Thanks to Glen Mullan (@Glen9Mullan) the chairman of the BRFC Action Group and editor of Rovers Revisited for taking part.

Blackburn have had a decent start to the season, currently 3rd place after 3 games. What are your expectations for this year?

Rovers have not played well at all but find themselves in third place, If this the sign of a good team? I hope so; we don’t care how we get the points as long as we get them. Performances can improve but it’s the points on the board which it’s ultimately about. Before the season started many amongst the supporter base expected us to struggle, and performances suggest that under the current manager. If Kean is replaced then Rovers have to be one of the favourites to go up, and with the summer spending, we can ill afford not to go up at the first time of asking. No-one knows if the clubs future has been gambled on this window and that question is part of the worry which has grown since Venkys bought the club.

Like yourselves, there is a lot of discontent regarding the ownership of Leeds United. For those who aren’t aware, tell us why you want change at Blackburn.

After last season’s relegation and the clubs failure to remove Kean, the town has been in turmoil all summer. No one can give any logical reasons why Steve Kean remains the manager. Kean has managed just 15 victories in 20 months. Blackburn were a well-run established Premier League club when they was purchased just under 2 years ago. Having finished in the top 10 in the previous season. Although the days of big spending were a thing of the past, the clubs boards ability to run a break even ship, made the club a model to what many other clubs aspired to be. 2 years later we are now in the Championship, have sold our best players, on our third board of directors in 18 months. Lost our corporate and shirt sponsors whilst attendances are at the lowest since the new ground was built with over 10000 extra seats being empty. The lack of transparency and owners refusal to give the supporters a clear answer on what the future holds for the club is a major worry.
The club has waged war on its supporters, yet the supporters are being pictured as the ones who are being unreasonable. All supporters want is answers and the club being run in the right spirit and tradition in which it’s enjoyed for 137 years.

You’ve just signed Jordan Rhodes from Huddersfield for (reportedly) £8million. Are you happy to see Blackburn spending that kind of money on a player who is relatively unproven at this level or would you have rather seen the money spent elsewhere?

I’m thrilled with the signing of Rhodes, it’s a lot of money, but strikers come at a premium. His scoring record is fantastic and has already scored 2 in 2 this season. I’m quite confused why we did so much cost cutting last season, which ultimately took us down. We should of spent this money in January and perhaps we may have stayed up. However I’m glad we appear to be serious about bouncing straight back up. There can be no excuses from the manager with the money spent this window with around 12 new faces

Who else should we be looking out for in your side on Saturday?

Interesting question, and in normal circumstances it would be easy to answer, but with so many new players arriving it’s difficult to predict who will start and what system we will play. Nuno Gomes despite being 36, is an intelligent player and Leeds will need to keep an eye on him as he has the experience and quality to score a goal out of nothing. With Rhodes up there with him, rovers for the first time this season will have a double threat in attack

If you could sign one current Leeds player for Blackburn, who would it be?

Leeds lost a couple of good players in the summer we would have loved down at Ewood. McCormack would be a decent signing. He has been a revelation since joining Leeds and will your big threat to all teams this season. Goal scorers are hard to come by, and if Leeds can keep him, then they will cause damage this season

The Championship 2012/13 – 3 teams to go up, 3 to go down?

Cardiff, Blackburn, Blackpool up

Millwall, Peterborough and Barnsley down

Finally, what’s your prediction for the game?

Rovers can’t keep clean sheets, and Leeds can’t close games out, so i expect this to be a high scoring draw perhaps a 2-

7 Responses

  1. Paulxb

    Should be a good contest today. For all their problems though over the last couple of years I suspect they will be thanking their lucky stars that they are not in as bad a state as we are. When they compare the Venkys with the senile cretin who runs leeds they must surely thank their lucky stars!

  2. JamesNoNayNever

    3 0 to Rovers, if they cant beat Leeds then Kean has to go now, or promotion will never happen. KEAN OUT

    • RC

      You highly underestimate our team and defence, we will be right up there if we keep all our players fit so saying promotion will never happen if you cant win us at Elland Road is a bit ridiculous especially only the 4th game into the league..

    • Matthew

      Blackburn were never going to win this game 3-0, if this post wasn’t so late in coming up I would of predicted 3-3, or 3-2 to either team. You know nothing about Leeds United, or your own football teams position to even think you’d win by such a margin.

  3. henrymouni

    Should be a good game.
    Rich against poor.
    Big squad against small squad.
    I was listening to a Blackburn Director, appointed by ‘the chicken pluckers’ to sort things out.
    He said that Blackburn MUST get promoted this year!
    If they don’t, they will fall like a stone.
    It’s a big gamble!!
    Even with top players on big wages, this is a tough league.
    If Leeds get a draw we will be doing well.
    Transfer window blues!!

  4. Chareose

    TSS, please contact your pals at Lust and kindly suggest that leeds fans should band together to pay for detectives to start investigating Ken Bates from a legal angle ??
    I cant see any other way to help get rid of him, the government certainly will not help and bates holds all the cards currently……we can either support neil warnocks (mid table team) and fund Ken Bates or we boycott and potentially destroy our football club (which Ken Bates predicted hed do anyway)
    Can anyone see any other way to get rid of this man ?
    I would be willing to help with money….

  5. Matthew

    I went into this expecting a draw and that is what I got. I’m happy and to be honest we all should be happy with this. We’re steady, that’s all that matters, we’re like a boat calmly drifting along to the land of promotion. Even if we aren’t that boat that has sped out of the starting line only to run out of fuel, we’re that boat that will just calmly make our way to a position of importance.
    For arguments sake, if we get 15 points from our first 10 games il’d be happy, if we get 17-20 from our next 10 after that’d be 32(35 optimistic, not going for this yet) points, if we win and draw and lose the following 3 that’s 36 points. Now if we better that, and get 40 points from our following 23 games, maybe 42, that’s 78 points and playoffs nailed down.


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