Neil Warnock has a big summer ahead with the contracts of eight players expiring at the end of the season, and eleven more contracts due to expire in 2013.

Of those 19 players, it’s highly likely that many will be released as Neil Warnock attempts to make his own mark on the Leeds United team by bringing in his own players, but of those already at the club who do you think he should keep?

Our first poll is for contracts expiring 2012. You can check multiple answers to select all the players you’d like to see offered a new contract at Elland Road.

Expiring 2012: Who would you retain?

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Our second poll is for contracts expiring 2013. Again, select all those you’d like to see handed a new Leeds United contract.

Expiring 2013: Who would you retain?

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You can find a full list of all current Leeds United players and their contract expiry dates here.

11 Responses

  1. Mark32

    Think its a very simple poll and seem pretty obvious everyone agrees who we should retain. Aidan White is vital, Michael Brown under Warnock is a new player so possibly a 1 year extension if lower wages are possible and Danny Webber definitely deserves a chance from what I have seen so far. Also McCormack, Clayton and Snodgrass contracts need to be sorted before the beginning of next season (or they will be sold and any chance of promotion next season would be extremely difficult). Somma and Rogers will get there chance to see if they deserve new contracts.  As ever Bates holds the purse strings and it will end up being his decisions in reality.  I find it difficult to believe we could reject £5 million for any player though so if someone offers that for Snodgrass lets see what Bates does.  All the other players on that list need to go as we can get better – simples!!! 

  2. kevio_17

    Can the 1% who didn’t vote for Robert Snodgrass please make themselves known, so we can get you a mental health checkup.

    • RoystonLUFC

       I wonder if it’s the same 1% that voted for Rachubka. Maybe it WAS Rachubka, ha ha.

  3. number1inyorkshire

    before we start i have to say that i am a snodders fan, i think under warnock he is showing some potential more than he ever did with grayson .my opinion is and i would guess if he had a choice he would play himself as a striker ,
    my question is if we did sell him could we get anyone as good or better as a winger .i think up front he would easily be a 20+ a season player as an out and out winger my opinion is he is better as a striker .
    BUT is he replaceable yep i think so

    • Tyler75

       @number1inyorkshire Nobody’s irreplacable – but Snoddy’s close. I don’t give a monkeys about polls declaring the best player in the league or the top 10 players – the fact is  with the possible exception of Lalana at Soton or perhaps Robert Green, nobody in he Championship would cost more than Snoddy to buy. I think the 3 behind Becchio suits him, as he can swop positions at will and move inside more than he was able in a 442.   

      • number1inyorkshire

         @Tyler75 i like what you say tyler the reason i ask that question is that i watch a lot of footy as i am sure many do .and everyone certainly under grayson and a little under Warnock though its early ,seem to play more fluid attacking football than leeds .
        all their players seem to be fitter, leaner, more athletic than ours and for me snodders looks a little better suited to another position than winger behind the front 2 or as a striker he has done well .so him with 2 other wings bombing forward ,maybe taking on the headers from becchio would suit him better,
        At all costs he needs to be kept  but i dont think we get the best from him certainly when grayson played him on the right ..

      • Colin

         @Tyler75 @number1inyorkshire If Snodgrass is sold, then we might as well forget it. Warnock won’t be around next season. Overall we have a mediocre squad, but he is now our standout player and Captain. Warnock won’t put up with him being sold, so if we lose Snoddy, then we’ll be looking for a new manager as well.
        As for players who dictate high prices, I reckon that there’s a player that dictates a higher price tag than Lalana, Green and Snoddy and he’s not even in the Championship. Keep an eye on Huddersfield’s Jordan Rhodes – I bet you he’ll go for silly money to a PL club. I could easily see Wenger putting in an audacious bid to get him. He won’t be at Huddersfield next season. Sorry Simon, but the offer’s coming.

  4. mattbb1

    it seems sometimes that the worse the grayson signing the longer the contract. Is there a proven link?

  5. lufc79

    I think their is only 7/8 players that are good enough to challenge for a first team spot.
    snoddy,somma,mcCormack,clayton,webber,brown,white and maybe rogers?
    Let the rest find a new club free some cash up for NW to do what he thinks best for Leed’s United.
    I would even consider trying to get a few of them out of their contracts early if possible.

  6. RobertKelly

    keep aidy hes good plus snod to somma also clats to becextend contract few others keep like parker hell get better under warnock i feel the rest well boss buy buy buy in summer we need at most 8 or 10 good players 

  7. SammyR

    Got to retain the top 3 in the poll in my opinion, but I would seriously look at Billy Paynter for at least another year (…waiting for the hate comments!). There’s no way he can transition from a super scorer at Swindon to absolutley nothing in the championship. Neil Warnock has rallied the players unbelieveably in the last few weeks, and I hope that Paynter can find that form at Leeds.
    It’s either that or i’m talking b*llocks. :)


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