Since the days of Don Revie and Brian Clough, Leeds United v Nottingham Forest has always been a noteworthy fixture on the Football League calendar, and following two incredible games last season which produced 14 goals and ended 7-7 on aggregate, the latest meeting of these two former giants promises to be no exception.

Leeds’ 4-0 victory at The City Ground will be remembered for the deafening chants for Gary Speed – from both sets of fans – as much as the impressive scoreline, whilst the 3-7 defeat at Elland Road perfectly summed up a season of defensive insanity, incredible inconsistency and “I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!” football.

This time around, Leeds United are plagued by injuries and have yet to secure reinforcements but Warnock insists there’ll be no repeat of last seasons horrorshow.

As usual, Kick-Off has provided The Scratching Shed with an exclusive statistical preview ahead of the game which you can see below. Tim has also taken part in a Q&A for Nottingham Forest site Seat Pitch which you can read here.

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  1. Yorksh1rian

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