GFH Capital will complete the takeover of Leeds United within the next 72 hours, The Sun newspaper claimed yesterday.

Quoting an anonymous source, The Sun claims the buyout will cost GFH Capital £50m and that local born Whites fan David Haigh will replace Ken Bates as chairman.

The news follows sightings of David Haigh alongside another GFH Executive, Salem Patel and Ken Bates at Elland Road earlier this month.

However, Phil Hay from the Yorkshire Evening Post is not convinced by The Sun’s claims, tweeting that he’d checked out the story and there is “no expectation” of a deal being completed in the next 72 hours.

It’s still unclear what GFH’s plans for Leeds United are, but they describe themselves as a company who “takes a long-term perspective and invests in growth companies at all stages of development”.

Haigh and Patel alongside Ken Bates and FL Chairman Greg Clarke

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  1. Chareose

    TSS, if you google that story it shows as 5 days old….. They just reposted it online

    • Craig

      That sounds about right for the standard of journalism the Sun goes in for!

    • TSS

      Showing me 17 hours? I was tweeted pics of it in the actual newspaper, I didn’t even realise it was online until you said that.

      • chareose

        The 17 hours is referring to the online copy of the Sun, not the Ken Bates article.
        Even so I hope its true… gutted we wont sign anyone now but it would just be nice if Ken would just F off so that all the fans can get behind the club again…… When Ken leaves I predict a 35-40K attendance for the following home game

  2. The White Lizard

    As we’ve all suspected whatever news comes out, bad or good, will come after the transfer window closes.

  3. Wurzel Col

    I firmly believe the take over is still ongoing but there are some glaring inaccuracies in the Sun artical (the sun making it up ?, surely not) GFH are the people lending the money for the take over and David Haigh is merely a broker not the new chairman !! I wish that Bates would hurry up and sign the bloody contract, this has caused untold damage to Leeds United fans fighting among themselves (verbally).

  4. markman

    i would not be too worried if the deal was not done this side of the window.
    it would now be a last minute arrangement and they usually turn sour.

    better to wait for the loan window to open and spend some money on a premiership player whose is surplus to his clubs requirements.let the new boys get their feet under the table and look to invest in january

  5. fringo

    If it had been true you’d have to ask why now when the transfer window is shut?

    • Barndoor Billy

      Old cunty bates might deliberately wait until after the transfer window closes to piss us morons off. TBH I now couldnt give a fuck whether we get taken over or not. 4000 pages of bollox on waccoe and nothing has happened

  6. trueyorxman

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!Ken Bates can GFH….Go F**k Himself!! Another wasted season ahead

  7. Rusty

    Well the delay in posting from the (c&%ty) sun is ikely to be from delays in proving the source (ok, a bit far fetched, but likely nonetheless). It can’t be a rush job and quite frankly I think we should be aiming for promotion this year but ABLE to compete next year. Whatever the case Bates is being an ar$e. But we are where we are and no amount of banging and bleating will change that. MOT, super leeds. On the plus side we have the Show from Sam, Aidy, Luc, Chuck, PartyPaddy and the mighty, mighty Rudi!!! Come on LEEDS!

  8. IKTS

    It’s been completed today and there will be an announcement by the new chairman before the game on Saturday :) Trust me on this one.

  9. mrbigwheels

    What is significant, whatever The Sun may claim, is…. Bates seems to be in an increasingly isolated position.
    If one brings together the positions of all involved and cut through the middle of the media and blog speculation, add back all the body language and verbal posturing… a big picture emerges of… Lust, The Fans, Supporters, ‘The Club’, The Buyers, The brave Phil Hay!, Warnock, Harvey, yes even Gray and Lorimer…… One and all surrounding Bates and no one holding out a hand or offering an ounce of support this week.
    Many have talked at depth of a Boycott and of what form or type would be the most effective. I suggest that silence, ignore the man, let him sweat, turn your backs, go about your business, wait with patience as the above have done this week and Bates will surrender and sign quite soon.

    • David Lockwood

      Mr Bigwheels over the past months we have agreed on many issues and I find your comments interesting and convincing. On this occassion however I cannot agree that silence will work on Bates. The time has come to decide if a boycott is an option. Bates must go one way or the other!! The time is now right to put the pressure on him!!

  10. Wils MOT

    David Haigh will be at the match on Saturday, he arrives London Heathrow on Friday PM from Dubai and travels North on Saturday AM, He will once again be in KBs box, this I have from a very solid source within the commercial team at ER, No word on completing deal or who will actually be responsible for the club once or if the takeover completes

  11. TJ

    I suspect Bates wants to complete the deal after the Transfer deadline so we have to wait until Jan / next season. Sums up the TWAT.

  12. mylifeinleeds

    I suspect (and I am speculating just like everyone else) that this will not be a takeover but an investment, with the aim of taking overall control (or selling) in the next 5 years. Again, speculation, but, I heard today that the deal fell through because of a huge loss in profits for GFH Capital in 2010/11 and this rang some alarm bells.

  13. Ron

    Nicky Maynard signing for Cardiff fills me with hope……..the Championship just gets harder.

    • Matthew

      Number of goals Nicky Maynard has scored against us when playing for Bristol City. Have a guess, no really. Also the number of goals he has scored against us when playing for West Ham, hell, the number of goals he’s scored against us playing for any team in his career. When you have this answer, you’l have no worrys at all about where he is, and who he is playing for.

      • Ron

        Jordan Rhodes for Blackburn. My point is that if these so called buyers are serious about taking this club forward, you need to spend in this window to make sure we are not 16th coming into 2013. Maynard is good enough at this level.

      • Ron

        Billy Sharp for Forest, Delfouneso and Eccleston to Blackpool. Let’s all start looking for a striker in the Premier league who is surplus to requirements and earning less than £15k per week……………………(a cricket chirps)…………… Well done Ken. GFH? Get Fucking Hammered?

      • TimPM

        I know people had their eyes on Maynard and Beckford, but the one I’m most disappointed about is Jay Bothroyd on loan from QPR. Really felt he’d be an ace signing for us and he’s gone to Weds.. Forget competing with Blackpool, Forest, Cardiff… We’re not exactly doing well in the mkt compared to probable mid table teams. I agree with someone on Twitter who said although they’ve been screwed over for seven years they feel most sorry for Warnock. He did a great job with what he’s got, I really do think if he’d had 4mil more to spend we’d’ve had a great shout at top 2


      • Ron

        Good point re. Bothroyd. Warnock has been sold a line here at Leeds, no question. This supposed takeover has clearly become a disaster and I guess he feels a duty to the tremendous Leeds faithful to see the season out. Warnock desperately wants another promotion and that is why he signed up. He too believed we were ready to have a real crack. Now making the playoffs will be seen as an achievement given the thin nature of our squad. You could not script how poorly this has been handled. Thank God Warnock is respected and was able to sign a decent first XI on a shoestring. Bitter sweet seeing Snoddy grabbing the headlines for Norwich thus far also.

  14. Adel white

    Bates can call for rapprochement all he wants. As a fan, watching Blackburn sign Jordan Rhodes breaks my heart. Yes they have parachute payments but these are the clubs we are supposed to be challenging. I’ve watched every player I’ve rated disappear since fabian Delph departed for AV and never seen a suitable return from our fee. Tomorrow feels like a massive burden rather than a day of excitement. However, our new signing Rudi the beast does give me hope. He’s my early bet for player of the season!! MOT

  15. padge chester white

    Have been told that if bates does not sell within two weeks Leeds united will be heading back in to administration as we have put all money in to the east stand development
    And there is no money in the pot for anything else

  16. Col

    Call my cynical if you want but the timing of the (alleged) takeover worries me. Is it a coincidence that it could be completed AFTER the transfer deadline?

  17. Matthew

    Bates stuff aside, we need this takeover, before the Jan transfer window if possible.
    We need this takeover so we can take someone of talent in on loan too, if a club has a decent player on good wages who is surplus to their requirements, and Warnock wants this guy in the transfer window, you could grab him and pay a large majority of his wages and have him at the club on loan to fill in the gaps then buy him in January.
    Or you could grab a few decent players and offer to pay a higher percentage of their wages than other clubs to grab him.
    Having owners willing to speand money, even the loan market will get the club decent players which we need, and if they turn out good, as said above, perhaps the club will buy them.


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