The fine taste Robert Snodgrass showed when deciding which football club to play for is not reflected in his choice of music.

In an interview for Texaco’s Car-Eoke – where players talk about musical preference and cars – Leeds United’s hugely talented winger listed Michael Buble, The Beach Boys and cocaine-abusing faux rockstars Keane amongst his favourite acts.

Snoddy also revealed his first car was an Hyundai Coupe, something he received understandable stick for from former club prankster David “Jesus” Prutton. Check out the full interview below;

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  1. smogwhite

    the bubble is a fat chancer and keane i’m not that arsed about but pet sounds by the beach boys is a classic.footballers aren’t generally known for there taste however as stephen ireland demonstrates

    very well.

    • TSS

      @smogwhite I’m getting attacked from all corners for slagging The Beach Boys off. I can’t say I’ve heard all their songs, but those I have heard were cheesy drivel. I guess they were “of an age”

      • smogwhite


        not a big fan of all their stuff.have to agree with the cheesy tag,but pet sounds is a classic.

      • stonemonkey

        @TSS @smogwhite

        Come on guys, you need to listen to a bit more music. Not just Pet Sounds, which was very avante garde but the Beach Boys were very, very cutting edge. I don’t choose to listen to them too often but I do appreciate that they are right up there with the very best. Don’t just listen to their main stream stuff as you will miss some real greats! Need a good stereo though.

      • mattbb1

        @TSS @smogwhite an outrageous claim TSS, good vibrations is an incredible tune, though i’m not sure its the right soundtrack for the car on the way to training with livingston. Michael Buble? the missus must have left that in the car? i think your description of keane is fair enough – have you ever considered writing for NME!?

      • TSS

        @mattbb1 Can you use the same word to describe 90% of the chart and still sell the magazine though?

  2. mattbb1

    i’d like to se what ken bates has for his car-eoke?

    Moneys too tight to mention – Simply Red

    I need a dollar – Alloe Black

    Money – Pink Floyd

    and of course – Father Abraham and the smurfs

      • mattbb1

        i think i can come up with more. I dont imagine ken has `frittered’ away his millions on a cd player yet, i bet hes got an 8 track in the front.

      • Tyler75

        More likely he’s hooked up his Mother’s old gramaphone in the boot.

        My guess is that Ken has got ‘I Hate People’ by the Anti Nowhere League on repeat.

  3. mralchemy

    DId anyone really expect Robert Snodgrass to say ” my favourite band is , The Fall, my favourite album of all time is Tago Mago by Can, my favourite chill out album is Antarctica by Windy and carl, latest new fave track is California by EMA?

    I do remember Pat Nevin having great taste in music……a rarity for footballers

    • Dje

      @mralchemy He’d probably of got the Graham Le Saux treatment if he had.

      A mate of mine in Edinburgh is a spitting image of Pat Nevin. He’s given up trying to refute that he’s not. Tis hilarious to see him surrounded by bunch of Buckie-swigging NEDs chanting “THERE’S ONLY ONE PAT NEVIN!!” as he tries to quietly wait for his bus at the bus stop.

    • Tyler75

      @mralchemy I had Snods down as a Belle & Sebastian kind of guy ! Becchio on the other hand is definitely more the Prodigy type.

    • Thebeeb

      @mralchemy OMG someone who knows Tago Mago,was thinking of all things Leeds ,now I’m heading for youtube

  4. Captaincrash

    If it wasn’t for the Baach Boy’s ‘Sloop John B’ there would be a few less songs tomorrow………..

  5. Thebeeb

    “worst taste in music…Lloyd Sam all the rappin & stuff” ,sounds like me, but I’m mid 50’s lol


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