American millionaire Preston Haskell IV has told The Sunday Times that he’s hoping to hijack GFH Capital’s takeover of Leeds United and invest in the club himself.

Haskell – the son of namesake Preston Haskell III, a multi-millionaire property developer – has amassed a personal fortune believed to be in the region of $250m (£157m) and has told The Sunday Times he’ll provide an immediate £10m for Neil Warnock to strengthen his squad and get Leeds United back to the Premier League.

“As a businessman I see a club that has an incredible brand and that offers a great entrepreneurial opportunity to take it back to the level which it saw in its glory days. Leeds is a well-managed club from Ken Bates down to Neil Warnock, and I have great respect for that aspect of its operations.

“It’s a very strategic investment. I love English football, the Premier League is where everyone aspires to be, and Leeds has an incredible support base, the pedigree, and a global reach, including South Africa, Australia, Ireland, and Norway. In short, it has a global following. It is one of the absolute blue-chip teams.”

“Blue-chip” Leeds United has been in desperate need of investment  for several years now. Currently starved of cash and lacking the necessary depth to overcome even the smallest of injury crises, Neil Warnock’s side sit 17th in the Championship following an embarrassing 1-6 defeat at home to Watford yesterday.

GFH Capital have been working on a takeover of the club for almost six months, during which time Leeds fans have been frustrated by the lack of information revealed publicly and the incredibly slow pace at which things have progressed.

Not for the first time, it’s recently been claimed GFH’s takeover is nearing a conclusion, no doubt hastened by an exclusivity agreement which is said to expire in the next few days. It seems the expiration of this exclusivity agreement has prompted Haskell to declare his intent publicly, presumably in the hope that Ken Bates will stall the deal with GFH a little longer to consider his alternative proposal.

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  1. Lufc1979

    Best to stick with GFH C I think. That could be finalised Monday or Tuesday this week and I don’t think this American will want to invest ALL his personal wealth into Leeds so we probably wouldn’t be much better off, except it delays the takeover by god knows how long. Judging by how we are in free fall on the pitch right now we need to strengthen the squad in a matter of days and weeks not next summer when we could find ourselves back in league 1. He should have come forward before now.

      • fredsinbed

        He looks like another chancer with a bit of money and a big ego but not enough money to do the job needed at our club.

      • Matthew

        Ah you’re anti Warnock okay. He hasn’t dug us into a hole, our situation, is purely because Ken Bates has stripped the squad of any and all quality. He built a squad purely to compete in this league with the view of additional investment which hasn’t occured yet. HOWEVER. Ken Bates hasn’t backed Warnock at all, have you not noticed that when a decent player is injured, we get NO replacements? Kindly list any and all managers who would get us higher in the league with this squad, and still be able to win games with most of the talent being injured and NOT replaced, be it by loans or otherwise.

      • mikelufc

        Really Mathew? Open your eyes man.

        Read Michael Greens latest of which this a a sample

        “The other clarion call will be that give Warnock money and he will add
        the missing quality to the so called hard graft. Well alas let me list
        the players Warnock added to his QPR squad when he had money to burn at
        the end of the summer transfer window of 2011: Jay Bothroyd (not a
        success now on loan at Sheffield Wednesday), Kerion Dyer (enough said,
        hardly played), Danny Gabbidon (left already presently not playing at
        Crystal Palace), DJ Campbell (failure now on loan at Ipswich Town),
        Brian Murphy (non used goalie), Bruno Perone (one game then gone), Joey
        Barton (yes, Warnock signed him, made him captain, the rest is history,
        thuggish stupid history), Luke Young (hardly a quality player and in and
        out of the team), Armand Traore (on and off full-back with tendency to
        go missing), Shaun Wright -Phillips (what can we say, hardly touched the
        consciousness at Loftus Road, waste of space), Anton Ferdinand (not his
        fault he spent the year entangled in John Terry’s abusive wake but he
        hardly covered himself in glory on the pitch), and on loan Jason
        Puncheon (2 games before sent back to Southampton) and Federico Macheda
        (what ever happened to the lad that scored goals for fun, well he didn’t
        turn up at QPR). That massively unimpressive list is his post promotion
        signings, what about the ones when signed the season before? Well Jamie
        Mackie, Paddy Kenny, Clint Hill and Shaun Derry can all be classed as
        useful Championship players but not PL players and Kyle Walker and Wayne
        Routledge’s loans (funded by the biggest wage bill in the division by a
        country mile) helped but Warnock also signed Leon Clarke (yes that Leon
        Clarke), Bradley Orr, Rob Hulse, Gavin Mahon, Giorgos Tofas, Petter
        Vaagan Moen, Tommy Smith, Pascal Chimbonda, Danny Shittu and the world
        famous Troy Hewitt. You can spin that how you like but that is
        short-termism run riot, a mixture of limited, already moved on, never
        really used or just plan useless, the quality is where? Actually their
        was quality, it was in Adel Taarabt and to a lesser extent Alejandro
        Faurlin, both already at Loftus Road when Warnock arrived! And the thing
        is, by game 30 he had QPR top of the division because of those two (and
        from a lower starting base than where we were when he arrived)! Warnock
        doesn’t buy real quality, he buys has-been quality and work-horses,
        well as we have witnessed this season that doesn’t even come close.

      • Craig Sweaton

        He might buy workhorses but he gets teams promoted, or will you try and argue that too?
        Ffs he can’t even get a loanee in on his current budget and we’re hardly breaking the bank on wage percentages!
        Warnock wants to get us promoted and then retire but, with zero financial backing how is he supposed to achieve it? Be sensible.

      • JH

        “He might buy workhorses but he gets teams promoted”

        So does Grayson – Blackpool, Leeds, Huddersfield and looking good again! Warnock built his reputation for getting teams up over many years, but with a lot of dross in between! His long ball thuggish foootball no longer has a place and I personally hate to watch it. Lets not believe passion is how hard you run or tackle, it is a will to win and come back to win games in the last 5 – 10 minutes of a game, something we did consistently last season, particularly funny when Warnock branded teh team he took over as unfit!

      • Matthew

        You clearly don’t understand that this club, and the squad has been in
        decline for a while. Because of the policy Ken Bates has adopted in regards to no actual investment and the selling of our best players our performance has been dropping season after season because, as said, no investment and losing quality players.

        Where do you expect these magical players of quality to come from when you have no money for them? We’re not league 1 anymore, we’re not the biggest team in the league and thus could attract some quality with lower wages which Grayson did well.

        In regards to some of his QPR signings, these players were good enough to do the job to get out of the Championship, and to be fair, Warnock received little support in strengthening his QPR side in the Premier League like Hughes did.

        If you want out of the Championship, you build a squad to get the job done, then you strengthen in the Premier League with further signings. And QPRs Championship wage bill wasn’t that huge, they just had a lower turnover than most clubs so their spending seemed excessive.

        Most of Warnocks QPR players could do the job in this squad and help get us out of this league, that is a fact.

      • Tyler75

        Fair point about what happened in the Prem with QPR, but didn’t they walk the Championship ?I wouldn’t argue with Kenny, Pearce, Austin or Tongue as inspired acquisitions on a next to nothing budget. Plus he took a mighty punt on Diouf when no-one else would touch him – how has that worked out ? What’s been missing has the finance to build strength in depth – if Ross and Somma had been available for the season, would we be in the play-off positions at least by now ? Probably.

      • Matthew

        We need a lot more than Ross and Somma, we need depth and pace in the squad. Something we once had before Bates, one by one sold each and every player he could to the highest bidder and re invested the money elsewhere but not on the side itself. Reports pretty much confirm this, pretty much all the clubs money is going on vanity projects and to line Bates own pocket, the playing side of this club is being neglected, we’ve reached a point where any new owner would have to dismantle the mess Bates has caused, and build a squad from the ground up with the injection of quality,

      • mikelufc

        How long does this exclusivity period last, haven’t the arabs had long enough?
        Maybe they are saving up to pay a deposit!
        Come on Yankee doodle, pull the rug from under them and please dont trust warnock with the war chest, by his own admission he is only here till the end of the season, and judging by the way the team are performing and his shit team choices and tactics he has lost interest.

    • TSS

      We’ve been told to expect an “imminent” conclusion for six months – do fans still take such claims seriously?

  2. Ron

    No doubt Bates is dragging his heels with GFH until the exclusivity period ends. The whole saga has dragged on way too long for the GFH deal to be a formality. My real concern is this new chap dragging the process out until Xmas and in the interim we have to field our Youth team in order to make up the numbers. Very sad about losing Rudolph. I always thought he may break someone’s leg, not his own.

  3. Matthew

    At this point in time, we should be looking forward to the 2013/2014 Season and who will take us the furthest, be it GFH or this guy. With the playoffs an impossibility with the way we’ve been playing, this season should be focused on survival, and hopefully some luck in the Cup. I personally will be happy with anyone buying the club with the view to long term investment, who won’t saddle us with crippling debt.

    Someone should tell this guy we want Snoddy, Gradel, Beckford back at the club, so he can make it happen lol. Add Taarabt to the mix and we’d have a top 6 side there.

  4. Old Whitey

    Matthew, this is Warnock’s team and his medieavil tactics; he knew exactly what he was doing when he joined so you cannot just point the finger at Bates’ lack of investment; Warnock chose to acquire grafters when he could have got at least one decent playmaker; he choose to drop our leading scorer and play that donkey Varney — that tells me he either hasn’t a clue or he’s dancing to Bates tune to get us finished as a club; either way unless NW is booted into touch we’re screwed. regarding managers- there are any number who would snap your hands off once Bates is out, meantime take yourself down to any park with a football pitch and take your pick of managers there; they certainly couldn’t do much worse.

    • Matthew

      Have you not noticed that when we lose our star players and not replace, the quality of the side drops quite significantly? We need wingers, but thanks to Ken Bates and his selling of Gradel and Snoddy, we have none of proven quality, we need a decent central midfielders/midfielders in general but thanks to Bates selling Howson, letting Johnson go, letting Clayton go, we’re again lacking. Where is this money going you say? Our squad is full of holes, and Warnock is doing his best to fix this but can only do so much when there’s no actual money being invested in the side.

      I stand by my original comment, asset stripping by Ken Bates has come back to bite us in the arse, and no manager in this division, or in the Premier league could successfully guide the club with the squad it has and the lack of investment into the playoffs in this situation.

      • Irving08

        Mathew: so we just have to accept what appear to be instances of managerial incompetence do we ?

      • Matthew

        What incompetence? The man has no money to replace anyone at all, he’l be lucky to get a loan signing before this takeover occurs, tell me, what would you do when you’ve lost all the quality in your squad due to Ken Bates, and of course when injuries occur. Do you think we’l get a replacement for Austin? Will we fuck, we’l have to make do as always, will we have someone new to cover for Pearce? Of course not, this is the club Ken Bates is destroying piece by piece.

        Could you do Warnocks job here? Could anyone? Do pigs have wings and can they fly yet?

      • Irving08

        Mathew, So you think Saturday’s line-up made sense do you (from which flowed the subsequent sending off of Pearce and Austin’s injury – as NW himself opined ? Were you there to see it – or last season’s humiliation at the hands of Notts Forest ? We have lacked money at many times in our history and more than once had teams of comparable or even lesser quality, but never have we suffered defeats like these. Surely the Manager has to take some responsibility for them ? And do you have no question marks to place behind the name of a Manager, who appears not to know his best team and persists in playing players like White and Peltier out of their natural position ? Yes, Managers do make mistakes and yes they do act under constraints – we all know and understand this. And I myself have supported Warnock – as I would any Manager of Leeds. But what I cannot support is a Manager, who appears too often to distance himself from the results of his own bad decisions – a shining example of which was the Charlton game, all the while talking of so-called ‘quality’ we have not got. Warnock is an active, not a passive man, and we like him for it: the problem is that he can also be actively incompetent, as Saturday showed. We know the problems go deeper than Warnock, and they have been crystallised in the conditionality accompanying his appointment. He did not sign up to be ‘a safe pair of hands’, but that’s his job description now.

      • Matthew

        I’ve been a critic of performances here and there, but you have to ask yourself, what team could he play? When your best players for said positions are either sold, injured or suspended, does it really matter anymore? He has no money to replace people, what is he supposed to do? I don’t think it’d genuinely matter what player currently he puts in each position, we’l still do poorly until actual investment occurs and quality is injected into this side.

        He knows he doesn’t have his best team, the man has actively said this team is far from the finished product, but where is he supposed to get the money from?

      • Irving08

        Mathew. I have just heard Warnock’s post-match interview. Appalling. How can a Manager possibly ‘lose count of the goals’ or say ‘I don’t care if it was 15-1′ ? I am genuinely shocked that he could say such things. I wouldn’t want a man that can say things like that to lead me into battle, would you ?
        We were all upset by Austin’s injury, but we did not switch off. In any normal set-up, a person in his position would be carpeted for that. Sadly – and you are right not to let us forget it – ours is far from normal.

      • Matthew

        I would imagine it’s purely because the man is sick to death of the shit he has to put up with being manager of the club. He inherited a team that needed a lot of work, had no budget to work with, lost his key players, and had to build something resembling a team in a short space of time, he naturally wants investment but like Grayson he has both hands tied behind his back as Bates simply won’t back him.

        Where as clubs bring in players to replacement injured or suspended ones on loan, we’re stuck with, err…. where is our Pearce and Austin replacement? Where did our Ross replacement get too? Anyone know? Ah yes. Ken Bates.

      • djedjedje

        True. But I’ve never been convinced with Warnock’s ability to find a decent wide player (which is ironic as it is what he often calls out for). Taarabt aside (who he inherited). Have a look at his past teams and he always comes down to a strong spine of the team, rough tactics, direct approach and set-pieces. A very dated and ugly approach that can only be forgiven when it produces results. With a bit of backing it has produced seven promotions and no one will grumble that when it happens to your team, but when it fails Warnock is dismissed and denigrated by fans smartly. For which you have to ask if he and his approach is the best man for our club this season? I’m more impressed with what Redfearn and Naylor are doing with the kids to be honest; they’re our future regardless of Bates or the poor-man’s takeover firm, GFHC.

        Warnock’s never done well with flair either. Nunez could have been shoehorned into a Championship regular, I’m sure, by a different kind of manager (a partnership with Gary McAllister would have been ideal, but I seriously doubt Warnock’s ego could accommodate that [not really a criticism as such]).

        The decision to get rid of Clayton also now seems either 1.wrong because of bad player assessment, or 2.wrong because he believed Bates’s lies about money going to be in place to re-invest. I don’t think Warnock is gullible enough for the latter.

        …but as I said before, with the status quo I can’t see the point in debating the merits of keeping Warnock. He’s in the job, he’s got some merits, he has some faults. The only factor that changes this is if he’s lost or losing the confidence of the squad (his public outcries of needing better players can hardly help him here). If he has then he might as well walk because you can only turn that around with some expensive pruning of current players and expensive bringing in of new players. And we don’t have the cash for either.

      • Matthew

        You have an extremely intelligent outlook on things, and I agree with you for the most part. But I’ve said all I’ve had to say on this subject for now and as said pretty much agree with you.

        Had to like give you a response there just to say I’ve read all you’ve written.

      • Irving08

        Mathew: We can argue about backing and signings till the cows come home, but he’s a Manager with 30 odd years experience, for goodness sake. If he can’t any longer take the rough with the smooth, then I am inclined to agree with DJE that he should go – and do so honourably. My personal preference is for him to dig deep; bring all his experience to bear on a difficult situation and haul us up to mid-table security.

      • Chareose

        Warnock is a good manager but football is about momentum….since the Shefeild Wednesday debacle we have been in free fall… may have got to a point where warnock is unable to do anything to turn it around.

        Even assuming we have money to spend in january, loads of world class players arnt just going to magicly appear, theres absolutely no guarentee that the players we need will be available…..or even want to come here

        We may be better off saving the money for next summer and getting new owners, new manager and a completely new branding in place for next season. A fresh start to entice the fans back, without the hoofball, sewer rats and captain birdseye on his soap box

      • mrbigwheels

        I’m inclined to follow your viewpoint. A much more positive plan than chasing the present debacle. Perhaps the prospective purchaser may be seeing that outline as full value to their intended investment. Not all supporters will agree… obviously.

      • Irving08

        I agree with the principle of not spending any money in January. In practice, there is likely to be pressure from Warnock and many fans to do just that. The only way I can see that not happening is if Bates is still in situ ! it’s easy to say what we need – an owner and a Manager who can both think and plan for the long term and have the courage and ability to explain it to the fans – than it is to bring it about……

      • mrbigwheels

        I haven’t heard the interview yet Irving but I am concerned NW is not in a great state of mind. This was evident on wednesday last, (my opinion) and the possible mindset he holds is caused by events of last week, pre saturday match. The end of this week may well present a position where the relationship between Warnock and his uppers will be classified as untenable. The 15th is hopefully going to be a mighty day of positive direction for the club and a release for all… including NW. If not then everyone will have the opportunity to completely vote with their feet, once and for all within lufc bates ongoing club ownership.

    • Inoff_thebar

      So it’s “Warnock Out” already ffs? There is a common denominator to the last 5 odd years of turbulent guff, its bloody obvious. Lets face it you could put who every you like in charge, if their first choices always end up becoming cheaper “mend it and make do” alernatives then it’s hardly surprising this story eventually repeats itself in terms of team performance, ultimately cumulating in a drubbing followed by the eventual sacking of the manager….whist Bates dreams up another head f$€k. After all there was nothing wrong with Warnocks record before he got here……think on!

    • Flippin-Pop-It-Bruva

      Completely disagree with this comment, warnock is a good manager and has re-bulit an entire squad with about 3 million, he should be judged in a knee jerk reaction to this latest score and should be judged once he has been given sufficient funds to bring our club forward. He has a really difficult job working under Bates and there arent many managers of his ilk. I’m standing behind him and our club and did not expect more than a mid table finish at the beginning of this season and unfortunately i think thats where we will end up. Even if we did get promoted which is looking increasingly unlikely even through playoffs we dont have a good enough 1st team let alone a squad capable of staying in the top flight. Id rather we got promoted as champions of this division and have a decent team to match. We all deserve a proper Leeds United and i too feel your frustration but its definitely not warnocks fault.

    • Flippin-Pop-It-Bruva

      Completely disagree with this comment, warnock is a good manager and has re-bulit an entire squad with about 3 million, he should be judged in a knee jerk reaction to this latest score and should be judged once he has been given sufficient funds to bring our club forward. He has a really difficult job working under Bates and there arent many managers of his ilk. I’m standing behind him and our club and did not expect more than a mid table finish at the beginning of this season and unfortunately i think thats where we will end up. Even if we did get promoted which is looking increasingly unlikely even through playoffs we dont have a good enough 1st team let alone a squad capable of staying in the top flight. Id rather we got promoted as champions of this division and have a decent team to match. We all deserve a proper Leeds United and i too feel your frustration but its definitely not warnocks fault.

      • Irving08

        The problem is that Warnock has said on more than one occasion that he did not come out of semi-retirement to manage a mid-table team. But this is effectively what he now has to do and if he cannot accept this brief he surely has to go. Whether he is a ‘good manager’ or not is now beside the point (the two biggest home defeats in our entire history, though, do speak against it): does he have the stomach for grinding out a season that ensures we stay in this Division. Pit it this way, is he a George Graham or a Terry Venables ?

  5. Andrew Keogh

    Oh we’re a ‘brand’ now are we. There was I thinking we are a football club. Oh and Bates has managed the club ‘well’. Don’t ring us, the hereditary Preston Haskell. We’ll ring you …

  6. Northern Leeds lad

    The takeover needs to be sorted and put to bed ASAP, our club needs stability through sound steady and prolonged ongoing investment season on season. Preston the American with his £152 million will make little impression in the longer term financially for the greater good of putting Leeds United back round the table with the big boys of the PL and Europe sit. His investment will help get us back into PL that’s a fact but once there it’s about more investment in quality players, these players will expect big wages.

    I prefer to stick with GFH with hope they are true to hype of deal being done next week, but how many times have we been lied to, we the fans don’t matter anymore and that’s the truth no matter what club you care to name.

    Yesterday’s result against Watford was a fluke, if we had 10 men on the pitch the score would have been more respectable, however NW has to accept responsibility for his tactics and selection. Totally baffled by use of all three stubs with 45 mins to play, even Zola accepts playing against 10 men would have been a very different game.

  7. Glenn Eugen Hansen

    Its more the matter of when,not if we get a takeover done.Im 100% sure that whoever gets the deal done will invest in our beloved club.Clearly its a attractive club with a huuuge fanbase and potential.Who wouldnt wanna buy it and invest in the club if u got a eye for bussines.For me its more about when we get to the Premier League again.not about if!
    And lets face it….our team isnt good enuf atm.we desperatly need investment fast. a proud Leedsfan looking forward to the next years.Lift your chins up mateys!.We going to the prem soon!!! Devastated about Rudy:( as a norwegian white i was exstatic when we got him.i knew what he stands for,

  8. Gently

    Couldn’t believe the hush yesterday, we didn’t lose the game cos of the sending off or austin’s injury we lost cos of negative tactics and playing players out of position. Why not start wirth Hall, white isn’t performing since he signed his contract and Diouf is demanding starting place every week – no one should do that. Thoughts and best wishes should go out to Austin and hopefully a quick recovery.

  9. Kenny

    If this guy wants to help Leeds then why not contact Captin Birdseye(Batesy)instead of the paper the guys a dream boat. I aggree don’t give Warnock 10 million he will probably sign Brian Deanne

    • Gently

      Totally agree I am worried if Warnock has a treasure chest who will he sign? I would firstly get Poleon back, pace, movement, etc, etc – that’s what we’re missing!

      • TimPM

        Look at QPR for precedent there. I don’t think he’d do too bad with a decent budget tbh?

  10. wouldyakindly

    I dislike Warnock. I’m going to say it. I know Bates is the big enemy, but if we do get new owners I would hope they appoint someone less interested in caveman tactics and big bruisers. Nigel Adkins will be on the market soon and he would be a great choice, as would Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The fact is we occasionally scrape a win with a battling performance, but we can’t dominate games. The squad depth is a factor, but just as important is using players correctly and getting your tactics correct, something he’s just not doing at the moment, regardless of who’s injured or whatever. With results Warnock’s hoofball is just about tolerable. Without results, it’s embarrassing. I haven’t cared this little about Leeds since we were last relegated and even in League one there was more optimism in the fans and the side about the future.

    If we get new owners, there is very little about this era that I want to remain. A few key players can stay, Mccormack, Becchio, Pearce, Lees, Byram, Austin and perhaps Kenny (NOT Diouf). Other than that I would like a completely different side to be lining up this time next year; hopefully with a different manager too.

  11. Scott

    What I can’t understand is why he dropped Becchio to the bench on Saturday, Varney just doesn’t cut it for me. Also I know it is not Warnocks style of player, but I thought Ramon Nunez could do a decent job in the Championship, and gave the side a bit of flair, as well as being a play maker. I do like Neil Warnock, and I think he needs more time and money to do a decent job though.

  12. Scottish White

    Any calls for Warnock to be sacked are completely ridiculous at this stage. However to completely lay the blame for some of the recent debacles at Ken Bates door is just as ridiculous. Warnock did not have a lot of money to rebuild a very dilapidated squad and he probably made a lot of his signings based on the assumption that we would be taken over before the transfer deadline and he would be able to add the better quality players which we so clearly need.However the fact remains that he did have some money and to be brutally honest he wasted most of it. The signing of Paddy Kenny for 500,000, when Lonergan would probably have done a similar job, and Luke Varney for 300,000 look increasingly stupid, especially when considering how much the squad still lacks in most areas. The position we are in is for the most part down to Warnocks strange decisions in the summer, it is also probably a fair reflection on the quality of the squad. Unless we are taken over by January we are going to be fighting a relegation battle.

    • djedjedje

      I agree that Warnock shouldn’t be sacked – but largely because it’d be a waste in compensation of what little money we currently have. He he chose to walk tomorrow then that’d be fine with me. If we are heading towards a relegation battle then I think we need someone who has a better track-record of survival than a man who specializes in playoffs and promotions when there’s some money to throw around. Besides, I don’t reckon he’s got the stomach for the dogfight at the bottom of the league.

      Say come December, with no takeover completed, and Diouf walked off, can you see Warnock still being arsed? I can’t.

      • Irving08

        Can he re-write the script for himself: ‘the man who kept LUFC us in the Championship against all the odds’.
        [Mrs Irving08, who has only been to Elland Road once in her life – when we lost by the way (Xmas 1978) – has noticed that it is always about him. Not officer rmaterial, she says]

      • djedjedje

        I can live with the ego. If that is what it takes to get us up/stay in this league then so be it. I took some comfort today when reading that Warnock was looking forward to going to the Den on Sunday as underdogs, and have a testing time. He said the ability to win against the odds was part of the English game that he most loves. Good job the odds of us going up are lengthening then!

      • Irving08

        I too can live with it and noticed the Milwall comment as well. Signs of rewriting the script ? He has still got a young family to impress too.

    • leedsusa

      From the highlight reel Kenny was awful at the weekend, Austin’s out for the season, worst league position in how long. IGWT then and stilll now, he must be feelin somewhat vindicated right now… Young guy bangs in goals for fun midweew has to be worth a game at the weekend, and not when shit’s already going wrong.. 9 points off that dogfight…not good…

  13. Northern Leeds Lad

    If I had the privilege of being manager of Leeds United, players I would buy in January;

    Boyd ( Peterborough)
    Max Gradel ( somewhere in France …… cheers Uncle Ken !!! )
    Kenwyne Jones (Stoke)
    Scott MacDonald (Middlesbrough)
    Roger Johnson (Wolves)
    Matt Kilgallon (Sunderland)
    Tom Ince (Blackpool)
    Phil Neville (Everton) – would be Captain
    Speroni GK ( not sure which club he is at )
    Will Buckley (Brighton)
    Glen Murray (Crystal Palace)
    Al Habsi (GK Wigan)
    Whittingham (Cardiff)
    Danny N’guessan
    Scott Sinclair (loan from Man City)

    Players I would keep

    – Byram
    – Lees
    – Pearce
    – Austin ( speedy recovery mate, best wishes)
    – Somma ( deserves a chance )
    – McCormack
    – Poleon
    – Tonge (back up squad player)
    – Norris (Squad player)

    This is 24 in total, I would have a good clear out because it would be necessary. Would use some of our younger players and blood them into first team. Just my thoughts and have not posted this to start any ructions, just sharing my wish list with fellow Leeds fans!.
    In the real world if I could have a say in who our manager would be it would be: Gus Poyet all day hands down or Roberto Martinez of Wigan.
    It is obvious Warnock has his hands tied financially and he has a very difficult task until this changes, I will apologise to Simon Grayson because he is clearly a very good manager who was treated very unfairly by Bates and also had financial constrictions.

    • djedjedje

      A nice list but I’m not sure how helpful it is. £10m wouldn’t go far beyond the fees and wages of Max Gradel, Tom Ince, and Peter Whittingham. Besides the ‘clear out’ would/will cost millions.

      It’s more the realm of fantasy football than the Leeds way. Just saying.

    • TSS

      Excellent, the jobs yours. Your transfer budget is £47.83 which we’ll raise by selling McCormack and Austin.

      • Matthew

        TSS, if this takeover doesn’t come to anything. You’ve jinxed us there, no doubt Bates will have the press department working in overdrive with stories such as Ross and Rudy having their heads turned, nothing they could do, wanting too much money, when in reality they will end up being forced out for Bates to make a quick sale.

        This is one thing that does bug me and I’m sure you and everyone else. Football is all about money, when you look at the clubs turnover we should be able to keep our players,be it Howson, Snoddy, Gradel, Beckford etc Howson and Snod are hardly on huge amounts of money, this is Norwich we’re talking about, they don’t pay more than 20k a week…

      • TimPM

        And Gradel’s Twitter seeming to hint he wants to come to Leeds is so bizarre I’d think it was fake if Dews hadn’t verified it ages ago…

      • Matthew

        I know, he clearly misses playing for the club and the fans. Makes you wonder if he actually wanted to leave in the way he did, or if there was something else surrounding it from the club. Either way David Haigh is following Gradels twitter account and has no doubt read his tweets, if he is a big of a leeds fan as what he claims to be, no doubt as Chairman he should be looking at the situation(Hopefully….).

    • TimPM

      It’s funny, Warnock was in for at least 2-3 of those on your list but the cash never arrived… ——————

  14. oldschoolbably

    This is nothing more than wealthy Americans looking to ship out ther money before Obama taxes them stupid. If he`s worth £150 million only a small percentage of that will be liquid meaning he`ll have to go to the banks for the money to buy the club. More debt. More trouble You are almost better off with Bates in that scenario.
    As for the Arabs. Money grants you power. I don`t doubt they have the money to buy the club but they obviously don`t have the financial muscle to steamroller he deal through, leaving you wondering what they`ll have for post takeover investment
    Could it be a bigger mess ?

    • TimPM

      Surely the debt thing would only be a problem if it concerned the club? If he takes on personal commitments to tide himself over until he can withdraw the rest of the cash he needs, surely this has nothing to do with us? Not my area of expertise but doesn’t make sense to me… ——————

    • djedjedje

      I was reading that Preston Hesketh III and Bates are mates from their South Africa connection. I wouldn’t put it past Bates to call in his ‘mate’ to do him a favour and make a public loud shout of being on the verge of buying the club and giving Warnock £10m to put pressure on GFHC to get a move on and agree to the sticky issues that have led the takeover to drag on for months. I’m thinking the stumbling block is over add-ons and compensation if certain scenarios occur. I imagine Bates will be after £xx million should Leeds get promoted in the next two seasons – a big stumbling block considering GFHC are gambling on Leeds getting promoted in order to make ANY profit.

      On a slightly different note, you have to wonder for each and every point we fail to gain, for each league position we fall, for how our chances of the playoffs and promotion recede per game, does GFHC’s ‘business’ plan of making money out of Leeds diminish? We are only of interest to them as a punt of Premiership membership within this season or the next. With this season increasingly looking written off and more need for major investment in the squad apparent per game, at which point do they consider us too much of a gamble. Considering their far from impressive financial record, I imagine GFHC could not afford to finance Leeds United if we were relegated.

      Will some real investors please come forward?!

  15. mrbigwheels

    The YP states 72 hours and counting before GFHC may be looking at closed doors to their offer to purchase LUFC exclusively from Bates. If they fail in their bid it will no doubt mean Bates is here to stay for quite a while, with an investor on board and continuity of the present business plan.

    What does the panel think about this scenario?.

    What I do understand is NW and his team haven’t got the stomach for much more of the broken promises, humiliation and false dawns to achieve the task in hand.

    Welcome to our club…

    • djedjedje

      Can we make it an ultimatum? 72 hours to complete the deal or 72 hours before we say to GFHC “Get Fucked Haigh & Co”.

      Personally I now resent these incompetent cretins as much as Bates, but if they finally deliver on the takeover in the next 72 hours I’ll shut my mouth and walk the party line about them being ‘saviours’.

      • mrbigwheels

        Ultimatum or not dje, we better hope GFHC is successful this week with the money on the table. It is possible LUFC has been funded to the tune of £10M by them and two others this summer to date. If this falls through Bates will be staring personal disaster in the face and the Club in Admin by Jan ’13.
        There’s no blooody money left in the bank……. GFHC are not just stupid bankers perhaps and possibly not as incompetent as they portray.

  16. NottsWhite

    After 6 months of protracted negotiations where we get to the point that the takeover is “immenient” (used in the loosest term), some bloody yank tries to muscle in on the deal which will probably set us back another 6 months………..effing joke

  17. mark27

    peltier out lees rubbish pearce clumsy kenny over rated as is austin diouf ony half decent player but cant do it alone makes me want to cry supporting leeds

  18. figo

    at the end of the day warnock has a proven track record and thought he would have the funds and backing of bates . he hasnt had that hes in a bad situation he walks and is a failure he stays hes a puppet !!!!!!!! bollox he come to do a job and if he can get funds hell serve us well give the man with a proven track record and more nouce than any of us a chance . he built good teams and the only thing he can do is turn to players hes had in past years hoping they could still do a job cos hes got no money to do owt else and if anyone could magnify leeds uniteds plight its warnock get off his back and get back to playing championship manager !!!!!!!

  19. mark27

    all leeds fans need to stop crying were no good and its not down to bates or warnock we have been rubbish since we was relegated ridsdale and oleary to blame im seriosly fed up and if u ask me we dont do ourleslves any favours sat moaning on here just let them get on with it we dont need promotion will come back down look at every1 else thats been promoted they dont stand a chance and they have money we need roman ambramovic to start looking forward simple as the games a joke now all its about is money im bored

  20. FIGO

    warnock will do the business he just needs funding hes a proven track record . if he leaves hes a failure if he stays hes a puppet !!!! bollox give the man a chance when he gets funds lets judge him then until then we cant make judgement do you think he likes bieng a laughing stock on live tv doubt it hes like us hoping we get investment !!! millwall away sunday cant wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. mrb

    off topic i know,surley now is the time for warnock to finally let kisnorbo have a run out and give the defense an arse wupin,the armband should be his in my opinion,any more news on somma?????

    • mrbigwheels

      Sounds chirpy. Somma needs ‘steaming up’, steadily for New Year. He’s still fancied for a win by three lengths….

    • Matthew

      Kisnorbo? That’s a joke right? If you’ve seen him play in the Championship you wouldn’t be keen on him starting. He was okay in League 1 but has long since lost his form, when his contract expires, we should wish him well at his next club, which likely will be in a league or two below ours. I’m honestly baffled how anyone could want him to start…

  22. gadge

    grayson did a good job at leeds,maybe getting rid of him was too fucking hasty,huddersfield are doing fine under him…wingers,stikers,defenders are wot we need us all a good turn bates and get the f out..Get nunez,somma,m cormack back in the side ya chump..

  23. Matthew

    This takeover stuff is starting to take the piss now. If America can elect a new president in less time than it takes for someone to buy a Football club something is wrong, if the planet can make good progress in its yearly orbit around the Sun and this takeover still isn’t done, something is wrong. If countries can recover from environmental disasters in less time something is wrong.

    GFH clearly haven’t got a pot to piss in, which is the only stumbling block. It doesn’t take this long to buy a football club. Personally I would like to see someone else come along and buy us before Bates drags us into another admistration/crippling points deduction which will happen soon no doubt.


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