When is a takeover update, not a takeover update? I don’t suppose anyone has ever felt the need to draw up a list of criteria for what such a thing should include, but if they did, I’m sure Leeds United’s latest statement would fall some distance short of the mark.

For those that haven’t seen the update already, we’d generally provide a link so you can take a look for yourself, perhaps quoting a small section, but not so much as to make it pointless visiting the original publisher’s page. After all, they’ve taken time to produce original content so deserve the hits themselves and, more importantly, this site would be entirely pointless if it was simply copying the content the others.

Such etiquette is hard to maintain however when the “update” features just two lines of absolute nothingness;

GFH Capital have announced that they are in exclusive negotiations with Leeds United in respect of the proposed acquisition of the Club.

The relevant agreements are being processed by the respective legal teams and information supplied to the Football League as required under their regulations.

That’s literally the entire update. Two lines and 45 words that tell us absolutely nothing we hadn’t heard before. GFH have an exclusivity agreement, it’s all in the hands of the lawyers, the Football League have been informed. The End.

Were Leeds United hoping we wouldn’t notice the absence of new information? That we’d be fooled into thinking we’re now completely informed, run out to buy tickets for the next match and sit quietly while the takeover dragged on for another six months?

Some people have suggested you need to read between the lines for this update to make any sense. I’m not sure what they mean by that exactly, but since there’s only two lines, I’m doubting much could fit between them.

If this update was intended as anything more than a desperate attempt to distract the fans from the failings of the current ownership (and the poor performances said ownership’s aversion to spending has resulted in), the only purpose it serves is to confirm GFH’s exclusivity is still intact despite reports of it’s nearing expiry and that they still, six months on, intend to complete this deal.

Still “imminent” then I guess…