Leeds United drew Chelsea in last night’s League Cup quarter final draw, setting the stage for the first meeting between the two sides in eight years and a reunion of sorts for Ken Bates.

Success for the two clubs has contrasted greatly since 2004; after ridding themselves of Bates, Chelsea went on to enjoy the most successful spell in their history propelled to success by Roman Abramovich’s squillions.

Leeds United meanwhile became the next club to be “saved” by Ken Bates’ prudent business skills (or so he tells us anyway).

Relegation to the lowest point in our history (League One), administration, countless court cases, the constant sale of key players, criminally high ticket prices and key players constantly sold to build his various loss-making vanity projects (not unlike Chelsea Village). Chelsea fans can be forgiven for feeling a little envious.

With a seemingly perpetual takeover process still underway at Elland Road, it’s possible that Ken Bates may have packed up and left LS11 by the time Chelsea arrive on December 19th, but if I know our Ken, he’ll do everything in his power to stall the process and ensure he’s still at the helm when the European Champions role into town – his extreme narcissism won’t allow for him to pass on an opportunity for global publicity.

As such, the draw is a somewhat tainted one. For the last few years I’ve been hoping to draw Chelsea in the cup, mostly because my Father’s a Chelsea fan so the rivalry has a little something extra for me. This time around I was torn, part of me hoped to avoid them solely because it may result in Ken Bates hanging around a little longer – nearly 8 years is more than enough. Whatever it is we’re being punished for, surely we’ve served our time?

Nevertheless, the draw still managed to retain some of the excitement I’d been hoping for and irrespective of Ken Bates’ status on the 19th of December, a packed-out Elland Road should provide the perfect setting for a rekindling of old rivalries on what is sure to be an interesting night.

  • Dubai White

    Let the takeover go through and Ken can be the special guest of David Haigh, or A Another chairman. Looking forward to this one!

  • NottsWhite

    Ken will definately hang around for this one. A full house, opportunity for more self promotion and a tidy sum to pocket from the gate receipts. Call it a retirement gift then do one Ken!!!!

  • EFeomeno

    Ken Bates saved Chelsea FC, if it wasn’t for him and his wheeler dealings Chelsea quite possibly wouldn’t even exist today. He is much apprecated by many Chelsea supporters, I imagine he will be tby Leeds fans, when Leeds United rise again. I don’t imagine this cup encounter is going to be a pleasant affair, but hey ho…………..

    • lufcaidan

      “Ken Bates saved Chelsea FC, if it wasn’t for him and his wheeler dealings Chelsea quite possibly wouldn’t even exist today.”
      Yet another reason to hate the man just in case there wasn’t enough already.

    • MarkoLUFC

      99% of people will not appreciate ken bates in years to come. Even if he did “save” us (I’m sure somebody else would have stepped in), he’s done more than enough since then to cancel out that one good act.

  • Matthew

    I’m dissapointed by the Chelsea draw to be honest, mostly as I was wanting a Wembley trip this year. Perhaps I’ll get my wish if Chelsea play a weakened team, just if I can be honest here, I’m not sure how we’l win that game. And because its the final 8, Chelsea will be a hell of a lot more serious because its do or die at this point.

    Lets hope for the best hey. Out of all the remaining teams we got the hardest to beat lol

    • Ben.

      On the contrary, Chelsea are participating in the FIFA club world cup competition more or less the same time as the tie and we all know how christmas fixture congestion gets the better of some clubs, in comparison to other campaigns chelsea are participating in i dont think the Capital One Cup ranks very highly. Saying that, Chelsea have a very deep squad full of class and i doubt it will be an easy fixture regardless of the squad they put out. It will be a good game none the less!

      • Matthew

        Chelsea do love their trophies though, and once they hit a certain point in a competition they withdraw their second string side and put on their first teamers, or a side very close to it. Which does worry me quite a bit, that said if we can get past them, we can win the cup. I’m pretty certain of that. If we can overcome the Chelsea threat I have absolutely no doubt we’l lift the trophy at Wembley as no team in the competition will come close to matching such a feet.

        We’ve got to make the day a day of positivity before and during the match.

    • Irving08

      Excellent draw: we are at home and against a team with whom we share some history: in my case, going back to the 5-0 drubbing we handed out at Stamford Bridge in 1970. I watched it with my father, when it was still possible to stand amongst opposition fans, without being accused of provocation.

  • maybe he’ll sell up and then come to the game in his chelsea shirt?

  • Counte Of Monte Fisto

    For me this was always THE BIG ONE, not the red side! Any Leeds fans who came of age in the 80’s will be feeling the same excitement I felt when this was drawn. To all fans of our one sided (your side) rivals Hull, cleckuddersfax, Millwall et all this is a real rivalry, bring your tins hats its gonna be tasty. Hope GFH have finished the buy out before this game otherwise they may walk away with the publicity from the inevitable clashes that are a 100% cert

  • sauxboy

    Gotta give that man credit, he saved a club and got them moving in the right direction. We had the red Peter Kenyon, you got Ken…. Personally Ken did it for Chelsea, Kenyon did it for himself. Ken’s a winner. Put your aligence aside…he’s doing to save the club, he did before why not again.

  • I personally couldn’t care less whether the old goat’s there or not, as long as we’ve got a new owner!

  • oldschoolbaby

    I heard that as festive gesture of Christian goodwill Bates is to declare this a £10 game and write a personal cheque of £500,000 to cover free admission, a pie and a pint for the Leeds faithful
    Actually, given the protracted naure of this “takeover”. I am wondering how we`re supposed to tell if Bates draws the process out to cover this game

  • songster

    I love the fact its Chelsea. If Bates is gone GREAT, if not I think the Chelsea fans will join us in a resounding chant of “Bates OUT”.

  • Yorkshirian

    If this takeover is 99% done, and GFH have already put in £2M and they intend to invest more. Why, as a finance company, are they not putting in the piddling bits of cash to bring in loan players now ? On the understanding that Leeds Utd will pay back that money, if the takeover does not go ahead ?
    £200k on loan costs a couple of weeks ago may have already bought us 8 or 9 extra points by Xmas.
    Why don’t they dig a bit deeper for the good of what is surely about to be their investment ? It’s like watching a classic car rusting in the garden.

    • mrbigwheels

      Exactly… Why, Why oh Why?…. It beggars belief. What is going on between a selfish bloke and the flash pretenders?. £200k is total peanuts to the overall income and table position that it would propel, Bates is hoping GHFC will sign the cheque very soon that is for sure but every day that passes just makes the purchasers true objective even more difficult to achieve that by the seasons end. £200k for heavens sake!… with 20 days left to add to the squad and get this challenge moving. Warnock has got his head back up but don’t count on the baffoons above him to keep it up there…

    • bob

      Agree with u pal bitmore money n few more points simples

  • Irving08

    TSS: if vanity was Bates’ motivation, surely he would have spent it on a team that could secure promotion, when he would have been proclaimed some sort of hero. He is too bloody-minded to be swayed by vanity.

  • Australia White

    If (and it’s a big IF) the rumours that have been doing the rounds this week are true, about meetings in Monaco, Bates being in the UK, meetings with banks etc, coupled with the recent statement put out then it would seem that completion of the deal is close.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the deal goes through and Ken comes to the Chelsea game as a guest of David Haigh (or whoever), and wears a Chelsea scarf – that would be his ultimate two-fingered salute to all the Leeds faithful who have supported the club and lined Bates’ pockets over the last 7 years.

  • mrbigwheels

    And on and on we go…. Bates continues to strangle this club with no other motive but personal gain. Watching Brighton play just drives the frustration to a deeper level. Warnock and us the fans have been robbed by this despot who still won’t invest in the playing team. If anyone thinks the January window will save us they are seriously dreaming. So sad.

    • Tyler75

      If we’re still in and around the play-offs in January – would you bet against Warnock with some money to spend, not getting us on a run good enough for promotion ? I wouldn’t.

      • mrbigwheels

        I certainly wouldn’t bet against it Tyler but being in and around the play-offs in January and the injection of some cash are the big ‘ifs’. To be there or abouts is a considerable task if one factors in the size of the squad with any sustainable playing ability and quality, the overall MORALE of everyone involved, (Bates and GHFC excluded) and how long Warnock can believe in the task before he throws in the towel. Unfortunately him and his men are running out of sticky tape to paper over the cracks. Let’s hope Hall, Poleon, Ross and Somma can offer him a breather before everyone calls for his head. Some are ‘rearing’ this week and while that can be expected, the total limiting factor is Bates and please… none of us… lose sight of that.

      • Sorry but you are deluded. What I saw v Brighton and many other games is a poor side hanging on the coat tails of a few good players. We will be looking down not up. thanks to Bates making us a selling club. Imagine us with Snodgrass, Delph, Johnson, Howson and Beckford. Was it so hard for us to keep them with 27000 average crowds not so long ago…though not now? 4 million profit in a season…why shouldnt we have kept them? Because someone is syphoning the money off, of coures…guess who?!!Look…just don’t go any more!!! If the cash cow dried up the twot would be out of the door before December comes in

  • After tonights loss to Burnley I cannot describe my hatred for Bates…we are on the brink of a relegation battle, make no mistake. We are a poor side and Bates is to blame 100%

    • Matthew

      I agree with you, but pretty much saw this coming weeks ago when I wrote that long ass rant about the state of the team, tactics, and the general way we’ve been playing. It’s easy for armchair fans to say OMG DON BE NEGATIVE!!111 mentioning that we’re only 4 points off the playoffs but considering the teams lack of skill, and general shiteness, I honestly can’t see how we can hit the playoffs, I didn’t think we could do it weeks ago but the only thing that has changed is, as you’ve said, you can feel the pull of the relegation zone, we’re getting close and unless something changes soon, I can see is being in the bottom 3 come the new year.

      I’m sick to death with this takeover shit too. GFH needs to like decide one way or the other if they want us or simply fuck off and let someone with actual money come in and purchase us to give us a fighting chance next season.

  • mrbigwheels

    There’s trouble at mill…. let’s all keep nice and quiet, stick pins in the manager and ”dare to dream”. Don’t worry… exit plans are already in place. Seize the day chaps.

    • Matthew

      Sacking Warnock now would result in us being in league 1 next season if nothing changes, I think we have a 50/50 chance of avoiding if he remains in charge and this takeover collapses. Sack him and we’re dead. Simple as, we’l be playing in the likes of the JPT again, on the plus side Ashdown is a decent enough keeper and could get us out of there should someone buy us in league 1 and build from there. If Kenny leaves with his idol Warnock if worse comes to worse, we won’t be that hard off with Ashdown.

      • mrbigwheels

        Wasn’t referring to Warnock getting the sack Matt, although some fans are openly shouting for Warnock out, heavens I agree with you… everything needs to be done to stop him walking off. Nooooo, as just announced, Bates is about to leave the building…. for ever. I picked it up on the bush radar… this morning. Only a few days and we’ll be free…… Roll on.

  • Smudger78

    Why no now aricles on here for ages given the Burnley game and yet more takeover rumours??

  • bob

    Get this horrible cunt out of our club now i wnt b bk at elland rd til ur gne mr bates wot a prick u are from revie stand