Guest Submission by Matthew Brown-Bolton

Ken Bates’ business model is a simple one. Engage the turnover generated by Leeds United, invest it in non football related enterprise, and satisfy any investors who have backed him, the key one being of course himself. He has no desire to structurally improve the club, and labours under the delusion that all that’s needed to get promoted to the PL is a team of cheap but hardworking players who tow the line, accept low salaries, and play for the love of Leeds United alone. This is a concept alien to Ken though, to paraphrase Shirley Bassey `He loves only.. Gold!’

So as of Saturday we don’t go to Elland Road, and for those of you foolhardy enough to watch Ipswich town humble us, I make one simple request. Take a packed lunch. Buy a YEP – even a copy of The Square Ball, but dont buy a programme. Just make it your mission not to spend one red cent at the ground.

Doing that once will speak volumes to Ken – it will show him just how much we loathe his mismanagement of Leeds United.

For those of you who still labour under the delusion that he saved us, it was he who placed us in administration. Even Gerald Krasner – an insolvency expert, and his predecessor understood the inherent risks in doing this, and when interviewed described it as the `last viable option’ and something Leeds needed desperately to avoid. But Ken just saw the £££ signs. In that process, he flouted the challenges of HMRC, and risked the entire CVA process as a result. There were 3 other bidders in that process for the club – each offered more to the creditors – Leeds businesses by and large, than Ken did, and Redbus even had a proposal to spend a specific amount on developing our dreadful team and to repurchase Elland Road and Thorp Arch.

But Ken threatened that he would wind up the club fully unless his bid was accepted by creditors. SO he got in there even before HMRC, he didnt have Leeds United’s interests at heart. And if youre still not convinced. Just look across from the dilapidated John Charles stand. Can you see the £7m of corporate boxes metaphorically sticking two fingers up at you?

That £7m could have been invested in a new contract for Jonny Howson, or Adam Clayton. It could have bought us a Gradel replacement, and still left us with change for a premier league loanee.

Let’s get angrier still….

In 2006 – we were supposed to be debt free by the end of that season – by the end of that season we were in administration and sold Rob Hulse and Matt Kilgallon.

We spent 2007-2010 in the 3rd division – our lowest ebb.

We haven’t spent over £500,000 on a player transfer fee since 2006.

Our ticket prices are higher than Manchester United.

We dont own Elland Road or Thorp Arch and Ken has fallen out with the only people who offered to lend us the money, the City Council

We weren’t going to sell – Max Gradel, Bradley Johnson, Jermaine Beckford, or Jonny Howson – they’ve all gone and in total we have received less than £3m for all of those players, conservatively worth £20M between them.

Leeds is about football; Ken Bates is about Ken Bates –

Make Saturday your day of protest – don’t spend a penny

Written by Matthew Brown-Bolton

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    • Fuckoffbates

      @Paul S Wales

      Whether they humble us or not, just dont go.

      Anyone who thinks they re supporting Leeds United by paying to go to matches is a fool.

      The profits all go to line that greybearded old bastards pocket.

      You are in fact helping to bring the club to it’s knees.

      Tell the old cunt to fuck off by cutting off his income..

      • Paul S Wales

        @Fuckoffbates Unfortunately I bought my ticket the day before JH got sold, and like hell am I sitting in the house to protest, I will be travelling the 400 miles up there and watching us beat Ipswich MOT.

      • mattbb1

        if youve bought a ticket already then go – but as i say dont spend a red cent there! its the only language Bates understands. Hell play every trick in the book to minf*ck us, blame us for the saleof McCormack – which hell do anyway. Claim we ended up putting the club in administration – if we start out again in league 2, then so be it – well get back but remember Ken bates has put us back 10 Years as a football team, the cure may be painful – but we need to take it.

  1. Dje

    I’m gutted you did have a pun about ‘taking the piss’ with an article title like yours, Matt! Good article, mind.

    Personally the fashionista in me likes the idea of wearing only old pre-Bates era Leeds tops (we’ve had some wonderful and woeful ones over the years) as a protest to not give the c*nt any more money that it takes to watch our beloved team (cos it is the team we are only going for, not him). I’m not sure if it is the pleasure in watching portly aging gents squeezing into shirts that fitted them when they were still a trim twenty something ~ or the attraction of this effort being austerity friendly.

  2. henrymouni

    What happened to today’s press conference at Thorpe Arch???

    Was it cancelled???

    No place to hide!!

    They have gone TOO FAR!!

    • TSS

      @henrymouni It was moved to tomorrow before all this happened with Jonny. Simon was in London with the American lad.

      • henrymouni

        @TSS Ah!!

        I watch it every week on LUTV, but it is very controlled and friendly!

        No ‘awkward’ questions!

  3. DrD

    This is becoming too depressing. But your answer is don’t spend money on Leeds.. Result… League one football. That’s not the answer. Support the team. When safe from relegation then demonstrate. 3 points from playoffs, 20 games to go. Don’t kill the only asset the club has- the fans!

  4. JackAdams

    There is no point even going to the ground, the books show millions upon millions of pounds disappearing off the books, the season of our promotion sowed around 15million pounds unaccounted for, more than likely pulled offshore in “admin” and “directorship” fees from one of Ken’s many offshore companies. The man is ripping the heart out of the club and taking the piss out of the supporters. According to a physio at the club, Howson was on 300k a year, Ken offered him 150k a year on his new contract, aidy white has also received a contract offer for less money than he’s on. The whole Howson wants to leave story is a lie, he’s being forced out of the club as Ken sees an easy 2mill to add into his account.

  5. that ken t

    @DrD how is not buying your pint not supporting the team, what fuxxxx team anyway its bxxxxxd depleted for fxxx sake. jesus

    do it when were safe, when it doesnt matter.

    • Chareose

      @that ken t@DrD

      Then DRD and Radders, your agony will continue, its exactly that loyalty that Ken Bates is counting on……….We have only two ways to rid the club of the cancer thats here, going to the govenment or boycotting the club even if it means administration. Once ken starts to spend his own money to keep the club afloat he will want out. The protests are fine but only to get media attention. Ken bates doesnt give a flying monkeys if you protest………….. if you carry on as if nothing is happening then it will stay the same, Bates will tell you that hes selling players because less fans are coming and you will beleive him…….. How many years of this bad atmosphere do you really want ??

      Look its all leeds fans together or forget it, cant be half assed approach, make a statement and get the worlds attention >????? Not buying a pint is just a joke !

    • Chareose

      @that ken t@DrD

      And another thing ! Its a bloody joke that the FA and the government allow this sort of thing to continue…………Fit and Proper ownership rule ?? dont make me fucking laugh

    • don_weston

      @Chareose@that ken t@DrD

      ‘Once ken starts to spend his own money to keep the club afloat he will want out.’

      Exactly. So far his tenure has been like a hobby. It keeps him alive.

  6. greenwilly

    to get rid of this leech I would be prepared to take him and all his dirty investments down to the conference.I have just reached 70 but I know that with him gone I still have time to see us back in Europe once more.Bates has his tentacles into Elland Road and Thorpe Arch via all his devious

    accountants and henchmen.Would love nothing better than for the press or Inland Revenue to get to

    the bottom of his dirty devious tactics and bang him to rights and if they cant then we must.He is only

    in this for the money so we need to hit him where it will hurt him most.Cut his money supply off.

  7. Tim Campbell

    What would happen if Bates popped his clogs. Would the regime not continue? Do we not need to have a clean break and new ownership all together. Are there not other pariah’s waiting in the wings associated with Bates who subscribe to his evil gospel?

    • mattbb1

      That’s easy. He would fill the Chalice of Gondor, with Virgin Blood, on the solstice of the black goat, and in drinking that ungodly mixture make himself immortal – result another 250 seasons of his unholy tenure ahahahahahaha

    • number1inyorkshire

      @Tim Campbell his wife kids etc ,its like kim jong il only fucking worse

      • Tim Campbell


        I fear ur rite mate – our very own little piece of North Korea in Yorkshire

      • lundmark

        @number1inyorkshire@Tim Campbell Ken Jong-Il? Heh, that could stick. I like it.

    • Tyler75

      Unfortunately Tim, I fear he’s found the secret of eternal life in one of his tax havens !

  8. number1inyorkshire

    I have been doing all you ask most of last season and all this .

    in previous seasons we have the

    new shirt x4

    away shirt x4

    various xmas present x4

    kids winter coats x3

    on match day

    banqueting suite lunch x4


    drinks x4


    Now my eldest son doesn’t go he refuses because of bates so there is now myself and 2 sons ,tickets in only thats it .

    and only league matches .

    Not going at all is not the answer as so many said already season tickets are paid for already , he has had your hard earned ,he looses nothing .the rest is they say is a bonus ,the only down side it might cost a few people who need jobs their job ….

    Just going to away matches costs him nothing either ,the away team can only i think claim reasonable expenses ,travel ,hotel etc so he will get that

    And of course he does have his supporters ??

    KEN BATES threatened the very existence of our club had he not been the winning bidder he would have liquidated us, he was never our saviour because he claims he never put any money in of his own ..


    we have league 1 team playing in the championship with premiership prices .

    ALL the noise from people wanting to investigate bates, from MPS to the guardian fell on deaf ears and he loves being a figure of hate .

    we have tried and tried but he still rumbles on there has to be a concerted effort to get rid how i do not know ,but if you are reading this and want to go to a legal ,peaceful war with bates count me in

    • Chareose


      again, if you carry on spending on leeds united, the ken bates band wagon will just continue………you will be here again panicing in the summer

      • number1inyorkshire

        @Chareose i know what you mean but there is no point me not going if another 20+k go thats what the gate will be at todays game it needs to be 1 out all out

        i wish it would happen but then what who ,suffers we can go on, but the real loosers will be the team .

        alright there is an argument they should do better too ,but the money stuff has nothing to do with them

      • Chareose


        Thats a daft argument lol so your going to go because all the other sheep are ?? I would accept it if you have purchased a season ticket and you want your moneys worth but not because you want to do the same as everyone else. Your just playing into Bates hands mate

  9. Frogman

    Matthew I agree with every word you have said. Ken is a parasite feeding off the fans who act as a willing host. I want him out so much it hurts but one thing is really upsetting, Saturday was the day I decided to take my nephew to his first match, I bought tickets weeks ago as a treat, something to look forward to after a hard stressful Christmas for him. I want to buy him a shirt I want to get him a programme and a pie at half time, it’s his first match!

    Ken Bates is going to ruin that experience which is, well it was for me, the most amazing and memorable event. It’s the time you go from following a club to being truely passionate to the point of being obsessed.

    Ken Bates I despise you, LUFC I love you!


    • mattbb1

      It may sound like I’m contradicting myself here, but you should go mate, and have a bloody great day – Leeds United is about the fans, and the team – not Bates – thats why its so important to send him the message that he is not wanted by any of us – now not even the players in the team – Howson has done us all a massive favour in this. SIng Marching on together with your lads, sit on the wall outside the peacock eating some fish and chips from gravellys. The Shirts? well theyll be out of date in 3 months!….. youve bought the tickets so why not?

      • number1inyorkshire

        @mattbb1 i tell my kids that when they are having disputes with fellow pupils at school ,ignore it and they will go away ,do we think if we ignore him bates will piss off crawl under a stone and breathe his last mortal breathe

      • mattbb1

        in many ways yes, he craves attention, so dont read his stupid programme notes. DOnt buy in to his warped vision of how our club should be run. We deserve a chairman who cares. If we had someone who was honest with us all, and even looked like he was tkaing football seriously it would matter little to us all if we were 11th – Bates is a disgrace.

      • Frogman

        @mattbb1 It’s not a contradiction as such but I know what you mean. I will go and I will try show him the reasons why LUFC is the greatest club on the planet, with the best fans bar none. I am going to enjoy the day (and hopefully the match) as my nephew deserves it, he has not been exposed to the Ken Bates effect and I don’t want him to be either.

  10. bully the leeds fan

    It didn’t we’ve been playing poorly all season our position flatters us. The problem this season was the lack of investment in the summer and losing of key players. What makes me more annoyed Bates could have just bought one defender and kept hold of last years team and we’d have gone up. Makes no sense even if he is greedy promotion would have given him more money to pocket. Not just greedy, stupid

  11. MikeLeeds

    Leeds have an average team but so do mos other teams that gives us every chance of scrapping our way to the PL. If we go up would that not be the day where Leeds become attractive to the potential investor. If we go up he would sell as he gets a profit – I doubt he’s take the risk of us going straight back down (i.e. no profit) – I agree with not buying any beers, chips, souveniers but at the same time the players dont need to be running out to 16000 supporters when there is a clear opportunity of promotion – As it stands we would have no chance in the PL but lets worry about that when we go up – If we go backwards now the club may never recover – whos going to buy into a league one club with 15000 gates needing 22000 to breaik even (no-one) – getting promoted to the PL is the best/fastest way to get rid of Bates – I know hed be off with a massive profit but who cares as long as he goes.

    The team has to come first everytime

  12. kane baker

    yes he already has our money from our season tickets but do we want to spend our saturday afternoons watching shite players play the simon grayson long ball system in a half empty ground with hardly any away fans and a dying atmosphere???? i dont think i do.

  13. Paul S Wales

    What has always puzzled me is why Bates doesn’t charge 15/20 quid per ticket and get huge crowds and far more cash, than charging £35 and seeing the stadium emptying by the week, it just doesn’t make sense to me.

  14. dess

    The next game I can go to is Brighton but I have decided not to go. One reason is that on the RMC bus will be Bates apologists. I’d rather travel with scum fans. I could go by train but at the moment i feel too sick with whats going on

    Next for me is Coventry away.

    Different atmosphere, Leeds United away different class

  15. Kevhird

    Please please do not go into that over decorated tent, pay 3.50 for a crap pint and listen to Lorimer try and bring us over to the dark side, whilst videos of our x players play in the background. Support the Peacock, Grove, Midnight Bell etc etc………please

  16. Not keen on Ken

    Im as gutted as anyone about the pending sale of Howson, but he hasnt signed for Norwich yet, though I’m pretty sure he will, but can someone tell me this, if he loves this club like the rest of us, why doesn’t he sign a deal for us with a “get out” clause should we (the club) fail to reach the “promised land”, lus allowing him to be sold on for a more realistic valuation at the end of this season instead of forcing a sale now as any money’s better than none ….. Any new deal with us would give him at least the same money as he’s on at the moment, and it’s not like he’s playing so in my eyes he can’t really lose …. Or is it just another case of gready agents and players forcing the issue and the club actually having no real option ….. It’s just a thought.

  17. AndoverWhite

    Valid points put across very well, i have to say it really hurts not wanting to attend the game tomorrow i have Leeds running right through my body but i really have had enough of the lack of financial backing from Bates, i must admit i am one that has been saying lets keep getting behind the boys as this is what i love about Leeds the support is on the whole second to none & we do this everywhere we go, but i really do think that the only way that we will rid our club of the chelscum chairman is to hit him in the pocket. I am very happy to pay what it costs me travelling from Hampshire to Elland road but i have now reached the point where i dont want to put any of my hard earned cash into that mans pocket anymore so please please please Bates go sooner rather than later so i can return to watching the team that i have loved & followed for 40 years. M.O.T.

  18. number1inyorkshire

    Just reading on yorkie post how it thinks the loan for delph ,which some say is a month YP says rest of season (with a call back ) will appease the leeds united fans .

    Fans on there put it elequantley enough, that no it will not ,its interesting how papers etc that need LUFC as almost an extension of their business YORKIE POST ,YORKIE RADIO butter up to the same ideology as Bates lutv another .

    they seem to have not listened to last night protest ,or the plans for tomorrow ,and do not understansd that leeds fans have had enough

    • number1inyorkshire

      just reading some more newspapers on ,howson and grayson saying he will not panic buy he will wait for the right players .but we have signed ,taylor ,rogers and pugh .

      THEY just do not get it 2 of those were here already 1 on a 6 month deal and loan player townsend .

      Now either grayson is as thick as he sounds doing his interviews etc or he is part of the conspiracy to fucking wind us up .

      None of those players are good enough to get us promoted without some proper quality additions to a team that aint going nowhere this season .I will bet taylor never kicks a ball in anger .

      signing players now although we are not going up will give us some good players to start next season but they need to be quality and on long enough contracts

      the problem it seems to me is that this is the equation bates uses

      £2 million howson and no wages to pay

      sign a player on £10 k per week over 3 years =£ 1.5 million

      £2 million –£1.5 million = 500k

      sign a player worth 500k ==shit player on £10 k per week

      is that right or am i wrong ??

      • Gryff

        @number1inyorkshire I just don’t see how anyone who isn’t paid off by Bates could even claim for a second that signing Delph for a loan would appease us?

        We lost Delph because Bates’ manager got us relegated to L1 when we had a team good enough for the playoffs or promotion to the Premiership. He’s coming in on the back of our club captain, 23 years old and Leeds born and bred and with big things ahead of him, going to NORWICH because he thinks he has a better chance at a market-value wage and Premiership football there.

        All Delph’s return is doing is highlighting how far we’ve fallen since BATES took over. Not as a result of Ridsdale. Look, Bates makes a song and dance about wiping off our debt – well Kenny, you wiped off our debt and failed to get in any managers that would get us to the Championship until Simon finally flogged the horse over the line. Now YOU and YOUR policy on wages (i.e. paying significantly below market value for all goods) has seen us lose our only players capable of getting us promoted to the Premiership which is like the promised land for asset-stripping cockney buggers.

        You aren’t paying market value and you’re losing your assets because of it. You might make a quid here or there but this isn’t Del Boy’s corner stall mate: this is an entirely different business. If you stopped putting money in East Stand (and other places besides) for a couple of years and paid the going rate we’d be in the Premiership and you’d make twice as much on each talent we develop.

        Business 101 mate.

      • number1inyorkshire

        @Gryff i agree gryff please send that in a letter to the great man ,its a start

      • CasWhite

        Gryff, tell me what market value is and what our players are on as you seem to know. I can tell you the average championship wage in 09/10 was about £4k. I bet most our squad is on more than that, discounting the youngsters.

  19. henrymouni

    I have no problem with jonny’s departure.

    I remember an interview he gave on LUTV a few months ago , when asked about his contract, he said that club loyalty was a thing of the past.

    So this is no surprise.

    As Norwich have offered Leeds asking price, it makes sense.

    However it tells us that neither Jonny or Leeds Utd feel we can get promoted this year.

    I bet Leicester finish above us and in the playoffs.

    Jonny is just the tip of a large iceberg.

    I read that Delph would only be a one month loan???

  20. SP Boro

    It was proved during the “Little Monkeys Heed” era that a strategy based on loan players, however good they might be, is no strategy at all. We have the blueprint for promotion, possibly created it, under Wilko. Presumably Bates shredded this before he appointed Grayson. There is no rocket science here – Bates makes more in the Championship than he would in the Premiership and has no footballing interest in the club. Time to go.

  21. Not keen on Ken

    Stop Panicing Everyone, Delph’s arrived and he’s all ours (until the 25th of february anyway) – lol

    • number1inyorkshire

      @Not keen on Ken whoop doobie dooo !!! nothing at all against DELPH but unless they sign him prermanentle this aint a good enough make weight .

      what the fuck a months loan

  22. number1inyorkshire

    NEARLY RIGHT £5 million ish as add ons to the creditors giving them more in the pound than they got

  23. CasWhite

    The simple answer is a £20 ticket means £16 to the club. A £32 ticket means £25.60. Therefore 18k x £16 = £228k, whereas 10k x £25.60 = £256k (haven’t included the 12k season ticket holders in this). You could argue that the extra 8k will bring in the extra £30k with progammes etc. The only problem is we have a hardcore of about 20-22k with only 30k for the big matches. So could you guarantee the 30k each match?

    Don’t get me wrong I would love cheaper tickets but I understand £20 is unrealistic. This is one of the big issues he as deffo got wrong, especially with kids tickets. Think we could decrease tickets my save 5-10% to help.

  24. henrymouni

    We must back the team and get behind the lads who wear the shirt!!

    Lots of points to play for!!

    Let’s not cut off our nose to spite our face!!!


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