Leeds United look to make it four straight wins this Saturday with an early kick-off at Pride Park.

As ever, the guys at Kick-Off have provided us with this exclusive statistical preview ahead of the game.

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  1. Matthew

    My prediction

    Derby County 1, Super Leeds 2/3

    Reason: We always concede at least 1 stupid goal, but confidence is high so who the hell cares.

    • Matthew

      Fuck fuck fuck…….

      Not to worry lads, beat Ipswich next week and Middlesboro the week after, we’l have 35 points from our first 23 games, and if we better these results(We sure as hell need too) we’l have over 70 points from 46 games and a playoff spot.

      • Irving08

        Back here sooner than expected Mathew, but I did warn you about their skilful midfielder. A more professional Manager than Warnock would have catered for him by using a man marker, Aidy White being the obvious candidate. It was predictable, for anyone with eyes to see, that they would just run pass our ponderous midfield. I can’t believe our scouts hadn’t picked up on this, so I can only assume they were overruled by our adrenalin-driven Manager.

      • Matthew

        Welcome back, and yes you are right, and were right prior. The game was painful to watch but I’m not down about it, and I don’t think a lot of people are either, we beat 3 teams better than Derby in quick succession, we had an off day these kinds of performances make me believe we can hit the playoffs, the Derby one not so much.

        75 points was enough for a playoff spot for the past 2 seasons, could be less this season won’t be more, if we can get 33-35 points, making 40-42 points with the performances given at Hudds, Leics, and Palace should make this a simple affair.

        We’re down but not out. Personally I think we can beat Millwall/Watford/Charlton/Wednesday on our next meetings, if we can repeat the performances against Leics, Hudds, Palace we have a shot.

      • Irving08

        If i thought it was just an ‘off day’, I too would feel able to share your optimism. As it is, I am not more than hopeful.
        I know we beat Leicester, but it was not a conclusive display. I would back them to beat us more often than not. Their youthful team (they finished woith 6 lads aged 22 and under against us) thrashed Derby.
        But yes we do have a shot, I agree.

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