With training starting last Wednesday, the takeover inching closer at an agonizing pace, and transfers mimicking the takeover, Neil Warnock has been a busy man in the media over the past 24 hours. Here’s what he’s had to say:


Paddy Kenny (Sky Sports)

I wanted to get Paddy over the line this summer and I’m so pleased that we’ve been able to do it. I’m surprised and delighted; I think he’s one of the best keepers not just in the Championship, but in the Premier League as well.

With goalkeepers you look at their mistakes. I’m not saying he’s immune, but overall the top keepers are the ones who make the fewest mistakes and overall Paddy, for me, has been a revelation.

Everywhere I’ve taken him he’s taken the challenge on and as soon as I told him about Leeds he wanted to come. We’ve been to some training grounds and this one takes some beating!

Waiting On A Dream (Sky Sports)

It’s been difficult to get the signings over the line; there’s been a lot going on. With [due diligence and takeover talks], it’s been a difficult summer for me. It would’ve been easy to go and get my targets before we start training, but yet again I seem to be in my usual situation of waiting for things to happen! But hopefully in the next few weeks we can get more people on board and get ready for the sart of the season.

Manuel, You Know Nothing (Sky Sports and YEP)

I’m not told everything. [The takeover’s] ongoing and I’m optimistic the end result will be beneficial to Leeds United as a football club.

I don’t think people should get carried away. If new owners come in they’ll probably be quite thrifty as well. I don’t think there will be any lavish spending.

That’s never been my policy anyhow. You just want the freedom to spend realistically to try and be successful in this division.

I think anybody coming into Leeds will want to support the manager and whoever comes in, I’m sure they will.

Winners Never Quit, Quitters Never Win (YEP)

I was disappointed to lose Ward to Palace earlier on in the summer; in fact at that stage I’m not sure I was going to be here.

There were temptations and I think it might have been easier to take an offer elsewhere than stay here. My son James lives here and he’s the one that over this summer – when it would have been easier to leave – who has pleaded with me to give it a go. Because he knows how desperate I am to get another promotion.

I’ll never forget the fans’ support here last season. The one thing about the fans since I’ve been here is that they have been magnificent.

I’ll never forget the Forest game at home in the last ten minutes of that game when I was talking to Ronnie Jepson and saying: ‘Let’s put something on this pitch next season for this lot to get excited about.’ And that’s what I’m trying to do.

Horses For Courses (Offical Site)

We’ve had a number of offers for Ross [McCormack] and we’ve had enquiries for other players, as and when it’s right to tell people any more we will.

We have an offer from a Championship club for Andy Lonergan as well, but it wasn’t what we would call acceptable.

I spoke to Adam [Clayton] and I think he got the contract he wanted. I couldn’t guarantee him the position he wanted here because I have some irons in the fire in the midfield area.

Sometimes you have to forfeit players and I want to bring in the players I want.