palace which we already have so it can be done! so please mr haigh and mr patel please see sense and install a manager that has the passion and belief and the right credentials and knowlegde to get US back to where we belong!! #MOT #WACCOE

  • MrLew

    Very poignant letter.
    Hope this is read by warnock, the team and especially GFH.
    They’re all letting the fans down and making lufc a laughing stock.
    After 33 season tickets i think this season has been my most disappointing….and to this i’m now dreading the remaining 12 free seasons i have as a 20yr season ticket holder! Never ever thought i’d say that!!!

  • Simon

    i dont think it would matter who was manager , we would still be a mid to bottom table team . No investment , no money , means we are where we are . The new owners are skint , ” wont be spending silly money ” was the first thing i heard from them when they took the helm. All we get in is mediocre players none of the better teams want . We pick up lots of scrag ends and i for one will not spend any more of my hard earned cash to watch that drivle !

    • TSS

      Personally, I don’t care that we’re not spending silly money. The squad is good enough for top six, no one will convince me otherwise. We have some excellent players played out of position and totally bypassed by the stoneage hoofball tactics.

      I also think people are being harsh on GFH, they’ve fully supported Warnock since he arrived. They’ve already paid for two transfers and sanctioned the loan of the highest quality loanee we’ve had at Elland Road in years. NW himself said the problem wasn’t money, the problem is clubs refusing to sell in January – that’s not at all surprising, January is always a bad time to try and build a squad.

      Regardless, Warnock has had money. He spent more in pre-season than Grayson did in all the time he was here, and somehow we’re worse than ever! This isn’t an overnight thing, we haven’t convinced anyone all season.

      The biggest problem of all is that it’s utterly pointless providing funds to a manager with one eye on retirement. His contract with Leeds has only 5 months remaining on it, following which we’ll have another manager who is unlikely to want a team full of hoofball specialists. Save for an absolute miracle, this season is already over. We might as well start rebuilding now with a long-term plan in place.

  • Tyler75

    Great letter TSS – sums up exactly how I’m feeling at the moment !

  • 8rs

    Like the writer, I’ve many years (over 60) of supporting Leeds United. Attending ER is no longer easy for me, but my spark for supporting Leeds United remains as bright as ever it did.

    We’ve had eight years of being run down, players, facilities supporters and moral. We can’t turn that round in a matter of weeks. Nor can we expect to do so with a manager who’s contract, whether we gain promotion or not, as away at the end of this season. The lack of ambition is rife at Leeds. Only the new owners have shown some (actually, not all that much) ambition to change the situation.n We have a long way to go before we see the signs that things really are on the up.

    So what do we do in the meantime? Continuing to give our support is something that will happen, even if that support sometimes comes from those (like me) who are sceptical and not willing (for a number of differing reasons. In my case, I’m a pensioner living over 1000 miles away [NO, not THAT pensioner…]) No matter what, we/me are still and will forever be Leeds.

    In the business world, if people who are employed to do a job, don’t succeed at that job, then we can be expected to lose that job. That Mr Bates, irrespective of whatever position or title he is given, continues as Honorary (?????) President, then it will only cause more division within our ranks. That Shaun Harvey, a man who has brought no-one or REAL value to our club continues to act as our Chief Buyer, remains an absolute mystery to me. He has a bad name within the industry, so why not start by getting shut of him.

    To my fellow fans, no matter how well, or how poorly we do, we will never ever give up supporting Leeds. MOT

  • JDC

    What a fantastic letter reflecting the thoughts of so many and without one negative comment or down arrow. Like so many others on here, I have been a Leeds United supporter for almost 55 years and my son for 30+ and I too was there to share many of the occasions mentioned by Lebowski. Even now I try to remain positive though it’s becoming more difficult by the week.

    I didn’t want Neil Warnock when he was appointed with my choice at the time being Raddy Antic or David O’Leary and openly shared my opinion on this and a number of other sites … however, once appointed, I have been prepared to give him my full support, but not any more Mr Warnock … the majority of his decisions, team selections and tactics are often baffling and his teams performances are abject. The time is now overdue for GFH to stand up and be counted … escort him from the premises, along with his backroom team, give David O’Leary or Raddy Antic and Lucas Radebe or Joe Jordan (2IC) a call before it’s all too late.

  • Nathan Kenyon

    Stay loyal! Neil is a brilliant manager and can only work with what he has being left with, which is shit! Were not even 2 weeks into January yet and your all ready getting on his back! I berlieve Niel is the right man for the job and with the investment to help him, the only way is forwards!! LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS

    • TSS

      He can’t blame what he was left with for the performances – what he was left with played better and was higher in the table.

      This is Neil’s team, he built it. Barkley, Tonge, Thomas, Tate, Hall, Diouf, Peltier, Norris, Gray, Ashdown, Varney, Austin, Kenny, Pearce, Green, Drury – 16 players, all signed by Warnock (and I’ve probably missed someone), he can’t use that excuse any more. He said at start of season he was happy with his team, he spent more money in the summer than SG did in all his time at Elland Road.

      He’s used up all his excuses now, the fact is, the squad has played poorly all season and it’s a result of how he has them playing. The hoofball is 20 years out of date and incredibly easy to defend against (mark Becchio and we pose no threat whatsoever, hence zero shots on target yesterday), he totally bypasses a midfield that has a lot of quality in it and he plays half the team out of position.

  • LUFC in Northumberland

    Here here, this is a fantastic letter which echoes the feelings, wishes, and opinions of Leeds United supporters in the majority. Lets hope and pray the new owners are taking note the tide has turned against Warnock and everything else which is ineffective within the running and decision making at Elland Road. Change root and branch NOW please starting with manager. Bring in Poyet or Zola, in fact why not both.
    LUFC always MOT

  • MARTY66

    Met Dom Matteo last year at his book meet and greet. I asked him who he thought would be right to take Leeds forward and his answer was Warnock….. Now of course I disagreed with him stating that I thought we needed someone young like Houghton, Di Matteo (before Chelsea) Di Cannio or someone of that calibre and start planning long term for the club to go forward, now recently Dom has seemingly lost faith in him as well and I know Eddie Gray has, poor Eddie sounds despondent on the live commentaries, ( you can tell he’s biting his lip not to say what he’d truly like to say). A good point was made about the next generation of kids not being bothered to come watch what most describe as a pile of shite and a team full of no hopers. Warnock has lost the dressing room that’s clear, otherwise how do you explain the crap of an excuse of what’s supposed to be football, total capitulation against bloody bottom club Barnsley, and I don’t give a damn about past results, this is your team Neil the one you said would never play like that again, to date there have been quite a few of those shite displays. Like the letter above says been a supporter for over forty years now and never witnessed this amount of discontent amongst fans. We were expecting something special and we got more of the same. If GFH want to build this club they’d better take heed of the younger fans and start making this a club to be proud to follow once again and not this secretive dross that keeps us all in the dark and wondering does anyone at the top really care about our club at all, because remember folks IT IS OUR CLUB AFTER ALL, without us GFH have nothing, the sooner they realise that and start planning the better, fantastic letter by the way……………… MOT. NO MATTER WHAT, ITS MY CLUB NOT YOURS GFH, MONEY NO SUBSTITUTE FOR HEART AND BLOOD………..

  • Screw You

    I am not too bothered about people’s dads and thesad stories, but I do agree that a root and branch review needs to be undertaken to sort this mess out. Leeds United are not a team, they are not even a business as such. The board and chairman lack nouse, flair, ambition and ability to make Leeds successful. There is no forward thinking, no coherent strategy, no business acumen – nothing. There is no worthwhile communication with the fans and NW must have lost the plot completely if he thinks that this standard is acceptable. Wake up Neil, this is total crap!!! Leeds United is withering on the vine! Bates out, Harvey out and all the other cronnies. Get someone in who bloody well knows what they are doing. Losers, total loswers the lot of them!

  • Grizzlyslapper

    Time for a man with passion, success coursing through his veins & destined for the top – Paulo Di Canio. Genius.

  • chicago white

    Apart from being 1yr older than the letter writer & now living in the US I could have written that letter as I suspect many others 1st game in the mid 60’s 1st ST in 75 & have had at least 1 ST since until the start of this season when I boycotted. I was also at WBA when we lost & 2 days later at Stoke when scfc & wba played the game in the centre circle to put LUFC down. I was at all our POF defeats but I was also at Bramall Lane & Bournemouth & the Camp Nou in 1975. I squarely blame our current state on one man only Bates but he brought in Williams & Harvey, I’ve also never been a fan of Warnock but gave him a chance he’s certainly no Wilko. GFH need to gut the club of dead wood unfortunately 8+ years of rot will take longer than 1 transfer window to fix.

  • Smiling Badger

    Like he said, well said , Leb. MOT

  • henrymouni

    Great letter!

    What mystifies me is why this team plays so badly most of the time.

    We talk about NW’s hoofball, but that is not his style.

    He wants them to play the way we did against Huddersfield.

    Pressing in all areas of the pitch and playing the game in the oppositions half.

    Pressing and passing.

    Corners and freekicks.

    The Barnsley game = not one shot on target! and not one corner!

    Hardly seems possible.

    It is not NW’s fault that we cannot pass the ball 10 yards, and are overrun in midfield.

    This forces our ragged to kick the ball anywhere, to clear the danger.

    I think the players we have are good enough to do well in our division

    and I don’t know why ‘lesser’ teams give us the run around?

    They are mainly seasoned pros, who should have mastered the basics.

    It seems that NW (like Simon before him) has lost the plot and cannot inspire the team.

    Its crazy!

    We need to get rid of KB, ‘sockless’ Harvey and ‘what does he do all day’ Williams.

    I cannot see NW being able to turn things round.

    Leeds are a football joke.

  • henrymouni

    Great letter!

    What mystifies me is why this team plays so badly most of the time.

    We talk about NW’s hoofball, but that is not his style.

    He wants them to play the way we did against Huddersfield.

    Pressing in all areas of the pitch and playing the game in the oppositions half.

    Pressing and passing.

    Corners and freekicks.

    The Barnsley game = not one shot on target! and not one corner!

    Hardly seems possible.

    It is not NW’s fault that we cannot pass the ball 10 yards, and are overrun in midfield.

    This forces our ragged defence to kick the ball anywhere, to clear the danger.

    I think the players we have are good enough to do well in our division

    and I don’t know why ‘lesser’ teams give us the run around?

    They are mainly seasoned pros, who should have mastered the basics.

    It seems that NW (like Simon before him) has lost the plot and cannot inspire the team.

    Its crazy!

    We need to get rid of KB, ‘sockless’ Harvey and ‘what does he do all day’ Williams.

    I cannot see NW being able to turn things round.

    Leeds are a football joke.

  • lufc pete

    At end of the day we just have to hope things change but until then we have to carry on MOT.

  • Trust Leeds united to get penny less owners

    • lufc pete

      Ho says they have no money ?

  • GM LUFC surrounded by scousers

    I live in Liverpool and have been a Leeds fan since watching Gordon Strachan play his first game for Leeds as Raymond Pettersen says below, I was over for family Christmas and sneaked off to Elland Road with my Dad (Stockport County fan) to watch a game. I’m always asked if I’m a red or a blue and dammit I’m a Leeds fan. When am I gonna see a game at Goodison or Anfield again eh?

  • AdamBOM

    I think this says alot about the actual structure of the team Warnocks putting out TBF.


    • FKSpencer

      Nice article, what’s the site all about?

  • woodyuk

    You can’t stack a team out with kids that have no experience but I’d love to see a bench with at least 3 or 4 from Rothwell, Kippax, Garforth, Hunslet, Kirkstall, Horsforth etc. A dozen decent professionals, 5 or 6 young punts from League 1, the rest from the academy and a manager that puts his faith in youth and builds and coaches a team to dominate, create chances and score goals both home and away would suit me fine. There just is no vision at the moment and no grand plan – buy aged experienced journeymen and hope seems to be it for a quick fix to the premiership millions (apologies to Diouf who has been superb and played at the top table). Best players for me this season have been Byram, Lees, Becchio, McCormack, Diouf and Kenny – four of which were here before Warnock. Players that constantly get slagged off by Warnock are Byram, Lees, Becchio and McCormack NOT Varney or Peltier who have arguably been our worst players but are his signings. I’d be happy to wait 2 or 3 years for the premiership and see a team built from the bottom up with the best young players around that have grown together, know how to play together, have loyalty to each other and will run the legs off for each other rather than keep seeing the whole team being rebuilt every two or three years with the same calibre dross but different names. We have one of the best academies in the country and it should be providing us with players that love this club and want to form the foundation and core of the club.

  • LUFC1965

    Superbly written, spot on and like all but a couple of posters, I totally agree.
    Couple of other points;
    Bates had season ticket renewals out well before this time last year. I don’t want them out yet, it was just another KB insult to the true fans but I can only believe that the reason GFH haven’t sent them yet is they know how dire the position is and they are waiting for improvement before issuing? They’ll be waiting a long time…….
    The NW “Becchio’s been distracted” or some such comment yesterday beggars belief when it was Warnock’s number 2 who started this particular ball rolling with his “come and get him” nonsense after the Birmingham game.

  • Graham

    Haven’t read every comment but of those I’ve read, I’m surprised nobody has picked up on Warnock’s post-match comments yesterday:

    “I think I’m doing a great job if I’m honest and with one or two additions that I’ve got lined up……”

    Jesus H. Can you get your breath?

    • TSS

      The Peltier comments were even more mystifying, there’s not a single Leeds fan who can’t see how utterly useless he as at left-back. Rather than acknowledge that, he instead got snappy with the interviewer, declared Peltier to be a world-beater and slagged Aidy White off for no apparent reason.

  • Well its a great heartfelt letter and I to feel guilty taking my son every home game and he to is starting to say its just to painfull to go now dad. Last season was the worse at ER with not only the results but the Bates out chants which just killed it for us both!
    I echo the author of this letter and I suggest a manager like Glen Hoddle, he is a man with a vision and maybe he is ready to get back into football. Another name is Gary Mac, he brought our best 2 players in in recent times, Snody and Becchio so maybe he as the vision for the future

  • Matthew

    Great Article. It’s clear this season is going nowhere & above all we want a long term plan. First key step is to appoint the next chairman oon. Or chairman designate. That must come first as chairman to manager relationship is key. Then we need a manager with the stature to take the team forward. Warlock isn’t working and if it’s true he’s rarely at training then it’s no surprise. No wonder players look uncommitted with part time manager. So time for a change. But new chairman must come irst

  • Keith Brindle

    Yesterday was the lowest point in my Leeds-watching career. And I’m 60 and go back to the sixties: I was there when we won the old First Division at Anfield. Yesterday, the team selection was unbelievable, the performances on the pitch were woeful and NW’s interview afterwards was … Well, words fail me.

    Are we going to have to suffer like this til the end of the season and beyond? NW and his team have lost the supporters: previously the ire was just against Ken Bates.

    GFH: do something and do something quickly!

  • Scott

    Very well worded letter. We need a long term vision, Warnock is not that, he is on the verge of retirement. We need to get shot of the dinosaurs (Warnock and a majority of the squad) and get in a fresh, young and hungry manger, as well as promising young talent. Warnocks tactics, together with the squad are not going to achieve anything this season, if ever. We have no creative players, just journey men. Why Warnock dropped Nunez from the squad altogether baffles me, I always rated him. GFH capital need to make some drastic changes, starting with the manager as I believe the vast majority of the fans would welcome that. Come back Grayson!!!

  • Gibbo

    Been supporting Leeds for 30 years through all the ups and downs! But lately there are way too many downs. Living in Plymouth I travel to many games but just how much longer I can put up with this, it’s so bad. I hope GFH read the comments here they are all very good from genuine Leeds fans. I am like many very worried about the next generation of fans. We can’t afford to be out of the top flight any longer! MOT for now……

  • Rob

    Great piece Leb

  • Joe richardson

    I’ve been waiting for something like this for a while now, something to remind us who we are. It’s absolutely disgusting to see our acceptance as a mid-table championship side. Me and my younger brother live 70 miles away, just paid for our half-season tickets for the first time. In just over a decade of supporting my team I have gone experienced us go through more pain than any other team in the football league.
    It’s disgraceful how we have gone from premiership contention to acceptance as a championship side in such a short space of time. WE ARE LEEDS. Seeing Swansea, Blackpool, Norwich, Reading all lead promotion pushes with a much more attractive and effective structure and style of football make me wonder what is going on so long.
    WE ARE LEEDS. We deserve better. We cannot accept where we are, so many things wrong about our current state it’s incredible. It’s truly exhausting being a Leeds fan, and has been for far too long.

  • luke_whites_warm

    Yeah great letter and it struck a chord with me too. My Dad died on 19 December and on his death bed I was reminding him of great [and not so great] times we had watching Leeds and it gets in your blood but it is getting harder and harder to keep the faith. I think Warnock (or GFH) are worrried. How many times have you seen a posting on the Official pages on a a Sunday? The posting itself is laughable of course. “No excuses from United Boss” but then all that follows is excuses. He is in denial and he has to go.

  • SmileyLUFC

    I had to leave early on Saturday from the match, my 11 yr old son couldn’t understand what was happening with all these Leeds fans shouting and swearing at his team. To him, Leeds were having an off day, but he still loves and still supports them. I am afraid have been gets before and can understand the frustration and anger at having to once again watch this hoof ball football played by players without the tactical nous or leadership to do anything else. It pains me to see and here the Leeds fans turn on their team and manager, this wasn’t supposed to happen this season, this was to be our season of glory, with a proven manager and a new board who would invest in the club. Our dreams and promises have been shattered, just like our season. I won’t be taking my son away again until all this calms down, he doesn’t deserve to see his proud club have a breakdown before his eyes. I will most likely suffer this on my own with my fellow sufferers. There are times I wish I wasn’t Leeds, but who am I kidding , it’s in my blood, I’m Leeds and I know I am. I just wish the players knew this as well.

  • ralph gallagher

    couldnt agree more,so mant promises by neil warnock and team and so few youngsters coming into the team whats happened to our bright young talent coming through to mant old men in the team,promotion this season do me a favour we are where we belong at the moment and i fear for us against birmingham because they have raw talent who want to play for the shirt and the club!!! ive been a supporter of my beloved leeds for over 40,years!!

  • Andy (lebowski) Kaye

    Thanks to all for their comments, it was good to get it off my chest, and I know I am not alone ! Keep the faith.

  • jason fletcher

    A great letter which every true LEEDS UNITED supporter will agree with.
    This club needs clear leadership.
    Not only yesterday but the recent away performances have been simply embarrassing.
    The atmosphere yesterday was poisonous and that is because their was 5000 fans that really care and are really concerned about OUR club.
    South West Whites

  • Alex

    ….Sad but true. i also had high hopes for the club when Warnock took over and am now embarrassed by how badly he has done, sometimes a club can be too big for a manager who has done so brilliantly at do many smaller clubs.
    Also i have to be honest and admit that when it took 6/7 months for the clubs new owners to actually buy the club it almost felt they were having a whip round to buy the club and there wouldn’t be any money left over to invest in any new players.
    Now to the players, i do think the side has the players to mount a serious promotion push but there are too many basic errors in NW team selections. Why persist with Peltier at left back when we all know Drury could do a much better and professional job. Why is McCormack consistently on the bench when he is the best natural goalscorer at the club. And why persist with Diouf up front when he is so much better as a wide midfield player creating stuff for the front two. Diouf is no goalscorer, and his record as never suggested he is. A little bit of tinkering and Leeds could be blazing. Might also make sense to give the captains armband to Diouf, might be the making of the man because we know he is the player.

  • dean

    I have to say i hate every weekend at the moment.knowing that leeds are playing and knowing it will most likely end in a loss.out played,out classed and completely out of our league week in week out.players that cant play basic pass and move simple football.defenders who completely leave out the midfield by hoofing the ball 60 – 70 yards up the pitch to no one inviting pressure on.i doubt even the special one could sort this team.

  • Julius Robinson

    I’m in absolute agreement with every single word in the letter. I simply could not have agreed more with anything in recent times. When the takeover finally, finally happened I had aspirations of the great days coming back. Nothing in my footballing life has gone from great anticipated times ahead to complete disappointment I have now. There are many worthy players being touted around so why are they not coming? The answer is it seems GFH simply do not have the funds they said they had,otherwise we would have the quality players coming onboard.

  • MOT till i die!

    im a 20 year old student from preston. I grew up with a great father who is and will always be a huge fan of Leeds United. I have only been to two games as we have never had the chance to go to many. First was at preston where i was sat in the preston stands and i jumped when Leeds scored. Second was this season where we beat a mighty crystal palace team. The atmosphere was amazing and my friend who is an arsenal fan loved it. It was a birthday gift from him to buy me a ticket. Yes we won but i was shocked at how we were playing. “Hoof Hoof Hoof” was all i heard. I was sat right behind the net in KOP stand. All the fans including me were moaning about the style of play. Now i cant even watch on tv. It actually hurts wtching the team i love play some of the worst football i have seen and i watch a lot of football. I try and watch any team i can in the premiership and championship. When warnock started at leeds i loved him. Now i cant bear to read the scores on internet or i just end up screaming at warnock. Please fix this awful style! PLEASE!!!

  • LeedsScum

    Get David O’Leary and Risdale back in. The hopefully Leeds will just disappear.

  • leeds4alongtime

    I too have supported Leeds for more than 40 years and while Ken Bates is STILL any part of my club I will not put money in. Warnock is doing what he can, but is not the man we need to take us up.
    The sooner GFH get shot of Bates, and realise the poison he spreads through the club the better.
    This season has now gone, I am sorry to say, with the defeat at Barnsley.
    Time to take stock, look at next season and get De Matteo in…….

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  • Matt

    It’s ok guys. Warnock thinks he’s doing a great job


    • TSS

      Oh well, in that case…

  • henrymouni

    NW also claims to be the worlds greatest lover!!
    After KB and Rod Stewart maybe?

  • White Horse

    This really strikes a chord with me. I am 76 and have followed the club all my life. Born near Doncaster I really had no choice but “The Whites”. I went to lots of games but The first game I really remember was FA cup against Middlesbrough, we drew the first game at ER after being in the lead twice and then lost the replay 4-3 if I remember correctly. This was 1958 or maybe 1959. When you get to my age it’s sometimes difficult to remember what day of the week it is. These days it is a handy tool when Tuesdays come round. Anyway, the pain of following LUFC started on that freezing night at Boro.

    Despite the fact that I was kidnapped at a very early age and taken to the south of England, where I still live, I have followed the club everywhere. I can include Salonika, Paris, and lots of other disaster fields in my experiences, these are not dissimilar to the above. I drove to each home game, many away games, night matches, had a season ticket for many years along with my sons and daughters – even my wife joined in. Each home game entails a round trip of 484 miles, day or night. It was, once, worth every hour and mile

    In between I have been lucky enough to get to meet many people in the club and to have been part of the Christmas parties for the players (1970 to 1990) courtesy of Keith Archer and Maureen Holdsworth and others. I met the good-The Don Maurice Lindley- Tony Currie- Howard – many of the great players :also the bad – McQueen- Joe J-Roy Ellam-Tomas the Brolin and the ugly ( you can fill in your own names).

    Through all of this was a desire to give of their best, to rise to the occasion, to play for the Club, the Shirt, for the City of Leeds. Now what have we? A bunch of journeyman who just happened to wind up at Leeds. Of course we do have 3-4 players who could grace any Championship team. The rest don’t seem to care, the body language is indifferent, they don’t seem to display pride in what they are doing week in week out. The trouble is that if we get one or two results all will be seen as well again.

    NW doesn’t seem to be able to get the motivation into the players that we have. Those that we don’t have -but want -seem not to want to play for Leeds. NW can defend himself all he likes, but the sad fact is that, as a manager he ( and his staff ) have failed to bring the best out of the players he recently said were his. If he were a Manager working for a PLC or Large Company his performance could only be assessed as ” below standard ”

    Whether it is Shaun Harvey, Ken Bates or Leeds City Council at fault for our ineptness in the transfer windows the sad fact remains that NW doesn’t deliver what is says on the tin and neither to his collection of yesterdays men.

    Things are now so bad that there is a real danger that we’ll soon be thinking that Larry was good.

  • Jim C

    I was at Barnsley on Saturday to watch the worst Leeds team I have ever seen. I have been going to matches since 1963 and yes we ve had our ups and downs but I was embarassed and ashamed on Saturday. Thats bad enough but I cannot see any hope for the future .No wonder our attandances are down at home when we are served up football !!! like that. We need a leader on the pitch. We need players with skill pace and vision. Other sides in the division can do it . Barnsley ran us ragged. If you can t do better than this Goodbye Neil. Someone give me some hope its going to get better . This hurts.

    • henrymouni

      Assuming we have reached rock bottom, (?????)
      The only way is up.
      They way most fans are coping is by ignoring the team!!
      The fans staying away tells the club everything they need to know – “To be perfectly honest”!
      Chin up chum!
      Things are so bad, Norman is selling his medals!

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  • Mezzer

    This letter says it all! GFHC Deafening with their silence.Cant understand why buy the club then not back it.Each day we fans hope something good will happen,each and every day another gut renching let down.After all the waiting for the take-over (which was hell) we want to believe GFHC have Leeds Utd`s best interest at heart,but our faith in them erroding.The transfer window will end with players leaving ER and less or none coming in.I love Leeds Utd Football Club its in my heart and soul,But at times I hate being a fan,Please GFHC come out from under Ken`s beard and let the faithful know the truth.

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