Following on from the success of Four Minutes – A Darren Ferguson Tribute Song, The Scratching Shed has once again teamed up with Mark Duffy to bring you Why Lie Kenny?

The song is a parody of The Pigeon Detectives hit single I’m Not Sorry and our hope is that the song will in some way aid the ongoing protests against Ken Bates’ management of Leeds United Football Club.

The idea for the song came about one sleep deprived night when my blood alcohol level was dangerously high. With The Pigeon Detectives blaring out in the background and Ken Bates rants flying around Twitter, somehow the two collided and I woke the next morning to see Mark Duffy had responded to a tweet I could barely recall offering to perform the lyrics I had no recollection of.  This is why drunken ideas should always go on Twitter.

Anyway, a dozen or so emails later and myself and Mark managed to complete the lyrics for the full song. That left Mark to record the song and me to mess around with some over-complicated video software I didn’t have the foggiest idea how to use. Only a few days later and here we are, ready to share our ‘Bates Out’ propaganda with the world.

Pigeon Detectives lead singer and Leeds United fan Matt Bowman heard in advance about our plans and offered his support via Twitter. We’d like to thank Matt and all The Pigeon Detectives for allowing us to mess with their tune.

Marching On Together! Enjoy…