The Football Supporters’ Federation are seeking to identify a Police officer who was videoed at Sunday’s game against Millwall using unacceptable force against a Leeds United fan.

The mounted Police officer was part of a Police convoy used to escort Leeds United fans to and from the ground – a 30-45 minute journey that’s not for the feint of heart.

The journey takes fans on a trip through run-down housing estates and industrial areas where Millwall fans line the streets to greet the travelling opposition fans with a generally classless repertoire of disgusting chants, an assortment of missiles and constant attempts to break the Police line and assault whoever is unlucky enough to be in the way.

As the Police attempted to keep fans separated, one Leeds United fan was struck across the head with a baton from behind. Eye-witnesses at the scene say the attack was unprovoked and that – unsurprisingly – it was the Millwall fans causing the trouble.

Whether the Police officer in question feels he had justification for the attack is irrelevant, we do not believe a baton around the back of the head is reasonable force under any circumstances. This is an assault that could quite easily leave the victim with severe injuries.

Speaking as a football supporter who has been a victim of the Police’s heavy-handed approach at football games – including, but not limited to, CS gas in the face and a baton across the kneecap that left me limping for a week – I strongly believe the Police’s approach often causes more violence than it prevents, angering fans who witness these unjustified attacks and leading to a rapid escalation.

The Scratching Shed hopes the victim of this unjustifiable assault is recovering well and that the Policeman involved will be dealt with by the relevant authorities. Anyone with information regarding this incident should contact Amanda Jacks at the Football Supporters’ Federation –