Only 10 days until the season gets under way and Neil Warnock is already raising concerns about the strength and depth of his squad.

After the club confirmed they were in takeover talks earlier this summer, many fans had hoped that funding would follow and that Neil Warnock’s squad would be more than ready to compete before the pre-season schedule came to an end.

However, it’s been several weeks since the last statement from Leeds United and there has been no evidence of a takeover progressing since.

Throughout this saga, the only constant source of communication with the fans has been the Leeds United Supporters’ Trust who were the first to break news of takeover interest back in May.

Following on from their statement urging the club to update fans on progress, The Scratching Shed contacted Trust chairman Gary Cooper for an update.

Our contact with the buyers told us over the weekend the hold up is firmly with Ken Bates and that they have been trying for some time to push the deal through, they remain confident it will happen.

We are trying to get updated info later on today (possibly into this evening) and will keep all posted as best we can.

As LUST attempt to get further information, Leeds United fans will be eagerly awaiting Ken Bates’ programme notes for the Shrewsbury Town game this weekend which could provide the update we’ve all been waiting for.

  • This parasite just needs to pack up and get lost – though I agree there is scant little evidence that the club have been seriously progressing this takeover. I even start to wonder about the credibility of LUST’s contact – who on their own admission, they have never met in person.

    Key player sales during due diligence, the media failing to identify the buyer(s), same old shabby investment and a threadbare squad – for me it just doesn’t add up. Something isn’t right about the whole thing.

  • Craig Sweaton

    Maybe he’s just trying to destroy our promotion hopes for the coming season, by hanging onto control until the transfer window closes. Wrinkled cockney bastard.

  • timmoslufc

    Do you thing Ken is going to tell all in his programme notes !!! I think not !!!

    • TSS

      Probably not. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t mention it though.

    • Leeds_Lad

      I would not be surprised if he does not even mention it at all. Also do not expect the old parasite to be in attendance.

    • Grumpy

      I think it most unlikely that there will be any notes in the program from ‘his majesty’. They’ll probably fill his page with adverts.

      • TimPM

        Mr Dews says on twitter “the chairman” is writing the chairman notes.

  • trueyorxman

    There should be no-one in the stands at ER on Saturday, your all mugs if you go

    • angsta

      Agreed 100%.

    • wyla

      Call yourself a leeds supporter? To me that means turning up no matter what paranoid delusions you are suffering from, I can’t get their coz I can’t afford it but I’d be there with bells on if I could. We’ve the best manager in the league, we’ve signed some of the best players available and within sensible budgets, what is your problem? All this Bates hating is pathetic and staying away from games is bound to get us new mega rich owners, after all who wouldn’t want to pump millions into a team that no-one turns up to watch. March on together regardless

      • Rich

        wyla your a bloody mug if you really thought a real supporter would be there no matter what you’d be there.

      • steab

        wyla is not an anagram of bates just for a second there i thought you were

      • aub

        sorry love but if you have a cancer it needs cutting out,the only way to cut our cancer out is to starve him out.i for one will not attend ER untill its gone.its my view & its how i plan to deal with it. OUR CLUB WILL NOT MOVE FORARD UNTILL BATES IS OUT.not rocket…

        • garry

          I don’t like bates, I too have paranoid thoughts that he is fleecing us, but you have to accept that football at this level is a business, and that is just the game that bates likes to play.
          he will either sell us for a profit, or he disappear into a box.
          one thing i do know is that if we stop spending bates will not be able to sell the club as a going concern!
          bates out, before and after the match; but most of all SUPPORT YOUR TEAM DURING THE MATCH.

          • Graham Davies

            I wonder how much of our gross income is down to gate receipts and replica kits etc? Would starvation of those income streams be enough to make him quit? One thing is for certain, Bates is no charity so at the first sign of him being financially damaged he will sell.

          • henrymouni

            It is the ONLY weapon we have Graham.

        • RC

          im glad Leeds can do without part time, negative, cynical and frankly disgusting ‘fans’! Firstly who would want to buy a club that about 5000 people turn up to? if they wanted to do that they’d buy teams in league 2/blue square… Secondly our team isnt a complete right off for the play offs even as it stands with the right support and not an empty ground we stand a much better chance at a good season. However to be frank id rather have 2000 leeds fans there rather than 20-30k filled by you and your type.

          • aub

            my type ? keep on with your we were only obeying orders mentality,i have been a loyal supporter of the whites for 40 years home and away. so wake up & smell the coffee.get of your high horse & smell its behind….pure bates..

          • henrymouni

            2000 Leeds fans will allow you to lay down and sleep.
            You won’t be missing much.
            Bates is counting on your belief that a team built on the cheap can get promotion. Anything is possible but it is not very likely.
            No matter how many fans turn up it will not improve the team RC.
            Where have you been for the last seven years?
            Bates has let us all down, from his dodgy takeover, to his “you need to pay top prices to get the best players”.
            “We will NOT sell our best players”.
            He was honest when he said the team was NOT his first priority.

      • joshm

        Wyla – Hi Wyla Your sir name isn’t Bates by any chance is
        it, if not would you like to buy some £9 notes

    • topvalleywhite

      To be fair it’s not a bad shout, the owners new or old would have to react

    • garry

      are you a true town fan?

  • Leeds83

    Sounds simple, the buyers have found all sorts of problems, issues and dodgy dealings and gone back to Ken with a counter offer based on realising what they are actually buying. Ken will dwell on it and say no in a few weeks time blaming the buyers for wasting his time and being morons! KEN – SELL UP AND FCUK OFF!

    • Leeds_Lad

      I agree. Lets hope if the sale finally goes through there is enough dirt uncovered to send Bates from Monaco Marina to Armley Prison too…. what a bonus that would be !

  • Gary Cooper

    Jonny not all of the board members have met our contacts but some of us have obviously, their position and status all checks out.

    • Gordo Strach

      Will it happen Gary??

    • henrymouni

      Thank you Gary!
      So KB holding up the sale?
      It was bound to happen.
      If he kills the deal we should boycott ER.
      Watch and wait!!

    • Leeds_Lad

      Gary , please can you clarify … ” IS THE CONFIDENTIALITY CLAUSE BEING IMPOSED BY BATES, THE BUYERS, OR BOTH ?” … This would at least go some way to clarifying for the fans if the buyers are a little better at ” Supporters PR” than they appear at present. This disclosure ( possibly even by LUST f you know ) does not compromise any of the ongoing negotiations and does not need to identify the buyer…… PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE, AND RESPOND TO THIS COMMENT.

      • TimPM

        He said on WACCOE that it’s been imposed by Bates I think?

      • Grumpy

        Leeds_Lad – Nobody can IMPOSE an agreement. Logically a ‘Confidentiality Agreement’ applies equally to both parties. What use is an agreement which binds only one party to confidentiality? What’s the point of an agreement which says ‘I can’t say anything but you can’… or… ‘You can’t say anything but I can’. So far as LUST is concerned, it seems obvious that they are in possession of information which they have gained ‘in confidence’. I presume they haven’t signed anything regarding confidentiality but in their case it is a matter of honour and trust. For them to prematurely reveal any information they have would blow their credibility out of the water and I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want that to happen on my behalf. Just be patient and all will be revealed. ;-)

    • luke1919

      How much longer are they going to wait for this stubborn man to sign,because I would have walked weeks ago.

  • Jerry Jackboot

    Good luck to the lads on Saturday

  • Le Vinoire

    I fear there will only be a takeover when Ken leaves his tax haven in a wooden box. He won’t give up his power willingly.

    • D.M.Wright.

      He’s Here To Destroy Us And No One Will Convince Me Any Other,The Man Hates LEEDS UTD Through And Through,It’s A Business Deal He Can’t Lose Out On Believe Me.Just Look At The Players We’ve Let go In The Last Couple Of Seasons And What We’ve Replaced Them With, It’s A Bloody Sick Joke.He Knows Every Season We’re Out Of The Premiership It’s Another Nail In Our Coffin, Surely There Isn’t People, Especially LEEDS UTD Fans Still Out There Who Believes In This Shyster. Bates Out Now ( Before It’s Too Late ).

  • leeds72

    It’s a fakeover more bull from bates and co

  • del barma

    a message from ken bates thanks for buying your season tickets new kits etc ,well mugs you fell for that one, i bought you PORTMOUTH f.c. now there will be NO take over so live with it suckers.that bastard should be shot bates you are a c …t

  • its almost cruel

    How convenient, a takeover and we arent allowed to know who it is. Soon he will anounce it has fallen through and he will blame them but still wont be able to name them. Bates is laughing at us. All those guys last season campaigning outside the ground then going inside. The only way to get him out is to stop spending your money on the club.

    • garry

      I suppose your not going to games, or spending your money with the club because you love LUFC so much?
      it’ll be better in the long run?
      short term pain, long term game?

      if we stop spending bates will not be able to sell the club as a going concern!

      just accept football at this level is a business, and start enjoying your life again

      crazy fool

  • devy

    wancoe fretting and crying lol

  • David

    You’re all panicking. If the take over wasn’t going to happen then the consortium would have said so, even if Bates didn’t. However unpopular Bates is, it’s a bit paranoid to think he’d simply make up a takeover just to wind everyone up. Of course, Bates may not be willing to accept the terms offered and turn them down, but that would put off the next set of potential buyers who may think it’s not worth getting involved. Bates knows this, he’ll simply be playing a game of brinkmanship to get every single thing he wants and thinks he can get. The silence on the matter is no suprise at all, there will be silence until the deal is done…or not done…but either way we’ll be told when one of those two things happens and we shouldn’t read anything into the lack of communication other than things are still ongoing.

    • wyla

      wow someone with some sense on this forum, I take my hat of to you sir, you are dead right

    • Yorkshirian

      I dont agree.. I think the buying party by not identifying themselves are protecting themselves… because they dont yet have the money. I reckon Bates wants his profit and wants to be off just as much as we all want him to be. Do we really want these new people to take over ? They dont yet seem to give a toss about the fans and they’re not even in the buidling yet.

      • Dean Yates

        @d58b7c8757d9a960ed72e8698d86ffd1:disqus Buying party had to prove funds before they were allowed to undertake due diligence. This is common practice and something Ken Bates said he demanded from anyone who wanted to buy the club before he opened talks.
        I suspect funds are currently being held in escrow (by a third party) whilst due diligence is completed and the final kinks are worked out. As I said above, this is common practice.

        • Ben Gallagher

          Unbelievable Jeff

          • Nick

            How about the reason no-one can identify them not even the press or media is because they simply don’t exist. The people who LUST haven’t even met are being strung along by Bates and his cronies leading everyone down this path………..

        • Yorkshirian

          Still there may very well be half a dozen well-connected, wealthy folks have said ‘oh yeah, I’m interested in buying in with you mate’… and then sat on their hands.

  • Loiner

    I have long thought that the supposed takeover is just a ploy to sell season tickets, memberships and the new kit. that’s why I have not renewed my membership or bought a new shirt. I do not want to give Bates anything anymore. If there was a likelyhood of a takeover Bates wouldn’t have been so secretive. All he is doing is drip feeding rumours; later on he will make excuses, as he does every season, He is an expert media manipulator. We, the mugs, seem to buy into it and carry on because we support Leeds United NOT Bates.
    It’s the last straw, until we know he has gone, my friends and I, who travel to matches from the south coast will, this season, only be doing it on a selective basis. We do not wish to contribute to his grand schemes of casinos and hotels.

  • markman

    not much use hurling abuse at Mr Bates
    The hold up is due entirely to the percentage that he wishes to retain on a number of projects.

  • JayCartay

    Who’s to say there will be any programme notes?

    • TSS

      Dewsy said he was expecting there to be.

      • Rich

        Didn’t Dewsy say the Chairman will be writing his notes in the programme.
        He’ll didn’t say new or old.

  • 60yearssupporting

    If LUST have a direct contact with the investors and assuming they have not signed a confidentiality agreement why don’t LUST provide an detailed summary of exactly at what stage the due diligence process is at. I suspect this latest comment is just more positioning by an organisation who hasn’t a clue whats going on. A due diligence process carried out with full confidentiality can last for an unlimited time with no guarentee of an outcome. Once this process reaches a conclusion we’ll all hear the outcome at the same time. Be prepared for anything because even if Bates sells out the new owners may not be what you expect and hope. The chances of LUFC becoming a MCFC or a CFC are extremely
    remote therefore lower your expectations.

    • Rich

      In the last 60 years have you ever known over 7000 LU supporters join a dependent
      supporters group formed as a voice for the supporters. The trust do have the contacts and have tried to keep the fans informed but have their hands tied at the moment. So what do you do? you knock the trust. Bloody priceless.

      • topvalleywhite

        These 7000 supporters you keep banging on about, who are they, you don’t even know if they go to games, the organisation is 20 blokes in a pub with a laptop

        • G JESS

          i am season ticket holder and so is my son and we both joined L.U.S.T. OVER 12 MONTHS AGO M.O.T

  • Ryan

    Lust know as much as the rest of us – 2 parts of fcuk all.
    For some reason they think they are Leeds fans official voice but it seems to me that this is self proclaimed importance. Let’s just get on with supporting our team, starting Saturday at 3pm. What ever else happens we won’t be as bad as last year.

    • Rich

      Ryan: over 7000 members give’s LUST the right to be Leeds United Supporters voice. I take it you haven’t join yet!! Your post reads like your the one full of self importance. The only way Bates will leave our club is when it’s no longer in his benefit to stay, as long as supporter feed his bank account he’ll hang around. I love my club but won’t give Bates another penny.

      • mrbigwheels

        ‘over 7000 members gives LUST the right to be Leeds United Supporters voice’.
        Hang on a minute there please. I think over 7000 members of a supporters group gives those members a voice for the over 7000 membership it has.
        This membership level could be applauded and indeed football supporters need to be represented but please don’t assume that this level of members holds the same viewpoints and acts on behalf of the present non members wherever they may reside.
        I have to wonder what LUST is actually achieving within its present membership level to enable change to take place at LUFC other than revealing a series of talks with potential investors, commenting on nothing the football industry doesn’t already know and instilling a dread into many non members of a return to a depressive ‘Bates Out’ campaign inside ER on match days.
        I remain open to conversion to being a member but feel unable to sign up, as yet. Like the football team Lust need some organisation in mid field and a few marque signings, (imo), then many others may join and seek to move their club in the direction they feel it needs to move and be represented by their choice of collective voice. I’m presently not looking to join a numbers game that emulates a workers co-operative and little else. Representation and management of ones views/opinions is a delicate task for any man/group to achieve and I am not convinced of the LUST approach at the moment.
        Your second point is far more appealing to me and will have the desired effect.

        • deano

          been looking through the lust site and i have to say that whatever they write and post that there are even less comments left about the article written then what is posted on each subject here, 7000 supporting members my arse…

          • TSS

            We get a lot more than 7,000 unique visitors a month (site stats screenshot attached*), mostly because we’re on NewsNow and Google News. They’re releasing statements on behalf of 7,000 members though so what the members think is already contained in said statement.

            *January missing due to server switch.

          • TimPM

            Careful now, last time Ken mysteriously began bragging about’s pagehits in his weekly interview lol

            “my dicks bigger than your dick” such a sad old man

    • Leeds_Lad

      Ryan, you are precisely the type of supporter that has made it so easy for Bates to rape and pillage our club for so long, purely for his own personal gain … Such a pity that those like yourself lack any foresight and only serve Bates’ in prolonging our agony ! I very much doubt you even “understand” the scams that Bates has been pulling off both at Leeds and ( allegedly, but likely ) in previous business ventures. Try “googling” his reputation some time !

    • Topvalleywhite

      Bang on Ryan, membership of 7000 odd when any nut job with a pc can join for free, given our following that’s shocking, if it was 7000 season ticket holders or better still all of them then they deserve recognition, as it stands we’ve got a well meaning bloke getting involved in things that are way over his head, if lust had of kept quiet about it we’d have watched warnock at work and started to get excited about the new season, I’m not concerned about the length of time it’s taking or the silence, the takeover at forest started last October and nobody knew who it was till the end

      • TimPM

        Would we? We’ve a starting XI and about 2-3 covering players good enough standard for this league. If that gets you, a Leeds fan (Leeds, not Sheffield Weds, not Huddersfield) exciting, good on yer mate, but I can’t agree with you.

      • RC

        ^ finally a fellow leeds fan with a head on his shoulders, i for one think if this deal is to break down the chances are 70% that bates will mess it up BUT 30% LUST and there rash comments will. I mean what were they thinking saying that the Buyers and started there relationship in a very negative way with us?

        • Dr Zen

          LOL. No one is going to decide not to buy Leeds because of what LUST says. That’s crazy talk.

  • Michael Lazarou

    Every one is going on about the take over ,now listen we been told that no news will come untill the sign the papers for takeover or not, now what I suspect why it’s taking so long is that when the agree to buy the club and they go into DD most times the buyers find things they don’t agree with and they have to resolve this and it takes time from one lawyer to the another party’s lawyers, and this could happen on several matters and that wi
    L take time on each matter of concern to be sorted or not, so I’m not surprised we are no hearing any news from the club, because even the club don’t know if the papers will be signed or not yet because the buyers could pull out at anytime if they don’t come to agreement on my several matters, But I think my self that someone from the club should come out and say we are or not still in talks and it taking time for one reason or another, at least then we all know where we stand on the takeover saga

  • mrbigwheels

    ”The ball is in Bates’ court”… Yes and it looks like he’s winning, getting bored and grown an even bigger pair.
    He’s got Neil to sign his contract extension.
    He’s withdrawn a sales plus £2m budget.
    He’s instructed use of the youngsters.
    He’s dictated a usuage of… ” if ya’ can’t shift ‘em, play ‘em”
    and in reality… He’s controlling everything and everyone.
    Your move Neil… This will be interesting!.

    • TimPM

      If that had been the case who cares, frankly?

      He’s had his way for 7 years and look where it’s got him and us. If he thinks he knows better than a professional manager with decades of SUCCESSFUL experience in the game, that’s his funeral. When we miss out on the playoffs who will be the latest scapegoat? With each scapegoat he loses a couple of thousand of his followers, and more than a couple of thousand in money.

      But if being a stubborn twat to the point of losing his money at Leeds is what he wants, well master shall get, eh!

      • Dr Zen

        Very much this!

      • mrbigwheels

        My overall point Tim centres on Bates slowly appearing out of the darkness, the silence is being broken, his control imposed, and suggest he will appear soon. For the past twelve weeks Warnock has been the only secure indicator of what is going on and may I add the only person to momentarily ‘check’ Bates.
        This takeover has massive implications in regard to the future of LUFC if anyone cares to step back and look at the real value of the the clubs assets, (of cause he owns it), its development potential and value. It is not the playing team… or Bates burning desire to keep 20,000+ paying customers happy. The cash cow is dying. Time to cash in and kill the beast will be his mission. No I’m not being stupid, just pointing out Mr Chairman is back and probably feeling 10 years younger having had a refreshing summer break.
        Mattbbs article in february says it all… ”Never trust a Smurff in sheeps clothing”. With hindsight it is a realistic and sobering read.
        Seven years of Bates has got him everywhere. We have endured and aged.

        • TimPM

          Yeah it’s a pity Matt doesn’t write more… though at one point last season I think he was writing about 10 articles about Bates for every one published that TSS just couldn’t publish

    • mrbigwheels

      Was trying to give the picture yesterday… wednesday 9th, with a little itk.
      LUST will reveal all… no doubt.

  • TYA

    where did the club “confirm they were in takeover talks”?

    • Mikey

      They released 2 statements to that effect

      • tya

        “investment” not takeover

        • TSS

          I really wish people would let this go. Neil Warnock has referred to it as a takeover on numerous occasions, he also said he’s met the would-be owners (which puts a hole in the argument of those claiming it’s a Bates scam)

          • tya

            fair enough, but would be much easier to let go if it wasn’t a week before the start of the season, we’d not sold our best player, Bates had said a word on the subject and… Bates!

          • TSS

            I know mate, Bates has turned us all into paranoid conspiracy nuts. MOT

  • He will die soon so dont worry.. kidding… sort of

  • exiledindevon

    I hate to say but this whole takeover if there is one doesn’t fill me with much confidence. Surely someone could release a statement just saying whether this takeover isor isn’t still progressing ? I’m sure no-one is bothered about knowing the identity of the potential new owners at the moment. Just keep us informed, that’s all we want.

  • Matthew

    After the non performance at Burton yesterday, should this takeover not occur, I don’t think we’l be anywhere near the playoffs come end of season.
    We seem to be need a Robert Snodgrass type player to add creativity in the midfield, perhaps we should go ask Norwich for him back?

    Odd that, we sell Robert Snodgrass and lo and behold, we need a Robert Snodgrass type player in the squad as his absence was felt yesterday.
    At the moment we’re like a car without an engine.

    • Geeman265

      Odd that we sell Snodgrass and Warnock still says we need to sell to buy. Where has the Snoddy money gone already?

      • RC

        INS – Peltier 800k Austin 300k Varney 300k Kenny 500k Pearce 500k – total 2.4m OUTS – Lonergan 200k Clayton 500k Snodgrass 1.5m (UPFRONT) – Total 2.2m thats where pal.

        • TimPM

          Peltier was 400-500k?

          BTW this Snoddy thing, everybody puts about half cash upfront. Very few sales will give it upfront – we won’t have paid 100% of any of our incomings upfront. So let’s ignore the upfront bit (just the fact so much is upfront HELPS us by being able to offer more upfront ourselves) and talk about the £3m end fee?

      • Mike N

        Monaco, or the BVI

      • henrymouni

        Apparently we only got 50% of the fee up front.
        We do not really know what that fee is anyway.
        Guessing at £3m. Could be less.
        Everything is ‘confidential’ about Leeds.
        Never told transfer fees.
        Don’t know who all the owners are.
        Don’t know who owns the ground or Thorpe Arch.
        Don’t know what is happening with the takeover.
        We are the most drawn out, long winded club in the world.
        We know more about Mars, than we do LU.

  • 80sWhite_Neepa

    I know some players and we’ve been having some top secret meetings at footy, plus I’ve been sending secret emails to fellow insiders and this is what I know:

    The sale has deffo gone through and will deffo be announced on Fri July 27. It will also deffo be announced on Weds July 25. They would announce the sale, but they can’t because of Thorpe Arch and even though the sale has deffo gone through Ken Bates is now playing silly buggers and the sale has simultaneously gone through and not gone through.

    This is what I’ve been saying on other forums and if you don’t believe me I don’t care, because I’ll use one of my other accounts to back up my silly stories

    • Leeds_Lad

      I would love to believe you …… but only if i knew wtf you are on about !!

  • knoxville888


  • knoxville888

    wow bet our youth and scouting systems wonder why they bother! gradel, howson, johnson, snodgrass, beckford, clayton, schmeichel, rose, delph, lennon, milner, cheers bates for bleeding us dry!


    LUST do have contact with the buyers but are simply repeating what they are being told as if it is Gospel. Their intentions are in the interests of Leeds United Football Club BUT
    My understanding contradicts their statement to a degree.
    Proof of funds was supplied and Due Dilligence undertaken. A deal was agreed including a full buyout (ER/TA the lot) of every string of the web of vaguely LUFC connected companies Bates had spun (subject to DD being satisfactory)
    Unravelling this mess must have been an un-enviable task which they embarked on and completed, however the buyers cocked up their DD and missed several important issues which would have left Bates with a foothold as the deal stood.
    As a result Bates is now trying to squeeze more out of the deal to include what was missed by the buyers, hence the delay. The buyers are not going to admit to LUST the hold up is due to their error.
    Had this not happened it would have been done and announced over a week ago.
    Leaving 3 options.
    A/ Bates tells buyers to swivel but loses his Retirement fund
    B/ Buyers tell Bates to swivel but have come too far in reality to back out.
    C/ A compromise is reached and it goes ahead.
    Take this as you find it. It is intended only to provide a realistic view instead of wild rumours that all LUFC fans have had to endure for nearly 3months.

  • garry

    fork mine, most of the posts below are a bit pessimistic; i’m looking forward to start of this season more than most of the last 10 years.
    saw this on a posting yesterday, feel like christmas is coming…

    Rudolph the white nose AustinHas some very shiny toesAnd if you dare go near himHe will forking break your nose
    All the united playersCelebrate our victoryRudolph the white nose AustinYou are going up with Leeds

  • foxechefd

    went to the hull v norwich friendly last night and would like to report to all you leeds fans that howson, johnson and snodgrass looked very impressive, shame they’re not playing for you lot

    • mrbigwheels

      That would be the match that ended in a 0-0 draw then with 44 Norwich supporters in attendance. Thanks for the message.

      • Captaincrash

        44 is a good turnout for them

  • Regardless or whether the ball is in MasterBates’ court or not, isn’t it bizarre that the interested party is still unnamed. I believe that LUST don’t have a scooby who it is despite claiming to have a “contact”. There has to be a reason why the consortium hasn’t come forward and named themselves at this stage. Speculating here but maybe there is something on their side of the deal that is stalling the process and blaming Bates, albeit an easy option, may be way off base.

  • bert

    sod off bates then i will buy my season ticket

  • Tino

    They wont come out with a takeover until we have the players its as simple as that… its like an auction you dont bid on it until the last few minutes to get it as cheap as possible. Whats the point in united coming out with news on a huge takeover only for the prices of players then to sky rocket because people know we have the funds for it! Thats the only reasonable reason why…if…a takeover is happening they wouldnt release any more info.

    • henrymouni

      Dream on Tino!

  • Craig

    The takeover has collapsed due to the LUST statement just released.

    • henrymouni

      No surprise there then.
      We knew it would end like this.
      My mantra was ‘Watch and wait”.
      Now you know why.
      I have little interest in them while Bates is in charge.
      We are back to being a selling club!!!LOL

      • djedjedje

        …except we don’t have much more to sell. Warnock has done an exceptional job of making us a hard team to beat, but I don;t think he’s brought in any players that’ll become a Howson/Gradel/Snodgrass value for a Premiership club to be held to ransom. Our squad ‘value’ must have at least halved from what it was worth two season ago (how depressing is that). Possibly that might have become a stumbling block in the negotiations. After seeing Snodgrass leave for a paltry £1.5m the takeover consortium would have been entitled to pay a good few million quid less for the club, but you can’t see Bates accepting that.

  • leedslunatic

    LUST just confirmedTakeover is off. Warnock just confirmed Pugh and Rogers are on the transfer list.

    • djedjedje

      Lol the way the last couple of hours have unfolded I’m half-expecting Warnock to then resign come 5pm.

      • leedslunatic

        I think he’l stay on, he’s already making moves to free up a few quid to bring in a new striker, although I really wouldn’t be surprised….

        • djedjedje

          I agree, altohugh quite frankly I have no idea why on earth he sticks with it/us (surely the game is up?!).

          We wont get much for Pugh or Rogers. Certainly not enough to BUY a decent winger or striker. I noticed we played four trialists in our reserves match today – looks like two at the back, one in midfield (winger?) and one up front – so I’m guessing that those two ‘final’ recruits will be FREE signings. Obviously their quality will be the defining factor, but relying on frees seriously limits our opportunity to fill those positions to the required standard.

      • henrymouni

        I’m resigning as well dje!

        • djedjedje

          ‘Resign over Bates, re-sign after Bates’ could well be a mantra for many Leeds fans if the backlash kicks in.

    • Captaincrash

      Really what a farce. We can assume whatever killed this deal is so fundamental that no takeover can happen whilst current ownership and structure are in place. Huge let down all round. Cue all manner of unrest I guess.

  • Irving08

    I don’t think we have sufficient information on the whole business to form any kind of judgement. It should not be assumed that any decision Bates might take is ipso facto against our long-term interests. We know nothing about the identities, resources and objectives of the consortium members. We do know that LUST has a line of sorts to at least one of them, but we know nothing about the contact, the extent of his knowledge etc. Nor I suspect does LUST.

    • TimPM

      According to BBC journalist Ken Bates moved the goalposts at the last minute. This after sources with the buyers told LUST last week it’s been ready for weeks but the old bastard isn’t signing off.

      • Irving08

        Hmm I could understand his wanting to retain some sort tof interest in the club – it that was the reason – but why last minute ?
        Is the reported ‘collapse’, I wonder, a tactic to put pressure on Bates, using LUST as the hammer (which Bates would not of course take kindly to) ?
        LUST needs to think very hard what it says next.

        • TimPM

          If it isn’t the case that he moved the goalposts he’ll surely tell us? Sounds all too like Bates to me though. Comes after increasing number of rumours he reckons we can get up this season too…. Just hope we settle some time soon, it can’t be good for the players?

          • djedjedje

            Does that mean we might get a takeover come January if we look well of the pace? I think I could take five months of poor results and dross football if that was the outcome!!

          • Irving08

            At least the Pavilion might then break even.

    • henrymouni

      I’m not blaming Bates for the collapse. We don’t know.
      I am blaming Bates for the complete lack of progress made at our club over the last seven years, and all the lies and bullshit he feeds us.
      I seems like we are stuck with him and that cannot be tolerated.
      It is his club not mine, anymore.

  • exiledindevon

    Having seen today’s news that the takeover has collapsed, I’d like to say one thing and one thing only – you fucking cunt Bates.

  • leeds72

    Thank god the fakeover is over nothing stopping b.s bates splashing the cash

  • Loiner

    Just as I said yesterday. The deal has fallen through. Never existed, just another con to ge season tickets & memberships renewed and new shirts sold.
    Bates has got to go.

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