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The growing news coverage of the upcoming United States election reminded us of a feature we used to run a while back whereby we measured the confidence fans had in the manager and chairman to see how that altered each month in response to recent events.

It’s pretty straightforward, all you have to do is select a value that nearest matches your level of confidence – 5 being total confidence, 0 being no confidence.

We also welcome comments explaining your vote as these will be used to summarise the general mood amongst Leeds United fans when we post the results in a couple of days.

The polls will close 9am Sunday.

How confident are you in Neil Warnock’s role as Leeds United manager? 

Confidence in Neil Warnock?

  • 5 - Total confidence (63%, 2,087 Votes)
  • 4 (30%, 997 Votes)
  • 3 (5%, 163 Votes)
  • 2 (1%, 35 Votes)
  • 1 (0%, 11 Votes)
  • 0 - No confidence (0%, 16 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,292

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How confident are you in Ken Bates’ role as Leeds United chairman? 

Confidence in Ken Bates?

  • 5 - Total confidence (1%, 42 Votes)
  • 4 (1%, 26 Votes)
  • 3 (3%, 106 Votes)
  • 2 (5%, 157 Votes)
  • 1 (15%, 466 Votes)
  • 0 - No confidence (75%, 2,384 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,174

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How confident are you of Leeds United’s being promoted this season? 

Confidence in Leeds United achieving promotion?

  • 5 - Total confidence (2%, 70 Votes)
  • 4 (11%, 359 Votes)
  • 3 (38%, 1,209 Votes)
  • 2 (28%, 889 Votes)
  • 1 (13%, 423 Votes)
  • 0 - No confidence (7%, 210 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,158

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73 Responses

  1. reddo

    looking at the confidence in the chairman, which moron voted for him, was it himself.

  2. Squidgetlufc

    Every confidence in NW, experience at this league and as a no nonsense character shining through already. He is really facing his toughest challenge to date as a manager with no funding to strengthen a very lean squad. As long as Bates is in control of club things are not going to improve.

  3. Steve Adams

    I think we have the best manager possible to get us out of this league. He has the experience, know how and the passion. Unfortunately we have the worst chairman that ever got his grubby hands on a football club. All take and no give, without the proper investment combined with keeping your best players how are we expected to compete? Bates out.

  4. Craig Sweaton

    Neil Warnock has my full support and confidence. Bates however has no support from me, & a complete lack of confidence in his ability as long term chairman.

    • Allan

      Hopefully he won’t be long term….he is 80 years old now so not long left for him.He should sell the club and take his money for a last splurge. Alternatively he could give me his money and his shares in the club because I know I could do a better job than Bates…..plus enjoy the money too.

      • chareose

        its 20 years till he reaches a 100 and thats a long time for a club to be in limbo……

      • TimPM

        I remember visiting a friend of my nan’s when I was a kid who was 94. A bit frail (too frail to fly or anything), but seemed in perfectly sound mind… I think it’s a bit dangerous to just suppose he’ll get ill and finish his little experiment here in the next couple of years?

  5. MacTen

    I’m not one to entirely discount the opinions of others, but Jesus H Corbett, some people should not be allowed on the internet. In fact, whichever fuck nugget voted “100%” for Bates confidence shouldn’t even be allowed to mix with other humans. They should be taken to an internment camp and made to listen to all of Bates’ lies on a constant loop.

  6. SmileyLUFC

    I’ve every confidence in Warnock, but he’s been left high and by the current regime. He’s out together a decent side, but we the squad is weak in depth as a result of lack of/no investment from Mr. Bates. If we can somehow sneak through to Christmas still in play off contention, then with a new board behind him ready to invest, I trust Warnock to take us up. Without the takeover, as that bloke from Dad’s Army used to say, we’re doomed!

  7. JONTY

    NW deserves massive praise for sticking with us through all the lies & false expectation – great signings especially Varney – 110% thumbs up from me.

    Just hope all NW’s doubters can now get behind him & support the team.


  8. Craig

    Complete confidence in Warnock, his record speaks for itself and the desire he transmits in his interviews and conferences shows he really wants to get us up. However he also gives enough hints that his hands are well and truly tied on a lot of things. As for Bates, financially i’m sure he will leave us debt free, his refusal to commit to transfers and contracts at least would make you hope so. I think we’ll come in the play-offs, and as we all know you have a 25% chance of making it up. Would love us to be there or thereabouts come January, offload Nunez, Rachubka, Rogers and Pugh and get the 2-3 players in Warnock keeps talking about. I have to add that when people are moaning about us having a small squad, there’s the 4 players transfer listed plus Bromby and Somma who may be out injured but we still pay their wages. There’s 27 players with them 6 included.

  9. Westhighlandwhite

    Not Warnock’s biggest fan but given the constraints under which he has had to work he’s done a good job. How anyone who purports to support Leeds United can have any confidence at all in Ken Bates is beyond my comprehension. He is a liar, a cheat, a charlatan and has been nothing but a disaster for Leeds United. Our saviour? My arse.

  10. we r leeds lads utd

    great manager but very limited resources , ken bates is using the fans anger to prolong our suffering ,simple as that. the more we turn against him the more determined he is to twist the knife ! unfortunately we are in a situation where he ,at his age , doesnt need to worry about money . his is purely a principle thing and he holds all the cards ! but we all hold hope that maybe he will move on in the interest of all concerned !

  11. RobH

    I have every confident in Neil too, it was Bates that brought him here to be fair so credit where credit is due for that, I am (like everybody else) just so bemused why he’s investing all this money on the ground whilst we’re not in the prem…surely he should be pushing to get there first and then building this infrastructure? Surely he should be buying the ground back so he doesn’t have to pay millions in rent every year if he is going to be prioritising anything? I just do not understand what is going through his head, surely he must be about to leave!?! He just doesn’t have the resources to support us anymore and he has to accept that. To be honest i’m actually bored of talking about Bates and this whole takeover nonsense, I almost don’t even care anymore it’s dragged on so much, I feel like all the fight in me has gone…..Promotion is 50/50 for me, I think the first team is capable for definite but the squad is paper thin and now we can only just about field a midfield with Norris and Green out, if Austin goes we’ll be stuck with Pugh and Brown in the middle….I think both can be carried one at a time but not BOTH in the middle that would be worse than last year. I think Brown did well at the end of last season but looks like he’s got a slight strain as well so god know what we’re going to do.

  12. Johnny2hands

    I reckon the jabronies voting 100% for Bates must be Leeds fans whose mum had a fling on an 18-30’s holiday with a 13 fingered mutant from Norwich…yep…mashing their keyboards with grotesquely deformed digits is the only rational explanation i can think of for such a glaring error. Poor sods.

  13. RobH

    The people voting 100% for Bates are obviously not Leeds fans. I’m sorry but even those who support him can’t be 100% behind him, he is not providing enough money to support our promotion bid and hasn’t put in any money since the £5 mill he gave Blackwell in his first year which was obviously a joke as he knew Blackwell wouldn’t be able to attract the type of player to get us up even if he had £100 million to spend.

  14. MattBB2

    so who are you out there? that thinks that Ken Bates is anything like a positive influence on our club? how on earth can you remain so totally blind to the fact that this guy has asset stripped leeds united. Read TSB today, we have banked over £15m this summer – cash, and yet zip has been made available to the manager – we have the money to challenge, but we also have a leech who’s siphoning it off, one who has royally screwed up an investment opportunity. Wake up.

    • Irving08

      He may not have spent the money quite or entirely the way we would like it to have been spent, but investing in ground improvements, a museum and fancy facilities doesn’t sound like asset stripping to me.

      • Adam

        Technically not asset stripping, but when you consider that we don’t actually own the ground, and as such are merely increasing the value of something that at some stage we would really rather like to buy back it doesn’t particularly look like the wisest thing to do, unless of course your name is Ken Bates and you consider that and in all likely hood he is probably in fact the anonymous owner of the ground through yet another dodgy offshore set up

      • Irving08

        Its’ not my area but I am not sure that ground will cost us more to buy back due to add-ons. It woud indeed make no sense if it did.

      • Chareose

        no its more complex than that isnt it, hes taken money out of leeds united through subterfuge and lied to the fans or used manipulation to keep his cash flow coming in…….the little hes invested (OUR MONEY BY THE WAY) has been on idiotic infrastructure projects that are completely pointless if Leeds arnt successful anyway. His overall strategy is so stupid it should be the stuff of legend !! How many successful busineses do you know that invested in infrasture when they didnt have a product ???
        All it goes to prove is that Bates is not only an aXXhole but also a complete idiot !!!
        Your qualification does little to counter MattBB2 statement about Ken Bates….

      • TimPM

        We don’t know who owns the stadium, but you couldn’t rule out its being under his influence one way or another.
        The stadium and training ground, of course, are another festering wound in fan relations. When Bates took over he promised we’d repurchase as a priority and in the ‘fullness of time’ how high a priority? When is time full? But either way it was clearly calculated as a promise to repurchase in the eyes of fans. Seven going on eight years later, we’ve got a conference facility but we’ve lost out on the preferential price for our iconic, top-class training facilities and spent over half what we’d need to repurchase the stadium alone on an east stand redev, not to mention a few million disappearing into YR and a mil or two spent on the conference facilities.
        Bates might not care, he’ll be long dead by the time our buyback right has gone, but the fans care, and he needs the fans onside to make life so much easier. ——————

      • Irving08

        We may disagree with his strategy, but I am sure that, by creating what he seems to see as an off-the-shelf set of Premiership-level facilities , Bates thinks he is acting in the long term interests of the club. Is this entirely delusional ? That’s all I have time for now, sorry.

      • TimPM

        I never said he was acting delusionaly, but he led fans to believe the repurchase of facilities was a priority and has instead spent much money on doing everything but. I’m sure he enjoys meeting his pals in Monaco boasting the largest conference facilities between Manchester and Newcastle, or a heavy loss-making radio station, but I fail to see what they have to do with off the shelf Prem facilities.
        Apart from anything else not being able to own our Prem facilities such as TA may well put potential buyers/investors off?


      • Irving08

        We don’t know if Bates has any mates. He seems a bit of a loner to me: that’s one of the problems. It is hard to say whether the ‘facilties’ makes us more rather than less attractive to potential investors/buyers. But they do speak of a kind of ambition and ‘big club’, even one that has not been balanced by investment on the playing side. Also we know that we have touched greatness on the football field, but this may not mean much to the new breed of mainly foreign football investors, who may be more impressed by other stuff. Of course, he could have used our money to buy back stuff sold off by the previous regime, but this must hardly have seemed worth the candle to a man like Bates. And it too would have been at the expense of team investment. Still this could be an item in any attempt at dialogue with the man.

  15. Sunnyleeds

    Good poll. I hope Ken believes what he is seeing, even though I gave him quiet a good vote though I have been vocal against his chairmanship the last few months.

    • mrbigwheels

      Well done for being honest… at least you’re thinking about what is actually happening to the club under his chairmanship!.

      • Sunnyleeds

        You have to be honest in this precarious situation. How can a real Leeds supporter see his club drowning and say nothing or do nothing!

  16. mrbigwheels

    Warnock does what he does… makes the most of what he’s got even when he’s been let down, lied to and not been given the support he was promised. Whether one likes him or not, the proof of the pudding is in the eating to date and I expect that more gile and a steadfast, dedicated approach from him will continue to be seen until the next window ………… Warnock 100%
    Bates… well he’s a total let down, a man that has passed his sell-by date and the time has come to ignore an individual who still thinks he can fool and manipulate all of the fans all of the time. The acute fact is any fans still supportive of him are in an ever decreasing minority. The more I think about Bates as the captain of this ship… the more I realise there is nothing wrong with the ship… it’s the so called captain who needs to be ignored and isolated. His internal support is diminishing and the club, although he owns it, is distancing itself from him. Only a matter of time before he implodes……………….. Bates 0%
    A successfull team is one that is given the support, applause, a helping hand through thick and thin. Give them confidence and determination to be their best, try their hardest. Support for the team, coaching staff, the manager is vital and we will be up there. If it takes a while…. so be it, but don’t lose faith. Bates will go, he is on the plank now, maybe filled with bravado but he’s just fooling himself……… Promotion 80%

  17. MacBedford

    Warnock has the team playing as well as can be expected. I m gutted he has nt had money to spend, but not surprised. Bates, not even worth talking about him

  18. Chris Smith

    Probs about 15% chance of promotion with the squad. Good Start so far. I don’t want us punching above our weight for too long and giving Bates more time to hang on.

  19. Swillykev

    Love it! Fuck nugget got to be insult of the week. I’m going to use it in my next rant against Bates! Some people really should realise that it’s because of Bates we are where we are. We could be in the Premier League NOW never mind at the end of this season. Investment in the team instead of corporate boxes (which season ticket holders have paid for but are unlikely to ever use) would have meant Johnson, Howson and Snodgrass would have stayed. Some fans have jokingly commented that Sam Byram will be next on the list for Norwich. I don’t consider it a joke.

  20. Welsh Whites

    Bates knows what he is doing, just trust him. He won’t just keep taking and have no Hunger for promotion. Oh and George Bush for Nobel peace prize, Andy Murray for sports personality and George Osbourne for a real people’s hero !

  21. Dacourt

    Totally confident in Warnock’s ability as a manger, but with the current squad i really have no confidence when it comes to us winning promotion. I just cant see this current squad really getting consistent wins when the season gets to its later stages, and every point matters.

  22. Paul Browne

    I think Neil Warnock is the man for Leeds and he has done brilliant with the limited backing he has recieved from the so called chairman. Neil has won the fans over Bates has infuriated the fans.Keep up the good work Neil…..RESPECT .

  23. Kalich

    Wow 21 votes for full support of Bates , surely this is a windup , what so called fans have their heads that far up their owns asses not to realize at what this man has done to OUR club , ignorance is indeed bliss

  24. Steve

    I wasn’t Warnock’s biggest fan when he was appointed, but he has surprised me with the squad he has built and he looks as he could take us up given the funds.Voted 4. Masterbates is a cancer bleeding our club dry and the sooner he goes or dies the better. Voted 0.
    Can’t see us going up with the current chairman and wafer thin squad, if and a big IF, he sells soon we might have a chance. Voted 3.

  25. Pattaya Rag

    Giving Bates zero and Warnock 4 need little explanation.

    Giving our promotion chances a 2 is more a comment on the quality of the opposition in the Championship than a comment on the Leeds squad. This Leeds squad would probably have been good enough for a shot at the play-offs in 2010/11 and 2011/12 but not this season. We are up against clubs with better squads and the added insurance of serious money to spend if they need a Plan B.

    We’ve made a respectable start but that’s all it will be if Bates sticks around.

  26. Pattaya Rag

    90% of the respondents give Bates a zero or one vote. Wow. Suspect in this case statistics don’t lie….. well apart from the votes of 5 for Bates!!!!!!

    Looking at it another way, the 1,700 people who’ve voted zero or one for Bates represent 7% of our gate against Blackburn.

    Pity we can’t get all Leeds fans to complete this survey.

  27. LUFCtash

    Bates sort it or leave it. No confidence in papa Smurf, however 100% faith in Neil. Voted 3 for promotion need bigger squad injuries will play their part, then we will move down the pecking or and could fin ish up fighting relgation battle. Need new owners and cash flow ready for January to help Neil ready for fight for promotion. MOT

  28. Nicj60@googlemail.com

    Neil Warnock deserves a medal. Through all of this he has gone about his business with quiet dignity. He was obviously lied to by Bates and could quite easily have walked away. But, he hasn’t. He’s stayed with us and just got on with things. To think we were that close to going joint top is incredible when you consider the resources at his disposal. As with you all I just wish that odious man would do the decent thing and go. He really is a nasty vindictive individual. Still, keep our chins up all you never know what is round the corner and if Mr Warnock can get us anywhere near the top six come the season’s end then I shall commission a bust of him for my front living room.

  29. Hatstand

    Very little confidence in Warnock because I doubt he will stay past Xmas. I don’t like him so don’t care. Mind you, he’s better than most off the managers we’ve had since Howard. Still, my vote of 1 is based on the lack of confidence that he’ll stay.

    • tekka

      all credit to warnock , we must keep him for the sake of the club ,he has done a fantastic job so far ,he deserves all the support he can get

  30. Hatstand

    Oh and all you people getting wound up by the 25 or so who gave Bates 5 – do you really think only Leeds fans have voted? When the 6-fingered sister-shagging Norwich fans get hold of this his ratings will soar.


  31. BigT

    Ken Bates is a disgrace as a chairman of our club. he has lined his own pockets to our detriment. We have sat and accepted his lies for too long> I will not spend a penny more on Leeds Uniteduntil he is gone

  32. Tim campbell

    Voted 5 for our manager, and he has risen considerably in my estimation since he was well within his rights to walk away after broken promises by the Chairman. It has been the backing of the fans that has made him stay. The flipside of that statement is that old greybeard has overwhelming support against his chairmanship (yes i voted 0 as well), yet still the delusional twat clings on to power with sone vague notion that as long as one ‘fuck nugget’ votes for him, he is loved, adored and accepted as the best thing since bread was sliced. There was a story running in the YEP through the week that unless this takeover was concluded promptly, the interested party would walk away. Surely that time has now gone and passed, it is now time for the majority of fans to be united in taking a stand against bates. Organisation is needed but i believe it is possible with a conserted effort to drive him out of our club.

  33. Chareose

    Do any of you honestly think Ken Bates gives a Flying XXXX about what we think about him ??!!
    All he cares about is bums on seats and money. He probably only thinks about Leeds united for 20 minutes every week…..
    Mean while Neil Warnock is caught in the same trap we are………he likes the fans and the club so hes sticking around, the fans like NW and the new team so are going to games in their thousands….
    Captain Birsdeye’s trawler sails on with a mighty catch of leeds fans in its net……

  34. White Knight

    I’m actually working out in the back of beyond in the Czech Republic and I’m so desperate I’ve approached a locally gypsy to curse the old cunt, I went for the full bag of mashings (kc300) £10 worth and asked that he is gang raped by a well hung Jamaican Yardie, wish I hadn’t now because he would probably enjoy it.

  35. Cheesewire

    The sad reality is of the 25% who apparently have above 0 confidence in KB 90% will have absolutely nothing to do with Leeds United. I mean the fact that 5 actually voted 100% says it all. It’s a shame you can’t prevent these things from happening in Internet polls. You can bet your bottom dollar one will be Hammersfan and Im sure the other 4 will be equally sad bastards completely obsessed by our club.

    I can just see the old fool referring to this ‘data’ in his next programme notes as justification for a job well done. Even then though with its blatant inaccuracy still contradicts the ‘vociferous few’ assertion.

    • TimPM

      I’m not so sure he’d want to encourage traffic to this site tbh. He’s spent so long calling blogs like this minority morons and sickpots I doubt he’ll agree to give us free advertising like RITGK ——————

  36. Tim campbell

    The article in the YEP this morning highlights one of the most annoying aspects of the current regime, namely the ministry of silence. I feel this has been one of the most demeaning things us loyal fans have had to endure during bates tenure. By phil hays own admission there are parties involved in this takeover who would have gladly offered up some information as to how things were progressing, but because of the confidentiality clause have been unable to do so. Question. Who do we think first insisted that the aforementioned clause should be included in these negotiations? Who has always been careful to insert ‘undisclosed fee’ when a transfer has gone through? Lets face it ANY information that is released from elland road is gloriously airbrushed, so much so that it would make anne widdicome look like every pubescent teenagers object of desire

  37. David Lockwood

    macten, calm down, please! Someone obviously made a mistake or is taking the piss! Yeah, I agree, not very funny if they are. Bates is holding the supporters to ransom! He should just fuck off.

    • TimPM

      90pc with zero or minimal confidence in him, and another 5pc with not much is utterly overwhelming though. And a few thousand responders might not be huge, but it doesn’t indicate what Bates insists is a “small minority” that do not agree with him.

  38. David Lockwood

    I tell you what though – look at the number of people who have total confidence in Warnock. A Holywood star couldn’t get those ratings, the pope or even God!! It just shows how much support he has got!! God help Bates if he ever tries anything with Warnock, we will all be out to revenge him!!

    • Sunnyleeds

      We have to fully support Warnock after what Bates did to Grayson, and having seen what Warnock has already did with no funds

  39. dave

    i am a little late in commenting, everyone has covered my points. my votes
    nw 4. cunt bates 0. promotion 3. promotion dependant on next tranfer window

  40. Jon9156

    Bates did as he said he would when he stabilised the club but now he needs to walk away as he is damaging the work he did to keep us afloat. WALK NOW AND LEAVE THE CLUB TO SOMEONE WITH AMBITION ! ! ! ! !

  41. Matthew

    >5 – Total confidence (1%, 40 Votes)
    How can anyone, I by god do I mean anyone, have total confidence in Ken Bates, troll voters or Ken Bates using 40 different computers to vote himself up?

  42. Des Flanagan

    like all our friends in Leeds, we in Ireland share your frustration, Bates must go, as for warnock, considering his small squad and lack of funds, our start is not too bad, so i say lets see where we are at Christmas, hopefully with a new owner and funds, and Bates can “MASTER” B himself in thee south of France

  43. @Benleeds

    The last question is a bit open for me. As things stand we have little chance because the squad isn’t big enough. With “investement” the basis of the squad now and a few more good players we will challenge.


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