So Snoddy’s been lured away by the smell of Mustard, Cow Manure and the Alan Partridge Mid Morning Matters Slot on North Norfolk Digital.

Is Norwich a bigger club than Leeds? Of course they aren’t, they don’t have our history, pedigree, fanbase, and to be frank they aren’t attracting interest from the US, Middle East or quite frankly anywhere outside Norfolk.

But let’s face it. They’re Premier League and we aren’t.

Joining a faceless bottom feeding Premier league side may seem mercenary, but it’s a means to an end. Do Howson, Johnson and Snodgrass see themselves enjoying Champions League football while playing for the Canaries? Even a top six finish? Of course not.

With Paul Lambert gone, Norwich may well struggle this year, and become a yo-yo club, they’ve done it before, and by crikey it hurt them almost as much as us. But what they do have of course is an owner who has a deep affection for them, and a board who are concerned with matters football.

That’s what’s swung the ball in their favour.

In his last statement to the press Robert Snodgrass was scathing, it was a clear vote of no confidence. He didn’t believe Bates copyrighted and trademarked BS, he’d seen idealistic Simon Grayson and Gary McAllister believe that if they played good football they could get out of League One on a shoestring budget, and with the former of course the Championship – `never mind Ken I’ll deal with him’ – you can almost hear it now.

But even at his tender age he recognises a dead end situation. So when Warnock offered to build a team round him, he’d already heard it all before. He’d already put the keys in the Aston Martin, and programmed the Sat Nav for East Anglia. He might end up with a few Scotland caps as a result, or as he’s no doubt hoping, get noticed by a Newcastle or an Everton and get snapped up as Norwich fall through the trapdoor at the end of this season.

Ken Bates’ legacy hasn’t even begun yet – he’s still blooming here, hence our approach still being driven by a balancing of the books – 4 players in well Whoopidy –do, who else was waiting for Snodgrass or McCormack to leave shortly after to fund that?..

Whilst many of us have a silent confidence that he’ll soon be gone it’s the negative atmosphere he’s created around the club that will be hard to shift. Snodgrass is probably about the last top quality player on our books, and it will be hard to replace him, with our limited funds. Instead of promising him the moon on a stick and then not delivering, we should have offered him this current bumper contract over 2 years ago and quietly got on with funding the team building.

We didn’t and it meant that any side who are genuine, already in the top flight and don’t have Ken Bates as their chairman are immediately at an advantage to us. In my opinion, it didn’t matter who we signed this summer, Snodgrass had already had enough.

You only have to look at Howson’s face as he holds up the Norwich shirt on the club photo, he barely cracks a smile. Ken Bates robbed him of his dream to play for Leeds in the Premier League.

With Snodgrass – like Howson before him – the damage had already been done. Now here’s the needle for all Leeds United fans – Cheers Ken.

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  1. Harrison

    Massively pissed off, after such an optimistic week, to have this break was just awful. Anyone who says Snoddy was greedy is delusional. You will be missed Rob, can only hope that you, Johnny and Bradley are happy to be bought by the whites next season once we do a switch with the canaries.

    • mattbb2

      i’m not so sure, I like Snoddy but I think he did owe us, if he was going somewhere with a future I think I could be more forgiving

  2. Oxford White

    Modern players are employees like you and I, yes they earn more and have what appears a more exciting role but go to work to earn a living. Its such a shame to lose another decent player to an average side but why should he stay, ignore the rumours and promises, nothing has actualy changed. We can just hope with a takeover compete and some time that we will rebuild and once again become an attractive place to work, money, prospects, ambition, enjoyment, you can’t expect people to work for less, unless of course they have no better alternatives ie most of our remaining squad.

  3. Oxford White

    West Ham site – The Games Gone Crazy…
    You’ve all seen it, read it and maybe commented on it, pointing out what a t**t the author is and how we are bigger than West Ham, that he is writing sh*t about our bigger club (wait for a Snoddy exit article soon) just to drive traffic….. EXACTLY!!! Please do not go, visit, read or comment, you know what’s crap he will pen. Ignore him, he will shrink away…. please.

    • sniffersshorts

      agreed this guy is a knob, his latest ploy is to seem matey, matey but underneath he is a pure snake intent in taking the piss and winding us up, best ploy dont be taken in his complete shit

    • Leeds_lad

      So ok he may be taking the pi$$, but hes also talking the truth. …. Wake up to reality !

      • Wakeyfin

        I even tried to post instructions on how to hide something on NewsNow on his blog….I wonder if he ever let that one through. Apparently he did exactly the same thing with QPR fans last year…they fell for it too.

  4. sniffersshorts

    we have all woken this morning with dismay and utter disbelief, I feel utterly hollow.having had a miserable evening, yet again we have have had our expections built up with a few meagre signings, it would all have been so much rosier if all the bull about our captain had been true, all the the speculation that we would retain Snoddy has gone up in smoke. Have said all along as with others, why the hell has he gone to Whorewich. I think the dealing started a long time ago, all has been held off as a smoke screen, in hope we would all say ok, we have some cash in the bank lets move on, lets get Maxi back in. Along with Howson another captain, and every other descent player we have had recently has gone up the road, they should never have gone in the first place. I remember full well went Cantona went to the scum, I felt the same.I really dont blame the lad, if he plays to his full potential as you you say, he will be moving on to another club and good for him. Doesnt make it any better, gutted like a fish left out in the sun, what can we do, nothing except hope and dream that we get a decsent replacement or two, and the cash is well spent. and yet by all reports we are still a week or so away from the new investors/buyers sorting birdseyes underhand dealings out of the closet, prehaps in time we will really find out what an utter scum bag he is as if we didnt already know. Also had the LUST newsletter this morning, I would suggest that there should be more than 7000 members get signed up show your support in more than one place people, solidarity in times like this is what we all need. MOT

  5. Henry V

    It all hangs on the take-over.
    Howson, Johnson & Snodgrass were our better players but they are not Premiership standard. They will make themselves a few pounds and return home to the Championship, with the rest of Norwich.
    I think they all went for Delia’s cooking, Matt!

  6. dan

    snoddy 1 good game in 5 he should have bugtgered off at end of the season clayton will be more missed haha

    no shieks or yanks

  7. Leeds employee

    What takeover??? Bates will still be chairman when season begins. The takeover fell apart over last minute demands a week ago. Bates is now left trying to get whatever sponsorship and investment he can. It doesnt matter how i know but it does matter that the fans make a stand against the Bates regime. Not just in the hundreds but tens of thousands. The fans want the club back and for a few of our senior players they have seen enough. Snodgrass wont be the last. Bates has books to balance and building to do. He only ever wanted investment. The investors wanted the club100%. There in laid the problem. Bates is not ready to sell but has stayed quiet hoping to appease the fans and boost ticket sales with news of significant investment. The same investors that showed interest mid winter and on three other seperate occasions before. The fans assumed there was going to be a takeover and Bates was happy to let them think that. Already seaon ticket sales are up significantly on this time last year. Please i urge you all dont swallow the bulls**t he is to shortly feed you as to why the investment didnt happen or why the club had to sell the last remaining crown jewels of which Austin will be the next come next summer!!

    • mattbb2

      quite a claim to make – can you offer us any proof (of a non incriminating type) that this is genuine?

      • dibb

        i heard the same this morning,bates wanted more money than agreed deal so they backed out

      • Crabtree Bates III


  8. tim campbell

    Lets face it guys this sale was kenneths loose change to stick in his pocket before he finally left. Such a lovely man, missed you never will be!

  9. TimPM

    Looking at his picture? Just listen to him talking to them in his interview. Tears aren’t buried that far away throughout ffs. Bet he’s enjoying it now though, pretty important player for them now.

    BTW don’t ever follow your satnav to Norwich without changing route manually. You’ll end up in cowfield-track after cowfield-track!

    • mattbb2

      tim, hes at a club where football comes first, which he will love, he may well not enjoy relegation this season, but Howson is Leeds through ahdn through, not sure wheter the poster above is genuine but if the takeover doenst fall through then we’ll be lookingat resigning howson next season!

  10. Nat

    Ultimately, for as long as we remain in the Championship we will always lose our best players to the likes of Norwich, who on a level playing field would never be able to compete with Leeds for players. Snodgrass will obviously be missed but I remain far from convinced that even with him the squad currently being assembled would be capable of promotion. Good use of a Neil Young song title by the way.

  11. DrD

    Whether there is a takeover or not (and it does look more unlikely each day) nothing will change. All the current second rate players leeds have brought in were financed by the £1.5M we will receive from the sale of our best player. What annoys me most is the discounted prices we are accepting for our players. How can we replace the same quality with the amount of cash received. Sell him for £5M or let him go for free in a year! I don’t wish any of the players that have left well. I hope their career stalls and hope what we view as second rete player play out of their skin and have their best years with Leeds. I can’t see promotion unless we sign 4/5 quality players (premier leage experience)…very sad.

  12. Icon71

    Amazing, timings scandalous again, few weeks away from season starting, people paying for season tickets and membership and then we sell our best players and in most cases replace with the very average. It doesn’t appear we have a plan a or b and Bates is a joke, Leeds Employee I really hope you are wrong! but he will blame the investors for not being serious and wasting his time so it will be everybody elses fault. He really needs to grow up and stop treating the loyal fans as “Morons” oh that’s right we are aren’t we? For all the “he saved our club merchants, if it wasn’t for Ken” you can all do one it’s rubbish. If you want to phone me Bates then let me know but i wont roll over like most fans an accept your crooked version of events I will murder you in an argument. Bates is a unscrupulous liar, Harvey a crank of the highest order and your ruining my club (atmosphere, team, momentum)Its a DISGRACE whats being allowed to happen, We need to, in the words of Bob Marley “Get up stand up, stand up for the Whites” we want our club back, say we want our club back. Bates out still!

  13. leeds_lad

    I don’t blame Snoddy, he could have left 2 months ago easily, but allowed Leeds the chance to deliver on promises based on “ambition”. …… As usual, nothing has transpired, and all of a sudden the Leeds spin machine says he is the bad guy, where as before all the club could do was “sing his praises” …… Oh, regarding the fantastic salary he was offered, “well it must be true”, after all “we are known worldwide for our generosity”, or maybe not ……… STOP BELIEVING THE SPIN , BATES OUT !!!!

  14. Bluesman

    Very good article! If the takeover has fallent through there should be a total boycot of the ground at Elland Road to force Bates out! Bates, GO, GO, GO!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Lisburn White

    Excellent, if somewhat heartbreaking piece, Matt. Can’t really blame Snoddy, it’s Bates’ lies, broken promises and spendthrift business plan which has pointed our last remaining ‘quality’ player toward East Anglia. Sad indictment of just how little it currently means to play for Leeds United. Takeover can’t come soon enough, Bates has all but destroyed our once great club.

    • mattbb2

      youve hit the nail on the head, it really means nothing to a good player to play for leeds it seems, its nice to hear Varney say hes always held an ambition to play for Leeds United, but Snoddy seemed to have developed a personal dislike of the hierarchy at Elland Road, and doesnt seem to give 2 shirt Sh*ts about the supporters, whos fault is that – well its our chairman in my opinion. The YEP is saying th new owners spoke to him, as well, so that suggests to me the takeover remains genuine – Kens probably trying to wreck it, however hes just had enough, probably like many of us. @Bluesman I agree if the takeover has fallen through totally boycott the opening 2 games, stand in droves outside the ground, that will change Bates mind about his selling pric.. might be a few less police though to make sure we’re all ok – whose fault is that?

  16. Henry V

    He has gone for Delia’s cooking!
    Cannot think of any other reason, apart from money (Nah)!

  17. Leeds employee

    I appreciate how many people witter on about knowing someone or working somewhere. I have provided my email which contains my name and this can be traced to employment at the club. This wont be enough proof for most but is the best i can offer at present. Read through the club statements nowhere does it mention takeovers. LUST were the ones who first put that thought in the fans minds when saying the investors didnt want to work with Bates and that they wanted to buy the club. The club has never been for sale. The fans have created a frensy with talk of takeovers that Bates could never have dreamed of. There was two seperate offers on the table when the first (yankee) bid failed they went back to the middle east investor who had shown interest on occasions mentioned before. You show me anywhere the club has said there was a takeover. Even the manager made it quite clear the wouldnt be a great deal of cash coming his way. The majority of the investment was always going elsewhere. The offer to the investor being a minority shareholding in the club and other corporate benefits. I hope to have more to offer yoz later. Most of us are fans just like you and its notnq great place to work at the minute. Moral is low hat much i can tell you. That being an understatement!!

  18. LeedsUnited72

    I left a comment on the YEP forum last week about the takeover was failing. No one believed me. I won’t brag about sources but the takeover was so close that Warnock took his second ‘short break’ to France to meet the owners (sheik on business in Europe… Remember?) to discuss future plans . Something fell through 2 weeks ago and talks are now back on about the price of the club. This isn’t a joke or me trying to make a name for myself, it’s the truth.

  19. Chris

    never in a million years was Snoddy going to sign a new contract, anybody that thought he would was living in dreamland. Lets just give NW & the new lads a chance

  20. Jon Deighton

    Here we go again,season not even started and new faces givern a chance,yet its boycott this get bates out that.How about getting behind the team we’ve got??We are Leeds we are the twelfth man.Rob going is a kick in teeth but he has chosen to go so who’s that down to really??Warnock knows what he is doing.If no takeover bates ain’t going anywhere so we’ll just have to get behind the boys and get on with it like yorshire folk do.

  21. Not keen on Ken

    Why do we think we are any different to any other club, the players and agents hold all the cards, gone are the days when a player plays for the shirt, any one remember “Gary Kelly”, now he was leeds through and through (400 plus app’s for one club), he played with a pride and passion for a shirt that we’ll probably never see again. The same could be said for Matthew Le Tissier (400 plus, 1 club). Can we not get it …. these players no longer exist … the games changed … It’s “guns for hire” if a club will pay more “thanks mate I’m off, and I’ll kiss the new badge too for an extra 2K, make it 3 and I’m a lifelong fan” …. and just to be clear, before you call me deluded, or any thing else, I followed Leeds a long time, thro O’leary, thro Wilko (top man) my 1st game, division 2, Grimsby town away (1985) when Iain Baird played up front (i think). I have no inclination to buy a season ticket these days, health and family will always come before the “pay packet of the modern Primadonna footballer” who owes his living to US, the fans.

  22. Northern Octopus

    How will Leeds fans receive Snodgrass if and/or when he returns to Elland Road do you think?? I think it is telling that Warnock said that there is no point keeping a player who doesn’t want to play…and I agree. Bad decision from Snoddy in my opinion

  23. TimPM

    So Warnock sees injury prone Luke Varney as Snoddy’s replacement? It’s a nightmare, it really is.

  24. Sunnyleeds

    As long as Leeds continue to be a massively selling club, fans should keep away and leave Ken sort out his financial dilemmas. If the club under Ken bought ER or/and Thorp Arch and used the saved rental money on the squad, there would not have been the need to sell or let players go at the rate we have seen over the past two years.

    • Jumblatts

      I think bates has owned TA and ER all along, but rented them back to the club in order to make himself a bit of cash. Im also hoping that the sale of snodgrass is/was his final lash out at the fans and a way to make himself a nice little retirement fund before he leaves…

  25. GMcG

    I love all the snide comments about Norwich. We seem to be forgetting that in the promotion season, they started off with a 6-1 home defeat and ended up strolling to the title.

    The following year, despite the fact that we were above them for most of the first two thirds of the season, they went up and we faded as usual on the back of no investment and a crap defence.

    The following season they consolidated nicely while raking in Premier League millions as Grandad continued to milk his cash cow and invest nothing in building a team. There are far worse teams in the PL than Norwich and I certainly don’t think they are certainties to come down or even necesarrily be involved in the relegation dogfight.

    What’s more, you’d be seriously delusional to think that we are anything more than outsiders to get in the play-offs – and that was with Snoddy and Clayton. Don’t expect McCormack to hang around – cue the ‘Our top scorer wasn’t very good anyway’ comments from the retards – he can see which way the wind is blowing.

    If the takeover doesn’t happen – and that seems more likely with each passing day of silence – don’t expect Colin to hang around either.

    Okay, I’m ready to kick the stool away now……

  26. number1inyorkshire

    lets be right 15k a week aint bad, hands up who aint getting that every week ????.
    Norwich are an ok club ,well run decent enough crowd some high profile tweeters but they aren’t going to challenge anytime soon for owt .
    Many including our very own Dom Matteo of san siro fame believe they will come back down they might ??
    If the fee is 3mill then its good money for a player on the last season of his contract it will be a third of that at crimbo and nothing at the end of May ,we have to take the money for a player who doesn’t want to sign and in my opinion can be replaced easily enough with as good if not better players ..
    We wanted new players ,we have them some good ones too .snodgrass has had long enough going to Norwich is going up a division but going down in clubs if it was liverpool, sunderland or an established prem team i could understand it but Norwich sorry snodders based on that they are welcome to you ..

  27. Jason M

    Snoddy was not going to sign. He’d had enough. Warnock originally stated he’d keep him until January, but must have thought why bother if he wants to go. I think the fee is about right. He has played well for us, but stood out more last season as there was little else around him.

    No point dwelling on it. He’s no longer a Leeds player and we have to look forward. I’ll be estatic if Bates goes regardless of anything else. He’s a massive c-bomb and the day he leaves, we’ll all feel like we’ve been given the all clear after suffering from cancer.

  28. Max

    I doubt this is straight into Bates’ pocket as the team would have been valued as part of the transaction, and would include a decent valuation on Snodgrass.

    More concerning, I think is that Warnock has said elsewhere that the wages at Blackburn and Bolton are 2-3x those at Leeds (though they’ll be trying to get them down, no doubt), which is probably reflective of the difference from the Premiership. Given we will have signed 12 players probably by the end of the summer, it means these Middle Eastern investors probably aren’t willing to make up the gap (or else they’d have been willing to offer Snodgrass 3x; and it doesn’t feel like the other new players are coming in at much more than the previous salaries).

    Leeds’ overall spending budget was £11m or so – or rather, their spend was £11m, Bates said the budget was £9m and fired Grayson for overspending and under performing; a subsequent paper said I think that Leeds should on the basis of their revenue have been capable of spending £16m per season and still managing within their constraints – anyhow let’s assume £11m. So that means the new buyers aren’t capable of throwing £22m per year at the problem (and we already know this as, if they had been, they’d have already bought a completely different set of players), which feels like the worst case if it causes wage inflation, and which would put Leeds as a lower spending club (probably quite profitable) in the Premiership if they did go up. And just offering Snodgrass 45k per week (and he’s one of the very few players who are worth that) and not worrying about the knock on would have cost an additional £1.5m per year over budget, per year, which Leeds could still have afforded.

    Eek. Yes it seems they will be thrifty.

    And I don’t think Gradel or Howson have been replaced yet by any of these buys. One might argue McCormack replaced Beckford, but McCormack is probably going, and if he stays I don’t think he was as good as Beckford anyway.

  29. mattbb2

    if we’ve just signed Norris, then I suspect we have already received the cash from Norwich. Lets say his contract for 2 years is £1.5m that gives us another freebie on the same wages, yikes.

  30. Colin

    I have a picture in my mind of Jonny Howson sitting in the sunshine on a Norfolk river bank fishing, while Snoddy sits beside him in his Spacesuit with Bradley pouring Jagermeister down Snoddy’s neck. Jonny and Bradley chuckle as they listen to Snoddy’s tales of just how bad all the Portsmouth guys are.

    • Colin

      Robert sits on the river bank, nicely pissed, enjoying the warm weather, the reassuring sound of Jonny making sniffling noises and Bradley’s updates on his most recent tats.

  31. Matthew

    Warnock isn’t one to lie about things like this, he said and I quote, ‘“I offered him the best contract he’s ever had and the best contract the club’s offered anybody for the best part of a decade. ‘

    This must be around 20k a week.

    People forget that Warnock is the most outspoken manager in English football.

  32. Bruce

    Interesting comments. Johnson has been pretty good. Howson looks quality and I can’t wait for Snodgrass to put on a Canaries shirt. Norwich have made decent signings and will hold their own again in the Premiership. Leeds however, appear to be going backwards. Cheers – NCFC – OTBC!


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