I’ve been playing away this week, answering a few questions for Crystal Palace fanzine The Five Year Plan, which you can read here.

A new era for Leeds United starts with the league leaders and, as ever, the lovely people over at Kick-Off have provided us with this exclusive statistical preview ahead of today’s game.

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  1. Exiled White

    Hopefully we will see a Leeds win, but I won’t hold my breath. Now would be a good time to chalk up three points, especially against the league leaders.
    Come on Leeds, let’s have a win and we can all go MOT.

  2. henrymouni

    About time.
    The atmosphere created by the team’s performance!

    • Exiled White

      I’ll second that. Can’t vouch for the atmosphere as I wasn’t there. The only drawback to the win, is that cardiff are on top.


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