Once again, The Guardian asked bloggers from all Championship clubs to predict the season ahead with yours truly answering on behalf of The Scratching Shed. 

Interestingly, not a single blogger has predicted their team will finish in the automatic places. The most optimistic prediction is that of Cardiff City’s representative who is expecting a 3rd of 4th placed finish, followed by Middlesbrough (4th), Wolves (4th or 5th) and Blackburn Rovers, Blackpool and Cardiff City who all predict a 5th placed finish. Leicester City and Hull also consider themselves play-off contenders.

The least optimistic prediction is that of Peterborough United fan John Verall who expects to finish just outside the relegation zone.

You can read the full run-down of expectations, predictions and players to watch out for by clicking here.

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    • TSS

      No idea mate, URL still works. Forum provider must be having problems? Can’t even remember who the provider was it’s been that long since I last used them.

  1. djedjedje

    12th is a touch low, IMHO – but other than that I couldn’t disagree.

    • TSS

      Really hard to predict. I found that I could just as easily make an argument for play-offs as I could bottom half, so I split difference.

  2. henrymouni

    Top 10 for us (better than bottom 3).
    Need to know the full squad, to be more optimistic.
    Selling Robbie Rogers disappoints me. The only flair player we have left.
    He has not had a chance to shine. Maybe a big mistake?

  3. Matthew

    Without any new players, I would put us down for around 14th.

    With some new players, and some luck, would say around 6/7th place.

    • Matthew

      Predicting next 3 league games.
      Wolves – Draw
      Blackpool – Loss/Draw
      Peteboro – Win(With ferguscum excuses after the match when interviewed).

  4. Dr Zen

    Really liked your piece and I think you nailed it. People thinking we’re winning the league with what we bought over the summer are plain delusional. I wish it wasn’t so but we just aren’t going to be good enough as it stands.


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