Max Gradel has told Leeds United fans that if they want to see him back at Elland Road, they need to convince the club to facilitate his return.

The Ivory Coast international left Elland Road in 2011 for French side St Etienne and has since posted a series of tweets expressing his love for Leeds United.

Gradel, still only 24 years of age, was a huge hit with Whites fans scoring 22 goals in 63 league appearances for the club. He’s widely considered to be the kind of creative player the current side is desperately lacking.

Neil Warnock has made no secret of his desire to sign a new wide man following the departure of Robert Snodgrass, but a lack of funds has left him unable to do so thus far. However, the Leeds United manager revealed yesterday that he expects “positive news” regarding the takeover within the next 10 days, which could means funding will be available in the not so distant future.

Since leaving Elland Road, Gradel has made 24 appearances for Saint Etienne scoring 6 goals.

  • jimmyward


    • TSS

      I started a Twitter attempt – #BringMaxHome

      • Col

        There’s more chance of Max bygraves playing for Leeds.

  • Bywater White

    We need to do everything in our power as fans to let the club know our feelings on this. It would be a massive coup for the new owners and would go a long way toward getting us onside.

  • Col

    What is the point of this story? Does anybody believe Gradel would leave his cushy life in France to play for Leeds? Not a chance.

    • Right!

    • RC

      The point is Max is saying he wants to come back so to answer your question is yes, yes he would. What is the point of your post? is the real question. Read the article before commenting.

      • Col

        This story has been written purely to get a reaction. It gives the impression that Gradel has issued a “come & get me” plea to Leeds, which he hasn’t. I’m getting quite bored of transfer or takeover speculation.

        • lufc johnno

          stop reading it then…

  • Hold it, he wanted to leave in the first place and now he’s finding out the grass wasn’t as green as it was in Leeds. ffs. Was a real talent, but damn Max, make up your mind.

    • TSS

      He wanted to be closer to his family. Hardly a crime.

      • So why come back then if he’s nearer his family? is he sick of the family and getting on his tits then? Or does he sense a grand payday if the takeover goes through? #cynicalwhitefriday

        • TSS

          French football is shit, he’s probably bored.

          I don’t understand why Leeds fans have to be so negative about every single player we’re linked to? it really confuses me. Max Gradel was a consummate pro, his goal-scoring and assist record is second to none and he wants to come home – what part of that is bad news? Seriously, cheer up. Is it really necessary to put a downer on everything?

          • With Bates in charge, what’s not to be down about? That said, I’d love to have Max back and if something between his current club and Leeds can be worked out, then I’d be very happy. Realistically though, can’t see it coming off unless TOMA happens.

          • TSS

            None of us are expecting anything to happen without TOMA, but Warnock reckons good news within 10 days and he’s not the kind of person who would mislead fans, so I think we can dare to dream a little.

      • IanLeeds

        I don’t recall Max ever saying that… Only the bearded one. And I bet Gradel had to sign a confidentiality contract before he left.

    • IanLeeds

      Who said he wanted to leave… Bates? He wouldn’t give him a decent contract and Bates does his usual… They’re trying to be greedy rubbish… And some people fall for it every time. And by the way. We were and still are a championship side with a piss poor board and a lack of true ambition. If you were a professional Footballer with any degree of talent would you stay under those circumstances. Sometimes people need to take the white, blue and yellow tinted sun glasses off!


    His account seems fake, every other tweet about Leeds United, 4 followers and surely his first language is french?

    • TSS

      His account was verified by Dewsy ages ago, it’s definitely legit (otherwise I wouldn’t have posted news that came from it). He doesn’t have 4 followers by the way (he has 9000), he’s following 4 people.

      • DC_LUFC

        Sorry my typo. Just looks like the work of a very bored leeds fan too me. By the way brilliant addition if he did come back, I would have thought we would have to buy him for more money then we sold him for though….

        • Matthew

          He isn’t an active twitter user thats why, likely never bothered to search out friends/team mates and other people he knows to follow.. Some people just don’t care about twitter enough.

  • He’s oh – ver there,

    And wants to come back here

    Max Gradel…

    Max Gradel

  • Oh bobby bobby!

    I’ve heard that Seb Carole is also wanting a return and may have been offered a short term contract. Wish that was a joke but apparently it is for real.

  • djedjedje

    Bizarre. Why would you want to leave a successful position in the top tier of French football for a second rung and currently-going-no-where English team? Hw is that going to help his international career? Besides, I seriously can’t see St Etienne entertaining any deal other than for a handsome profit – are our unknown Saudi wannabe owners really that rich? (Hell, they can’t even buy outright the club!).

    Sorry but we have too many false dawns already without an imminent self-flagellaiton over the dashed hopes of a returning prodigal son. Surely, if this aint a false account (which seems likely), Gradel is just being polite and his words are taken out of context.

    • TSS

      He’s basically playing for a West Brom or a Stoke, only in a worse league. He won’t be earning any more than a Championship player and I doubt St Etienne will be able to command a particularly large fee.

      • mrbigwheels

        Seem to remember Bates saying it was not particularly great fee out but… £1.6M nett?. Leics had a rollon + 5% league fee… £2M gross?.
        And before anyone dooms on him, he had a year left. Once again… ”didn’t want him to go” but Bates was inadequate with a new contract offer and personal family reasons took over the move. Come back Max…

        • IlkeyWhite

          He wasn’t sold for 1.6m, he was sold for 6.8m according to my reliable source

          • mrbigwheels

            Not Heinz… obviously.

      • djedjedje

        Which makes you wonder why he ever left? I’m not convinced he was entirely pushed out, against his will, by a money grabbing Bates – but let bygones be bygones and all that…

        I just can’t see us paying anywhere near £1.6m for any player under Bates or these proposed new owners anytime soon. The culture clash of what is modern Leeds United and that sort of ambition is just too large to comprehend, lol. [Maybe I’ve just grown too apathetic and cynical with everything Leeds]

        • James Frewin

          Its family reasons why he left, important ones that he had no control over, it was more for the safety and well being of his (younger) siblings. It was in no-way because he didn’t want to be at the club and also it was his choice but not for a reason that he wanted to.

      • Irving08

        Paris St Germain ?

  • Jimbo’s

    Release the hounds!!!

  • mrbigwheels

    Fantastic if this became a reality…. French football is crap. We need this skill level.
    Right now…

  • LisaLeeds30

    Just Tweeted with an Image using your #BringMaxHome :) MOT

  • IanLeeds

    What an attacking line up we had not so long ago. Gradel, Howson, Snodgrass, Delph, Beckford, Becchio. With Austin looking after the defence… If Grayson could have got the defence right we’d be in the premier league along side Norwich right now! We just couldn’t keep a clean sheet! Although I do think putting Paynter in instead of McCormack was not a management decision but a board decision because of the re payments from going into administration. I think a certain bearded one was surprised we had a cat in hells chance. I’d love them all back to be honest. Maybe they will in the next couple of years… Even Grayson too. Though Guardiola is still without a club!! lol ;0)

  • Peter

    He was faster, more hard working and statistically better than Snodgrass, so it must only be wishful thinking.

    • Irving08

      Different types of player, so difficult to compare. Nevertheless I would pick Snoddy ahead of him or indeed any player who has appeared in a Leeds shirt since the Premiership.

      • Matthew

        Ah dude, your post got viciously voted down, I can see why as Gradel is a good player and should come back. But sad that no one had to courage to say why they disagree with you.

        • Irving08

          Leeds fans are notoriously bad judges ! – you will be too young to recall it, but they didn’ rate Dennis Irwin either and what did they say about Scotty Sellars ? – too lightweight.

          • TimPM

            Yes indeed, some would even rate Snoddy above Gradel! ;-) ——————

          • Irving08

            Most outsiders might….their question about Max ran along Wright -Phillips’ lines…nah, I said, he’s better than that…..

          • Matthew

            Bad judges? Nah, if anything some people seem too scared to engage in a discussion with others here and prefer to abuse the vote system for the comments here. That said I have a few haters that like to vote me down anyway. I feel honored I have a fanbase here. Do wish that people would, instead of clicking down or up on posts, speand the time chatting explaining why, its not that hard to give an opinion, we don’t bite here.

          • Irving08

            Hmm the level and amount of discussion does seem to have taken a turn for the worse over the close season…….too frequent changes of topic may have something to do with it….why do we need a voting system anyway ?

          • TimPM

            It comes with the comments system. We’ve gone through so many we’re not trying anything else for a while!
            The problem with the in-house system was I was deleting about 15 posts a day trying to sell fake crap from China.

          • Irving08

            Thanks for the info.

          • Jonny

            Asa Hartford ~ another blast from the past – rejected but went on to play a full career

          • Irving08

            Ah yes…the hole in the heart ! And how Viduka got slated – lazy sod and all that….

  • LUFCforever

    We need to persuade Warnock Gradel is his first target, would be a huge signing. Beckford would be another big signing if he was to return, these are the kind of players we need if we get major investment. Bring max home!!!

  • igiveup

    Seb Carole is playing for Knaresborough Town in NCEL Division One & has been since the start of the year so I really can see that being true!

    • Oh bobby bobby

      According to the man himself he reckons he’s been approached

  • igiveup

    As much as we love Max why would he want to come back to a club he would hardly even recognise even from 2 years ago, stay where you are kid

    • TimPM

      Max Gradel would be an amazing signing. He’s exactly what we don’t have and unlike some of Graysons talented youngsters he looked just as good against the best teams in the country.
      Seriously, he came on in a Cote d’Ivoire side that has superstars from the top Champions League clubs and play gravitated towards him. With the right manager keeping him professional he would be a mindblowing signing! ——————

      • Bubionwhite

        Out of the players who left or were sold, Mad Max would be top of my list to come back … in fact, one of the very few.

        • Matthew

          I would have Howson and Johnson back, and Snoddy and Gradel too. Won’t say Howson and Johnson here though, as they’re not on Warnocks radar but Gradel sure or Snoddy.

  • killinghall1

    Sign him up!
    One of my favourite games of recent years was the demolition of QPR just before Xmas 2010 which put us second in the league. Gradel was almost unplayable in that game. Two goals and a sterling performance. Of all the player losses which have been engendered by Bates’ unbelievable tightness, this one, for me, was the most galling.

    • Squidoo

      Gradel 4 LUFC, bring back Max. Would also love to see Kenwyn Jones at ER playing for Leeds, a very good striker who puts in a decent shift and knows where the goal is. Just out of curiosity what are opinions on a player called Danny N’guessan??

      Looking forward to the game tomorrow, I’m not writing off NW or Our teams season by any means, it’s far to early in the season!!
      MOT LUFC always

  • jack

    ohh maxy gradel u are the love of my life oh maxy gradel ill let u shag my wifei wanna play football just like u

  • jake b

    Would love it but we all know its not going to. All the best max!

  • I read the Gradel tweet slightly differently. He said “If the leeds fans really whant me back they need to let the club know tha” I think he was probably getting fed up of being tweeted by Leeds fans asking him to come back and saying how great he is and responded by saying don’t keep telling me, tell the club! Which is unfortunate. Because since TSS has started banging the drum for a Gradel return, he’s probably now getting 10 times as many tweets as he was before!!

    • chareose

      could be……..

  • reddo

    Now theres a man I’d love to see back here, and Iv’e never said that about ex players.

  • LeedsJim82

    What a tease. More chance of platting p1ss than us getting Max back under Bates.

  • Irving08

    Whle I don’t think fans should determine who a club buys, I’d welcome him back though I can’t see why he would want to return now the French League is starting to get rather interesting.

  • Non1

    We are such a huge mess, following the entire Leeds player’s story since one year is just unbelievable, if you have a little bit of brains. Warnock has that and that’s why he is desperate, albeit he won’t tell. Even with the likes of Gradel and Beckford, we will go down this year. I am not a betting person, but I bet against my own team this year, shame on me but hat is reality. Sorry folks!!!



  • barnzy
  • Chareose

    Max Gradel is the best player weve had at Leeds in over 7 years to my mind and include Delph in that….
    Would love to see him back, he reacted to the fans and he worked hard. Warnock would turn him into a better player

    • mrbigwheels

      Says it all…. Copy to Warnock.

    • Matthew

      Best player we’ve had? nah. That would be 1. Snoddy, 2. Ross, 3. Gradel, 4. Beckford.

      • Chareose

        Then why was all the talk about Gradel and not snodgrass when they played together and why did the play gravitate towards Gradel ? Maybe it’s down to opinion but yes I’d say grades as best player we’ve had for 7 years

        • Matthew

          Not all the talk was on him, people respect and love him as he’s a great player, don’t get me wrong, but Snoddy was just as much as an asset as him, though I rate Snoddy more. Gradel is still quality.
          Gradel obviously made his mark that day he refused to leave the pitch, gotta love someone with attitude. Remember our final game of league 1? LOL.

      • Irving08

        MIne, in descending order, would be: Snoddy; Howson; Gradel; Beckford; McCormack.

    • Irving08

      I too rated Delph, just a pity for both parties he left us when he did….On Max, you make the point yourself, he could be turned into better player, wheres Snoddy, by the time he left. was the finished article and looks very comfortable in the Prem (of course he will get fitter, but that goes with the territory)..

  • Matthew

    With all these injuries and lack of replacements our season would be over by the time he gets here anyway but would give me hope for next season anyway. Hope he comes back.

  • Twonky

    Would be nice if this was true!!! We live in hope

  • Jonny

    Bringing Gradel into the equation right now is only helping to cloud the ONLY issue which is getting #Batesout.

  • normanstan

    Cant believe only 56% want this virus out of our club. As per email,he has imposed this “solution” after 4 months of farce and is minipulating the outcome after takeover fatigue. Hit him where it hurts and note that his “plants” have now infested this site also.

  • Biff butter

    We need new blood at the top bates must go from gaz in brimming ham

  • Jodie

    Bring max an beckford back where they belong

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