From the moment he started warming up in the first half of yesterday’s comfortable victory over Shrewsbury Town, the sight of El Hadji Diouf in a Leeds United shirt had fans divided.

After the tunnel brawl he instigated at Elland Road last season, some fans were left in stunned silence by his arrival, unsure as to how they felt about one of football’s most controversial players representing the club they love.

Others were more decisive with their analysis, the Kop in particular being an area of polarised opinion. Whilst some fans booed, hurled abuse and attempted to start chants in reference to Diouf spitting at supporters (on three separate occasions no less), others decided that, irrespective of history, he was a Leeds player now and should therefore be supported and cheered.

Even Ken Bates struggles to divide the Kop, an area of Elland Road where Bates Out chants are the norm and few dare to stray off-script. Diouf had no such problems.

Diouf clearly has work to do if he’s to unite the support behind him, but Neil Warnock seems convinced of his ability to do so and is enjoying having someone in the squad more controversial than himself, joking after that the game that “It’ll take the pressure off me as well because [the fans will] have a go at him, not me!”

Myself, I was in the stunned silence camp. I’d travelled to Leeds the night before and had only found out about the deal when I met friends in The Prince Of Wales before the match. I’d wrongly assumed that they were talking about news that he’d been on trial with the club the week previous and had no idea he was in the squad until I saw the line-up inside Elland Road.

There’s very little about El Hadji Diouf to like, he’s a horrible human being and someone I had no problems booing when he was wearing an opposition shirt. It’s a little different however when he’s on the field in a Leeds United shirt. However deplorable his antics in the past have been, he’s now representing my club. I couldn’t forgive and forget, but I couldn’t boo either.

If we’re to judge him purely on his performances as a footballer, Diouf may well turn out to be a good signing. He’ll never be forgiven for past indiscretions, nor should he be, but if he knuckles down and lets his football make the headlines for once, he may well win the naysayers over.

With a list of controversies longer than the former clubs section of his CV, it’s hard to imagine there won’t be times this season when we regret giving him the chance – we can only hope that the times when we’re glad we did offer him a lifeline, outnumber the times we wish we hadn’t.

Happy with the signing of El Hadji Diouf?

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    The fact is he’s costing nothing and they’re paying peanuts a week to him, throw in the fact he’s a very talented player despite his anger issues lol he’s just what we need. If it doesn’t work out then he’s gone and we’re no worse off but the truth is that love him or hate him he is a quality player and can win games … I also know he’s good to have in the dressing room and with the young players so I don’t see it as a risk at all.

    • Simon

      But he’s not a quality player. He’s living off one good World Cup 10 years ago and has been on a downward spiral ever since. He’s slow, lazy and is the epitome of self before side. A terrible signing politically and football-wise.

      • ludlowleeds

        Since when did we judge signings politically? Barmy. If he does a job – which he is more than capable of as he is still, championship-wise, a quality player – nobody will care a bollocks. And quite rightly.

        • Simon

          Possibly because Warnock has risked splitting both the fans and the dressing room for the sake of this signing. And no, he’s not quality and he will add nothing positive to our squad.

          • TimPM

            Doesn’t it say a lot about Warnock’s desperation that after fans responded to his interest earlier in the summer he left it, and only now, when the window’s virtually over and Bates is dragging his heels in selling, is Warnock considering him?

            Just don’t get this delusion that we’re going up with this team. We’re a solid team and an improvement on last year. But let’s face it last years team was nowhere near promotion standard itself. Go through Cardiff, Bolton, Blackpool, etc. and then think about our side. Promotion without some proper investment? No chance.

          • Simon

            Agree completely. We’re crying out for some pace and creativity, but I’d rather have no-one than Diouf. It seems a strange gamble that has very little chance of coming off and one I’m surprised Warnock made, even considering the state we’re in in that position. I think some of Warnock’s desperation is replicated amongst the fans who are willing to take him and are talking up his ability as a player when he’s done nothing special for years now. The major thing this squad had going for it was hard work and team spirit, and Diouf is exactly the player you don’t want to sign if you want that in your squad. Strange decision.

          • NottsWhite

            Agree with requiring pace and creativity but that costs money which we don’t have. The squad is so thin that it is a nonsense statement to suggest that having no-one is better than Diouf. If we had the funds then he would not be a consideration however beggars can’t be choosers.

          • RC

            You can argue he is a horrible human being but I’m so glad you aren’t Leeds’ manager if you can’t tell he is quality when its that obvious he is.

          • Ludlowleeds

            Splitting the fans? Give me a break. Why the melodrama? He’s just a football player, and one that was head and shoulders above any other on the pitch when we played Donny last season. So for us, now, without money, it’s a good signing. End of.

          • Simon

            You can clearly see he’s already split the fans, you can talk all you like about having to support every player that turns up in our shirt (don’t get the logic behind that) but the fans have been split over this issue and it’s Warnock’s fault for signing Diouf.

      • Tyler75

        He hasn’t got a contract so presumably if he’s crap we can let him wander off into obscurity. Personally I would rather we had the option to sign somebody like Templeton from Hearts. I presume NW hedging his bets on somebody who is completely expendable,depending on the takeover going through. I read somewhere today that Manyard is lined up for a season loan if the takeover proceeds – can see Diouf getting ditched sharpish if that happens.

      • RC

        you should start going to watch Leeds more, for example Leeds Vs Doncaster at ER last season he was by far and away the best player on the pitch. Also politically? every hated vinnie jones, and plenty of other players in our history yet he was a fan favourite here. Would you go back now and say we shouldnt have signed him because it wasnt politically correct? I doubt it.

        • Simon

          Why do Leeds fans always have to get into the mind set that if a player plays well against us then we have to sign them?

          • TimPM

            Surprised Arsenal fans aren’t clamouring to get Alex Bruce on the same logic!

          • RC

            Ok lets go on the fact he has been proven in the premier league and in the highest profiled stage of international football. I’m sorry but you clearly know nothing about football if you think Diouf isnt a better player than most in the championship let alone the current leeds wingers. Thierry Henry has played well against us so has Gerrard as well as strikers back in our premiership days such as Ronaldo and Nillis for PSV yet im sure you wouldnt of minded having any of them in there day? I’m not saying every player that played well against us am i i was talking about Diouf. Maybe you should take over Warnock’s job with Simon as assistant manager and just pick the players that have played terribly against us – that sounds like brilliant tactics.

          • TimPM

            Naww don’t get all stressy at me for that. I was talking about wanting to sign players who do well against us. Said nowt about Diouf.

  • If he does a good job then I’ve no problem at all with him, I’m bothered about his footballing skills not his personal past.

    • MacTen

      Forgive and forget, eh? Yes, let’s do that. We should have just let all those Nazi’s go rather than trying them at Nuremberg, I suppose. Just because something was “in the past” , doesn’t make it right.

      • RC

        in all fairness that is a ridiculous statement to make, give me a list of how many people he has killed including innocent women and children just because of there race and tell me how many countries he has taken over in a hope to affectively rule the world, then if it is anywhere near as close as the nazi’s i will review my response to your comment and apologise.

        • MacTen

          See my comment above. Do you have to whistle when you take a dump, just so you know which end to wipe, you cretin?

      • Jumblatts

        Did you just compare diouf to hitler? are you taking the piss mate, or are you just plain stupid?

        • MacTen

          No, you dipshit, I was saying just because things are in the past, they shouldn’t be forgotten or forgiven.

          Bloody hell, did your mother drop you on your head when you were born or something?

          • Oxford White

            Perspective MacTen would help you. Not sure anything else will.

          • MacTen’s mother

            are you retarded?

          • RC

            Yes but Diouf and the nazis aren’t even comparable, you can’t compare whether or not things should be forgiven if the incidents or people in question are that different. Say your best friend slept with your girlfriend or he slept with someone you dont even knows girlfriend which are you more likely to forgive him for?

      • Jez

        Godwin’s Law. Someone always mentions the Nazis.

  • jordan

    diouf can be out ballotelli

  • MacTen

    This man is a deplorable human being in every aspect. Regardless of footballing talent, he is a loathsome individual. What, I should suddenly like him because he’s wearing a Leeds shirt? Don’t make me laugh. Would we all want to see Joey Barton in a Leeds shirt, would we? If we’re in the market for signing utter fucking scum, why not start there.

    • You don’t like him but the votes show that a lot of ppl want the player not the person.

      • MacTen

        I couldn’t give a shit if he was as talented as Messi. I’m not in the market for accepting appalling behaviour from petty minded filthy little fuckwits like Diouf. Anyone that wants him at Leeds has ZERO standards. No justification for signing him. Scum. Utter, fucking scum.

  • bert

    Everything Warnock touches does not turn into gold look at Barton at QPR who he signed. Leopard does not change his spots Barton is a trouble maker and so is diouf only a matter of time till he does something please dont sign him.

    This is all due to no more money available and this is not the icing on the cake this takeover is so needed if it can still happen

    • Bramleymark1

      Barton was great under Warnock, he only turned back to the darkside after warnock was sacked.

      • Allan

        Correct ! When Mr.Warnock was managing QPR Barton behaved himself.

        • Irving

          Please check the records for I think you will find that Barton was starting to cause trouble for Warnock by November. The problem with both Barton and Diouf is that each cares not a jot for the reputation of the clubs that sign them. And reputation matters.
          And for the modern parent role models too. No self-respecting parent wants their children to be associated with a sport that sets the bar so low when it comes to standards of behaviour both on and off the field.
          Especially not after an Olympics which, with the obvious exception, has impressed for the modesty and grace of both winners and losers

          • RC

            Our reputation is Dirty Leeds who everybody hates? so if he wants to go against our reputation he will be a clean player who everybody loves? HOW DARE HE!

  • trueyorxman

    He is such a talented individual that after an amazing season with Doncaster Rovers he had teams all over Europe offering him a contract….NOT!!

  • NottsWhite

    Win win for the team (given the financial situation), not tied to a contract therefore if he starts playing up we can get rid. Vile character however still convinced that he is more than capable at this level – just hope that his presence does not justify the selling of Ross. That would be taking the piss

  • Richard

    He’s been a di*k on the pitch at every club he’s been at but I’m not sure he’s a horrible human being. I think he’s a good low-risk (financially speaking) signing. He’s the sort of player who could take us up and until I meet him being a twit (or stronger word) off the pitch then he’s ok by me as long as he gives 100% to the team.

  • trueyorxman

    @disqus_HJfwSM7dmM:disqus F**king bang on mate. Its an utter disgrace! All these muppets who say he’s now wearing white so we should support him…F**k off! Same as the 18000 mugs who filled Bates’s pocket again yesterday…

    • ZackLUFC

      You call yourselves fans?! You are an utter fucking disgrace! There is a reason 18000 were at the game, because we SUPPORT the team no matter what! That is what a fan is! Yes we all want bates out but that is no excuse not to support the team you supposedly love! Get a fucking grip and get behind the team no matter who is wearing the shirt!

      • MacTen

        Who the fuck do you think you are Zack? I haven’t said anything about not attending games, I’m talking about utter gutter trash wearing my club colours just because no other fucking idiot is brain damaged enough to let Diouf play for them. You call yourself a fan? You’re a fucking douche.

        • ZackLUFC

          Explain this quote then… ‘18000 mugs who filled Bates’s pocket again yesterday…’ attendence? I think so. Also explain how you have come to the conclusion I am not a fan?

          • TSS

            He didn’t write that, @0f0c5904fe3f7e331507200cdee97fb8:disqus did. Anyway, can we refrain from personal insults. I’m sure you’re both capable of sharing your opinion without insulting others.

          • MacTen

            Never mind.

          • ZackLUFC

            Well clearly that wasnt aimed at you then so stop flattering yourself and realise the world doesnt revolve around you… thank fuck!

        • MikeLufc

          What has happened to this, the best Leeds fans site on the web?
          Is it being invaded by the foul mouthed hordes from waccoe?
          Disagreeing with posters is one thing, hurling foul mouthed abuse is another.

          • TimPM

            The problem is it’s difficult to police mate. People will say you’ll get a lot worse at a match, and it’s true. Hell, a while back I was on a train heading north through Donny and some kid that looked about 5 years old was standing on a hill giving me the finger lol.

            That said @TSSLUFC:disqus I’m not sure what effect if any swearing in comments has on NewsNow and the like?

          • MikeLufc

            well Tim, I have run forums in the past and the simple solution is to ban them and their IP after a warning.
            I think Newsnow will take a dim view.
            Anyway, any ideas on what has happened to ?
            No foul mouthing there, not a lot of anything else either :-) but I quite like it.
            It has died a bit since season end but there has been no football news to discuss.

            I did send a message asking same to David but he must be busy working for a change.

          • TimPM

            No idea at all mate. I do miss the old days when it was part of the site and there were probably 10 or so regular commentors.

          • Irving08

            I agree 100% with Mikelufc. The site is rapidly deteriorating: not sure I will log on if it continues this way.

          • TimPM

            We could always make our own version of the Masons? Thoughtful discussion only on a forum you gotta be elected into by 2 others? haha…

            It’s difficult to know how to solve…

    • tonyga

      that you there Ken? Oh no he only called us morons mot mugs now that would have been taking the PI$$, you sound like a true manc man!!

  • lufc79

    can’t say im to happy about it but as it stands we are skint and and do need another striker at the is to hoping at 31 years of age he can stop being a knob.
    NW is putting the dirty back in to dirty leeds.MOT.

  • ian stanton

    I’m in the camp of, let’s give EHD a chance to prove he can be a decent human being. I do have serious doubts and if he does disgrace himself again it’ll only add to the hate debate that all other supporters seem to have with us. But let’s see what he can do before we hang him high. If he lets us down then he should be shown the door before he gets a chance to take his boots off. And all those planning to boo him from the off….are you really going to slag off The Shirt and give the opposition a reason to laugh at us? I’ve followed my team for 49 years and have always respected our colours, no matter who was wearing them! Give EHD a chance to make good, if he doesn’t then give him hell and kick him out.

  • Clive

    Let’s get this straight this guy signed for Liverpool for £10million and was twice named African player of the year, diouf is a quality player which ever way u see it…I’m seem to remember a controversial player we once had who went on to become king of theatre of dreams, Eric cantona….. My point is there’s a very fine line between genious and madness, but wat the hell do I care BEGGARS can’t b choosy…….

    • MacTen

      He’s such good quality, he spent last season at Doncaster Rovers. Doncaster. Rovers. He made such an impression during his time there, thousands of suitors were tripping over each other to offer him a lucrative contract. He opted instead for a pay as you play deal for someone who called him a sewer rat less than two years ago. Yeah, he’s fucking ace.


        maybe he has something to prove to Neil Warnock, thats why he is playing for us

  • Well according to NW he is good to have about the place and if NW says Yes, so do I. Give him a chance. We could always send a few lads round to chat to him if he causes too much trouble!

  • Mark

    I don’t care how strapped for cash we are, I don’t care if he is the difference between being championship contenders or mid table mediocrity, Diouf is an appalling, embarrassing, shameful signing and one I will never be able to understand or accept. I just cant believe the mentality of fans that think “wearing the Leeds shirt” excuses previous behaviour, we may not be able to attract premier standard footballers back at our club just yet however we should at least be aiming for premier standard human beings. Sorry Neil you have gone right down in my estimation with this appalling piece of business, i personally would rather struggle than see this scumbag wearing Leeds colours.

    • MacTen

      Well said.

    • RC

      If we went on your morales we would probably never have won the top flight in 91/92 then would we. We wouldnt have had Cantona (who played a massive part in getting us back into the top flight) to get us back into the top flight and ofcourse that man Vinnie Jones who everyone in the whole of football must have seen as mr nice guy and everyone who had anything to do with football loved him and saw him as a role model did they?

  • scottleeds

    i’m sorry but no… he caused a police investigation at leeds and causes trouble at every club he’s been…. fair enough he won the african player of the year twice in the PAST. past being the operative word. he worked wonders at doncaster last season didnt he! fair enough one man can’t keep a team up but not once did i hear a MOTM performance from him. i certainly won’t be happy to see him in a Leeds shirt next Saturday v Wolves

    • RC

      Well he got MOTM against us at ER so shows a lot about your knowledge of your team and the player you seem to know so much about.

  • Craig

    Your well-publicised decision to stay clear of ER didn’t lasty long did it?

    Everyone is worthy of forgiveness David, even Diouf.

    • TSS

      Mate had already bought tickets amidst takeover speculation, was pointless not attending when they’d already been paid for. Didn’t renew ST and will only be at away games until Bates departs. Hopefully that will be sooner rather than later.

      • Oxford White

        I’m with you, no ER until Bates is gone

  • Miller

    There’s a rat in me sewer what am I gonna do, there’s a rat in me sewer what am I gonna do, I’m gonna sign that rat that’s what i’m gonna do I’m gonna sign that rat.

  • disqusjocky

    As soon as he scores a few goals and especially against teams in this league that are pushing for play off places I hope all you idiots will shut up and get behind him as you should the team.African player of The Year TWICE!!! If he can get us back into the Premiership he will replace Tony Yeboah in our hearts. And comparing him to Nazi murderers??? Did he kill anybody? You abhorrent prick.

    • MacTen

      Erm, I didn’t compare him to a Nazi. I was making an analogy about forgiving things in the past.

      Jesus, some people are so fucking retarded, at times I think it must be a prerequisite to lick windows if you want to be a Leeds fan.

      Under no circumstances, under no terms, will I be happy if this spitting, vicious, malignant fucking tumour assists our wonderful club’s return to greatness.

      Now, put your padded helmet on, the special bus is outside for you.

    • Simon

      He’s lucky he didn’t after the multiple times he’s driven drunk and without a licence or insurance. Look at Hughes and McCormick.

  • Killinghall1

    If he scores 10-15 goals this season I’ll be happy, if he acts like a knob and gets sent off I’ll be less so. Either way Ross Mac needs to stay.

  • trueyorxman

    @tonyga:disqus so after a long summer checking LUFC websites every minute of every day waiting for the news that c**t had finally gone only to be left disappointed 18000 ‘fans’ thought the best way to show their disgust was to go pay to see us ‘hammer’ mighty, mighty Shrewsbury & welcome a ‘sewer rat’. & IF I was a Manc, which tha’s not ba’ thi’ way, I’d be a TrueBlueMan

    • tonyga

      knew f**k all about Diouf until i got to ground yesterday, only reason i went, only £12 so cant see much in way of profit for anyone but as i said on here this week its the only money they are getting out of me until the dickhead has gone. Im still no mug though.
      Agree about the trueblueman.

  • trueyorxman

    ‘Liverpool paid £10M for him’…my god they paid £18M for Downing, £20M for Henderson & £35M for Carroll so he must be worth a gamble. ‘he could be our Balotelli’…why cos he mad & coloured. Some of the comments on here amaze me, @disqus_HJfwSM7dmM:disqus I’m with you son

  • Deus

    Financially and in terms of our current squad depth it makes sense but i think it’s a case of whether we are willing to trade our ideals for what could be a good cheap deal.

  • Clive

    NW as given us all a lift much needed after seven years in the cold… I’m impressed with every signing to date…..getting rid of graysons dead wood was bang on…regardless of how this season pans out at least he instilled hope…..if
    hope includes diouf then so b it …..was it any wonder we didn’t achieve fuck-all with likes of dead-wood paynter, obrien, Pugh, Connolly, Nunez, Rodgers,Sam….all that wasted money spent on shit average players….diouf represents more hope than all them players put together….so it really amazes me how small minded some people can be….look at the bigger picture and let’s
    be happy warnock
    and diouf
    were able to put there differences between and move on for the good of Leeds united fc…….we will always b dirty Leeds , warnock is marmite like him hate him… bates will always b hated…..and now we have the mostt hated player in the country diouf…he only adds to the image dirty Leeds…….so let’s not give a fuck wat people say the worlds not perfect and neither is diouf…

  • I think it’s unacceptable and disrespectful for Diouf to be playing for Leeds. Okay, on his day he can have a great game, but at every team he’s been at, he eventually loses form, interest and becomes a liability to the team.
    We sell hard working heroes like Howson & Snodgrass who wear the shirt with pride, and we get Diouf.
    When Warnock signed Diouf, that’s not the sign of a manager with a plan, that’s the sign of a desperate man clutching at straws.
    Diouf – Don’t like him, don’t rate him, don’t want him.

    • Bramleymark1

      The hard working heroes you mentioned saw the bright lights of the premiership with Norwich and couldnt get out of here quick enough.
      At least Diouf want to play for Leeds, and him being on non-contract terms means it probably wont cost us alot for him to do so.
      What would you be saying if we drew Man Utd in the cup and he scored a hat trick to beat them?

      • I fear that if we got Man United in the cup with this squad, we would get humiliated.
        Howson played more games for us than any other squad player – he put in a shift for Leeds. Snodgrass wasn’t far behind in terms of games. I don’t knock them for furthering their careers over staying with a dysfunctional tin pot managed club like Leeds under Bates.
        Howson definitely deserves no shit. He played under Blackwell, Wise, McAllister & Grayson – he played through some pretty dark days. Never moaned and just got on with it and captained the side well. A consistent performer who gave his all for his club.

  • BigAl

    i bumped into him in the train station after the game, he was happy posing for pictures and told me we r going fucking up, lets see how well he plays b4 we cast judgement. How about joey barton next?

    • Which train station – Bollocks Central or Bullshit Westgate? Diouf does not get the train, he takes his Mercedes.

      • RC

        I wouldnt have believed this at the time, but in all fairness Warnock has said that he left the shrewsbury game via the train and made some joke about it :) so he could be telling the truth.

  • Ron Galea

    The signing of Diouf is proof of just how broke Neil Warnock is at this point in time. Nothing more, nothing less. Sewer Rat, African player of the year, troublemaker, crafty – call him whatever you want. This was a signing by a manager operating on a shoe-string budget (again). How on earth is any manager expected to put together a capable squad (with depth) in mid-August when he’s broke?? Why would anyone show up now and buy Leeds with this squad?? Surely you will wait until December. From takeover hope to desperate pay-as-you-go signings. What a summer.


    Some of you guys are hilarious, you call yourseves Leeds fans … You don’t know what the words fucking mean !! I’m just glad that most of you mongs just spend you lives on sites like this posting your shit instead of actually being in charge of the team … then we really would be fucked.

  • garry

    he spits when he wants
    he spits when he waaaants
    el hadji diouf, he spits when he wants

    there was a bit of booing a bit of dioufing, and a lot more clapping from the kop.

    felt very uneasy about him coming, but the advice warnock’s received about him reads very well. he certainly fits financially.

  • dioufout

    awful signing. terrible person. i live in scotland and witnessed what a cunt he really is when he was at rangers last year. far more trouble than hes worth.

  • Matthew

    Pros: Good player, playing for us because no one wants him because of his behavior.

    We get him cheap as a result.

    Cons: Behavior, could affect RossMc his BFF(Best friend forever) Lol

    • RC

      He nuts who he wants he nuts who he wants hes Ross Mccormack he nuts who he wants! haha the irony is that dioufy’s debut was a subsitute appearance replacing no other than Ross Mccormack. Still though he may be a bit of knob but he is one hell of a player hope he can make it up with Ross cause dont want no backstage dramas during the season :).

  • Pano67

    Had Twatter, Face F*#k and whole blog scene
    been about, as one ,Vincent Jones was rescued
    from the footballing quick sand and signed to
    become an iconic figure amongst the messianic
    heros that have pulled on the greatest shirt in
    football, I would wager that he would have
    been the subject of the very same vitriol..
    We’re Leeds..
    Everybody hates us…
    We do’nt care….

    Pano 67

  • exiledindevon

    All I want to say is that regardless of this signing, Bates is still a fucking cunt.

  • Lucky 13

    Hypocrisy from warnock and A sad day for Leeds I’ve supported them for over 44 years and this has to be the worst player ever in terms of morality and decency to wear the white of Leeds the Don must be chelping like hell upstairs to Billy on his right and god on left

  • Dave Nelson

    His fitness looks on a par with Brolin, or Jamie Carragher in the 2nd minute..

  • Big J

    EHD has talent an has proved in the past he can use it well, yes he can be a dick but with our present situation EHD an Ross, Becc’s is all we got so lets get behind the team. Once KB has got his finger out is Arse an sells the club then we can look for quality till then guys thats what we got. MOT

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  • Stu

    Wow, some people on here are a wee bit grumpy. I’m no fan of diouf and would rather he now be here but at least it’s not Kewell (not yet)….

  • leedslunatic

    Dirty Leeds! Dirty Leeds! Dirty Leeds! Dirty Leeds! Dirty Leeds! Dirty Leeds! Dirty Leeds! Dirty Leeds! Dirty Leeds! Dirty Leeds! Dirty Leeds! Dirty Leeds! Dirty Leeds! Dirty Leeds! Dirty Leeds! Dirty Leeds! Dirty Leeds! Dirty Leeds! Dirty Leeds! Dirty Leeds! Dirty Leeds! Dirty Leeds! Dirty Leeds! Dirty Leeds!
    I Love it!!!!

  • Irving08

    I can only repeat my view that signing Diouf is a new low for our club. It simply encourages those elements among our support for whom our chief attraction is an unsavoury reputation.

    • leedslunatic

      Chill Irving… I just thought the ironic chanting of Dirty Leeds on Sat was very amusing

      • Irving08

        It’s the unironic ones that we could do without. It will end in tears.

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