30-year-old Danny Webber signed for Leeds United today on a free transfer.

After being released by Portsmouth at the end of the 2010-11 season, Webber has been unable to find a new club despite trials with Celtic, Huddersfield Town, Birmingham City and Neil Warnock’s former club Queen’s Park Rangers.

Webber was released by Portsmouth following an injury to his anterior cruciate ligament in March 2010 and has made only 8 appearances since, mostly from the bench and totalling only two and a half hours of total game time.

Neil Warnock has stressed the need for leaders and experienced heads and that was probably what he had in mind when signing Webber. Warnock made the same signing at Sheffield United and the pair went on to achieve promotion together the following year, and that kind of experience may prove invaluable to the rest of the team.

There will be understandable questions raised over his fitness, but it’s a low-risk gamble considering Leeds United have only given Webber a contract until the end of this season. If he proves himself worthy then that will no doubt be extended, but if he can’t, then there’s very little lost.

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  • CraigSweaton

    It’s not like we’ve got quality players queueing up to join us so, must be worth a punt. At least he’s younger than Brown & might not get carded every appearance……

  • NottsWhite

    Signing worth the risk as we appear to have limited striking options beyond McCormack and Bechio

    • AD

      @NottsWhite Don’t forget Davide Somma is back in training!

  • IanBrown

    Can’t see him play too often – and certainly not too soon as lack of match fitness is bound to be a problem.
    I’d be much more encouraged to hear news that Matt Mills has signed up for the rest of the season.

  • CraigSweaton

    So much for needing defensive options though….I thought bates had just criticised SG for wanting to sign another midfieder?

    • TSS

       @CraigSweaton I guess he can justify it by the loss of Townsend. Personally think we’re in desperate need of a CM, but no mention of one thus far

      • AD

        The plan seems to be to move Snoddy more central so we’re then short a winger, but think another central midfield player wud add more depth too the squad.

      • CraigSweaton

         @TSS You’re right. We’ll end up with 2 wide players each side ad no-one in the middle! lol.
        I do wonder how long it’ll take him to get match fit and if he’ll even get a game before seasons’ end. Just another desperate make-weight like our last manager was so slated for perhaps? 

        • AD

          Injuries aside though, I don’t know alot about the player, but you never know could be a strike of genius, sound like a fair goal scoring record & heard he’s versatile. My nervousness is Warnock likes players he knows, and alot of them are getting rather aged.

      • mattbb1

        grayson syndrome, defined as publicly stating we need to boldter the defence, then buying a striker..

        • Chareose

           To be fair…….NW is obviously trying to sign defenders, agree with Trueyorxman though….Mills is taking too long to decide. He must have other offers to look at in which case a Bates funded offer will have about as much effect as a chocholate tea pot

  • TimPM

    Yeah, I think the injury is something worth bearing in mind as you mention. He’s been fancied by Celtic and Brum even though he hasn’t been thought worth the risk. A lot of players wouldn’t get trials there. With 3-4 months left to pay him for, it’s not a big risk bringing him in and he might add something as an attacking wide-man?

  • Daveylufc

    Need defenders really but agreed with NW the team needs much more experience and leaders on the pitch.

  • TruthSayor

    the team doesnt need experience it needs quality, this is just a case of little other options available outside the transfer window.  warnock already knows this team isnt good enough and has stated it.  change of manager hasnt changed that

  • trueyorxman

    Old pals act thats all this is. Mills unlikely to come considering the amount of time he’s taking to think it over


    Really don’t get this one. We have options already in this position including Sam and Nunez but are desperate for defenders. Surely the wages would have been better spent on getting a good defender in on loan?

    I’m intrigued that Bates has sanctioned the move unless we have got him dirt cheap.

    • Tyler75

       @EYLEEDS Neither Sam nor Nunez has the pace, level of goal threat or experience  that Webber has – good, solid, no-risk signing, that will provide another attacking option for NW.   

      • number1inyorkshire

         @Tyler75  @EYLEEDS nunez will be gone in the summer for me up there with mike grella and others dare i say it BROLIN

      • EYLEEDS

        @Tyler75 Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for us to strengthen in all positions but know that Bates said we are already over budget and if it means we can’t get the defender we need as a result it would be a bad move.

        I don’t think Sam and Nunez are good enough but offer a reasonable level of cover that we simply don’t have in defence.

        Hopefully there will still be sufficient funds to bring in a couple more.

        @TSS. The website is a nightmare to use on an iPhone again.

        • Tyler75

           @EYLEEDS  @Tyler75 I doubt Webber is on much and I think/hope he is ‘as well as’ defensive reinforcements – looking at the players we are linked with; Mills, Matt Connolly, Clint Hill & Paul Robinson – it suggests that this is the case. remember Delph, Townsend & Smith have all gone back to their parent (Premier League) clubs so money will be freed up, plus all Warnock’s statements suggest that he has extracted a commitment from Bates to back him  and I can’t see even Bates being stupid enough to piss off his new Manager this early in their relationship !  

  • henrymouni

    He played 45 minutes  today for the reserves.
    Billy Paynter scored both goals in 2 -1 win over Middlesborough.
    Worth a gamble, but he will have to be a super-sub until he gets up to speed.
    I am sure NW’s focus is on the defence.

  • mralchemy

    the manager thinks he can do us a job ,thats it

  • number1inyorkshire

    william paynter scores again he is prolific at the min well in the last 2 reserve games any way .warnock likes paynter ..
    if he can have a good last 10 or so games it might make a difference

    • number1inyorkshire

      thought i would mention that i bet we are not paying webber much .probably on a match by match basis if he gets fit he will be ok it will take him a month to get really match fit don,t know what he brings til then though but we have to trust the gaffer .not said that for a while

      • kieran51

        I think Webber is getting job seekers allowance plus expenses…although Bates didnt want to pay him  quite so much

    • Tyler75

       @number1inyorkshire Good god you must be seriously surfing the Warnock optimism tide!
      If Warnock can get Billy Paynter scoring the goals to get us into the play-offs then I suggest we send him to Greece in the summer to sort out their economy, then on to Syria to get rid of Assad and he can pop into Israel on the way back to ER to sort out their tiff with the Palestinians.   You’re right though William the Paynter is definitely a Warnock type player – as are Connolly & O’Brien, which makes their omission from last Saturday’s squad a bit strange.

      • Colin

         @Tyler75  @number1inyorkshire Admit it Number1, your real name is Mr. Paynter.
        With Darren Bent out and Wayne Rooney on a 2 match suspension, England are desperate for a prolific striker too. You might be onto something. You should have a word with Stuart Pearce.

    • mattbb1

      if paynter has finally remembered how to score goals then that could be good news for us, shame we cant get the same out of lloyd sam or nunez!

  • Tim Campbell

    I may be wrong, but I vaguely remember Webber scoring against us when he played for the blunts. Hope Mills joins and getting Robinson in as well would’nt hurt

  • kentwhitestu

    Paul Robinson, Matt Mills and Danny Webber. Now that makes good reading. Webber will put a good shift in and Warnock knows his strengths and weaknesses inside out so will play him in situations where he’ll get the best out of him. Robinson is solid and Mills could be one for next season.

  • kentwhitestu

    Paul Robinson, Matt Mills and Danny Webber. Now that makes good reading. Webber will put a good shift in and Warnock knows his strengths and weaknesses inside out so will play him in situations where he’ll get the best out of him. Robinson is solid and Mills could be one for next season.

  • mattbb1

    webbers just someone warnock knows will do a job, he seemed to go badly off the boil while at portsmouth however, and that concerns me, i dont know what he brings that forrsell or paynter doesnt? so seems a pointless addition, i’d be happer reading that we’d signed a defender..

  • lufc_chat

    Why ?

  • morleywhite

    Would imagine he would play as one of the 3 behind Becchio on 1 of the flanks.could be a problem for tiring defenders as a late sub using his speed and experience.Warnocks worked with him in past so maybe can get the best out of him.Mills is a must Robinson would be good altho we need a right back not a left back realy,if true Connolly from QPR would be good to.we also need a good experienced centre mid to play in there with Clayton somebody in the Derry mould.

  • oldschoolbaby

    Warnock`s always loved strikers and has often had half a dozen in his squads.  It seems to be his way of doing things

  • Colin

    DANNY WEBBER? DANNY WEBBER?? Am I the only one who after reading this article, reminices fondly of the brighter days with midfield enforcer Bradley Johnson, goal machine Mad Max Gradel and Captain Fantastic Jonny Howson, and then stamps their feet repeatedly on the ground, shouting NO NO NO!

    • Chareose

      I think its best to make judgements at the end of the season mate, give Warnock time to change a few things.  But the jury is really out on Bates (or our other mysterious owners) more than anything else

    • TimPM

      Howson refused to sign a new contract because he wanted Premiership football and (so it seems from his interviews) a different city to bring his kid up in.
      He’s gone. Just like all the other home-grown lads everyone tries to idolize. Eddie Gray, Jack Charlton, etc. They don’t exist anymore. And there’s a case for saying they were one-club players because the club was extremelly successful when they were here.
      Danny Webber is what we can get at the moment. A raft of loan signings and a ton of respectably paid players with next to no chances at the first team, and the window’s not even open. Be thankful we’re getting anybody to help us push on!

  • mightybadger

    maybe im just caught up in the warnock optimism tide but i think this is a striker the warnock knows well and knows how to get the best out of him could be a good signing with some important 2nd half game winning goals after coming on as a sub

  • Chareose

    Heard rumours Mills would prefer to keep Leicesters Subs bench warm rather than play for Leeds………..  My kingdom for a defender ????  Whats Chris Whyte and Mel Sterland doing these days ??? Could they come out of retirement complete with Electric wheel chair and incontinence pants ?
    Old Chris Whyte was an asset, the amount of times the sun reflected off his bold patch into the opposition goal keepers eyes at corners……the good old days

  • Colin

    I think we are very fortunate that no-one else at all picked up on the talent that is Danny Webber, even though he’s been available on a free for 8 months.
    No-one else at all, in the Premier League, in the Championship, in League One, in League Two. No-one else at all.
    We beat 91 clubs to get this guy. We are very very lucky.

  • Heavy Rotation

    If he can be as good as Paul Okon was, I will be happy.

    • smogwhite

      haha,i’m guessing thats a tongue in cheek comment.okon was rubbish.

  • lufcboy

    Can’t see what Webber gives us. Another waste of space like Forsell – Mika Vayrynen – Billy Paynter -Paul Rachubka and probably quite a few others. Maybe he will prove me wrong.

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