The Scratching Shed is pleased to introduce a new statistics feature provided by the guys at

The statistics are exclusive to TSS and will be available before each of our Championship games.

NB. The guys at Kick Off stressed how difficult the probable line-up was with a new manager set to take charge for his first game at Leeds and Portsmouth desperately trying to clear players out on loan deals (due to administration).

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  1. LLL

    nice work though I think form guide goes out of window a little this weekend with new manager vs troubled portsmouth. great new feature though

  2. mikelufcthemagnificent

    Lies! Damn Lies! and Statistics comes to mind.
    We are going to win 3-0, you heard it first from me :-)

    • number1inyorkshire

       @mikelufcthemagnificent what stats do you base that on oh i know the fact pompey have no fit players and cant afford any and if they could they are not allowed stat …

  3. pompeytilidie

    Lawrence won’t play for Pompey,hopes his comeback is next week against Boro

      • Bubionwhite

         @Glenshesker  @ramblinjohn
         He should … far more creative and is still 5th in the club scoring charts despite not having the amount of game time enjoyed by the likes of Pugh.

      • number1inyorkshire

         @Glenshesker people won’t like this but NUNEZ has no real future at leeds soz

  4. Lee B

    The ‘What Will The Score Be?’ feature makes for very interesting reading.
    Whenever Pompey score at home, they go on to pick up points, most often than not all 3 of them.
    Away from home, Leeds need to score 2 or more to bring home the 3 points.
    Obviously then, to come back to LS11 with the 3 points we need to keep a clean sheet and/or score at least 2 goals.
    Same as every week then…

  5. Bubionwhite

    Have spent many years making statistics say what I wanted them to say … my boss used the same information to say what he wanted them to say and the only agreed statistic was that we didn’t agree on what was said. In other words, you can manipulate statistics to suit your own argumen. However, I don’t think you’ll be far wrong with the team selection, though I would like to see the introduction of Alex Bruce in the DM role and Robbie Rogers included somewhere, if he’s recovered from his injury..

  6. KickOff

    I agree completely stats can be turned to show huge numbers of things. We simply run them through a standard prediction algorithm and put the rest of them up there for people to make their own conclusions. We try and make them a little bit pretty and easier to go through than an excel spreadsheet.

  7. number1inyorkshire

    classified scores at 4.55 on a Saturday are the only stats that matter same stats after any match day the second stat to matter is league position and then goal difference ..
    The average weight of the team and kit man means nothing but these stats look impressive ..

    • LLL

       @number1inyorkshire “classified scores at 4.55 on a Saturday are the only stats that matter” cliched rubbish. you wouldnt be here if you didnt want to speculate about the game ahead of kickoff
      obviously not a betting man? how weak a teams defence is, how good their attackers are, average goals per game and first goal scorer and just four of the useful stats featured that are useful for those that are. doesnt gurantee you success but the more information you have the the better 

      • number1inyorkshire

        i agree if you want to use them they are fantastic but as you said they do not guarantee you anything so they are in real terms worth nothing ,if you went out and put a thousand pounds on leeds winning based on stats you would be mad .
        speculation has nothing to do with stats its opinions ,betting is an opinion too that your team will win or whatever you are gambling on them to do, ist scorer etc .
        1 stat from last time is that townsend scored for leeds well that is now irrelevant as he no longer plays at leeds another stat shown here is that Nunez and conolly would play well fact is they are not playing or even on the bench so worthless stat .
        had you gone out today at 10am and put your money on nunez to score 1st based on that stat well then you would have lost ..
        so back to my opinion that the only stats that matter are results ,position in table  then goal difference they are not stats really they are the facts .
        no not a gambler and  i bet lol 99%of the saturday punters betting on footy  just rely on gut feelings ,and league position most people would i guess say leeds will beat pompey cos we are higher than them in the table not always the case as we know but thats my guess .
        i bet all the stats pointed to us beating coventry city ???
        no cliches just opinions but i have put up a good case for my defence no whwere is that league table  

      • number1inyorkshire

        where sorry not whwere don’t know what that means

  8. morleywhite

    According to some sources Warnocks trying to pinch QPR defender Matthew Connolly from his loan at Reading.
    i hope its true as he was a key centre half last season for QPRs title winning side.some sources are saying we are in for QPRs regular left back from last season aswel Clint Hall he can also fill in at centre back aswel.they are type of players we are calling out for experienced winners at this level,would love to see Derry back aswel but cant realy see that one happening with him playing quite regular in prem this season.
    Anybody heard of any other possible transfer links?


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