Despite a frustrating start to the transfer window largely caused by the lack of funds available to the Leeds United manager, Neil Warnock says he will not use the takeover as an excuse should his team under-perform this season.

“I know what people would like me to say, but I’ve got 10 [new players].

“I’d like another couple of quality players, especially after losing [Robert] Snodgrass, and I have to work at getting whatever I can in by whatever means. But rest assured whoever we play against will know they’ve been in a game.

“That’s what I try and do and nothing’s changed, whatever the financial situation is or whoever owns the football club.”

Speaking at today’s press conference, Warnock also cast doubts on a speedy resolution to the ongoing takeover saga;

“I accept anything that’s happening at the moment. I’m hardened to it all. I imagine we’ll be having this conversation around Christmas time about the takeover and then probably March and by the end of the season it might be sorted.”

A tongue-in-cheek response from Warnock (I hope), but after three months of speculation with very little information leaking out, it’s not hard to imagine this takeover dragging on for another nine months.

Warnock has also given his thoughts to the Yorkshire Evening Post today, claiming that there was no one in the Leeds United team he inherited that he felt was irreplaceable.

“We needed different players in just about every position, all over the team. This summer was never going to be easy.

“I found myself standing on the touchline last season thinking ‘nobody here – and I really mean nobody – is irreplaceable.’ That’s how bad it was. Even though I wanted to keep Robert Snodgrass, I didn’t think there was anyone we couldn’t do without. I’ve never seen that before.”