With the return of Warnock comes the return of ‘What Warnock Said’. Speaking briefly on Yorkshire Radio on Wednesday, Warnock revealed that he’s been hard at work behind the scenes, hopes to have more targets in soon, has received unsatisfactory bids for players, and wants the fans to trust him until the start of the season.


While there’s not been very much news, I have been very busy over the past few weeks. I’ve made enquiries, done my homework, and then tried to put things into place. It’s a matter of finding out who’s available, what the situation is with them, and what the cost will be in terms of transfers and wages.

We’ve got our targets and we’re hoping in the next couple of weeks (hopefully the next week) to start bringing our targets in so we have a full supplement as soon as we can in the pre-season.

We need a big influx of players and that’s what I’m looking at trying to do.

I don’t think we’ll get all our targets in, nowhere near, by the pre-season games. But I do think it’s vital to get our targets in as soon as possible to let us bed them in as well as possible.


There’s been quite a few enquiries about a number of players, which I’m not surprised about. They could all do a good job for certain clubs. But we’re trying to change one or two things, there are sometimes casualties, and it’s just one of those things that happens. You want to bring new players in, and you’ve got to bring in new income as well, and we’re not relying on the investment but it would be a welcome boost to everyone.

We’ve got to do what’s right for the club realy, we can’t worry too much about individuals at the moment, we need to put our own house in order. We’ve had a couple of bids, but not enough to tempt us at the moment.

I don’t know if Aidy White will return for pre-season training. All I know is he’s turned our offer down until he makes a decision on where his future is. He’s very welcome to join us in training, and I’m sure we’ll be informed of what his intentions are.


I’ve not been sat on my backside, I’ve been really busy. While there’s not been much news I think the fans have just got to trust me. I think they know what I’m doing behind the scenes and I’m working on their behalf as well as the club.

It’s a great club. It would’ve been easy for me to leave the it and take on something a little bit different, but it does intrigue me and I’m still here, and I’m doing the best I can for everyone.

All I’ve said to the supporters is to wait until the kick-off date to see how the team looks.

Inside Info

Everyone knows we need a number of players and I think if anything the negotiations have got to be a good thing.

I don’t think it’s for me to talk about at the moment, I’m just concentrating on getting my targets and trying to bring them in as soon as possible as I have done in the past few weeks.

With being on the inside I do know more than other people, but there’s not a lot to tell you at this moment in time.