The Scratching Shed is pleased to unveil our new Android App which is completely free of charge and available to download now from the Marketplace.

Whilst the features of the app are pretty basic, it does allow you to read all content published on the site and will send you push notifications when we update. You can also share articles via social networks, text message and email.

We have been planning to launch an iPhone App, but there is no timeframe on this whatsoever. The speed in which that happens will most likely depend on the success of the Android version as well as the development costs.

To find the app, simply search for us in the Android Marketplace or click here to visit the apps page on your browser.

7 Responses

  1. Ozwhite

    @Colin IPhone’s popularity will drop because of Steve jobs’ untimely death that’s the only reason Nokia will get back into the market :p

  2. Dje

    The only complaint I can find, TSS – is that ‘The Scratching Shed’ header, sexy as it is, is pretty massive (about the top 30%) on my phone’s screen. Add to this the continual advertisement for chauffeur driven cars available in Harrogate (wow, they’ll be getting loads out of me!) and I’m only left with about 60% of the screen to read the site’s content.


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