The Scratching Shed is pleased to introduce a new player ratings feature that will be added to all match reports from here on in.

A player ratings feature is something I’ve been looking to introduce for a while now, but up until very recently, there wasn’t an out-of-the-box package available – or if there was, I couldn’t find it. There was the option to have one developed specifically for The Scratching Shed, but the quotes we received were a little too much.

Anyway, you can now submit your player ratings for the 3-1 victory over Ipswich Town below and will find this feature at the foot of all forthcoming match reports here on The Scratching Shed.

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19 Responses

  1. TSS

    Average rating after I voted (first vote) was 3.6. Shot up since then. Average Leeds fan must be more generous than me?

  2. morleywhite

    Snoddy top man yet again altho i thought ross had a half decent game he was playin right on the shoulders of the last defender on sat which i think realy suited him,i was watching him quite alot and i noticed his running off the ball was quite good the problem was the leeds players couldnt find him.maybe if becchio can hit some kind of form the partnership may work after all with becs playing abit deeper and winning flick ons abit like when he played with Beckford.

    Fab was very quiet on sat which could be expected realy as hes not fully match fit at the mo,these ten days off could benefit him to settle in get abit of training under his belt and kick on for the brum game.did anybody notice he was playing more of a holding role on sat to what we were use to last time around?

    i realy think him and Clayton can realy complement each other and be a very good partnership with delph sitting in allowing Clayts to push on.there both full of energy both can tackle and both can pick a pass,hopefully if fab stays til end of season that partnership realy could blossom them 2 in engine room with 2 quality wingers each side of them ie snody and Andros(andros not on sats performance) plus a couple of quality additions before januarys out u never know we might just surprise afew people.i know its all ifs and buts but all is not lost yet lets keep faith MOT

  3. Captaincrash

    Thought Clayton had a decent 2nd half and Lees okay on the whole but Snoddy MoM I’d agree.

  4. morleywhite

    Anybody any idea why matt kilgallons not in the sunderland team again?is he injured or just out of favour again?he would be perfect partner for Lees at the back Lees winning headers and Killa with the speed on the deck.

    • Gryff

      @morleywhite If we could afford him, I would forgive Bates for forcing Grayson to cash in on Howson!

  5. dess

    Great feature but maybe you can have a separate one for those to rate the players who have seen 30 seconds of us on The football league show

  6. dess

    I go to another Leeds fans site which has been doing a fans report and rating players for years and the most anyone gave Snodgrass was a 6.

    They are anti scottish i think……

    Tss what did you rate him?

    • TSS

      @dess 4, but that was the highest rating I gave anyone. Think the last 25 minutes overshadowed what was a truly dismal display. Snoddy was certainly the best of a bad bunch and the only one that really looked fired up for it in fairness to him, but I find it hard to justify a higher rating considering the first hour or so of that game. The entire team was poor.

      • dess

        If Snoddy is getting 8/10 with some people rating him 4,5 and 6 then some must be rating him 9 and 10.

        maybe a little clarity is needed on ratings

        10 is out of this world, almost impossible to obtain

        9 fantastic, a performance extraordinaire

        8 excellent

        7 very good

        6 good

        5 ok

        4 below par

        3 poor

        2 rubbish

        1 tranmere here you come

        0 brentford it is

        how do you rate my ratings

      • TSS

        @dess It doesn’t really matter, it’s the difference between players that does. If I give Snoddy 4 and Clayton 3, and someone else gave Snoddy 8 and Clayton 7, Snoddy will have a higher overall rating than Clayton. You can still see that people rated him the best player and Forssell the worst overall. That’s the desired result.

  7. TSS

    I don’t think fans have been all that harsh personally. Average rating is 5.4, Lonergan was OK with one major blunder. The votes reflect that.


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