Was the ‘greatest Leeds United kit ever‘ really open for debate? Clearly it’s the early 1970’s shirt that Don Revie’s side wore to the Centenary cup final. You can debate the second best if you like, but the number one spot is set in stone.

It’s obviously a slow news day at the Yorkshire Evening Post, but I think the worst Leeds United kit would have been more interesting?

Take the mid-nineties John Lukic goalkeeper tops, the green and blue striped Thistle Hotel away shirt and the current glow-in-the-dark monstrosity that Macron blessed us with, label them as Exhibit A, Exhibit B etc and then take the creators to trial on charges of colour-based genocide.

Far worse than the Yorkshire Evening Post’s ‘second greatest Leeds shirt’ poll is the Clean Sheets And Clean Streets nonsense being published on the official site. Leigh Bromby and THE Robbie Rogers Franchise stood outside Elland Road with a litter picker and some proper working class types wearing hi-vis vests and posed for pictures, all so Leeds United could tell of their generosity in contributing funds towards the councils cleaning operation following every home game.

One suspects there’s a little bit of positive PR spin happening here, and the truth is that Leeds City Council forced Leeds United to pay for the cleaning operation, so the club thought they’d take the opportunity to make themselves look charitable. Personally, I’d have refused and kicked off in court, asking what it is exactly they’re spending the millions of pounds in council tax on if it doesn’t cover the street cleaners? Considering Leeds United’s history with the taxman, it’s probably best they didn’t test “his” patience any further mind.

The Official Site and the YEP can be excused for this tedium however. If nothing is happening at Elland Road, they have to fill their pages somehow. The Daily Star reporting on two week old news and adding a totally new spin is another matter entirely. They have 91 other teams to report on, quite why they feel the need to twist old Leeds United news into something it most certainly was not, is beyond me? Especially when so many clubs are in administration – surely they could just uncover some real news?

Quoting Neil Warnock verbatim, the Daily Star “reveal” that the Leeds United boss is set to open contract talks with a whole host of players, BUT there’s a Daily Star twist! Apparently, Neil Warnock expects none of them to sign the deal.

I watched the press conference where the quotes were plucked from and I can assure fans that Neil Warnock said absolutely nothing of the sort. Maybe it’s one of those illusive “close sources” newspapers love to cite providing the Daily Star with an additional bit of information? Maybe it’s the same bloke Sky Sports use when they understand something? Maybe they both just make this stuff up?

The irony of moaning about the differing approaches to a slow news week is that I’ve ended up contributing to it, combining every little bit of tedium in to one incredibly trivial meta-post that there was absolutely no point in writing. But hey, when nothing at all is happening, we’re left twiddling our thumbs too.

The reality is that the season is effectively over. However many times people repeat that “the play-offs are still mathematically possible”, we all know it’s just not going to happen. We’ll either finish 8th, leaving us all to moan about taking a step backwards, or we’ll finish 7th, in which case we can moan about stagnation – a word that’s grown in popularity on Leeds United blogs and forums over the last 12 months.

It almost feels like the end of May. The hype and speculation early on in the transfer window dissipates, and we’re left monitoring the internet 24/7 for any hint of hope that a possible new signing may bring, bored to tears by the absence of football. Sunny weather in the UK and a Leeds United transfer window type state of moratorium – did we accidentally move the clocks forwards by two months?